Thwarted Attempt to Hijack “Wanta”

Lee Wanta is still around, and a VT advisory board member

by Preston James and *Lon Gibby

The Wanta Plan and the Wanta vast 27 Trillion US Dollars plus fortune can no longer be rationally denied because hard-core, “smoking gun” proof accompanied by hundreds of previously classified or suppressed documents has emerged that can not be discounted nor discredited.

Finally, after many years of public denials and attempts to keep the incredible financial acquisitions of Ambassador Wanta suppressed and out of the public domain, various individuals have now come out of the woodwork trying to either shakedown a part of the Wanta fortune for themselves or are attempting to hijack the whole amount, Wanta has now claimed.

Recent attempts have been covertly deployed with the hope that Wanta would be kept in the dark until it was too late to successfully thwart such efforts. All such efforts have now been exposed and are failing. Fortunately, Lee Wanta still has many good friends in high places who are running interference for him and protecting him and his vast fortune. Hopefully, someday soon their massive support can be publicly disclosed for all to appreciate.

Lee Wanta himself and no one else developed the Wanta Plan and earned his vast fortune doing international money speculation.

One individual who has come back on the scene and is now attempting to usurp, according to Wanta, is Michael C. Cottrell. Wanta says Cottrell is now claiming that he (Cottrell) developed the Wanta Plan in the first place and is now responsible for it. Wanta alleges that Cottrell also claimed that therefore he deserves access to Wanta’s vast fortune and should be appointed the new United States Secretary of the Treasury when the Wanta Plan is put into place and that he (Cottrell) has attempted to obtain the full support of the Queen of England and Prince Philip, as well as the British Parliament for his claim.

Wanta has countered this false claim by Cottrell showing conclusively that he fired Michael Cottrell back in 2008, after discovering he was trying to usurp the Wanta Plan and fortune. Now according to Wanta, Cottrell is back on the scene trying to once again hijack Wanta’s vast fortune and with the claim that he is responsible for the Wanta Plan.

Now Ambassador Wanta has reported that it has come to his attention that Cottrell has been trying to negotiate directly with the Queen of England and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, to be the acknowledged party responsible for the Wanta Plan, and the Wanta fortune, which now according to the latest report actually is 32 Trillion USD with accrued interest added on.

Wanta now claims Cottrell tried to make an end-run around Wanta.

Why would Cottrell negotiate directly with the Queen and Prince Philip? At first, this seems to make no sense. However, some experts believe that technically, the United States of America became a secret American Colony in 1828 when it went bankrupt and was essentially “repossessed” by England when it became the chief receiver of the American Debt.

Wanta claims that Cottrell has tried to negotiate directly with the Queen and Prince Philip to be placed in control of the apparent new banking system that is scheduled to be installed inside the USA when the US Petro Dollar fails due to the new BRICS Development Bank.

In fact, it is now believed that the UK Parliament has scheduled special meetings starting January 12, 2015, to discuss this subject, as well as other issues related to the creation of a new worldwide banking system if the US Petro Dollar fails as it is expected to. The failure of the US petrodollar will of course probably also drag the British banking system down with it, necessitating a whole new British Central Bank, perhaps to be negotiated free of Rothschild or World Zionist (WZ) control.

These UK Parliament talks have been disclosed in the UK and European Mass Media as a discussion on the value of fiat-based private central banking, which means that the UK leadership expects the current system to bust out and wants to proactively create a new system they can covertly control to shove in place of it, which may be free of Rothschild private fiat currency.

The New U.S. Central Banking System which will be coming about in the not-too-distant future must be public, that is owned only by We The People, and free of private foreign ownership.

Unless stopped and replaced with the actual new independent US Central Banking System that Wanta has specified and will make sure such is put into place, there is a great danger that the UK may once again install another of their own proprietary systems like the Federal Reserve System. And as many folks now realize, the Federal Reserve System is a main Franchisee of the private Rothschild Banking System which is located in the City of London Financial District, a separate nation-state with its own diplomatic corps and police force.

These claims of Cottrell are of course absurd because Ambassador Wanta has produced numerous documents, including Cottrell’s Letter of Termination (a declaration that Cottrell was terminated by Wanta from his Ameritrust Executive Vice-President and Treasurer position). These documents show Cottrell’s claims to be blatantly false. And other documents that have been produced show that Lee Wanta originated his plan long before he had any association with Michael Cottrell.

Yes, Cottrell was previously employed as the Executive Vice President of Ameritrust Groupe, Inc., at the request of the Ameritrust Attorney-Secretary in Richmond, Virginia when Lee Wanta created his parent company. However, it is important to note that Lee Wanta’s parent company was created, set up, and owned 100% by Wanta himself only.

Wanta fired Cottrell in early 2008.

Cottrell was fired by Wanta back in early 2008. Wanta says the reason was for trying to usurp Wanta’s authority. Wanta says he has also fired the Corporate Attorney-Secretary retained to function as the Ameritrust Corporate Attorney, whom he now believes may have been part of a complex intercept op.

Wanta stated that he has found out that Cottrell’s associates turned out to be Bush1, Cheney and General Hayden, which if true, would perhaps explain a great deal of what was behind Cottrell’s actions to thwart Wanta’s efforts to gain access to his own personal funds and for Wanta to deploy his own Wanta Plan himself.

Lee Wanta just received notification that Cottrell has been involved in significant litigation in Court and has been reprimanded.

Wanta has now been informed by an Intel source that Michael C. Cottrell has been involved in significant litigation as the Secretary and trustee of Delmarva Timber Trust (case: 3:03-CV-07662-JGC). When Cottrell applied for a job at Ameritrust, he denied being involved in other businesses. If Wanta had been informed of his involvement in Delmarva Timber Trust (CIA proprietary?), he would have never hired him. Delmarva Timber Trust is an interesting case for anyone who wants to dig a bit.

According to Wanta, an actual agreement was negotiated between himself, his company Ameritrust Groupe, Inc., and the US Congress to disburse his vast fortune in 13 basic categories of distribution.

An Agreement was negotiated and deemed acceptable between Lee Wanta and the financial instrument providers, as well as the G8 Financial Representatives as to how he would be disbursing his funds.

A major disbursement was to be for 45 Billion USD to set up special veterans Administration programs for wounded Vets and those with special needs. According to Wanta, Gordon Duff was going to make sure this huge disbursement was used effectively at the VA as promised by Wanta.

Another major disbursement scheduled is 100 Billion USD to set up an ongoing special Task Force to investigate and prosecute organized crime and government and corporate corruption at any level.

We have a copy of this disbursement document, which backs up exactly what Wanta has claimed.

Wanta’s vast Funds were disbursed on December 15, 2014, to an account with his name on it.

On December 15, 2014, Wanta’s funds were transferred to the Wells Fargo Bank of Reno, Nevada. On December 17, Wells Fargo confirmed this to the US Department of the Treasury Compliance Department.

Right now, Ambassador Wanta is waiting for the required Letter of Invitation by Wells Fargo for him to appear at the Reno Branch to make Sole Principal arrangements to have access to his funds, which Wanta was told totals 30.9 Trillion USD.

Once he receives this Invitation from the Bank, he can appear and make arrangements to access his account and be able to make disbursements.

PuppetGate proved conclusively that the vast Wanta fortune exists and Lee Wanta is the real deal.

In prior articles, PuppetGate and PuppetGate II, it was disclosed that two self-proclaimed Republican Party PuppetMasters tried to shakedown Wanta for 30 Billion USD. Their attempt was refused by Ambassador Wanta and their plotting to have him assassinated was thwarted thanks to the protection services arranged by Gordon Duff, the Managing Director of VT.


Stay tuned because there are likely to be numerous important developments in the days and weeks to come. Now that Wanta must be acknowledged to exist as the 27 Trillion Dollar man because of the smoking gun PuppetGate phone call, usurpers, spooks, goons, shills, and sock-puppet types are crawling out of the woodwork trying to grab some of his fortunes.

Anyone that knows Lee Wanta personally and understands his character and what makes him tick knows that he will only use his vast fortune to attain the goals and objectives of his Wanta Plan and nothing else.

Once Lee Wanta gains actual access to his vast fortune, which he earned through his own incredible financial genius, he will start making his disbursements and begin to implement his plan to revitalize and re-industrialize America — a plan which will certainly redefine American history and reactivate the US Constitution, Rule of Law and re-establish the Republic for all Americans, while providing a vast array of new good job opportunities at every level.

It is important to note that the foundation of the Wanta Plan is to carry out President Reagan’s mandate to Wanta, which Wanta took an Oath to uphold and complete. And to this day, Lee Wanta has claimed he is still under that Oath he took to President Reagan and takes it seriously and works every day toward its attainment and completion.

Wanta will tell anyone about his mandate who asks. He will also emphatically state his view that all Americans, all of us, that is, “We The People” must all stick together, and as Americans take our great republic back from the usurpers and hijackers.

It is his sincere belief that as Americans, we must have an honest real Central US bank owned by We the People with our own honest money — and that we must revitalize and re-industrialize America and provide good job opportunities for every able American who is able and willing to work.

*Lon Gibby, CEO of Gibby Media Group, Inc., contributed to this article.

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