Zionist Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them

They hacked Sony Pictures? What the.....


by Jonas E. Alexis

A few days ago, the Zionist Axis of Evil has told the entire world that North Korean officials or hackers are so powerful that they hacked Sony Pictures’ computer systems. What is the evidence for this extraordinary claim? Well, it is found in the claim itself: they hacked Sony Pictures!

Perhaps there is a Zionist mathematical algorithm embedded in the claim itself. Perhaps he who breaks the algorithm will discover the evidence. But it seems that one has to be Jewish because the Goyim are not smart enough to break the code.

After all, the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef told us that we Goyim are all donkeys. We were created to serve the Dreadful Few and nothing more. In fact, Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman tells us that “non-Jews are brainless thieves, “murderers,” and “evil-doers.”

Now what do officials of the Zionist Axis of Evil expect us to do? Well, they want us to start panicking because to them this is really serious. This should not have happened. The issue is even more serious than slaughtering Palestinians and stealing their lands. Officials in the Zionist Kingdom want us to go mad because Hollywood, their ministry of propaganda, has been “hacked.”

Hollywood—where dumb Goyim such as Angelina Jolie have been called “minimally talented spoiled brat” with a “rampaging spoiled ego” from “Crazyland” by Jewish producer Scott Rudin (the same guy who produced Team America),  where Kevin Hart has been called a “greedy whore” and Leonardo DiCaprio “despicable,” where Megan Ellison has been called a “bipolar lunatic,” and where Jewish executive producers Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin joke about President Obama enjoying movies such as Django Unchained and The Butler and Ride Along—is panicked because Kim Jung Un out-smarted the producers of The Interview.

Hollywood—which has a long history of manipulating, humiliating and enslaving the Goyim (both actors and viewers) and which produced propaganda films such as Argo and Zero Dark Thirty—is under siege, and the Axis of Evil has incontrovertible evidence to show that the culprit is really North Korea.

Humiliating and dehumanizing their own Goyim brethren is no big deal, but hacking movies like The Interview is an unpardonable sin. Jewish screenwriters Aaron Sorkin for example literally humiliated Michael Fassbender, who prostituted himself in the pornographic movie Shame.

Sorkin said of Fassbender, “He just makes you feel bad to have normal-sized genitalia.” Actress Zoe Saldana, who has continued to prostrate before the Dreadful Few for money and fame and power, seemed to have a wake-up call. After the Angelina Jolie incident, she tweeted,

“Being hacked sucks but not as much as being an actress at the mercy of these producers’ tongues. Now everyone knows!”

Now the Zionist Axis of Evil wants nothing less than revenge on North Korea because The Interview is more important than treating the Goyim as human beings.

Surely the Zionist Axis of Evil would love to drink more blood—but this time in North Korea. Mark Stroh, a spokesman for the National Security Council, was on the move:

“As the FBI made clear, we are confident the North Korean government is responsible for this destructive attack. We stand by this conclusion. The Government of North Korea has a long history of denying responsibility for destructive and provocative actions.

Scott Rudin
Scott Rudin

“If the North Korean government wants to help, they can admit their culpability and compensate Sony for the damages this attack caused.”

What Stroh is saying here is pretty simple: the fact that North Korea denied its involvement in the act is another piece of evidence that they did it.

In other words, Stroh used the “loaded question” tactic, which cannot be answered directly without implying a falsehood. It is tantamount to “Have you stopped beating your wife”? If yes, then you admit that you did beat your wife. If no, then you are still doing it.

The Zionist Axis of Evil built this kind of argumentation during the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and they want to do it again because they think all Americans are just stupid. If you denied that Saddam Hussein was evil or that he was Hitler reincarnate, the Dreadful Few told us repeatedly, then you were supporting or abetting terrorists!

The Zionist Axis of evil would love to see Americans being manipulated like zombies once again. They want you to support the government to map out a strategic and covert war against North Korea. In fact, North Korean websites were shut down for hours, right after the United States declared that they would respond.

The Wall Street Journal has suggested that the hack was “a new form of terrorism.” Mark Tapson of the Neocon flagship FrontPage Magazine likens the hack to that of “9/11-style terrorism against movie theaters and other targets including the White House.” Joseph Klein of the same magazine opined:

“In addition to restoring North Korea to the list of state sponsors of terrorism, further counter-measures should be seriously considered now. These may include cutting off North Korea’s access to global finance as completely as possible and targeting critical pieces of North Korea’s military infrastructure control systems with viruses of the sort used to infiltrate and incapacitate some of Iran’s centrifuges.

“Another counter-measure worth pursuing is the launching of a massive propaganda counter-offensive, using the Internet and social media to which North Korean elites and military officers have access to sow further doubts they may already be harboring in Kim Jong-un’s leadership.”

Jewish Neocon Jonathan S. Tobin is upset because President Obama declared that the so-called cyber attack was an act of “cyber vandalism” and not an “act of terrorism.” If the United States does not response, says Tobin, “it is making a critical mistake.”Tobin continues to add his Jewish vengeance on North Korea by saying that it is

“the responsibility of the president and his national security team to find a way to make Pyongyang pay dearly for its chutzpah. We shouldn’t prejudge those efforts before we know what is planned or actually happening.

“But this isn’t Sony’s fight or event that of Hollywood. Unless the U.S. is able to hit North Korea or at least scare it enough to ensure that this never happens again, no American should feel safe.”

Max Boot, another Jewish Neocon, adds:

“I know it’s probably expecting too much from this president, but it would be nice if just once he would act decisively instead of talking a good game and setting red lines that can be crossed with impunity.”

Boot continues to say that “the president should put North Korea back on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.”

The New York Times has explicitly declared that North Korea is “centrally involved” in the hack. Sony Pictures, of course, called the hack a “State-Sponsored Criminal Act.”

President Obama “confirmed that the U.S. was considering adding North Korea back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism.” Mr. Obama—or shall we properly say the Zionist president who claims to have “a Jewish soul”—declared,

“I don’t think it was an act of war. I think it was an act of cyber-vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately.”

First of all, North Korea declared that it had nothing to do with the so-called cyber-attack and even “proposed to conduct a joint probe with the U.S., after Washington warned it could retaliate.”North Korean officials released a statement which read in part,

Amy Pascal
Amy Pascal

“The U.S. accusing us of crime with rudimentary ‘investigation results’ exposes its inherent hostility toward us.”[12]

Secondly, there are many experts who do not buy into the Zionist narrative that North Korea is responsible for whatever happened at Sony Pictures, and no serious accuser has actually come up with rigorous evidence showing that North Korea is the real culprit.

Moreover, liking North Korea to earlier cyber-attacks “is itself unproven.”[13] Mark W. Rogers, an expert on cyber-attack, declared that all the hoopla about the incident is just that, hoopla. Rogers declared that it is

“pretty weak in my books to claim that the newest piece of malware is the act of a nation state because other possible related pieces of malware were ‘rumored’ to be the work of a nation state. Until someone comes up with solid evidence actually attributing one of these pieces of malware to North Korea I consider this evidence to be, at best, speculation…

“[T]he IP addresses cited by the FBI (in its earlier flash alert) are proxy addresses that… ‘could be used by just about anyone’ to hide their location and identity. They’re not located within North Korea or even in China, which is sometimes identified as its accomplice, but rather in Thailand, Poland and other countries–all ‘open to the public’ and used in previous span and malware attacks. ‘No North Koreans,’ Rogers says, ‘just common garden internet cybercriminals.’”

In an article for the Daily Beast entitled, “No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony,” Rogers concluded that

“the great Sony Pictures hack of 2014 is far more likely to be the work of one disgruntled employee facing a pink slip…If we turn the debate around, and look at some evidence that the North Koreans might NOT be behind the Sony hack, the picture looks significantly clearer.”

Sean Sullivan, a security adviser at Finnish antivirus firm F-Secured, declared,

“The U.S. security-intelligence complex is running amok once again. Washington, D.C., is incapable of saying ‘we don’t know.”

Brett Thomas, chief technology officer of Redwood City, California-based online-services company Vindicia, wrote,

Jonathan S. Tobin
Jonathan S. Tobin

“All of the evidence [the] FBI cites would be trivial things to do if a hacker was trying to misdirect attention to DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea].”

Rob Graham, CEO of Atlanta-based Errata Security, added,

It’s complete nonsense. It sounds like they’ve decided on a conclusion and are trying to make the evidence fit. There’s no evidence pointing to North Korea, not even the barest of hints. Some bit of code was compiled in Korea — but that’s South Korean (banned in North Korea, [which] uses Chinese settings). Sure, they used threats to cancel The Interview — but after the FBI said they might.

Jeff Carr, founder and CEO of Seattle cyber-security consulting firm Taia Global, concurred,

“Is North Korea responsible for the Sony breach? I can’t imagine a more unlikely scenario.”

Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of the computer-security firm Co3 Systems, wrote in the Atlantic that he was “deeply skeptical of the FBI’s announcement,” though he believed that the FBI may have its own reasons for believing that it is the case.

Paul R. Pillar, himself a 28-year veteran of the CIA and an academic, declared that the prevailing assumption that North Korea hacked Sony, “based on public knowledge to date, is not necessarily correct.”

Martin Libicki, a cyber security expert at RAND in Virginia, has pointed out:

“So we gather up a lot of evidence, and the evidence that the FBI has shown so far doesn’t allow one to distinguish between somebody who is North Korea and somebody who wants to look like North Korea.”

Mike Fey, president of security company Blue Coat System Inc. and former chief technology officer at McFee Inc.  messed the Zionist project up when he said quite cogently:

“If they’re smart enough and capable enough to commit a high profile attack, they’re very often smart enough and capable enough to masquerade as someone else. It can be very difficult to find that true smoking gun…

“One last idea. What if all this is just a movie-goer (who) can’t stand the idea of another Seth Rogen movie?”

Perhaps Fey is right. In fact, Todd McCarthy of the Hollywood Reporter has already denounced the movie as

“an intensely sophomoric and rampantly uneven comic take-down of an easy but worrisomely unpredictable target, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In the relatively sparse annals of irreverent major studio comedies that pissed off foreign nations, for big laughs this one doesn’t rate anywhere near Borat or Team America: World Police. …

theinterview-mv-3“As political satire goes, The Interview has the comic batting average of a mediocre-to-average Saturday Night Live sketch, with a few potent laughs erupting from an overall mash of sex, drugs and TV broadcasting jokes that feel rooted in a sense of humor primarily characterized by a frat-boy/altered state/prolonged adolescence mind-set.

“If you set up as provocative a premise as do the makers of The Interview, you ultimately have to deal with all its implications; let’s just say that what concludes the film is rote action, simplistic wish-fulfillment stuff that feels cheap and naive and more concerned with looking coolly kick-ass than with any real-world consequences.

“Even if one part of the film is sincere in wanting to highlight North Korea’s negatives (famine, ideological orthodoxy, cult of personality, militarism, nuclear brinkmanship, et al.), the larger part is devoted to very Western-style sexual grossness, deterministic outrageousness, self-satisfied obliviousness and contended immaturity.”

In the same vein, Richard Corliss of Times wrote, “Rogen serves up the usual farrago of sexual outrage and guy-bonding, only this time in the guise of nervy satire using real names.”

With respect to the hack, Bae Myung Bok of South Korea added, “What the U.S. needs now is the ability to calm down and keep its presence of mind — and wisely solve the issue, like any superpower would do.”

Myung Bok’s “basic premise is that the U.S. is accusing North Korea based on circumstantial evidence. He points out there hasn’t been a single mention of ‘evidence’ in the FBI statement (it only says it has enough ‘information’). In fact, he says this is the first time the U.S. has actually named a country in a state-sponsored cyber attack.”

If North Korea was actually involved in the so-called cyber attack, then they beat the Dreadful Few to the punch.

But what is so amazing is that so-called thinking people in the West have been bamboozled for so long by the Zionist Axis of Evil that they no longer use reason to examine a serious issue.

As Michael Malice, author of the book Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong II, humorously puts it in the New York Observer,

“The people of North Korea regard their Leaders as magical. The Great Leader Kim Il Sung, founder of North Korea, could literally walk on water. His son, the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, changed the weather when he visited Russia, which is why the Russians supposedly call him ‘the man who brings sunshine.’

“And now Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un is behind the biggest cyber attack in history—not bad for a country with sporadic electricity and virtually no Internet access.

“That the North Koreans believe such things is understandable. But when Western reporters take North Korea at face value, it is baffling.

Max Boot
Max Boot

“For example, Kim Jong Il’s eldest son was arrested in Japan in 2001 for allegedly wanting to visit Disneyland. In fact he almost certainly was there to collect on an illegal arms shipment. But the former story is weirder and crazier and therefore truer in the eyes of the press…

“When North Korea fired their missiles, they fired them into the Sea of Japan and not at Tokyo. And I remember answering many emails in March of 2013, because North Korea released photographs of Kim Jong Un contemplating a nuclear strike on Austin.

“Why would anyone give notice of a nuclear attack, when their foe has an arsenal many times larger? Somehow Rick Perry is still swaggering around, with every hair on his head unharmed and in place.

“Of course it was bluster, and transparently so. But the American press is so insistent on viewing the DPRK through our democratic lens of honesty and decency (witness the backlash against economist Jonathan Gruber) that they can’t comprehend a nation governed by bluff and deceit.

“We don’t need to guess at North Korea’s strategy toward the United States. Supervillains are a gloating bunch, and the DPRK regime is no different. As they put it in their state-produced A Duel of Reason Between Korea and US:

“‘Korea’s US strategy is to win the war without gunfire. A hot war will result in the ruin of the Korean peninsula. Therefore, her strategy is, to all intents and purposes, to compel the United States to follow the way to peace by using her weapons and military forces as the cards to settle political and diplomatic issues.

“‘The strategy has already been so skillfully applied that the United States is now like an elephant caught in the ant’s nest and the spider’s web. Of course, ants and spiders cannot devour the elephant, but it is not impossible to lead it to the direction as they want.’”

So much for the idea that North Korea really wants to get into a bloody conflict with the U.S.

But let us suppose that the Zionist narrative is true, that North Korea did hack Sony Pictures and that we need to retaliate.

the-interview1What kind of hypocrisy is this? Isn’t the NSA still hacking your grandmother’s underwear? Didn’t President Obama extend the NSA’s spying powers at the beginning of this month?

Doesn’t the Zionist world violate the rights of citizens everywhere by snooping on them in the name of “national security”? Isn’t the NSA still using “undercover agents in foreign companies” and in countries such as China, Germany, South Korea, etc.? Isn’t Edward Snowden still in exile? Didn’t the Zionist state put a price on his head?

Didn’t Israel and the Zionist State of America hack Iranian computers using a virus called Stuxnet?

Didn’t the State Department itself bless Kim Jung Un’s assassination in the movie The Interview?

“The Daily Beast has unearthed several emails that reveal at least two U.S. government officials screened a rough cut of the Kim Jong-Un assassination comedy The Interview in late June and gave the film—including a final scene that sees the dictator’s head explode—their blessing.

“A series of leaked emails reveal that Sony enlisted the services of Bruce Bennett, a senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation who specializes in North Korea, to consult with them on The Interview.

“After he saw the film, including the gruesome ending where a giant missile hits Kim Jong-Un’s helicopter in slow-mo as Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ plays, and Kim’s head catches on fire and explodes, Bennett gave his assessment of it in a June 25 email to Lynton, just five days after North Korea’s initial threat.

“‘The North has never executed an artillery attack against the balloon launching areas. So it is very hard to tell what is pure bluster from North Korea, since they use the term ‘act of war’ so commonly,’ wrote Bennett.

“‘I also thought a bunch more about the ending. I have to admit that the only resolution I can see to the North Korean nuclear and other threats is for the North Korean regime to eventually go away.’

“He added, ‘In fact, when I have briefed my book on ‘preparing for the possibility of a North Korean collapse’ [Sept 2013], I have been clear that the assassination of Kim Jong-Un is the most likely path to a collapse of the North Korean government.’

“‘Thus while toning down the ending may reduce the North Korean response, I believe that a story that talks about the removal of the Kim family regime and the creation of a new government by the North Korean people (well, at least the elites) will start some real thinking in South Korea and, I believe, in the North once the DVD leaks into the North (which it almost certainly will). So from a personal perspective, I would personally prefer to leave the ending alone.’

“That same day, Lynton responded saying that a U.S. government official completely backed Bennett’s assessment of the film.

“‘Bruce—Spoke to someone very senior in State (confidentially),’ wrote Lynton. ‘He agreed with everything you have been saying. Everything. I will fill you in when we speak.’

“‘The following day, June 26, an email from Bennett to Lynton—as well as several other forwarded emails—revealed that Robert King, U.S. special envoy for North Korean human-rights issues, was helping to consult on the film as well through Bennett and addressed the June 20 threat by North Korea.’”

Certainly something fishy is going on here. Perhaps it is the definition of Jewish chutzpah. As Dan Sanchez rightly put it,

“Imagine how the U.S. and its CIA would respond if a major movie studio anywhere in the world were to make a film centered around the assassination of a sitting U.S. President: especially if a foreign government was involved, pushing for just such an assassination.

“That North Korea, or any state, might respond with speech-suppressing attacks and threats is not to be excused, but it should be no surprise either. Yet the US was more than happy to help foment a predictable crisis like this, thereby putting its own people at risk.

“And it did so by surreptitiously penetrating Hollywood to steer it toward using ‘artistic’ existential threats to taunt a nation-state that is such a basket-case that it would only be dangerous to Americans if made desperate by such existential threats. That shows what little regard our ‘security force’ has for our actual security, as compared to pursuing global power politics.”

 My personal opinion is that the Zionist Axis of Evil is diverting the issue precisely because they want decent Americans and much of the world to focus on North Korea as opposed to concentrating on the recent torture report, which literally put the Zionist Axis of Evil on a difficult position.

The Zionist position is so bad that the C.I.A. had to cite Israeli court rulings in order to justify torture. They could not prove it on international law or the rule of law as articulated in the documents of the United States; they had to go to their masters and ask for an Israeli/torturous dossier.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch and a decent individual who happens to be Jewish, declared,

kenneth_roth_20130908_syrianetwork“[I]t is regrettable that those senior George W. Bush administration lawyers have escaped accountability for their complicity in torture, given their obligation as public officials and their ethical duty as lawyers to uphold the law. Their opinions were not reasonable interpretations of an ambiguous legal provision but a premeditated cover for criminality.

“At minimum, they should have been disciplined for malpractice, if not prosecuted as accomplices. Prosecution should also include the senior Bush officials who authorized torture and oversaw its use.

“If prosecutions won’t be pursued, the least that can be done is to enact policies that would make torture’s recurrence less likely. The CIA, with its tradition of secrecy and lack of public accountability, should be taken out of the business of detaining suspects, leaving such matters to the Justice Department (or the military for battlefield captures).

“When security suspects are detained for interrogation, the International Committee of the Red Cross should be given immediate and regular access without exception; with its tradition of confidentiality, it would not jeopardize sensitive investigations, while its presence would discourage any temptation to torture.”

The New York Times itself has declared that the United States should prosecute torturers like Cheney and others. Here is what the Times said a few days ago,

“The nation cannot move forward in any meaningful way without coming to terms, legally and morally, with the abhorrent acts that were authorized, given a false patina of legality, and committed by American men and women from the highest levels of government on down.

“Americans have known about many of these acts for years, but the 524-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report erases any lingering doubt about their depravity and illegality:

“In addition to new revelations of sadistic tactics like ‘rectal feeding,’ scores of detainees were waterboarded, hung by their wrists, confined in coffins, sleep-deprived, threatened with death or brutally beaten. In November 2002, one detainee who was chained to a concrete floor died of “suspected hypothermia.”

“These are, simply, crimes. They are prohibited by federal law, which defines torture as the intentional infliction of ‘severe physical or mental pain or suffering.’ They are also banned by the Convention Against Torture, the international treaty that the United States ratified in 1994 and that requires prosecution of any acts of torture.

What are you hiding, Dick?
What are you hiding, Dick?

“So it is no wonder that today’s blinkered apologists are desperate to call these acts anything but torture, which they clearly were. As the report reveals, these claims fail for a simple reason: C.I.A. officials admitted at the time that what they intended to do was illegal.

“In July 2002, C.I.A. lawyers told the Justice Department that the agency needed to use ‘more aggressive methods’ of interrogation that would ‘otherwise be prohibited by the torture statute.’ They asked the department to promise not to prosecute those who used these methods.

“When the department refused, they shopped around for the answer they wanted. They got it from the ideologically driven lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel, who wrote memos fabricating a legal foundation for the methods.

“Government officials now rely on the memos as proof that they sought and received legal clearance for their actions. But the report changes the game: We now know that this reliance was not made in good faith.

“No amount of legal pretzel logic can justify the behavior detailed in the report. Indeed, it is impossible to read it and conclude that no one can be held accountable. At the very least, Mr. Obama needs to authorize a full and independent criminal investigation.”

How do the Dreadful Few respond? Jonathan S. Tobin has said that “if Obama and the Democrats are smart, they will ignore” this report.

Sure. Whenever a crime is essentially Jewish, it must be ignored, but whenever the same crime is committed by the Goyim, then the poor Goyim must pay.

In short, logic, the rule of law and even good old common sense have to be suspended in the Jewish Century.

[1] Rudin in particular is a classic example. He said of Jolie, “She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all, and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming.” Rubin’s denigration of the Goyim knows no boundary:

“Rudin forced an employee to tape the definition of ‘anticipate’ above his desk. Another had to make 300 calls in a row, in one day. Rudin once pitched a fit when brought the wrong sushi. He is known for issuing the following declarations:

“Don’t ever f–king think — I hired you from the neck down.”

“This is a new level of stupid.”

“Why doesn’t everyone just do what I say?”

“My silence is high praise.”

“Do you think you’ll even vaguely perform your duties as my ­employee?”

“You have three things to do: answer the phone, listen to me and die.”

[2] Quoted in Maria Puente, “Rudin, Pascal Sorry for Racially Insensitive Emails,” USA Today, December 12, 2014. If Saldana declares that those producers are indeed Jewish, then that would be the end of her Hollywood career.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.