Get the Hell Out of Our Country! (Part I)



by Preston James and Mike Harris


Why does everything seem to be going against mainstream, ordinary Americans, making it almost impossible for hard working folks to just get by, trying to pay their bills and live modestly?

Why does the USG and the Major Mass Media seem to have become a tool of the rich 1% and other special interests, while ignoring the true needs and wishes of We The People?

Why does our elected Congress just keep passing an endless cascade of new laws (aka large financial Corporate Welfare packages) for special interests that are clearly against our interests, that is, the interest of “We The People?”

Why does the Major Mass Media continue to tell lies which support Big Corporate Interests and Big Government Lies that are obviously false upon any close examination of the related evidence?

Why are average Americans working harder and harder, longer hours, many a second part-time job just to get by?

Why are the prices in the grocery store continually rising with smaller and smaller portions?

Why is there continual inflation unaccompanied by adequate salary or hour wage increases?

Why is there so much unemployment and under employment?

Why do the ultra-rich 1% who now own almost all of American’s assets pay little or no taxes while the average middle class taxes just keep going up, and how come our Founding Fathers only allowed Excise or Import taxes?

How can we really own our own homes when they are confiscated for non-payment of property taxes which some experts say are completely Unconstitutional. Why are the property taxes continually increased almost every year despite dropping values?

sledge-(R)Why are the amount of real estate taxes spent on school always going up when the birth rate and population of students is always dropping?

Why are the school administrations so bloated and why are the schools crawling with Intel and being militarized? Where is all this vast money going? Why is Wi-Fi so intense that some teachers, aides or kids are having psychomotor seizures?

These big school tax dollars are not going to the teachers that’s for sure, because many are underpaid and harassed by Administration if they do not tow the Globalist Agenda.

Why do the public schools promote homosexuality, perversion, diversity and extreme political correctness as a normal way of life to our children and use history books that are filled with misinformation, lies and completely false representations of actual American history. Why is the Constitution ignored and our children are taught that basic rights are privileges granted by the government and are not God given natural rights? Why don’t the schools teach that the US Constitution is there to protect these God given rights?

Why is every large Urban School system little more than an indoctrination chamber  for Multiculturalism and Globalism? Why do the public schools have so many costly and absurd “immersion programs” of foreign languages and culture when they don’t even teach the basics of reading, writhing and arithmetic properly. How come kids graduate from high school and don’t know how to have a checking account and balance a checkbook or manage finances. How come they are taught nothing about what Fiat money is or how it is manufactured and distributed by a private bank run out of the City of London? These are sort of important facts to know if a child is to grow up and do a reasonable job understanding their governmental system and making sure it stayed honest, wouldn’t one think?

Why is our USG and Major mass media obsessed with pushing political correctness, diversity, perversions and Globalism as normal?

Why does our USG claim Terrorists are hiding everywhere trying to get us, sneaking into America and waiting to blow us up, when they go to extreme limits to keep the Southern border open, allow and encourage millions of illegals to cross it and come to use American Welfare and hospitals and schools for free, which drags our economy down? Why do they have secret agreements which allow evil Mossad agents and IDF to live in America and engage in Pysops and espionage against the American People?

Why does the USG lie and say we are short of necessary high tech workers and then bring in so many foreign engineers and workers when we already have an excess and many who can’t find work? It couldn’t be to drive the wages down for engineers or to serve as just another way to trash America and destroy it on behalf of the British Rothschilds who have wanted revenge for several generations for the Colonists winning the Revolutionary War?

SMALL_ourlittleponzischeme1 (2)Why are there so few good job opportunities for mainstream America and a continually falling standard of living while so many Wall Street Bankers are getting Trillion Dollar Bailouts and incredibly huge multimillion dollar bonuses?

Why are the CEOs of the major International Corporations getting huge, indecent multimillion dollar salaries and stock options on top of that when many of their workers barely earn enough to scape by?

Could it be that these large international private corporations have created various virtual cartels which are incredibly effective in asset stripping Americans for basic needs while rigging the markets to make sure prices stay much higher than they should? And do these large international corporations some experts refer to as “the 147” have sweetheart relationships with the large private Wall Street banks to have immense credit lines at deeply-discounted prices, that is, cheap money not available to the public?

Why is the economy so bad that many young people join the now all volunteer US Military to be sent to fight in wars for Israel, the Banksters, defense contractors, wars that are clearly illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable and perpetual?

Military recruiting is an incredibly huge misrepresentation and is only successful because of lies and mind-kontrol of the youth.

In the high school recruiting game, wars are misrepresented and never explained as General Smedley Butler stated, that all wars are to help corporations asset strip the resources of foreigners for the large private corporations. Kids are offered great futures and promises of be able to learn skills that are highly valued in numerous civilian occupations. This of course is not true. And these kids are never given informed consent about the depleted uranium and toxic vaccines they will be exposed to or that 50% plus come back from Combat in caskets, wounded or eventually disabled from DU or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Most military recruiters are “true believers” and are paid to hustle and mind-kontrol dumb naive youth who have watched too many war movies glamorizing war and played far too many “shoot em dead” computer war games. This notion service to country is a con job and if honestly translated it would be, you will be used as canon fodder for the rich corporations and the World Zionists Organized Crime Cabal, that’s it.

Of course for years the Organized Crime Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) has mind-kontrolled the public that going to war as canon-fodder for the Establishment, the private central Banksters and the large Defense Contractors is noble, patriotic and honorable. The only honor in war is saving your own life when attacked or saving your fellow soldiers lives, or feeding and protecting hungry civilians and children, that’s it, the rest is evil beyond imagination.

Why are the Military recruiters allowed to hang around High schools and lie through their teeth and deceive many young folks into fighting these illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars of acquisition for Israel and the World Zionists?

bank-run__thomas_jefferson___joeforamerica__comWhy do we have the Federal Reserve System which is always run by World Zionist Babylonian Talmudic Judaics and why is this system allowed in America when it is clearly illegal, Unconstitutional and against the interests of all mainstream Americans as a well as being the source of all wars, poverty, drugs, crime and hell on Earth?

Why are our Police being militarized and armed by the USG with armored cars and tanks, fully automatic machine guns and grenade launchers and why do they often wear all black Nazi SS type uniforms and face masks that hide their identities?

Why do we have the presence of the sinister Homeland Security that has hijacked and combined all of our Alphabets and Law Enforcement into one large East German Stasi type Occupation Force for Israel inside America? How was this ever permitted to happen? Why didn’t our Congress protect us from this obvious foreign military occupation by Israeli World Zionists? Why was Homeland Security set up by foreign agents of espionage and staffed at the top by weirdos, perverts and haters of America and Americans?

Abe Foxman, poster boy for the WZ and promoter of political correctness, diversity and mass perversions, all of which provide political cover for the WZs which they need in order for OCC to do their dirty work to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s Biggest WZ Police State and open-air prison camp.

The answer to all these questions is that Americans and their crooked, bribed Members of Congress allowed the Rothschild World Zionists and their Organized Crime Cabal to hijack the American Monetary Production and Distribution System and use it as a beachhead from which to occupy America and buy up, bribe, or human compromise almost every single elected politician and USG official.

Once these Rothschild WZs got their own private central bank with elastic monetary creation and pernicious usury they used it to gain control every major American institution, corrupt all of them (even the major church systems) and then lead America into numerous these phony, illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars for Bankster profits.

Yes, this massive asset theft from middle class Americans has involved setting up a phony Fiat counterfeiting system based on charging Americans pernicious usury (indecent, illegal interest) to use what should be their own Constitutional money backed by Gold and Silver and not the elastic creation of a foreign private Fiat Banking System which is notably anti-human and anti-American too.

Once the Rothschild Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic Banksters had their foot in the door in America, they issued or printed all the money they needed to buy or bribe almost every single Member of Congress and most USG Officials.

The ones they couldn’t buy or bribe they hired covert operators to honey-trap them, often with young children and corrupted American society and its institutions at all levels with it massive Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

If necessary the OCC has always hired hit-men to murder those who wouldn’t go along, but usually human compromise operations are enough. With these human compromise operations, plain manila 8 x 11 envelopes with some quite shocking pictures to serve as reminders of very naughty party behavior are slid under office doors and night or left on the office desks of Members of Congress who start to go out of their WZ allowed parameters. Most of the time this works effectively to reign the wayward politicians back within allowed parameters.

This is the belief system that hard core Babylonian Talmudist Judaism (Luciferianism, Satanism or “Synagogie of Satan”), also known as World Zionism, actually produces.


The OCC is run by World Zionists and is basically a Luciferian aka Satanic Occult network of evil.

Its Top Kingpins are pedophiles and participate in pedophile rituals and child sacrifice rituals semi-annually. These WZ/OCC Kingpins are evil beyond normal imagination. Most average Americans just cannot fathom how evil these WZ/OCC Kingpins are that run this large crime syndicate the OCC. And these WZ engage in massive sex trafficking of children, and kidnapping and trafficking of children to Israel for murder there and then organ stripping for transplant often while the kids are alive and tied down.

Maybe once most Americans find out that these WZ/OCC Kingpins and their Cutouts planned and deployed the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 and mass-murdered thousands of innocent humans, they will be able to understand the actual depth of evil that these WZ “creatures of the night” are capable of and love doing. Want to know more about these “evil beyond imagination creatures of the night”, then read every article Stew Webb has written about them, he was formerly married to one of their daughters and he has identified most of the top twelve by naming them.

6corps-320x3163Because the OCC had enough money to buy up and consolidate all Major Mass Media and transform them into their own Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), they were able to create an illegal monopolistic News Cartel and now have 100% complete control over the nightly news and all major TV and Radio Networks.

The WZ/OCC’s CMMM is a platform used to mind-kontrol the American People and Psyop them using special trigger words which are clever but knowingly false constructs.

Their CMMM is the platform from which they create the social reality for most Americans and then pull their strings by mind-kontrolling them using made-up false constructs and debilitating or enhancing labels, and trigger words such as “Holocaust”, “six million Jews gassed in the Nazi Gas chambers”, “Hitler’s final solution”, or their favorite “anti-Semite.” Each of these Mind-kontrol triggers is misused. The Babylonian Talmudic WZ mind-kontrolled malignant Judaic Tribalists refer to the Nazi forced labor camps as the “Holocaust.” When translated from the Old English, the term Holocaust actually is best translated as “fiery sacrifice.” The people taken to the Nazi work camps as gun point to be used as unpaid slaves were not just Judaics, many were non-Judaics, pastors and German dissidents and gypsies too.

Some WW2 experts claim the the real Holocaust had nothing to do with Judaics taken to Nazi Work Camps at gunpoint, but was the fire bombing of Dresden which mass murdered by an out of control wind swept fire some experts say was at least 400,000 innocent non-combatants, mostly Old folks, women and children (lot’s of Children). The Allies waited to drop incendiaries until the winds were high to maximize the number of deaths and destruction by fire. Was this massive Fiery Sacrifice a WZ Babylonian Talmudic (Satanic) sacrifice of “Goyim”.

Illustration by David Dees at from


Until we expose and defeat the WZs and their OCC, We The People are basically “screwed.”

Until the OCC is beat down and the Kingpins either arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned or driven out of America, and until the CMMM is completely broken up, basically all Americans are screwed. And of course the Israeli Police State Occupation Force that the OCC built up in America, Homeland Security (DHS), must be completely destroyed and any good officers transferred back to their prior jobs, the rest fully prosecuted for espionage against Americans.

And since we now know that the NSA has been completely hijacked by the WZs and the IZCS with all raw data being downloaded by satellite to Israel pure Treason and Sedition too, the NSA must be completely destroyed and all innocent officers and workers re-assigned or helped to find new jobs. The top NSA Perps who are WZ or IZCS stooges and Traitors to America must be indicted, tried and convicted and then up on conviction given appropriate sentences which is death by hanging on a military gallows.

And Congress must be completely reconstituted with almost every Member of Congress replaced in honest paper ballot elections with verified public video’d counting. Hundreds of crooked judges must be removed from office, prosecuted and convicted under the appropriate charges depending on their crimes ranging from civil and criminal RICO to Treason and Sedition if they covered up the Israeli 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America.

These are the basic changes that must be made if we Americans are going to be able to stop the World Zionists and Israel from transforming America into GAZA II, the largest open air prison camp in the world.

Now in closing, ponder this.

What do you think Israelis would demand if an American espionage front in Israel disguised as “American Pastors for Israel” was directly implicated in planting mini-nukes in the NSA Station in Israel where the Israelis download and steal every bit of or American industrial and defense secrets because they were able to infiltrate, bribe and own senior NSA who are known Traitors to America?

The answer is obvious, Israelis would demand all Perps who set the nukes be arrested, tried, convicted and executed and the rest of the espionage cell immediately deported. Why shouldn’t all Americans demand the same for those Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual and Triple Citizens who planned, deployed and then covered up the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 that so many first responders are dying with cancer and 70,000 more fighting it trying to stay alive.

What do you think Israelis would do if they found out American-Israeli Dual Citizens moved to Israel and set up numerous American espionage fronts and were using illegal or unfair business methods to asset strip money from Israelis? Thy would arrest them all, stop their operations and then deport them keeping it low key to avoid losing American aid which amounts to about 30K per capital each year.

Yes, it is time to re-activate the 9-11-01 Grand Jury in Houston and other cities who have the Able Danger evidence and have sealed this “smoking gun” evidence and the numerous personal testimonies that would easily convict all the Top NeoCons, PNACers and many Dual and Triple Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Citizens.

Continued in Part II (There are Five Parts in this initial  Series)


Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

Get Out of Our Country (Continued – part II)



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