Very, Very Bad Things



Intel Cowboys (Part II)

Note: This article is written for trained Intel professionals, Governmental Officials, and Senior Law Enforcement who honor their Oaths of Office and want to do their job expected of them by We The People and the Citizens of the World.

This article is a walk down the Dark Side which will expose a certain large, very wealthy and powerful Organized Crime Cabal that has paid many billions of dollars and gone to Extreme Measures to prevent you from ever learning about this subject or its specific details or how to stop their unimaginably Evil Crimes, many of which are against little Children who have previously had no help from anyone and NO rescuers.

It is realized that much of the general public at large will not be able to handle this information or believe it without someone they respect detailing it in simple terms they can understand and confirming it. Senior Law Enforcement and Intel have the skills to research this subject, if they do not already know the basics about its occurrence and sophisticated coverup.

Veterans today will continue to present this type of information which every human being has a right to know and keep you up to speed on developments in what has now become a Worldwide battle to defeat this Crime Cabal, so stay tuned.

We must all work together and set aside differences between our nations and cultures and pull together to defeat this parasitic monster of Darkness and Evil.

Yes, the Top Policy-makers who run America do Very, Very Bad Things, incredibly Bad Things to stay in power and protect their massive Organized Crime Cabal (OCC), which has worldwide reach and is empowered by the crooked City of London FIAT Bankster System and its Franchisee the private Federal Reserve System.

These Top Policy-Makers can issue, print or steal all the money they need to bribe, run pedophile and human compromise ops, as well as blackmail ops, and even pay large amounts of money to have dissidents or politicians murdered who they think have become significant threats to their system or to make an example to scare others who might feel tempted to stray outside their allocated parameters.

In order to advance in this massive Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that hijacked America in 1913, one must be able and willing to become incredibly Two-Faced, that is they must have a friendly outside moral appearance.

But at the same time, they must develop the ability to hide a hideous and incredibly evil nature inside and to be willing to learn to enjoy raping drugged, kidnapped and/or mind-kontrolled children, and participating in some of the most savage and evil murders of young children or infants imaginable to become a major Policymaker at the highest levels in the Cabal.

It is a well recognized fact among top Intel Insiders that one of the biggest parts of the large Organized Crime Cabal that has hijacked the USG is its Organized Pedophile Network which runs parallel and is an intrinsic part of its very large but secret and hidden Satanic Network.

Anonymous – Exposing UK Pedophilia Ring in #Op DeathEaters:


These Top Policymakers realize that, if their most evil ritual ceremonies of debauchery, pedophilia and child sacrifice were fully exposed to the public masses, they would quickly be attacked from all sides, and their whole evil OCC would be brought down upon their heads. Yes, they realize that total exposure of the unfathomable Evil they actually do in their private parties, ceremonies and satanic rituals will result in the complete loss of their Evil Power.

For the last 50 years there has been a huge coverup of Organized Crime related Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sacrifice Ceremonies.

For at least the last 50 years inside America there has been a huge Law Enforcement coverup. The FBI always turned the other way even when complaints were made about MK-Ultra type abuse of Children by the CIA or complaints about Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children and the Child Sacrifices related to the Franklin Credit Union scandal, the Barney Frank/Craig Spence White House Pageboy scandal and late night visits to  the Whitehouse.

Ken Lanning who was a 30 year FBI Supervisory Special Agent that handled these complaints (and there were many) always ignored them and no prosecutions of this large Satanic Pedophile network that is very prominent in America, the UK and Europe. Read his report and see if you find one mention of the numerous of complaints made to him about Satanic Ritual Abuse linked to the Organized Crime Cabal which has been well documented. Many from the past who contacted him about this were told it didn’t exist even when they had been abused by it or had actual hard evidence.

Those who the FBI Directors and top FBI staff reported to clearly understood their orders to never acknowledge the Organized Pedophile Network and the Satanic Cult problem linked to Organized Crime and control of top Politicians and never investigate it either but work hard to cover it up if it started coming out. And that is exactly what the FBI did in Omaha where the SAC threatened little kids that if they ever told what they knew in the Franklin Investigation they would go to jail for ever. And that is what the FBI tried to do. You can learn as much as you want about this in you do research of the Franklin Coverup and the Johnny Gosch story (especially at 1:15-1:25).

For many years The FBI and some sectors of the CIA were used to keep this horrific Satanic Pedophile Network involving the Republican Party and the very top politicians covered up. American Intel was misused, ill-informed and told this coverup was essential to preserving so-called “National Security” when the actual opposite was true.

Those very top Intel that learned too much, told the truth about it, or tried to stop it like William Colby were murdered. Many other Intel were jailed on phony trumped up charges to discredit them so they could not ever testify about this Satanic Pedophile Ring which was the main instrument of compromising and blackmailing top USG Officials, Members of Congress and Judges as well as corporate leaders and foreign diplomats visiting Washington DC or New York City.

It is important to note that this Satanic Pedophile operation was worldwide and was operational in the UK, Europe and in many different countries. In America it has been closely associated with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC). It has always brutalized young children during or after sexual abuse and murdered many in front of other victims to traumatize them and soul-murder them, Joseph Mengele style (he was the father of MK-Ultra).

The only force strong enough to break the silence about this Worldwide Satanic Pedophile network and actualize the masses of the World to stand up against it are the Intel Cowboys, an independent loose knit but real collection of the very Top Intel and security folks from all over the World who have now had it with this incredible Evil that is closely associated with Wars for profit and mass-human sacrifice by this same group. The Intel Cowboys have now decided that this Satanic Pedophile network which is the Nexus of the large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) will be taken down and this will also bring the OCC down with it. Stay tuned and watch it happen.

As the Organized Crime Cabal’s dirtiest deepest secrets of Child Sacrifice and organized pedophilia are revealed to the Public on the Worldwide Internet, this loss of secrecy will quickly erode the Cabal’s Power.

As the whole Word becomes informed of the secret Nexus of Evil that is the deep dark secret control mechanism that keeps them in power, their hold on World Power will quickly erode and they will become targeted individuals, the way they have targeted and abused whistle-blowers and dissidents for many years.

And with this coming Worldwide exposure their much deserved Judgement will also come for these evil acts they commit, which are so evil they are unimaginable to most people unless they see the actual evidence, photos or videos or hear firsthand reports from those that they trust and believe.

No Major Network News in America would ever dare to try and run this story. Many Alternative Internet Websites  claim to be Truth oriented but are little more than limited hangout (with a bad payload) “stooge operations” and would also avoid this story and its content like the plague. But you can assume that most Websites that would carry this story are on the right track.

Any Editor who allowed this story on the Nightly News and the Journalist/Talking Head who delivered it would both suffer immediate and noticeably severe sanctions. They would be immediately separated from their position and, in some cases, executed by a crack FBI, CIA or Mossad Wetboy team within hours or days. This is the way it always has been since the City of London private World Zionist Bankster “Money-changers” took power in America in 1913 by stealth, deception and bribery of the US Congress.

But now this is all being brought to a screeching halt because Intel Cowboys from all over the World are now going after them individually, in small groups, and in international loose-knit associations using some of the most sophisticated Psyops, Psi-ops and massive rearguard Populist Actions imaginable.

The Bankster/Moneychangers who provide the horsepower and central control Nexus for this Worldwide OCC are now loosing power by the day along with their whole OCC too.

In the last several years, the Banksters’ incredible power has been waning, and they are now hanging on for dear life, under attack from all sides from various groups all over the World who simply have had enough of their massive asset-stripping of all our Wealth and hard-earned fruits of our labor. Believe it or not, here is what is now happening. Senior retired Intel (no high level Intel insider ever fully retires) are known to each other as Intel Cowboys because of their incredible skills in taking down targeted regimes and ability to go in and out of borders at will, often under diplomatic credentials, many times under identities which they can easily construct…

Intel Cowboys all over the World are now getting clued in to how they have been used, suckered and to be later set aside or disposed of by the OCC — and are now taking action to reverse this.

Intel Cowboys are the Elite of the Elite in Intel. In past years, they usually work quietly in the background to attain their objectives. Many of these incredibly skilled, astute individuals thought they were serving their nations by supporting what they have now come to understand to be an Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that has hijacked many nations of the World, especially England, America, Israel, Saudia Arabia and Turkey and many Balkan Nations. Many have also found out that this Organized Crime Cabal was initially created by a very interesting association that developed between the Babylonian Talmudic Banksters and the Satanic Occult Network emerging from John Dee and Aleister Crowley, which evolved into the Process Cult (Church of the Process of the Final Solution started and run by MI-6, now stationed in kanab Utah disguised as an animal Rights Group) and now the Denver Circle of Twelve, the Bloodthirsty Ones, aka the Disciples of Satan, or the “Illuminati” as they prefer to call themselves.

It is now known that this large Worldwide OCC that used pedophile and other sophisticated Human Compromise Operations to entrap politicians and government officials is part of a much larger Worldwide OCC run out of the City of London using Israel Intel and the former Nazi Intel system which became joined at the hip after the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) assassinated JFK. They became joined at the hip because they were both started and run by the World Zionist Rothschild City Of London private central Banksters and decided that a full-scale working partnership could help them both acquire all they wanted in terms of other people’s asset, other nation’s resources and the mass-death they both need as a part of their occult practices and beliefs.

It is a known fact that the Rothschild Bankster’s main personal action-agents are Israel working through the International Zionist crime Syndicate (IZCS) in partnership with the Bush Crime cabal (BCC) which has hijacked a major part of the CIA and the FBI too.

Now for the very Dark Evil information which is very difficult to consider because it cries out for direct immediate corrective action by all honest Law Enforcement and all people everywhere in every nation, especially America.

What information comes next will be incredible to most, but it will be presented anyway and its source is top Intel insiders, some actual low key, back-page newspaper articles, and various secret Intel and Law Enforcement Reports leaked by investigators who could not allow such Evil acts to be hidden any longer.

It is hard for the average American to fathom that the Top Policy-Makers in the United States of America are part of this large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that constructs Terror groups of mercenaries and privateers to start major perpetual wars so they can use various nations armies to fight these staged, pre-engineered “for profit” conflicts. Everybody on the House and Senate Intel committees know this, but the public and the Soldiers who are asset stripped, wounded, killed, mass-murdered, dislocated from their homes in war zones are not privy to this concealed information.

Not only does the Controlled major mass Media (CMMM) conceal these basic truths from the public by omission, but actually dispenses Big Lies and numerous false-narratives which substitute blatant USG lies and propaganda for Truth, thus keeping the Public from knowing what really goes on in the USG and Corporate backrooms where Top policy-Makers violate their Oaths of Office, Rule of Law, and the US Constitution every time they meet.

Top Intel insiders now understand that the Banksters lend money to both sides of any war (all are engineered and staged), and the Multi-national Defense Contractors get fat with huge “War on Terror” profits, many based on huge no-bid contracts with big kickbacks secretly made to Members of Congress as “set-aside allocations”. the so-called phony War on Terror was a crafty concept because it provides and endless enemy, wars everywhere a false-flag can be staged and no end in sight.

Any dissident or truth-teller can be labelled a “Domestic Terrorist” and then swat teamed to death in the middle of the night using an MRAP or renditioned to a black prison ship or site in perhaps Poland or some other nation run by criminal sociopaths who will do anything for power and money.

Once there, the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/WZ plan is to torture them until they confess to being terrorists and having participated in acts of Terror like 9/11 (which was actually a nuclear False-Flag attack on America by Israel and Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and FCC, Top NeoCons and PNACers, BCC, and IZCS).

It is important to understand that the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) owns and Control the Six multinational News Corporations. Here’s why.

The Top Policy-Makers who essentially run the USG use their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which they own and control through Cutouts, to make the Public believe absurd falsities by controlling information flow and making sure is based on false narratives and propaganda.

Once the CMMM has conditioned the Public to believe that the King’s New Clothes are fabulous (when the King is actually Naked), it is then quite easy for the USG to manipulate the public to support horrible atrocities like Torture, the Militarization of the Police and illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars for Bankster and defense Contractor profits.

What are these false USG narratives that are dispensed by the CMMM that motivated the American people to support these horrible atrocities like Torture, the Militarization of the Police and illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars? one completely false narrative, a huge bald-face lie was that Osama Bin Laden set up and ran the 9/11/01 attack on America from a cave in Afghanistan with Taliban support with a cell phone or that Saddam Hussein had acquired nuclear weapons and was going to attack America with them very soon.

The OCC has sophisticated mechanisms of information control to scare the public and motivate them to support what are actually horrible atrocities. This is the purpose of all the Gladio-style False-Flag attacks the OCC has been deploying to provide a false narrative for their CMMM to scare the American people with and to provide a means to manipulate them to do things against their own best interests.

Not only does the OCC have a sophisticated mechanism to manipulate the American People to go along with USG actions that are against their best interests, but also has a well defined control mechanism to keep its own Cabal members in line.

Remember most OCC members are sociopaths to begin with and become criminal sociopaths as they rise to power in the OCC. Many become criminally insane as they climb to the higher or highest levels because they accrue so much power there are no checks and balances against them by the public because they have subverted and corrupted Law Enforcement and the Judiciary.

Thus the OCC uses a system of secret debauchery and then evil rituals as one climbs up the OCC food chain to higher and higher levels. When OCC members know they have done very, very bad, seriously criminal things for fun or Satanic/Luciferian worship to attain more power they know that if they go off the reservation or out of their parameters photos and videos of some of their evil deeds can be released through the CMMM which the OCC owns and controls. This is very powerful control mechanism, but is necessary with criminal sociopaths which have also become intoxicated with power and insane too. If they were no controlled they would become an immediate threat to their partners in crime, the other members of the OCC.

Intel Cowboys became assigned to common tasks assigned by top World Leaders to find solutions to World Problems that are now deemed a Direct Threat to all mankind.

The Intel Cowboys of the World in the major different nations have always been traditionally compartmentalized based on a very specifically defined “need to know” basis only. As they began to associate one another, most gained more and more information about different Intel Sectors or Compartments as they rose to higher and higher positions of responsibility in their Agencies.

The last twenty years many of these Intel Agencies even in different nations have shared the use of Black Ops and High Level Intel Specialists especially through various United Nations (UN) functions. They have done this especially in regard to various International problems that were deemed so serious for the World that they were shared with each others elite Intel Cowboys but kept in the utmost secrecy from everyone else, including most Governmental, most other Intel and all of the Public.

One very secret issue of utmost sensitivity to the top World’s leaders that was deemed so vital to the World’s survival that arrangements were made to combine efforts by some of the very top Intel Cowboys from different nations.

It was the problem of crashed Flying Saucers with dead and alive Alien ETs inside of them and the Secret Space War that has been waged against the World by some Alien ETs who are known to be predatory to humans. If you want to know more about this refer to Secret Space War articles that have been published in VT.

The result was that Intel Cowboys, the brightest and the best from different major nations of the World were assigned to international “Working Groups” through the UN and other organizations like that using privatized proprietary cover. Here is what happened as a result and it is very interesting. As the Intel Cowboys began working together on what has appeared to be an off-planet threat to all the Governments of the World, they discovered that the right hand really didn’t know what the left hand was doing. major nations had established secret Unacknowledged Operational Groups with no official records and some of these groups had splintered off into factions, with some factions making direct contact with these entities believed to parasitical threats to every nation of the World.

In the process of getting together and sharing ideas and what they individually learned, they connected the dots and came to believe that there was a large OCC that seized Banking back in history just after Napoleon’s Defeat. Most came to believe that the OCC had become so Evil and so powerful it had now become a threat to mankind.

Many but not all of the Intel Cowboys from different nations in these special Working Groups felt certain that the reason this large powerful Organized Crime Cabal was intrinsically Evil was that it had become adversely influenced by either non-corporeal entities allegedly conjured up” by the top members during their OCC’s Occult rituals involving child sacrifice or “off-planet influences”. Yes, each Intel Cowboy in these special Working groups retained their own specific individual views on what and why the OCC had gotten so Evil and so powerful, but most agreed that the OCC had developed an incredibly Evil Agenda called the NWO which when deployed would bring on the death of approximately 90% of the humans on Planet Earth and utter bondage to those left.

Most Intel Cowboys began to connect so many dots that they could no longer accept the various Governments’ false narratives dispensed through the CMMM anymore and realized that nations must stop fighting each other and working against each other based on these false-narrative to make large profits for the Banksters and the International defense Contractors. At this point many individually decided that they would work individually to make a difference and expose the government policies which were destructive to the World and provide good suggestions for more effective Policy-Making to top Government Officials who are not top Organized Crime Cabalists but are now so scared of the OCC’s NWO Plan and the threat it poses to their families, children and grandchildren, that they will listen.

Most of the Intel Cowboys now realize that there is a Big Race going on here between Government Officials who want to be free of the OCC’s influence and control but are hooked in and “owned” and all others that want to be free of the Evil grip and effects of the OCC.

It is a fact however that if enough of the public all over the World, especially inside America wake up and form a critical mass turning point, USG Officials will probably turn too and follow suit like the  Government Officials did in Iceland. But in order for this to be done the OCC must be exposed via the Worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press, and significantly weakened. By the way this has already happened and approximately 11% of We The People have woken up. When that number reaches 12% it is essentially over.

The OCC has been countering this wake-up by creating a large tyrannical, abusive, illegal internal Occupation Force which has no legal mandate, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aka the New American Gestapo, patterned after the East German Stasi.

DHS has been set up, trained and is now run by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors and has almost completely succeeded in militarizing the police and converting them to Agents of our State that has been hijacked by the OCC. As a part of this process of militarizing the Police, special constant-on shoulder held Pulsed Beam Microwave (PBM) Radios have been deployed to the Police.

The Militarization of the Police converts Community Officers to “Agents of the State’ aka Puppets of the OCC.

These PBM radios can initiate parietal or temporal lobe seizures in susceptible officers and cause them to act out violently against the public over minor things. Then when needless Police violence reaches a certain threshold, the CMMM can be used to elicit racial conflict against the police. This and the general public’s resentment of Militarized, violent police creates blow-back and increasing numbers of Police are shot, killed or assassinated. Now if the American Police Chiefs do not wise up and stop using the ADL and radical Israeli Anti-Terror Units to do their training will continue to produce increasing militarization of the Police.

This will invariably lead to more unnecessary, needless illegal violence to Civilians, eventually there will be a great tide of assassinations of the Police as retaliation. And if this trend towards increasing Police Brutality and murder of Civilians continues, the Blow-back will be like the Police painting targets on themselves. Then shooting police will become a mass sport for the deranged and those needlessly abused by them that won’t accept it anymore.

Obviously this Militarization of the Police has been a huge mistake by Government and Police Officials and unless reversed soon will produce a lot of dead citizens and even more dead Police, including many of the good ones. That is unless the OCC carefully pre-engineered this as sophisticated covert ops to create massive breakdown of Government and Authority and massive social conflict and death.

If Police Brutality if not seriously reduced, It will become a new copy-cat sport to assassinate Police Officers, and usually it is the good non-violent Officers that get murdered this way.

The CMMM emphasis on the recent assassination of Two police Officers in New York only adds fuel to the fire and will surely create copy-cat assassinations from deranged nut-cases who can easily buy illegal guns in any inner Urban Jungle. In fact Chitown police used to take confiscated weapons and sell them in another Midwest City to gangs and then pocket the money.

No matter how hard the OCC works to counter this increasing Populism that emerges in parallel to increased Internet usage by instituting more and more surveillance and Stasi type Draconian measures, the American public will always reach a point where they will strike back, individually first and then in groups.

The Top Intel Cowboys know this OCC process is out of control like the sex and violence based parties, rituals and ceremonies of the Top OCC Members and are now working hard in secret individually and in small groups to institute rearguard processes to wake the Masses up and get the Rule of Law and the Constitution re-instituted.

Erosion of the secret Evil of the OCC will quickly erode their power base.

One of the Intel Cowboys’ main tools is to work together to provide actual facts to the public of the World via the Internet as to what the OCC is,what it does, how its controls it members and the Public at large through deployment of its false-narratives, Big Lies and Propaganda by its CMMM.The Truth is now realized to be a very strong means to erode the secret power of the OCC. Without their ability to operate in utmost secrecy, the OCC is going to become toast.

A strategic Pivot Point has now occurred among the World’s top Intel Cowboys.

james-bond-24-title-cast-570x294A strategic pivot has occurred among top Intel Cowboys all around the World. Yes, they still are careful to protect their own nation’s important defense secrets and systems, but they have joined a working relationship with numerous other Top Intel Cowboys from around the World, even with nations considered to be enemies.

In practical terms, this means Intel Cowboys from many nations — even some Israeli Intel who can’t stand the pedophile ops of the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) anymore, and some Intel from the Russian Republic (with President Putin’s apparent support).

Intel Cowboys all over the World are now connecting the dots and forming working relationships.

As incredible as this seems, Intel Cowboys all over the World are connecting the dots and forming working relationships dedicated to bringing the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) down by blocking its support base and destroying its ability to use national security and secrecy to conceal its crimes against society and children– crimes that are so evil they are unimaginable to most and can no longer be tolerated in any form. It is important to understand that a strange common brotherhood or Camaraderie has now developed among Intel Cowboys from different countries all over the World.

Intel Cowboys in general have become tired of these needless destructive wars for profit and all the human mass-death and suffering it creates merely to fatten the Banksters’ and the Defense contractors’ bank accounts, which are usually offshore in the Cayman Islands or some place like that where their paid off Politicians and corrupt judges keep what is called “set aside allocations”. Yes, they have connected dots, and many Intel are unwilling to be used and abused anymore, or to kill or abuse their Intel brothers from other nations anymore.

Intel Cowboys have now realized that they have in many cases been mistreated and used as disposable pawns.

CIA Agent Osama Bin Laden, Trade-name Colonel Tim Osman. Colonel Osman was receiving dialysis at Bethesda Naval Hospital right after the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America that he had absolutely no part of. He died of natural causes in late 2001 and was buried in an unmarked grave as is Islamic custom. His part in arming and defeating the Soviets who invaded Afghanistan for the Opium and rare-earth minerals was historic. He would probably be rolling over in his grave if he knew that the Organized Crime Cabal had been able to hijack and use the US Military to capture the Opium and the Afghani rare-earth minerals for the Cutout Corporations of the Rothschild World Zionists (WZs) .

Cutout Corporations

They now understand that the USG, England, NATO and Israel often have murdered their black ops and spooky teams when they are done with them, in order to keep things covered up. Take the recent example of the phony raid on an Osama Bin Laden double which was staged to fool the World into thinking that Navy Seals killed Bin Laden in this raid. It is common knowledge among Intel as well as many citizens that Osama Bin Laden (CIA Trade name: Tim Osman) died in late 2001 of kidney failure. He was known to have Marfan’s syndrome, a genetic malady that it is believed President Abraham Lincoln also had.

The way the Navy seals were treated as they concluded their raid on the Bin Laden double was a great act of betrayal, but something America’s Top Policy-Makers have been known to do habitually. What was this act of complete betrayal?

They did the very same thing to these US Navy Seals that a well-known American general ordered to be done to Pat Tillman to keep him from exposing what he discovered in Afghanistan. They ordered the helicopter transporting the Navy Seals to be blown up and all aboard murdered.

And if that wasn’t enough, they later expanded their murdering to take out another large batch of Navy Seals ordered to get on-board a decrepit old National Guard helicopter that was sabotaged.

For years there have been rumors circulating that twelve ultra top secret Black Ops Spooky Teams operating in South America were dealt with treacherously, with an attempt to murder all of them.

The Top Policy-Makers succeeded in murdering eleven of the twelve teams using high explosives planted in their radios set off at a specially scheduled “important broadcast everyone was instructed to gather around”, but one of the twelve teams learned of this and escaped.

And remember, these coverup murders of deep-cover black op teams are not an aberration of these top Policymakers. One of them who is still in power was deeply involved in the decision to abandon hundreds of POWS in Vietnam and Cambodia after the Vietnam War and the decision to use special operators and mercenaries to murder them in two separate operations. The first was to send in snipers to murder them. The cover story was that these POWs were deserters and Traitors. This same Top Policy-Maker has had a long secret hidden history like Bill Cosby using Brute Power to cover up rapes, but in this case his rapes included young men and young vulnerable soldiers.

The second operation to murder POWS was called Tailwind and was disclosed by Admiral Thomas Moorer on Sixty Minutes. In this top secret operation, specially prepared aircraft were deployed to spray lethal on contact VX gas on the POW camps.

It is well known from NSA raw data which Russian Intel obtained through Israel going back to the Vietnam War that the NSA and the Top Policymakers had very detailed “eye in the sky” satellite and spy plane data that specified the location of almost every single POW. Most American Intel Cowboys have connected the dots and no longer want to play the game of the OCC, nor serve as their disposable tools. And here is the most interesting part of this story…

Several of the World’s Most Powerful Industrial magnates who are able to set up their own Intel and Security Forces with which to protect themselves and those in their employ are now secretly backing these efforts of the Intel Cowboys and making sure the Intel Cowboys are being protected with incredibly serious Worldwide backing.

The apparent reason is that these men realize that this large OCC linked to the City of London banking System of Fake Fiat Counterfeit Money has a secret Evil Agenda to mass-murder about 90% of the human population and destroy most of the big cities. These powerful men are now committed to exposing and derailing the large OCC in order to save the human race from mass death, systematic elimination Eugenics and destruction of the World’s great Cities.

What does this incredible awakening of the Intel Cowboys in America and all over the World mean?

What it means is this. Many Intel Cowboys, who were supposed to be retired, have gone back to work. Some are making sure many secrets are leaked — now even with support of their superiors and Intel Officers of higher rank. Some of the World’s Top Psyop experts have gone to work setting up very hard-hitting operations to fully expose and bring down this large Worldwide OCC.

Fortunately these OCC crimes can no longer be denied. There are far too many witnesses coming forth, and far too many stories based on rock solid evidence being published in British and European Mainstream Media.

Yes, there is a large scale powerful effort to disrupt the investigations at Scotland Yard and the British and Belgian Police. But the OCC is failing in their massive coverup of their pedophile trafficking and abuse system of young children, which is Worldwide and especially rampant behind the scenes in England, Belgium, America and Israel.

Many of the Intel Cowboys around the World have finally connected the dots that the current Terrorist acts and Wars all over the World have been pre-engineered, staged and set off by a large Bankster-connected Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal that specializes in mass-death, terrorism and wars created for massive profit generation for the Banksters and their associated Defense Contractors, in which they own controlling interests.

An interesting result has occurred in response to this widespread, but individual, realization by so many Intel Cowboys from all over the World that they have been played by the large International Bankster-related OCC, which is controlled by a few Top Policymakers.

Some have even figured out that the very Top Policy-makers actually now comprise a small Circle of Twelve centered in Denver Colorado, and that they head this large Worldwide OCC, insiders refer as the “syndicate”. Some realize that under existing American Federal Law, this organization is the largest operational RICO crime Syndicate in America.

We know for sure that a Bankster-related and -supported Worldwide OCC has gained a stranglehold on America, its Congress, five of the Nine Supreme Court Judges, many US Federal Judges, the US Department of Justice, and a portion of the US Military.


Here is a case which a US Sitting Federal Judge who very corrupt, a Judge that knowingly sent an innocent man to prison for life for an “imaginary crime that never happened ” when this innocent man was never even in the country at that time. This Judge has completely subverted the legal system to keep his own personal felonies he committed in the Courtroom in this case covered up.

When a crooked, lying Judge denies an innocent man Justice and knowingly wrongly convicts him, this judge should receive the same injustice and wrong sentence that he made against the innocent–in this case life imprisonment. But this is the kind of corruption in the legal system that the OCC produces in spades.

There were hundreds of CIA Agents, Operatives and Assets jailed on non-existent or phony charges to discredit them from speaking out about the Iran Contra Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) Drug Trafficking operation known as the “Enterprise” run by Cutout Ollie North aka trade-name John Cathey. Sadly some are still languishing in prison due to corrupt prosecutors, corrupt judges and misled or purposefully hand-picked very prosecution-biased juries.

The BCC and the IZCS have loaded up the Justice System with Judges they either own or control through human compromise means, or worship at their feet desiring to climb the Establishment’s Food Chain.

The OCC has produced Terrorism all around the World and has also produced ISIL/Daish.

We know that this OCC has used Senator John McCain and two American Generals, Vallely and McIerney to assemble ISIL/Daish — aka Al Qaeda Version 2, aka Al CIA Duh Version 2. It has been alleged that General Petraus made sure that numerous large heavy weapons and ammo dumps were left hidden in plain sight in Iraq for ISIS/Daish to immediately take possession of. Did he or someone else close to him under his direct command order the murder of Pat Tillman?

We also now know that this OCC maintains almost absolute control over its members and coerces them to betray their country, their Constitution, Bill of Rights, fellow humans, children and even in many cases their own children and spouses.

It is vitally important that the methods they use to maintain control of their subordinates be fully exposed publicly so that the OCC’s system of control, which has corrupted the American Rule of Law, is deconstructed, disassembled and stopped cold.

Right now, the various sophisticated methods of control this large OCC uses to keep subordinates in line with be disclosed below, along with the various initiation rituals used to qualify and promote “Rising Stars” to higher rank in their OCC System.

The systematic progressive system of the OCC’s human compromise operations to keep their criminal sociopathic members in line, that is inside allowed parameters defined by the Top Policy-Makers of the cabal.

Here is a brief description of atypical entry test or ritual to a candidate for membership in the OCC. He prospect who typically has the potential to be a rising Political Star will be introduced to someone with a soiled track records but lots of money who will offer a partnership of employment to the potential recruit. If the Recruit takes the bait and allows himself to become compromised he is brought into the OCC and positioned for an additional test of increasing human compromise, if passed can catapult that person all the up the Cabal’s food chain to the highest levels.

This might typically be an invitation to a special party of super-elites, Top Policy-Makers who occupy very high positions in the Cartel. Drinks are provided by formally dressed butlers or waitresses and contain either a hypnotic like Placidyl, or a date rape drug like Rohypnal, Scopololine (aka Boradanga) or even a Mickey (Chloral Hydrate). Things get fuzzy and the next thing the “Rising Star” realizes is that he finds himself waking up having sex with a child of either sex.

The host catches him, the “Rising Star feels intense shame and is very confused. The host tells him that things must have gotten out of hand, but not to worry, that sometimes these parties get wild and out of control. The host becomes the Rising Star’s new sponsor and explains that sometimes these parties have very young adults that look like kids to entertain the “Big Boys” and this is what happens sometimes. The Host explains that at such a high level in the power structure there is complete trust between compatriots and they cover for each others weaknesses or mistakes.

Of course the episode of perverted and criminal “acting out” is videoed and photographed and kept “in the can” ready for the Cabal-owned Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) publish a story that will ruin the “Rising Star” forever within 48 hours if he strays outside his new allowed parameters. This process was featured in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” by producer Stanley Kubric who was believed to be an “insider”.

Now in order to move up to the next level of power a Rising Star must allow himself to be even more compromised, but such is always met with huge increases in rewards, perks, status and income provided (often as “set-aside allocations in foreign numbered bank accounts), so there is very high motivation to advance, especially because Rising Stars have known sociopathic tendencies or they would never have been selected in the first place or entrusted with high positions in the cabal.

Ultimately this process of incrementally increased human compromise leads to a highest level test which can include attending a pedophile party. Sometimes at the highest levels the party is at a hunting lodge and naked kids are hunted like game with high powered rifles. Sometimes babies are sacrificed and their hearts eaten. Sometimes children are sacrificed and then dismembered.

It is now known for certain that, in order for a rising star to climb the food chain of the American Political System to the very top positions, they must be “initiated” into each specific level they are groomed to enter.

6corps-320x3163New cabal recruits must go through this initiation successfully, which involves being “human compromised”, that is, enticed to do very Evil and illegal things. These completely illegal, anti-social typically disgusting acts are done in a spirit of wild partying, but are recorded and “kept in the can” ready to have the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) assets broadcast or publish any time they are instructed to do so, when any cabal member or cabal asset “goes outside their allowed parameters” or what is considered “going off the reservation”.

This multi-level initiation process, according to insider reports which have become available, usually involves doing some very, very Bad Things to children like drugging them, raping them, and at the higher level initiations murdering them and dismembering them as sport.

At some of these higher level OCC initiation events, naked children have been hunted as wild animals on Royal game farms or large estates owned by OCC members.

Years ago, VT Columnist and host for Veterans News Reports, Stew Webb was married to a daughter of the person who was and still is Number 1 in this Circle of Twelve — a man who faked his death and is now living and hiding in Cuba. Other Intel and Assets with inside connections have verified what Webb has disclosed about this Circle of Twelve and their semi-annual rituals and where they occur is essentially very accurate.

At the very highest level of this OCC, the Circle of Twelve aka the “Disciples of Satan”, men who prefer to call themselves the “Illuminati” have regular semi-annual Satanic Black Mass Blood Rituals in which they sacrifice a living child, cut its heart out and eat it and drink some of its blood. I know this is such extreme Evil that it is almost completely unimaginable to some who will read this article.

December 22, 2014 is fast approaching and this is one of the key Satanic holidays, during which the Denver Circle of Twelve meets in Denver in the middle of the night to sacrifice another child. Last year, this was prevented. Hopefully, it can be prevented this year.

Perth rips out their Rolf Harris Tribute in Australia after his Arrest for pedophilia. He was convicted in a court of law for this charge, which has reminded many of the Jimmy Savile case, a man who supplied kids to the British Super-Elites in the UK. Normally, when the public gets the full story about these extreme pedophilia abuses like this case or the Jimmy Savile Case, they get enraged and want immediate blood vengeance. Some top Intel Insiders have claimed that if the public ever finds out the true extent and severity of these pedophile network crimes of the Organized Crime Cabal, many major World Governments will fall in short order.

The OCC operates a Worldwide pedophile, human sex trafficking and human compromise network.

However, many stories are now being published in the British and European Press which fully support these claims and show that the OCC runs these pedophile operations all over the World. And last year, an asset was interrupted kidnapping a child for the semi-annual sacrifice and shot dead by a close-by plainclothes Police Officer. It was broadcast on the Local News that the Perp had literature in his car disclosing that he was kidnapping a child for the Denver-based Illuminati to sacrifice.

Don’t ever forget the Whitehouse Page Boy Scandal, the Franklin Credit Coverup, the CIA Finders satanic abuse and murder of young children and the Jimmy Savile case in the UK, which is still being covered up.

Jimmy Savile is known to have been a major pedophile sexual abuser of children and believed by some to have also been a major supplier of kids to Super-elites in the UK and Europe for the Organized Crime Cabal.

The Jimmy Savile case goes so high and involves so many in this Worldwide Pedophile Network owned and run by the OCC that it could bring down every major government of Europe and the United States of America.

And don’t forget the Franklin Credit Union/Boystown/Whitehouse/Craig Spence affair/Senator Barney Frank story is very well documented, but hidden in plain sight. Anyone who wants to dig and do some detailed research can find much of this story on the Internet or in published books or somewhat suppressed newspaper stories. There is substantial evidence that a major Worldwide pedophile, human Trafficking human compromise operation is run by the OCC.

marc-dutroux-monster-belgiumDo not forget to research the notorious Marc Dutroux case (the “Belgian Beast”) who supplied kids to the European super-elites in numerous Countries. These kids were kept in an underground dungeon, starved, sexually abused, then torture killed and some dismembered. This whole affair went right to the top level of Government and Police and was almost completely covered up. A large number of key witnesses were murdered in this huge coverup.

And do not forget to dig out the story on the Finders, which the US News and World Reports dared to publish. Are the rumors that US News is a publication linked to the heavyweight US Navy Greybeards even possible?

And do the Greybeards owe major payback to the top OCC that attacked the Naval Intel section of the Pentagon on 9/11/01 with a Tomahawk cruise missile and murdered 35 Able Danger Investigators who were called to a specially scheduled meeting to supposedly discuss what they had discovered about the Israelis stealing 350 decommissioned W-54 Davy Crockett Nuclear Pitts to be used in their Samson Option?

These very, very Bad Things “Rising Stars” have to do to be promoted to a higher level in the Organized Crime Cabal OCC as well as what the Top Twelve do at their semi-annual Satanic ritual sacrifices of children in Denver are so incredibly bad that, if fully exposed to the masses at large, would instantly result in their arrest for serious felonies.

If the American Masses ever become fully informed, We The People would demand their prosecution, conviction and sentencing with either very long imprisonments, life imprisonment or even capital punishment for the top Twelve Cabal Perps.

These top twelve, aka the Denver “Circle of Twelve” just happen to be America’s Top Policy-Makers, folks who now have taken control over about 90% of American pension Funds, derivatives, the large Wall Street Banks and who control the Federal Reserve System.

And that problem is that the Judicial and Law Enforcement Systems in America have been compromised and are completely corrupt at every level and are controlled by a very large International OCC. This OCC can only operate in utmost secrecy. Once it is fully exposed, it will be attacked at every level by an outraged public all over the World.

These master criminals know that and have paid a lot of money and worked hard to keep all their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) under their control, dispensing their false-narratives and coverup stories to keep the public from knowing how things are really run and what is really going on behind the scenes.

Those who control the OCC aka the “Joint Ruling Crime Cabal” are the same families that seized power in 1913, with the illegal passage of the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, the IZCS and their new partners the BCC. These international criminals will only allow certain pre-selected individuals to become part of their OCC system and serve them. And those deemed suitable candidates to become rising stars in this large OCC must go through initiation conducted in various stages before they can be fully trusted and accepted into the OCC and rise up into its progressively higher positions of power, status and wealth.

What exactly is this large OCC that seized America through stealth and bribery on Congress in 1913?

It is the Twelve Old Guard Top Policy-Makers, aka the Denver Circle of Twelve, the Disciples of Satan, men who prefer to call themselves the Devil’s chosen ones or the “Illuminati”. Their Circle is run out of Denver where the Headquarters for the Secret Shadow Government has moved to during the last twenty years. Why have they moved West out of DC?

It could be related to a long term plan to stage a massive human sacrifice to devastate and depopulate the East Coast and DC, either through a staged nuclear WW3 or a massive engineered weather or natural disaster, such as a large tidal wave like the one set off to hit Japan from a planted large nuke on the seabed.

How can We The People stop this OCC cold in its tracks and take America back and protect the World from their schemes to stage terrorism and wars in order to gain massive profits and mass-murder millions of people?

How can We The People stop this OCC from its massive asset stripping of America and its so far unmitigated crime spree, which upon even a cursory examination, is evil beyond imagination to most who consider its crimes against We the People and Humanity.

It is becoming increasingly evident that those who sit at the very top of this OCC, the largest crime syndicate in the World and in History, are anti-human parasites and must be brought to real justice, not mere fines like the major Wall Street Banks have settled for after being caught in massive criminal fraud regarding the Mortgage Bubble. Some believe they are parasites on the Human Species and must be exterminated for the Capital Crimes they have committed, that is the millions of innocent people their staged wars for profit have murdered.

VT Senior Staff at the Damascus Conference in Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism where Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor, delivered the Keynote Address which was Historic for its first-time public disclosure that Terrorism is an Organized Crime problem. This important disclosure has sent shock-waves around the World. Could there be some well-known and some not-so well-known Intel Cowboys in this photo?

As VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff disclosed in his Historical Speech delivered at the Damascus International Conference in Reducing Terrorism and Religious Extremism, terrorism in the Mideast is actually a Crime Problem related to the actions of a large OCC, which is being assisted by one US Senator and some US Military Generals.

All the evidence support the conclusion presented by Gordon Duff. This current Mideast terrorism is a byproduct of Organized Crime, nothing else. And Duff was interview by Richie Allen on his well-respected talk show in London, England, two weeks later. During this interview, Gordon Duff disclosed some shocking revelations that are spot on. Lately Duff has been helping us all and especially the Intel Cowboys around the whole World connect these important dots.

And be aware that a powerful coalition has developed in the background of these Intel cowboys, who are now fully aware of the anti-social, completely evil Satanic long-term goals to mass-murder 90% of the populace and destroy most major Cities.

Many of the massive Intel leaks can also be credited to these folks, who will no longer allow this OCC to pose a threat to destroy all human life and all the major Cities of the earth.

Necessity if often the “Mother of Invention”. And is is now apparent that many Intel Cowboys all over the World understand that unless they stop allowing themselves to be used and abused by each other on behalf of the OCC, this Evil Parasite will destroy most major Cities and mass-murder approximately 90% of the World’s Population.

This stark realization is what is now motivating these Intel Cowboys to go back to work and forge common bonds to stop this OCC which is basically a large death oriented Cult which is Hell-bent on attaining its own twisted, unimaginably Evil Agenda.

Here is the most interesting part of this secret story you will never read or hear about anywhere else but VT. These Intel Cowboys are deconstructing this large OCC one step at a time in their own nations without in anyway harming their own real national security. Many of these Intel Cowboys have gone back to work and are quite busy but most of the time they work quietly in the background and all folks will see is the Cabal to start unwinding and losing power.

As many VT readers know, the OCC could never have attained the scope of Power they have inside America without illegally invoking the false-cloak of “National Security” to cover up their crimes which the public would never accept if they were allowed to know. Now they are allowed to know, and because Truth like this is diffused at the speed of light all over the World on the Internet, they will know and will put a stop to the unimaginable Evil done by this large OCC.

Working together, we can all bypass the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), which is owned and controlled by the OCC, and destroy their secrecy which protects their unimaginable acts of parasitical Evil from exposure, which will be quickly followed by their fall from grace, loss of power and complete demise one way or another.

Now what can you do to help stop this? Share this article with all your trusted friends and family. Discuss it with those who want to know the truth. This raises the group consciousness of We The People, aka the Moral Density or Psi-Power of We The People, which is something the Major Mass Media should be doing if it ever published the real Truth which it is not allowed to do because its owners are under the control and spell of this large OCC.

Hang on folks, watch closely and be a part of it by doing what you can. The times they are changing, and the Intel Cowboys have gone back to work. This time their objective is to engineer massive Intel Dumps based on “political revenge for sanctions” to fully expose the unimaginable Evil of the OCC and stimulate a broad-based rear guard action motivated by rapidly escalating Moral Density, which is driven by the populism that is emerging in Parallel to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press.

How to deal with an Intel Cowboy: best summed up as do so respectfully. There are three basic rules here.

Rule 1: Do not abuse, harass, cheat or threaten an Intel Cowboy.

Rule 2: Do not abuse, harass, cheat or threaten an Intel Cowboy.

Rule 3: Do not abuse, harass, cheat or threaten an Intel Cowboy.

The OCC now realizes this massive threat the Worldwide Internet poses for them. That is why they staged another False-Flag attack using their “owned” Cyber Warfare cronies to hack Sony and falsely trying to blame it on North Korea. Their fall back routine will be to spread a fake story that the Sony Top Executives in Japan did it to institute revenge on their American counterparts in the company. This too is a false narrative dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

It is late in the game and legitimate Internet Alternative Websites need to overlook minor differences and work together on common ground to expose this large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC). Without continued secrecy, the OCC cannot continue to operate. And even without an honest Major Mass Media, the Alternative news sites on the Internet can and are now doing the job. And populism is emerging all over the World in parallel to the massive growth of the Internet.


For those that are the ultimate skeptics and think this story has no legs, just ask yourself this question.

Do you think the historical, World’s first public disclosure at the recent Damascus Conference Keynote Speech that the so-called problem of World Terrorism is actually a Crime Problem caused by a very large Crime Syndicate, something the World has never seen before, could just happen on its own?

Have you considered how much the VT Senior Staff endured to get this job done? They endured numerous sophisticated interceptions and despite all odds against them got to the Conference where Gordon Duff delivered this historical speech and Mike Harris held many News Interviews.

And do you think any Online Journal like VT could exist and publish the cutting edge stories revealing deep truths formerly hidden from We The People without the Re-patriotization of certain top Intel Cowboys, some of whom appear to be untouchable by this Crime Syndicate?

This is the first time any Online Journal has ever revealed such sensitive insider information such as nukes were planted and detonated in the Twin Towers on 9/11/01, who stole the nuclear Pitts reprocessed them and planted them in the Twin Towers and 25 other American Cities and numerous other European Cities, or how the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook were Drills with no dead or wounded victims at all and some information never before revealed about the Secret Space War.

None of these Blockbuster disclosures would have been possible on VT without the backing of some very high level Intel Cowboys, some of whom are known and some of whom have stayed in the background. Stay tuned because VT is just getting warmed up.

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