Opposition official admits no fraud in Iran’s 2009 election

None of those who claim the election was a fraud ever presented any evidence for their claims.
None of those who claimed the 2009 election  a fraud ever presented any evidence for their claims even after an extension … Mir-Hossein Moussavi, the number two candidate

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The voting fraud that never was
The voting fraud that never was

[ Editor’s Note: You just can’t make this stuff up. Five years after the 2009 election Iran airs the footage of a meeting where the number two candidate’s top election monitor admits there was no fraud in the election.

It is nice to have validation of something where the fraud charges, vigorously backed by the US, and the familiar smell of regime change to it. If the truth does not work, then just lie. Of course the American people were lied to, but there is a long history of that.

But one has to ask why Iran waited all this time to reveal the footage…a classic slam dunk move, but a bit late. The story below does not explain that, but it does give a very good peek inside a US psyops to claim the election was a fraud so as to back the opposition protest in the streets and get all that footage of the carnage and casualties in breaking them up.

Years later we would find Eric Holder helping co-ordinate a country wide crack down on the Occupy Wall Street movement which resulted in serious injuries, also. It seems there intererst in some regime change on Wall Street was met with “We like it when we are dishing it out, but not when we have to eat it.”

So chalk this up as another major disingormation psyops on the America people, foreign policy fratricide where our own elected officials kill any chance we have to way in democratically by making sure we never really know what is going on if they don’t want us to.

Our good friend Ali Salami, the past editor of PressTV sent this along to me. It was  a needed reminder for me to begin bringing over some Fars News material to VT regularly so we get their version of events to help decide who has been pulling whose leg. I think we already know… Jim W. Dean]


When does an election become a regime change by foreign intervention
When does an election become a regime change by foreign intervention

–  First published  …  January 4,  2015  –


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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
TEHRAN (FNA)- Five Years after the 2009 post-election unrest in Tehran came under the world’s spotlight, stunning footage was shown on Iranian state-owned TV showing Mir-Hossein Moussavi’s chief voting inspector Abbas Akhoundi five days after the election telling a meeting of key campaign members of all the four presidential candidates with the Supreme Leader that there had “basically been no election fraud” at work.


Friday June 12, 2009 Iran was again under the spotlight for a hot presidential race. Over 85% of eligible voters came to the polling stations to elect a president for the country for the next four years.

Incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Moussavi, Principlist politician and former chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Mohsen Rezaei and former Iranian Parliament Speaker Mehdi Karroubi were candidates, with the first two nominees being the candidate of choice for the majority in the country.

But, Moussavi, apparently so assured of his definite victory that hours before the initial results were announced by the Interior Ministry, called a press conference to declare just at the end of balloting that he had won a landslide victory and would be the next president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Yet, when official results were released the next day, Iran’s election headquarters said from a total number of 39,165,191 ballots cast in Iran’s 10th presidential election, Ahmadinejad won 24,527,516 votes, which accounted for 62.63% of the votes, while his main rival Mir-Hossein Moussavi could secure only 13,216,411 (33.75%) votes.

The 2009 election was not even close. The fraud charges were a fraud themselvs.
The 2009 election was not even close. The fraud charges were a fraud themselvs.

Mohsen Rezaei stood third with 678,240 votes (1.73%) and Mehdi Karroubi came last with 333,635 votes (0.85%) cast in his favor.

Following the announcement of election results, supporters of both Moussavi and Karroubi took to the streets, mainly in Tehran, in daily rallies and riots led by their defeated candidates to shout their protest, alleging election fraud.

It was then that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei invited key campaign officials of all the four candidates to a meeting at his office to discuss the problem.

This historical meeting and what all the participants said, was a landmark event in the Islamic Republic’s recent history.

Many of those present in the meeting later quoted Moussavi’s chief voting inspector Abbas Akhoundi who headed roughly 40,000 Moussavi-appointed voting and ballot counting inspectors – who stood next to the ballot boxes before the voting started and left the polling centers after the vote count and recount ended – as confessing in this meeting with the leader that allegations about election fraud were unfounded.

“Akhoundi told the leader that Ahmadinejad should have been disqualified by the Guardian Council for his performance before the election started,” Abbas Ali Kadkhodayee, the then spokesman of the Guardian Council who was also present in the meeting along with several other GC and Interior Ministry officials, told Khamenei. ir.

President Rouhani
President Rouhani

Now five years later, a video released by the state-run TV revealed to the nation what Akhoundi – the number two man in Mir-Hossein Moussavi’s campaign – said about the electoral process during that specific meeting.

Two days later in an important Friday Prayers sermon and addressing millions of people in the largest congregational prayers in the history of Tehran, the Supreme Leader said the high turnout in the election, which witnessed more than 40 million Iranians casting their votes, was a great manifestation of people’s solidarity with the Islamic Republic.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the June 12 election indicated a “common sense of responsibility” of the Iranian nation to determine the future of the country.

The Leader added that all those who took part in the election proved their “political consciousness and commitment” towards the Islamic Revolution to the world. The Leader said the high voter turnout in the election was a “political earthquake” for the enemy and a “real celebration” for the friends of the country.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will by no means betray the votes of the nation,” the Leader said, adding that the legal mechanism for the election prevents any significant irregularity in Iranian elections.

In the end counter demonstrations ended the election fraud charade
In the end counter demonstrations ended the election fraud charade

Ayatollah Khamenei, however, maintained that the Guardians Council, the body tasked with overseeing the election, would look into the complaints of the candidates who were unhappy with the election results.

The Leader also added that the state would never give-in to illegal demands, urging all presidential candidates to pursue their complaints through legal channels. Ayatollah Khamenei further called for an end to illegal street protests aimed at reversing the result of the election and the choice made by the majority of Iranians.

The leader further urged all presidential candidates to be vigilant in the face of what he called enemy plots to sow the seeds of discord, warning that Iran’s enemies are trying to undermine people’s trust in the establishment.

As shown in the footage, the Leader ordered the Interior Ministry and the Guardian Council – Iran’s electoral watchdog – to probe into any claimed irregularity made by the candidates and their campaign staff.

The Guardian Council, the top vetting body in the Islamic Republic that has a final say in election affairs, called upon the candidates to lodge their complaints and present evidence to substantiate their claims, but Moussavi and Karroubi took no action in this regard. The two simply insisted on rejecting the result of the election and called for a re-run.

When the official deadline for filing complaints came to an end, the Council extended it for another five days to give the two candidates more time to rethink, but neither one took the offer.

I think Iran has had enough of foreign backed coups for a few hundred years at least.
I think Iran has had enough of foreign backed coups for a few hundred years at least.

Then, the Guardian Council set up a special committee to do a partial vote recount. The top legislative body confirmed that the recount of 10 percent of the ballot boxes had shown no irregularities in the vote. According to Iranian law, the Guardian Council’s approval of the vote negates the possibility of an election re-run.

President Ahmadinejad was sworn in for a second four-year term during a special ceremony held at the parliament weeks later. Nevertheless, Moussavi and Karroubi’s stubborn insistence on election fraud continued to make parts of Tehran scenes of unrest for several months.

But after people from different walks of life staged major rallies across the country in support of the Islamic Republic and the rule of the law as well as the Guardians Council’s endorsement of the 10th presidential election, calm was restored in the capital.

The largest such rally took place in Tehran on December 30, 2009 with millions of participants, which knocked the steam out of the seditious moves of Moussavi and Karroubi and their foreign backers.


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