It’s Time For a Big Terminology Change



by  Preston James and Mike Harris


In this article you will be shown how this term “anti-Semitism” is a misnomer and is being mis-used by Judaics and Israeli espionage fronts to deflect any appropriate criticism for their unacceptable behaviors.

Note: This article is written for non-Judaics who have significant background understanding what World Zionism (WZ) is and how is functions as a toxic anti-social virus called Malignant Judaic Tribalism that generates death and destruction everywhere it spreads and takes control like an octopus (which is what it used be called by insiders). If you are Judaic or have a strong Judaic identity, your mindset and cultural programming will probably block you from understanding this article, so don’t waste your valuable time reading it or trying to comprehend it. The main part of the article is contained in Part I. Part II is optional reading for those who wish to acquire more specific knowledge of how this lethal virus spreads and produces death and destruction everywhere it goes.

It’s time to correct this gross mis-use of the Term “anti-Semitism” and begin honest discussion how the social virus of Malignant Judaic Tribalism emerged from World Zionist (WZ) Propaganda originating in the City of London from the Rothschild private Fiat Central Banksters.

And it is time to clearly explain what is responsible for the mis-use of this term which occurs when it is thrown up as a defense almost every time Israel or World Zionism (WZ) is criticized for criminal and anti-human acts.

It can be demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that not only is criticism of Israel for its Apartheid and Genocide against Palestinians NOT anti-Semitism, but this criticism of Israel is also NOT even prejudicial against Judaics.

Criticism of Israel’s acts towards Palestinians and others is now well justified and can now easily shown to NOT to be anti-Semitism at all.

Why? Because this criticism of Israel for its massive land-theft, tyranny, Blockading, Apartheid and genocide against Palestinians is well justified and must be increased until Israel stops these crimes against Palestinians which are serious crimes against humanity.

It is time for the whole World to divest from Israel and bring pressure against it for its Apartheid and Genocide against Palestinians, just like the whole World turned against South Africa and divested from it for its Apartheid. And it is important to note that Israel was one of the first and most adamant opponents of South Africa for its Apartheid. What is good for the goose is good for the gander too, don’t you think?

Yes, Israel’s crimes against Palestinians are very serious, but its recent crimes against America are also deadly serious. More on that later at the end of the article.

In fact these crimes against Palestinians are so serious that eventually when Israel gets tried and convicted in a suitable international court of law at some future date, they will have to pay massive reparations to Palestinians and all Palestinian lands stolen will be returned to Palestine back to the 1947 UN set borders.

When this Israel and its stateside Asset and Traitors are brought to justice for what they did to America and Americans on 9-11-01 massive reparations will have to be paid to Americans also.

Ponder this, after WW2 when the Judaics had about 200,000 deaths in the Nazi Work Camps. These work camps were actually Slave Labor Camps for the fascist Corporations that supplied the Nazi War Machine and this included many western Corporations including at least one Wall Street Bank (Union Bank), AT&T, IBM, Ford and Standard Oil and many others.

Judaics were able to obtain massive Reparations and Damages for these crimes of the Nazis and their supporting western corporations and banks.

It took many years but they were able to obtain very large reparations. Certainly Palestinians should be able to do the same thing in regards to the Israeli’s crimes against Palestinians which are serious crimes against humanity and so should Americans for Israel’s attack on America on 9-11-01.

Yes, it is blatantly obvious to any normal person that genocide, massive land-theft, tyranny, oppression and blockading of Palestinians are very serious crimes against humanity and violations of numerous UN Resolutions. And these criminal inhuman acts against Palestinians are inhuman and evil beyond imagination.

Israel must be brought to justice in an International Court of Law and stopped forever for its crimes against Palestinians, and made to pay serious reparations just like they received from the Germans after WW2 and to Americans for their attack on America on 9-11-01.

What a strange contradiction that so many of the Israelis who seem to be constantly feeling sorry for themselves because a significant number of their relatives were forced at gun point into Nazi labor camps in Europe during WW2 while at the same time they have no sympathy for the little Palestinian Children their aerial attacks murder and whom are killed by snipers who brag about it.

Why can’t the Israelis see their own hypocrisy over their crimes against the Palestinians when they expect the whole World to feel sorry for their Judaic relatives who suffered or died in the Nazi forced labor camps?

Why can’t these Israelis see the significance and hypocrisy of what they are doing to Palestinians? The answer to this question may surprise you.

The answer to this question is that many Judaics suffer from extremely pernicious form of malignant Tribalism, which in this case is best described as a massive group paranoid racial delusion, a kind of group psychosis that prevent them from understanding their own blatant hypocrisy and makes them very dangerous to the whole World because they have the massive monetary resources behind them of the City of London Rothschild WZ Fiat central Banksters (also known as the “World Moneychangers”).

When individuals who comprise a large group share a very well funded paranoid racial delusion that is based on an incredibly Malignant form of tribalism, this sets that delusion very deeply in the Tribe as a very strong subcultural norm that is very well defended by every member of the Tribe as a basic supporting belief system.

When Tribalism is based on a group paranoid racial delusion that outsiders (non-Judaics or Goyim in this case) are intent on eradicating their tribe and finishing the job that the Nazis started, then you can imagine how this paranoid belief system can easily create justification for incredibly evil abuse of Goyim or anyone outside their Tribe.

In this case Israeli Judaism is a self-identified race that exists only in their minds and has no real Hebrew genetic heritage. It is a religious belief system associated with a strong racial construct which serves to create a racial paranoid delusion in the group mind of Judaics.

This mass group paranoid racial delusion that many Judaics share, especially Israelis, has resulted in this very strong sense of Tribalism that justifies their selfishness and abuse of Goyims and others they view as outsiders.

criticize (2)When a group has a strong, well defended paranoid racial delusion, this can produce a strong Tribalism which has associated norms that justify abuse of Goyim and outsiders, and creates an attitude of “strike first before they get us” attitude.

This group paranoid racial delusion which a Tribal based phenomena and actually a persecution complex, functions to prevent any serious criticism of the anti-social and unacceptable or illegal acts of WZs and Judaics in general, especially the Israeli Likudists who now tyrannize, persecute, blockade, mass-murder Palestinians and steal their land.

Thus this highly pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism, especially in the small nation of Israel can produce a very well rationalized abuse toward those perceived as non-Judaic outsiders, in this case Goyim, Palestinians, Christians and Islamics even to the point they define blatant crimes against humanity as mere self-defense for many of the very False-Flag Gladio-style attacks their WZ leaders inflict on their own people, the Israelis.

Sometimes the biggest racists are the very ones accusing everyone else of being racist and this is what this pernicious extreme Malignant Judaic Tribalism produces.

There is now peer reviewed scientific genetic data which shows that 80% of Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew Blood and are therefore actual, true Semites. And there is also peer reviewed scientific genetic data which shows that approximately 97.5% of Israelis have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all and are not Semites like most Palestinians are.

Khazaria1Yes, we now know that the claimed genetic heritage of Judaics all over the World is not so clear and does not necessarily track back to the ancient Hebrews at all except for some very small enclaves in Spain and a couple other places.

Most Judaics living in Israel appear to come from Eastern Europeans, the Ashkenazis and also the Khazarians from the Ukraine Region and are not direct Blood descents of the ancient Hebrews.

Therefore it is no a “no-brainer” that any judaic or Isareli who hates Palestinians and wants to enact Apartheid or an ongoing blockade against them, genocide them, or steal their land illegally could easily be called a true anti-Semite.

This is also true of any leaders of a country like Israel double-bind these Palestinians and drive them crazy by restricting their caloric intake and business opportunities with the West and Europe and then label them Terrorists when they attempt to strike back in response to abuse, oppression, tyranny and random sniper murder of their children or lethal bombing of Palestinian neighborhoods and mass- murder of Palestinians.

The way that many Judaics and especially the leaders of Israel and their foreign espionage fronts in America use the term anti-Semite is actually itself a fake racial construct based on a completely inaccurate definition and totally incorrect usage of the word “Semite”. Obviously Judaics’ incorrect use of the term “anti-Semite” is done as a “pre-emptive” defense against any criticism that might be lodged against them for their readily apparent malignant Tribalism which has been incredibly abusive to folks all over the World.

Okay, yes we can all admit Nazi’s abused Judaics in Germany and Europe and kidnapped them at gunpoint, asset stripped them and took them to work camps to work as slaves for the western corporations supplying Nazi Germany where at least 200,000 Judaics died in those camps. At the same time this occurred there were thousands of Japanese-Americans living in America who were American Citizens that were taken to Internment Camps during WW2 in California.

These Japanese-Americans were not forced to work but all their assets were stripped and only many years later did some of them or their family descendents receive small payments, certainly no large reparations like the Jews received for the Nazi Work camps.

Yes, the Nazi Work camps were terrible crimes against humanity but why should Israelis expect to be exempt from anything evil they do now to Palestinians and Americans because of this persecution of their parents and grandparents?

Then the question of why the Israelis and many Judaics keep exaggerating the number of Judaic deaths in the Work Camps must be addressed. The actual verified red Cross number is about 200,000, but the official Israeli number constantly used is 6 Million, a number known to be false and which is actually propaganda originating from the City of London Rothschild World Zionists.

It is now known that these particular number 6 million goes back before 1900 and appeared in Judaic literature. This number was grabbed up and used to describe the number of work camp internees by the Judaic’s very crafty World Zionist overlords and controllers, unbeknownst to Judaics in general.

Yes, the WZs who run the large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) have actually conned and taken advantage many Judaics all over the World in order to enhance WZ power and avoid any serious criticism for themselves. These WZ overlords and controllers have been able to successfully con and manipulate the average Judaic into believing this figure through repetitive lies published and broadcast in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) they own

Many American Judaics have sold out to the WZs who are responsible for manufacturing, distributing and controlling most of the money, academia, the professions, judge-ships and top Governmental and Bureaucratic positions in order to obtain a high level of “success” from the WZ overlords who run the WZ system which controls massive wealth and resources that can be doled out to obedient Judaics who drink the WZ Kool-aide.

There is an unconscious transaction that has taken place here between the WZ leaders who run the Judaic Tribe and control all these massive asset which can be used to obtain great success, status and income from the WZ leaders who control this massive booty asset stripped from what they view as “dumb, naive Goyim Americans”.

Conclusion to Part I:

Why does this all matter? Why is it important to expose the lies of the esoteric secret Luciferian Cult of Bablyonian Talmudism aka World Zionism which created pernicious malignant Judaic tribalism and also faked the imaginary Holohoax figure of 6 million dead Judaic Work camp internees when official red Cross records show it to be about 200,000 dead Judaics which is serious enough?

Why use exaggerated death figures and make up other associated now proved false stories like gas chambers used to exterminate Judaics in a Nazi ordered “Final Solution” that never existed at all.

The answer is very simple. It is because the WZ overlords and controllers used these concocted falsities to infect most Judaics with this social virus of pernicious malignant tribalism. yes these concocted false-narratives and myths were used as the main transmitter of this toxic very antisocial lethal virus called Judaic Tribalism which spreads death and destruction everywhere it goes once the virus in contracted by Judaics.

Once Judaics have become infected with this lethal social virus they become an extension of the Luciferianism Babylonian Talmudics (Satanists) and serve as their cognitive slaves and action-agents. this of course is a very convenient arrangment for the top WZs who just sit back and pull the strings of the judaics who do all their dirty work.

Eventually this always makes the Judaics who drank their Kool-aide disposable Cutouts because malignant Judaic Tribal behaviors are so socially unacceptable and even criminal that they always end up blowing back on these lower level Judaic Cutouts and dupes while their WZ Overlords  who pull their strings skate free.

However, with the advent of the worldwide Internet and the rapidly growing worldwide populism it is unlikely that the top WZ Controllers and Overlords will skate free anymore. It’s a fact that they are being exposed in spades now all over the World on the Alternative Mass Media of the Internet and by word of mouth. This virus of pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism could easily become a destroyer of Mankind left unabated, that is of the human race itself, unless it is stopped cold and the top WZ Controllers and Overlords fully prosecuted for their massive crimes against humanity like 9-11-01, and Palestinian land-theft, Genocide and Apartheid.

The very survival of all non-Judaics and their families living in America and the survival of America itself as a Constitutional Republic, now necessitates the full exposure of all these WZ World class OCC Controllers and Overlords and their OCC Kingpins. Yes unless these Perps who commit and endless stream of crimes against humanity are stopped cold they may be able to successfully deploy their internal occupation police State army Homeland Security to transform America into the World largest open air prison camp, GAZA II and start mass-murdering American Goyim which is their secretly stated plan.

This is the end of Part I.

Part II follows for those that want to learn more about the serious and often lethal social and cultural virus called pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism.

Part II: How the infection of pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism spreads and how it wreaks Hell on Earth and mass death and destruction to its victims.

Some Judaics sell their souls and drink the WZ Kool-aide to become part of the WZ Club and obtain high positions in the professions, the USG, finance and banking and in WZ controlled corporations or defense contract businesses. And in the process they become infected with this incredibly pernicious lethal social virus of malignant Judaic Tribalism in its greatest intensity as they become WZs themselves.

In order to obtain all the “goodies” of top USG positions, status, wealth and success, many Judaics sell out to the WZs and their projected racial myth that anyone who criticizes Judaics or WZs is anti-Semitic. In all to many cases this means an up and comer must become part of Freemasonry and work his way up to the highest level or become part of another esoteric secret society based on Sabbattean, Kabbalistic Luciferianism which is the secret Satanism of Babylonian Talmudism.

This secret Babylonian Talmudism is also known as the Church of the Process of the Final Solution (MI-6) linked to the Smiley Face I-94 “alchemist” human sacrifices, the Son of Sam John Car Satanic Cult “video’d snuff film” murders and the Charlie Manson “sex cult and occult “Family murders” covered up by Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (described in the books, the “Ultimate Evil” and “Paint It Black”).

Any member of the Judaic Tribe who rejects World Zionists and their World Zionism will pay a great price and will be unable to attain high levels of success, income, status and power they are often raised to lust for by very tight-knit Tribally-oriented families.

And there is a notable constant loss of purchasing power because of the WZ Banksters induced inflation through the issuance and printing of far too much of their Fiat Counterfeit “money” spread all over the World without the consent of We The People. And this creates more and more dependency of the Tribe itself on the Banksters who are the nexus of World Zionism, because they are the only ones that can feed the money addiction which a significant number of Judaics who drank the WZ Kool-aide and became infected with the social virus of perniscious malignant Judaic Tribalism. Thus this actually gives the WZs more and more power over USG Officials and their tribal members all the time simultaneously accompanied by less and less power for We The People.

Due to the typical “lust for success, power and status” these WZ induced Tribal Values imbue in many or even most Judaics, this motivation creates a huge dependency on the WZs who control all the big money, big job and career opportunities, and who are responsible to generating the paranoid racial delusion of anti-Semitism which is a main symptom of anyone infected with the lethal social virus of pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism.

Of course it is now quite easy to expose the Tribalist paranoid group racial delusion that has infected most Judaics like a psychological virus because we now know that most of these Judaics are not even Semites at all. Yes, we now know that most Judaics are Easter Europeans and Ukrainians, AskeNazis and Khazarians and thus this WZ dispensed paranoid group racial delusion is a complete myth.

And we know now that the top World Zionists (WZs) based in the City of London Financial District who are the Rothschild connected Fiat private Central Bankers are the central command and creators of Judaic Tribalism. These same top WZs have infiltrated Freemasonry and started and organized Satanic Cults to be used as deep cover for their incredibly evil machinations all over the World and as bases of operations for various humans compromise operations including pedophile honey-traps, wet-boy ops and child sacrifice rituals.


The big trick here is that many Judaics have been convinced by their WZ super-elite leaders (Controller and Overlords) who run the large worldwide Judaic “Tribe” and who also run their large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC), that most Christians, Muslims and Goyim in general are anti-Semitic and want to simply eradicate them.

This makes many Judaics quite resistant to any criticism at all for their own abusive behaviors. It can also produce increasing hubris over time and inability to be sensitive to the needs of others that they abuse as a cultural defined way of life necessary to obtain success. This is especially and particularly so for those that suffer from the social virus of pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism.

Pernicious maligant Judaic Tribalism is a very toxic social and culturally transmitted, learned virus that seems to produce conflict, war, death and economic depression everywhere it goes and is clearly a racist doctrine that teaches Judaics to believe they have racial superiority over non-Judaics.

That is, pernicious malignant Tribalism in Judaics can cause them feel great tribal hostility against folks who criticize them or Israel in any way, especially in regard to Israel’s crimes against Palestinians and Humanity in general. This Tribal hostility is basically a “strike first” strategy of aggression to avoid any accountability and works as long as the WZs stay on top and in control of the power structure of the World which they cannot and are now in the process of losing control of as their great evil is exposed by the Internet.

This tribal hostility which is a feature of pernicious malignant Judaic tribalism serves as a great defense against hearing or evaluating any criticisms of Israel or Judaics because it causes many Judaic tribalists to just shut down and react with hostility and the accusation, “you just want to murder us all like the Nazis tried to do”.

But Judaic tribalists can do this only as long as their WZ Overlords and Controllers of goodies maintain the ability to manufacture money from nothing, charge users interest illegally and distribute it to whomever they decide to in whatever quantities they decide. The very Judaics who throw up the charge “you are racist” to anyone who criticized Judaics, Judaism or Israel’s actions are themselves obviously some of the biggest racists in history.

Yes, to correctly describe Judaics’ rejection, culturally based patterns of taking advantage of and abusing non-Judaics because of their pernicious malignant Tribalism, one must understand how well defended group paranoid racial delusions  can become. This group psychological disorder is basically a projective disorder like all paranoid disorders and is based on accusing others of the very same thing one is doing but is completely unaware they are doing it, and doing this a defense mechanism to prevent accountability and insight.

Judaic Tribalism is actually a secret form of Bolshevism best called Neo-Bolshevism and is a secret non-declared doctrine of hatred and fear  toward all non-Judaics that is only consciously known to top Babylonian Talmudics or Kabbalists who are responsible for dispensing it in disguised form.

And this toxic Judaic Tribalism is best defined as a social virus quite identical to Nazi Fascism or Bolshevism. In fact it is quite accurate to look at World Zionism as Neo-Bolshevism, and to consider World Zionists (WZs) as Neo-Bolsheviks. This is the same social virus that is so basically anti-society, anti-social and anti-human that it motivated the Bolsheviks who were mostly Khazarian Judaics to torture and mass-murder approximately 66 Million Russians beginning in 1917.

And it is important to note that the Russians rejected the Khazarian Judaics as a people in the 1200’s and cut them off from all trade, interaction and isolated them because of their unacceptable ways attributable to their pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism.

And these Khazarian Judiacs carried a major grudge toward Russians until 1917 when they were financed by the City of London WZ Rothschild Fiat Banksters and some of their Wall Street franchisees and gained enough power to institute the WZ planned Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 and unleash incredibly mass torture, rape and murder upon the innocent Russians as revenge.

These savage beast like Khazarians who instituted the infamous Cheka Red Terror were relentless in their torturing and murdering, savage beyond normal human imagination leading many to believe they were driven by pure Satanism which they were also known as babylonian Talmudism, or Sabbattean or Franken Luciferianism. These Khazarian Judaics asset stripped Russia of all its wealth, including Silver and Gold and took it out of Russia to Germany and Europe where it was later confiscated by the Nazis during WW2.

After WW2 this wealth was returned as reparations to the Judiac survivors whose families had stolen it from Russia but never returned to its actual real owners, the Russians, which can and should still be done by taking legal action like the Judaic survivors did.

This same pernicious malignant Judiac tribalist ideology (aka Bolshevism and now neo-Bolshevism) continued under Stalin who also used Khazarian death squads to murder many millions of innocent Russians. Stalin was referred to by the insiders (who poisoned him because they felt he had gone insane from advanced syphilis) as the “Little Bolshevik Jew”.

The families and survivors of the Judaic Bolshevik “Red Terror” torture and slaughter have not yet been paid any reparations which they deserve.

This must be made a top priority for President Putin and the Russian Federation.

However it is important to note that the vast wealth including artwork and Gold and Silver stolen from Russia and taken out of Russia by the Judaic Bolsheviks was never returned, nor have any reparations been paid to the surviving Russian families of these Bolshevik victims. The Russians under Putin should start immediate  international legal actions and apply social pressure like the Judaics did after WW2 to obtain the massive Reparations they are due.

And now we have WZs Neo-Bolsheviks from PNAC, including Top NeoCons Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors and their Asset and Sayanims who planned and deployed the 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America and so far they have been able to elude arrest or even public identification by name in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). However they have been controlled in the Alternative press of the worldwide Internet. And the most comprehensive description of who did 9-11-01 and how they did it has been covered in numerous very well documented articles on Veterans Today.

Paranoia involves projecting blame of others as a defense against one fears or feeling of inadequacy or guilt. It is the accusing of others for what one secret feels about oneself but just cannot face it. But we know for sure that such a well-defended Tribalist type group paranoid racial delusion can easily make a group very resistant to considering or even accepting any criticism, no matter how justified it is.

There is nothing wrong for folks to dislike and/or criticize offensive tribal behaviors of any malignantly tribal group including Judaics that is very self-isolating, rejecting, hateful or abusive to folks who are not members of their tribe.

When a large group of folks who share a malignant Tribalistic identity like many Judaics do which means they also likely share a paranoid group racial delusion which was created and implanted by their WZs Controllers and Overlords, their paranoid behavior towards non-Tribal members can itself produce the very delusion they believe, due to the phenomena of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

When you treat others as if you believe they are out to destroy your race, eventually this belief unconsciously translates to others and they will start working to destroy you. Evidence that this occurred in the run-up to WW2 is an old newspaper front page which shows how the World Zionists (WZs) from the City of London manipulated Judaics to become a pernicious malignant Tribe and provoke normal Germans against them.


This “self-fulfilling prophecy” phenomena is best described as occurring when Tribal members who suffer from this group  paranoid Tribal delusion that most non-Tribal members are out to get them, put them in camps and mass-murder them. This causes the Tribal members to become quite un-trusting and aggressive in how they treat these non-Tribal folks (these non-Judaics) and engage in first-strike aggression, often lethal.

And this un-trusting, even paranoid tribal attitude can easily produce aggressive or rejecting behaviors toward non-Judaics which can even cause these non-Judaics to reject them and even hate them and what they stand for and for the way they act so self-centered and selfish.

Pernicious malignant Tribalism can cause any group to become very cliquey and avoid trusting outsiders and to usually view them as an enemy to fear and take advantage of before they can hurt the tribe.

Far too many all over the World are now hip to this big WZ racial con of crying “you are an anti-Semitic” when folks are just resenting the pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalist behaviors that are noticeably anti-social, rejecting. Or because some of these aggressive or abusive or anti-social behaviors appear to be based on delusions of racial superiority when for the most part no actual Judaic race even exists anymore in completely pure form based on ancient Hebrew Blood.

Perhaps the WZs and the Likudists should consider it to be much more accurate when non-Judaics criticizethem by calling them “anti-Likudist”, “anti-Zionist”, or even “anti-Judaic”.

The fact that individuals who call themselves Jews all over the World actually share a common religious belief system called Judaism which has a long heritage as a faith is not disputable.

Of course we now know for sure that most all of their claims (with the exception of a few small enclaves in Spain and Europe) to have actual pure ancient Hebrew Blood are not only highly disputable but patently false scientifically.

Therefore, in order to be completely accurate when describing hatred or aversion to Judaism and its believers, it would be far more accurate to describe these folks as anti-Judaics, not anti-Semitic which is a false claim on face value. Actually numerous scholars claim that the term “Jew” did not come into use until 700 AD and arose to describe those who believed in the faith of Judaism.

Now if folks want to criticize Judaics for their displays of apparent pernicious malignant Tribalism, why not just agree to call it an expression of “anti-Tribalism” or “anti-Judaism” and then explain in specific detail what behaviors one is objecting to and why they are unacceptable to humanity?

Non-Judaics are sick and tired of having the incorrect and racially “prejudiced” label thrown at them of “anti-Semite” whenever they criticize the Judaics for any apparent pernicious malignant Tribalism.

Let us get very specific now in regard to the WW2 kidnapping at gun point of Judaics who were asset stripped and taken to Nazi Work Camps (whole families) against their will to work as slave labor to produce goods and weapons for the Nazi Regime on behalf of some large international western corporations.

As we now know for certain this whole Nazi Work Camp phenomena was initiated by the Word Zionists (WZs) of the City of London Financial district (a separate nation-state like the Vatican) to make vast profits for the American Defense related Corporations like IBM, AT&T, Standard Oil and Ford (among others) who were supplying the Nazi Regime as swell as I.G. Farben which was always a prohibited target for allied bombing raids.

The end of WW2 was purposefully delayed by FDR and Churchill in order to increase the economic gains the Allied war Machine were making and which were increasing. But it was also delayed at the request of Churchill, a known WZ Puppet to make sure that the Work Camp Internees died in mass from starvation and disease as a byproduct of the Allies bombing the Camp supply lines.

Churchill did this for the Rothschild World Zionists (WZs) that he worked in order to create a situation that could be used to prove a construct to enable the successful invocation of the term anti-Semite as a pre-emptive defense against any criticism of World Zionism or Judaics in general.

After the end of WW2 Israel was set up to become the chief action-agent of the City of London World Zionists and was also set up to serve as the engine to generate pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism in Judaics all over the World not just in Israel.

Because Judaics have mislabeled any criticism of  themselves as anti-Semitic, this has been used as a club by the WZ Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) to prevent any criticism of their worldwide acts of terror and war making as well as any honest discussion of what actually happened with the Nazi Work camps in WW2, how many Judaics and non-Judaics were kidnapped and taken there, what occurred there, and how many died and how many survived..

Some respected researchers have actually uncovered legitimate Red Cross records which suggest that 200,ooo Judaics Interns dies at the Work Camps who were placed in there at gunpoint, not 6 million.

It’s time to correct the language mis-usage and start an honest intellectual and academic discussion of how many Judaics were kidnapped at gunpoint all over Germany and Europe and taken to Work Camps, how many died there and why and how many survived.

Also it is time to discuss the WZ run Bolshevik Red Terror which was enacted mostly by Khazarian Judaics in Russia in 1917 which resulted in the mass torture and murder of approximately 22 million innocent Russians (men women and children) and then as time passed up to 66-100 Million depending on which records are used to determine the total death count. At least one expert believes that this was done as extreme Tribalist revenge for the Russians war and defeat of the Khazarians in 1200 AD.

Criticism of pernicious malignant Judaic tribalism is not a general hatred of Jew or anti-Semitism, it is a strong dislike and rejection of bad behavior demonstrated time and time again by those who profess to be Jews. The next time a Judaic accuses someone of being anti-Semitic, tell them no, I am merely Judaic-wise, I have learned not to trust most Judaics because so many typically behave badly by cheating,defrauding, or even murdering those who come into contact with them because of their social disease called pernicious malignant Judaic tribalism.

It is time for the World to become Judaic-wise and also time for Judaics to wake up and take a long hard look at their dysfunctional pernicious malignant Tribal behavior which is typically self-centered, selfish, manipulative and abusive to others and also accompanied by an inability to accept any criticism at all and can become lethally violent at the drop of a pin when armies and Cutouts can be used. Most pernicious malignant Tribalists are abject cowards that will have women and kids murdered from a distance by Cutouts rather than do it themselves.

Conclusion to Part II:

The Judaics misuse of the term anti-Semitism has successfully blocked any serious criticism of World Zionism’s anti-social criminal behavior, especially toward Palestinians and Americans. It has also been successfully used as well to block any criticism of Israel’s serious crimes against Palestinians which are essentially crimes against humanity and crimes which cry out for prosecution in a World Court and beg for Judgment and paid Reparations. It is high time Israel be brought to justice like the Nazis were at Nuremberg and made to return the Palestinians land back to the 1947 UN resolution.

Israel is responsible for the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 and must be brought to justice.

But this is not the end of the judgement Israel is due. It is now known beyond any shadow of a doubt that Israel was behind the attack on America on 9-11-01 which is now proved to have been nuclear. Yes, Israel’s Mossad with the help of PNACers, Top NeoCons, some AIPAC Directors, Sayanims (Israeli assets), numerous American-Israeli “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and other Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD, FAA planned and deployed this massive False-Flag operation.

The Israeli Mossad acquired decommissioned 350 W-54 Davy Crockett Nuclear Pitts (manufactured at Hanford Nuclear Plant) out the backdoor from Pantex with the permission of Bush1. These Pitts were taken out of America, reconditioned and brought back through Houston, Texas to be stored in various Israeli Embassies and then finally planted in the Twin Trade Towers (several each tower) where they were detonated on the morning of 9-11-01, turning the Twin Towers to dust for the most part with strange molten metal and rock below the surface in the wreckage. But this was not the first nuclear false-Flag attack on America by Israel as a preview of their much threatened and feared “Samson Option” (nuclear blackmail program designed to get compliance from the various governments around the World).

The bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was also an Israeli False-Flag attack done using reconditioned a W-54 mini-nuke. It’s purpose like all of Israel’s False-Flag attacks is to scare the public and motivate them to be willing to give up their basic human rights in order to fight “World Terrorism” which doesn’t really exist, and to motivate the American People to send their young men and women Soldiers to fight and be wounded and die fighting Mideast Wars for Israel.

Israel is believed by leaked Intel reports to have 25 nuclear devices planted in various American Cities and has threatened to detonate them if the American Administration refused to allow them to consolidate American Law Enforcement and the Alphabets and set up an Israeli Occupation Force (Israeli Police State Occupation Army) inside America, now known as Homeland Security. Israel has also threatened America with more Samson Option detonations if America refuses to keep funding the Israeli war machine with many billions each year and is unwilling to keep fighting Mideast Wars for Israel and to make large profits for its defense contractor businesses.

Fortunately we have a new high Military Command that is routing out the WZ sympathizers and Israeli asset or moles and has threatened to retaliate with incredible force if Israel detonates any more nukes inside America. And for the first time in history all Israel diplomatic pouches and containers are being completely searched and checked for any kind of radiation and drugs.

Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

Now for a little entertainment. The incredible raw talent of Kelley Hunt unleashed, “Waking Up Slow”.



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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
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