All Judaics everywhere must publicly reject World Zionism



by Preston James


Note: this article is written for Trained Intel Agents, senior Military Officers, USG Officials and Top Policy-Makers. If you are not up to speed on background information of the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), Operation Gladio (the left behind Nazi Army), and the worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which is the union of the BCC and the IZCS, you are probably wasting your time reading this article and it won’t make any sense to you.

Those who follow Veterans Today closely know that VT has worked hard to provide the forbidden background facts to understand what the super-elite deviants that run this large Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) responsible for almost every evil in the World have tried to conceal from the public at large, law Enforcement and even most seasoned Senior Intel.

The Worldwide Internet is a wonderful thing.

The Revolutionary Gutenberg Press (1450) brought the printed word to the whole world in mass for the very first time in history. The worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press that communicates information and Truth at the speed of light and has generated a new worldwide sport of “crack the government criminal conspiracy” and find out who is responsible for false-flag staged terror and why.

It’s the new Gutenberg Press of the World, the People’s new means for instant communication of Truth Nuggets.

And yes, and despite the fact that these Truth Nuggets are published in an Internet sea of Lies and posted  as misinformation and limited hangouts as controlled opposition, they still are gaining serious traction all over the World.

Despite all these sophisticated efforts by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) to bury these Truth Nuggets in an Internet based sea of limited hangout misinformation, such efforts are failing.

What is causing this notable failure of these OCC’s misinformation efforts?

The reason these truth Nuggets are gaining Worldwide traction is that Internet users have become very, very sophisticated and selectively pick and choose what they believe.

They are able to sort through and pick Truth Nuggets out of limited hangout stories and reject the rest, what is best referred to as a bad payload of a limited hangout article.

The reason so many are learning about these hidden realities is that Truth Nuggets resonate with truth seekers and get quickly diffused across whole societies thanks to the worldwide Internet, but there is more to this story too:

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1. These sophisticated internet based “Truthers” are now connecting the dots provided by these Truth nuggets.

2. Veterans Today authors have worked very hard to get what was previously forbidden information published and dispensed all over the World among the various Intel Communities as they are all converting to open-source Intel, which is technically going to bring about the complete end of secrecy except for operational Intel which is a very small part of it.

3. And for the first time in History many Intel, Government Officials and even members of the general Public are now gaining a near complete picture of the massive secret crimes and evil by what has become the largest Organized Crime Syndicate to ever occur in History. Open-source Intel means the progressive exposure and complete end of the major criminals and sociopaths that comprise this large worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate (OCC), because without secrecy for their most evil actions, they cannot last. Eventually and not too far off, the Public will begin assailing them on every front.

4. The Internet based Truthers are forming loose knit Worldwide networks and their own blogs and websites which serve as launching pads from which small and large teams of researchers can work at the new Worldwide Internet sport of “crack the False-Flags and Government criminal conspiracies”.

5. And these teams of Truthers and criminal conspiracy “case-crackers” are getting very good at deconstructing all the recent False-flags and Political Assassinations and OCC secret crimes.

Limited hangout misinformation websites known by Intel Insiders to be to be controlled opposition are failing because internet users have become far too sophisticated and selective in what they choose to accept and believe.

false-flag1 (2)In limited hangout misinformation websites, truth Nuggets are presented to gain credibility with the reader to be followed up by a “bad payload” of a small but perhaps vitally important tidbit of misinformation which leads away from the truth.

But many Internet users have become increasingly sophisticated over time and are taking basic Truth Nuggets and connecting them to arrive very close to the total picture.

Yes they are connecting the dots and cracking many OCC staged False-flags, and able to easily see through the Controlled Major Mass Medias Big Government Lies and False-narratives dispensed on behalf of the OCC.

Veterans Today fills in the pieces that are missing even on most of the best, most truthful websites, and there are more good websites going up every day all around the World as armchair government criminal conspiracy cracking becomes a popular pastime sport.

Despite all the great websites out there very few have any access to major Intel dumps into the Public domain made by foreign Intel agencies like VT does. Not only must they be translated but they must be vetted and VT has the folks qualified to do his effectively. Also VT has brought in former investigators who worked on an official but illegally suppressed 9/11/01 investigation that proves nukes were used.

By the way, this investigation is still ongoing in Houston, Texas with a Grand Jury that has collected enough evidence to put almost every member of the OCC living in America who did 911 (including top retired Generals and a former president and Vice-President among them) in jail for life.

At present several key witnesses are in Federal Protection and the investigation has been frozen for now. But VT has all the evidence and facts and has been revealing them to you in numerous VT blockbuster stories and on VT News Reports hosted by Stew Webb. The new American Military High Command has now been informed on these facts about “who done it” and they are hoppin’ mad.

Many want revenge when the appropriate time approaches as the OCC continues to weaken. And the top Intel of many other nations have been briefed on the OCC doing 911 to start all these phony Mideast wars for profit that are really acts of piracy and conquest.

Many of these Intel from other nations now understand how they were duped and suckered in to these phony wars and they are hoppin’ mad too at the OCC for all the mass-death, human suffering and destruction it has brought all over the World, especially in the Mideast including Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and many more nations.

And many now realize that the OCC has an unholy alliance with the Gladio, left behind army of the Third Reich which also uses Scottish rite Freemasonry as political cover.

What these limited hangout and actual Truther Websites are missing can easily be gained at Veterans Today, a dynamic Website staffed by a selective “Brain Trust” of some of the best Intel analysts, Investigative Reporters and Writers anywhere in the World. Doubt this, then just examine the VT Board of Directors and read their revealing stories published on VT.

Some on the VT Board are well-known Intel Cowboys, others on the VT Board are relatively unknown Intel Cowboys with very deep associations, and some incredibly connected Intel insiders.

The Four on the Left are well respected Intel Cowboys from Veterans Today Online Journal of Clandestine Affairs who sent major shock-waves around the World at the Damascus Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism the week of December 1, 2014. VT Managing Director Gordon Duff changed the whole tone of the Conference when he explained how the root problem is not Terrorism but a very large worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate linked to Israel. Duff was the first Intel Official as well as the first prominent person to ever publicly reveal that Terrorism was never due to Religious Extremism but has always been an act of International Piracy to steal and or defraud vast amounts of taxpayer money money and/or commodities like Oil, Minerals or Narcotics. The communication of this vital information on what Terrorism really is sent shock-waves around the World and continues to do so.

All on the VT Board are very well respected in the International Intel Community and are considered totally “stand-up”.

Veterans Today is now beginning to be recognized as the “New Sheriff in Town” which it is because it is receiving so much support from the US High Military Command and top Intel “good guys” all over the World who truly want to honor their Oaths to the US Constitution.

Many US and foreign Intel who are sick of the Gladio-style staged terror and phony wars for profit by the OCC.

There are now a lot of “good guys” and America-firsters in the US Military High Command and the number is growing almost daily.

Yes, there is still a very bad element in the US Military, but the worst of them retired, were fired and now work for the CIA and the OCC setting up and supporting ISIS/ISIL/Daish under the False-flag of various Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and CIA linked proprietaries and mercenary type organizational structures related to the Gladio “Left Behind” Army of the Third Reich.

This Gladio “Left Behind” Army which has combined forces with the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) to form the World largest crime syndicate called the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) and both operate a massive Worldwide network to traffick in illegal drugs, illegal weapons, human and sex trafficking. organ transplant related murders and crimes, staged terror and mass-murder and mercenary wars for hire.

Gladio was caught in Italy in the late 1960’s but went underground. Some experts call it the DVD, some call it the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and some call it the Fourth Reich.

Gladio is actually the Fourth Reich, sheep dipped as the Bush Crime Cabal (aka the BCC, which owns the and runs the CIA) which is now joined at the hip with the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS which owns and runs the FBI) forming the World’s largest international crime syndicate, the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

One of Bibi’s well known WZ organ-grinder “monkeys”.

And the WZs actually used the IZCS to assemble Homeland Security (DHS) as their own private internal occupation army and secret police force like the East German Stasi.

Gladio is still very well funded by narcotics, Bank bust-outs like the S&L scam, and the Mortgage bust-outs like that of the massive MERS related Mortgage bubble insurance scam payouts of Fanny Mae.

Gladio still operates in South America, Europe, the Mideast, the far east and in America and is now as strong as it ever was.

Some believe it infiltrated and hijacked NATO and also infiltrated and hijacked the American CIA and has been the muscle behind the well document CIA’s Enterprise narcotics trafficking operation (still at Pier 66? and perhaps run by “John Cathey” and Jeb Bush?).

Gladio is known to still be making still making many billions USD off of Afghan Opium which is the only other reason we are in Afghanistan other than to obtain the Lithium for hi tech batteries at a huge discount for favored Corporations.

Why should Judaics care about Gladio?

Okay so what is the point here of mentioning Gladio and how could it possibly relate to why all Judaics everywhere should strongly and publicly reject World Zionism like some have been doing for many years?

The reason it is vital for all Judaics everywhere to understand Gladio is that the World Zionists have become joined at the hip with gladio.

It was actually the WZs that started Naziism and Gladio in the first place. And the WZs who have used Judaics as Political Cover for many years are now for a second time setting all Judaics Worldwide up for another large scale persecution far worse than what happened in Germany and Europe during World War II.

It can now be shown for certain that the WZs set up Nazi Germany as a counter-force to their Bolshevism that got out of control. They also set up the Work Camps in which Judaics were placed after being kidnapped at gunpoint and robbed of all personal property and accrued wealth of any kind.

Using a very crafty scheme, the WZs set up Nazi Work camps in World War II to later be transformed into Death Camps at the end of the War.

Yes, the WZs conceived and set up the Work Camps that became Death Camps when their supply lines were cutoff. These Work Camps were designed to provide free labor for the Fascist companies supplying the Nazi war machine, many of them located in America like Standard Oil, AT&T, IBM and Ford.

The Work Camps were intentionally transformed into Death camps at the end of the War by the Allies who dragged out the War’s end by at least an extra year and a half to increase industrial growth and war profits for the large defense contractors. WZs are known to be incredibly two faced, folks who are hard core baby killers and at the same time have a very nice, genuine public face.

World Zionism is run by Luciferians who call themselves the Twelve Disciples of Satan or the Illuminati–they conduct Child Sacrifices in Denver twice a year. Visit for information about these incredibly evil folks who actually are the Kingpins running World Zionism (WZ).

But there was a very sinister “denouement” planned which was to transform these Work camps into death camps by the systematic bombing of the supply lines to these Work Camps.

The WZ knew if they transformed these Work Camps into Death Camps, this could be used as a large Babylonian Talmudic (AKA Luciferian or Satanic) mass sacrifice to obtain a massive increase in power from Lucifer (aka Satan, the Devil).

No six million deaths, but a lot of evil kidnappings at gun point with Judaics taken to Work Camps while being completely asset stripped and then tyrannized, oppressed and forced at gun point to work and provide cheap labor for the WZ owned corporations supplying the Nazi war machine, and all ending in the WZ planned mass murder of 200,000 Judaics.

The WZs knew that if these Work camps that were transformed into Death Camps and then referred to as the “Holocaust” translated from middle English “Fiery Sacrifice”, a massive spell could be cast to create a complete block against WZ criticism.

This massive cognitive block would then be used to prevent any political criticism or correction against the WZs and all Judaics including their Israeli action-agents for their oppressive abuse of Goyims and coordinated attempts to destroy Christianity and the cultural strength of America.

WZs hate Christians, hate Christian Culture, and hate America as a Constitutional Republic. Why? Because they are essentially run by the British and Old Black Nobility who resent the American Colonist’s successful rebellion against the super-elite Kings and Rulers and have been working very hard since they lost the Revolutionary War to reverse it.

In 1913 they established a Beach-head in America with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act passed by a bribed Congress without a legal quorum and signed by a president who turned out to be a Traitor. All who voted for it and supported it violated their Oaths to the US Constitution and committed Treason.

Sadly, a major operational objective of the World Zionists is to destroy American Culture, Christianity, Deism and the American Republic forever.

3d230d44-320x285Ever since the WZs have worked hard to infiltrate America, hijack the USG and destroy the Christian and Deist Heritage of our Founding fathers because they know this is necessary to destroy America forever which is their main but secret goal.

Most of WZs are not even Judaic but pretend to be and used Judaism as false-cover.

The WZs’ big evil secret is that they are Babylonian Kabbalists aka Babylonian Talmudist and Luciferians aka Satan worshipers and the leaders of large Worldwide Occult network using Freemasonry as cover (with a heavy emphasis on Scottish Rite freemasonry).

Insiders have reported that the WZs actually despise Judaics and any groups that worship what they refer as God Almighty and not Lucifer or Satan.

And as was described in Albert Pikes legendary letter which was never intended to be made public, the goal of the top Freemasons who were secret Luciferian  or Satan worshipers, their long term goal was to build up Zionism and Islam and then pit them one against the other in a massive third world war and destroy both in the process.

The WZs have very craftily set up a situation where the average uninformed Judaic unknowingly actually supports and “works for” their previous arch enemy the Nazi System now know as Gladio or the DVD.

Yes, the WZs plan to destroy Judaism and have set it up to become targeted and destroyed by a World who learns about and can no longer stand the sick, twisted lies, games and terrorism of the Likudists in Israel on behalf of the WZs.

The World will eventually retaliate against the Likudists in Israel (taking down Israel at the same time) for doing 9/11/01, other numerous staged Terror and false-flags all around the World and their genocidal Apartheid and massive land theft against the Palestinians.

The WZ big trick is to con and sucker the Likudists and Israeli Intel (including assets, sayanims) to do their dirty work all over the World and function as a Gladio assets. This is designed to essentially set up the Israeli Likudists to be working for and as an extension of the Gladio Left-behind Army who are former Nazis.

Yes, the Israeli Likudists are unknowing working for the Fourth Reich aka Gladio aka the DVD and do not even know it. Now how’s that for the World’s biggest narcissistic cry babies and con men being conned themselves more than anyone else! And they are closely associated with a worldwide pedophile network that engages in Child and infant sacrifice to appease Satan and get more “power, status and wealth”.

The WZs plan to turn the whole World against the Judaics and make sure all blame for the Likudist, PNAC, Top NeoCons, AIPAC, JINSA and OCC type crimes are blamed on the IZCS, not the BCC (aka Fourth Reich Gladio or DVD). It’s an exceedingly crafty plan and already about half way deployed.

The BCC using Gladio and the CIA with their large private mercenary armies, has a very crafty plan to set up the IZCS, turn the World against it along with Israel and then all Judaics everywhere, while pretending to be the good guys and taking prominence in World power over even the WZs that backed them for years.

Once they have obtained top World Power and displaced the WZs and Rothschild private Central Banksters and set up a new international digital money system, they will set the stage to seat their Satanic King the Anti-Christ. Yes, this is a very, very crafty plan indeed.

As the World is informed of the Likudists inhumanity and massive crimes against the people of almost every nation, the whole World will turn against them and they will be targeted for destruction as revenge.

This worldwide “correction” will be directed against all Judaics everywhere by a very crafty WZ Psyops which is what they specialize in, mind-kontrolling and using their CMMM to manipulate others to either do their dirty work or be blamed for it.

You will soon see the beginning of a very serious and massive Worldwide effort arranged by the WZs in the background to obtain final judgement for the Palestinians and Gladio will be a big part of it unless they are fully exposed and stopped cold.

Israeli assets obtained from the Germans as reparations will be be seized and clawed back all over the World and paid to the Palestinians. And the Russian will take extensive legal actions to claw back all the riches and artwork stolen by the Bolsheviks who were essential criminals and also believed to be top Judaics and WZs.

EMP (2)The World could easily be conned into using NATO or the UN to attack attack Israel on the WZ’s behalf after it is convinced that Judaics are anti-social, anti-human and the main cause of all problems in the World.

This of course is the same exact tactic the WZs used in Nazi Germany before and during WWII.

You can bet that unless this sinister WZ plan is reversed some major World Army will make a massive nuclear destruction on Israeli at Jerusalem and Dimona and all Israeli defense bases on behalf of the WZs.WZs are known to be creatures of habit and always try to select from their age old tried and proven game book for their Gladio style Terror operations and hijacking and take-down of a nation-state.

The hidden agenda of the WZ is to be able to clear the land at Jerusalem and wipe out the IDF so that they rebuild a Freemasonry Temple where they can seat Lucifer the Anti-Christ as God and the Messiah of the World. Of course they plan to turn most of Israel to glass and much of the surrounding countries with Islamic populations also.

All Judaics everywhere must organize and take drastic action to save Israel even in a reduced form and themselves too.

It is a fact that many Judaics despise World Zionism for the danger it poses to everyone and that it is basically a political and religious fraud used to manipulate nations and peoples with.

Not surprisingly many Judaics have come out strongly and publicly against Israeli treatment and genocide against Palestinians, the CMMM always ignores it wince it is owned and controlled by the WZs. Others feel the same or at least have major doubts but do not want to rock the boat in the Jewish community.

The only way for Judaics to save Israel in any form (it will have to be reduced back to original 1947 UN boundaries) will be for Judaics to wake up completely and understand the paranoid racial delusion that has been instilled in them by the WZs as a long term Psyops against Judaism.

And what specifically is this paranoid racial delusion? That 6 million Judaics died in the Nazi Work camps instead of 200,000 according to accurate red Cross records and that Christian Goyim want to eradicate them. Some even suffer from the Delusion that Hitler was Christian or represented the Christian Faith, which is completely untrue.

Another part of the delusion is often that Judaics living in Israel have ancient Hebrew blood (one recent John Hopkins per-reviewed Genetic study shows most Israelis have European or Khazarian blood, not ancient Hebrew, while 80% of the Palestinians have ancient Hebrew Blood and are True Semites.

This means that many Israelis are functioning as anti-Semites while accusing those who are protesting against their land theft and genocide against Palestinians ans well as their Apartheid and blockade as anti-Semites.

Just to show how these paranoid racial delusions instilled by the very crafty WZs work, read a recent article by Professor Jim Fetzer in which he documents being accused of being an anti-Semite and these Judaics accusing him are academic who are wrongly smearing him with no evidence and trying to prevent him from speaking about a topic not even related to their smear.

I have known Professor Fetzer very well for a very long time and he doesn’t have an anti-Judaic bone in his body. He is however against ignorance and intolerance by other academics who cannot accept any new ideas at all and are cognitively locked into some notably wrong beliefs about his positions which are themselves based on scientific evidence, not mere conjecture, myth, bias or prejudice.

By the way, if any Judaics feel bad because they have learned in this article that the WZs have conned then, please remember this, these crafty WZs using the IZCS and the BCC have done an extensive job and substantially extensive job using their CMMM to con most of America too, and typically non-Judaics as much as Judaics.

That is why VT and other truth oriented websites have faced such a monumental and many times seemingly overwhelming objective.

Hoever it is now known that the Alternative Mass Media of the Internet even though not perfect is making serious inroads to eroding these incredible Big Government Lies and False-narratives dispensed by the CMMM.

Approximate 11% of We The people have now been awakened to the massive an ongoing Big Government Lies and False-narratives dispensed by the CMMM. When approximately 12% is reached it is probably going to be over for the CMMM’s con job on We The People and the CMMM will become completely rejected by mainstream America.


It’s like VT Managing Editor and Director Jim Dean stated in his excellent recent VT article on how the WZ effort to smear Russia with their arranged Ukrainian shoot-down of MH17:

“What is the point of claiming to be democracies when we are powerless to punish the powerful not only for poor judgement politically, but criminally for crimes against humanity. We are making state sponsored terrorism an untouchable criminal autocracy simply through its thin veil of diplomatic immunity.

World Zionist Banksters using Judaism as cover. What incredible Evil they have perpetrated on the World through staged, phony wars of aggression, terrorism, mass-murder and genocide.

The whole World is now turning against Israel because they have learned via the Internet and by word of mouth that Israel has been hijackled by the WZs, did 9/1,1 and has been doing State-sponsored Terror for the World Zionists (WZs).

Yes, the Likudists did it using PNACers, top NeoCons, and WZ controlled Israeli fronts like AIPAC, JINSA and the ADL (aka American-Israeli “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors) with the the help of some other traitors in the JCS (like “Blackjack”), USAF, NORAD and the FAA.

The World also now knows that the Likudists have been used by the WZs as main Cutouts and action-agents to run Worldwide Terror Operations as joint efforts with Gladio.

The World also knows that these Israeli Likudists from their main part of the large Worldwide Organized crime Syndicate aligned with City of London private Fiat Central banking which control most of the Worlds central banks which are also privately owned by Rothschild associates.

Judaics are only a problem to the degree that they can be conned to believe the WZ induced paranoid racial delusion that can transform them into Palestinian oppressors and genocidal mass-murders, all the while blaming the Palestinians for all the False-flags done by Hams which by the way is a above top secret deep cover Terror organization started by WZs.

Most Judaics are basically good people but too many get guilted and conned into making big donations to various American WZ espionage groups hiding behind Judaism such  as AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL and the like, when these WZs behind these curtains could care  less about God Almighty or anyone but their own riches, power and fame.

They are so criminally insane and psychopathic that staged terror and large wars centered around mass-murder is nothing to them but an essential ends justifies the means way of conducting their Organized crime cabal business.

here is the WZ game plan. Radicalize the Likudists to unknowingly work with Gladio cell and stage terror and tyrannize, blockade, torture, asset-strip and mass-murder Palestinians and steal their land in vast quantities for resettlement by mind-kontrolled extremist Judaics in Israel who have bought the WZ instilled paranoid racial delusion.

The only way Israelis and Judaics all over the World can save themselves and their futures is to publicly separate themselves from the World Zionists (WZs) and the Likudist occult slaves before the whole World comes after them in a very well designed WZ covert operation to get rid of them as the World largest Satanic Blood Sacrifice ( a real holocaust this time) in order to gain what the WZs believe will be enough occult power to set up a worldwide kingdom and seat the Anti-Christ and proclaim he is the Messiah. Some Judaics are very sophisticated in their understanding of the WZs hijacking of Judaism and their creation of the massive paranoid racial delusion.

Not only have these truth oriented enlightened Judaics refused to go along with it they have protested publicly and been ignored by the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM). Some of these anti-WZ Judaic Truth tellers actually took out a full page add in the New York Times that denounced World Zionism.

This of course was a paid ad and got no traction anywhere when it should have been headline news. This trend must be adopted by mainstream Judaism before its too late and they become targeted again, this time all over the World and blamed for the massive evil and unrelenting crimes against humanity by the WZs and their OCC.

It is high time for all Judaics everywhere to publicly denounce the WZs and join hands will all those Truthers who want to bring the WZs to justice in a suitable Court of Law, a Federal or Military Court in America or even a suitable World Court in Europe.

It’s always best to get on the side that will provide the solution and not be sanctioned or brought to justice by mistake when the WZs are.

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