Banks, Billionaires Rush to Prepare for “The Financial Death Spiral”


Naysayers tell us, “No, you’re crazy, the world is not coming to an end!”  I agree that barring some crazy pushing the ‘nuclear button,’ the world is not coming to an end tomorrow. But, that doesn’t mean that our economy and the world we live in today is not coming to an end.

With trillions of dollars in debt, the US continues to print money as if this is the solution.  In fact, this is a disastrous path that can only lead to hyperinflation and the collapse of the economy.


When this happens, you may need a wheelbarrow of dollars to buy a gallon of gas, if there’s any available.  We can expect civil unrest (read “riots’), martial law and FEMA camps to follow quickly. FEMA camps will not be scouting trips.  You don’t want to go to a FEMA camp and if you go, you may not be coming back.  But, where do you go when the economy hits bottom and you run out of food and water?  Stocking up on can goods and several gallons of water will only get you so far. What do you do if you’re a dialysis patient who needs weekly treatments to live and there are none?

There’s no question in my mind that the New World Order (NWO) exists and has plans for you and me, and they are not on anyone’s Christmas wish list.  There’s no need to ask  your doctor for more antidepressants like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa or Lexapro or to join any guerilla force or buy more ammunition and weapons.  The antidepressant drugs provide only temporary relief and there’s no way that any individual or even a group of individuals would stand an chance against a trained military force during martial law.

Thomas Aquinas wrote the Summa Theologica in the middle ages (1225–1274) if you’re interested in the proof of the existence of God.  Sill unconvinced, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until you die but, of course, by then it may be too late.

John Leary, a spiritual director and a pastor from Rochester, New York, has been receiving messages from Jesus since 1991.  The messages provide a ‘to do list’ for survival when our world crashes.

Please don’t confuse me with a ‘holy roller.”  I’m not an evangelist.  You have the free will to believe or not to believe.  I do admit that as a cancer survivor (two cancers to date) that I’ve gotten closer the Lord, but I’m not ready for sainthood, I’m just saying.  Just ask my wife.

For those concerned about the NWO and the destructive plans of those whose aim is to reduce the world’s population, kill those who are threats to resist their authority, and make slaves of the rest of, the messages communicated to Leary are alarming but reassuring.  They are alarming because they support the insane plans of the NWO and reassuring in that there is a God who will protect His people (and that means everyone, not just practicing Christians) from death and enslavement:

My people, you have no idea of how harsh the coming tribulation will be, when the evil ones will have a short reign. If you do not come to My safe havens with My angel protection, then the evil ones will drag you off to the detention death camps to kill you with gas chambers or guillotines. They know who the Christians are, and their intent is to exterminate anyone who goes against the new world order. Those, who are preparing refuges, will have only a short time to build them, before I will bring My Warning experience to everyone.
After the Warning and conversion time, the evil ones will come looking for all of My faithful to kill them. I will not leave My faithful orphans, which is why I am providing My angel protection at My refuges. My refuge builders will need to have water, food, and fuel so I can multiply them for your survival. You also will need bedding for those who come to your refuges. You will have one of My angels appointed to watch over every refuge. You will have healing spring water and My luminous cross to heal all of your ailments. You also will have daily Holy Communion and perpetual Adoration.
You all will be living in a community where everyone will have to contribute their skills to help each other. You all will need full trust in My help, and My protection. So have no fear of these events. Be ready to counsel any new arrivals to calm down their fears. You will not need guns because you will be protected with an invisible shield from your enemies.

John Leary lives near Rochester, New York. He is a father and grandfather. He has both a spiritual director and a pastor who confirm that he is emotionally balanced and a Roman Catholic in good standing.

John has attended daily Mass and received Holy Communion every day since he was 17 years old, excepting sickness. He has been receiving messages from Jesus and Mary since 1993.

The official position of the Catholic Church is that John Leary’s messages are not from Heaven but are of a human nature.  Bishop Matthew Clark, Rochester Diocese, wrote that:

Under current church law, Mr. Leary was not required to seek Bishop Clark’s permission to publish. However, Bishop Clark, exercising his ordinary pastoral responsibility, initiated a review of these volumes more than a year ago. The Commission of clery and laity with expertise in spiritual theology and psychology, was established to study Mr. Leary’s writings and offer an informed judgement about their source. The found him “psychologically sound and spiritually serious” but felt he misjudged ordinary mental prayer to be supernatural communication.

In the secular world, the bad news is that billionaires and bank are preparing for a financial death spiral:

Banks are preparing for something big, billionaires are warning of “financial ruin,” the super rich are buying up boltholes with airstrips in preparation of “escape” should the “poor” rise up, and  underground doomsday lairs are being stocked …. a look through the news from the last year paints a bigger picture than if you look at that news one issue at a time because when seen together, we see an increasing escalation of preparation for the biggest economic crash in history.”
After the 2008 recession, experts sounded the alarm that unless the underlying issues that caused the recession were addressed, the followup collapse would even be worst. Rather than addressing those issues, the US via the “economic stimulus” plan pumped money into the economy, bailed out the “too big to fail” banks and never addressed the initial causes of the 2008 recession.___
The “Death Spiral”
In 2013, Richard Duncan, formerly of the World Bank and chief economist at Blackhorse Asset Mgmt asserted that the US debt had escalated into a “death spiral” that would result in a depression so severe that he doesn’t “think our civilization could survive it.”  According to that same report a team of scientists, economists, and geopolitical analysts found a “catastrophic “pattern that they claimed “guarantees” collapse and that our “our energy, food, and water systems,” could implode all at the same time.
Another member of this team, Keith Fitz-Gerald, the president of The Fitz-Gerald Group, went on to explain their discoveries.
“What this pattern represents is a dangerous countdown clock that’s quickly approaching zero. And when it does, the resulting chaos is going to crush Americans,” Fitz-Gerald says.___
Billionaires Preparing
In September 2014, ZeroHedge compiled a series of quotes and actions from billionaires showing they were preparing for the “plunge, those included names like George Soros, Sam Zell, Carl Ihcan and Stan Druckenmiller. Another High profile Billionaire, Donald Trump, recently told Americans to prepare for “financial ruin.”
By January 2015, we were informed that the “super-rich” hedge fund managers were buying secret boltholes with airstrips where they could hideout in the event of a civil uprising.___
Nervous financiers from across the globe have begun purchasing landing strips, homes and land in areas such as New Zealand so they can flee should people rise up.___
Banks Preparing
In December 2014, ANP reported on a strange solicitation by the US governments Comptroller of Acquisition Management, for a bid of $200,000 for survival kits for the employees of major banks. As was explained in the ANP article, these are the type of purchases usually reserved for the military or the FBI. (Solicitation is embedded in the December article and video shown below)
Why would every major bank need survival kits for all their employees? Why is the US government prepared to spend up to $200,000 on survival kits for bank employees at Bank of America, American Express Bank, BMO Financial Corp., Capitol One Financial Corporation, Citigroup, Inc., JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo, just to name a few? What do they know that we do not know?
February 2015, an interesting alert was posted in the SQ Alerts section of Steve Quayles website: “Today I went inside our local Chase bank and to my surprise, the teller area had changed drastically. The tellers were now behind a glass wall. When I asked the teller when did this change take place, she said that workers where there all during the previous night installing it. Jokingly, I asked her if it was bullet proof glass and she confirmed that it was indeed. Please keep in mind that this bank is in a small grocery shopping center right outside of a neighborhood in a quiet suburban town about 35 miles north of Houston. I was shocked. They are preparing for something.”___
They Are Preparing For A Major Uprising By 2016
In November 2014, Economist Martin Armstrong, who correctly predicted the 1987 Black Monday crash as well as the 1998 Russian financial collapse, made a bone chilling prediction that “rising resentment against the status quo as a result of economic inequality is likely to cause a serious political uprising before 2016.”___
Via InfoWars:
As we reported back in August, the U.S. Army is preparing for civil unrest in the United States. A 132-page document entitled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances outlines how troops may be required to deal with “unruly and violent crowds” where it is “necessary to quell riots and restore public order.”___
In January 2015, Davos economist Robert Johnson made headlines when he revealed that the wealthy are buying secret boltholes as a hedge against global instability, warned in a subsequent interview that the elite are also afraid of more riots like those in Ferguson, Missouri.
The rich, the banks, the US Government itself are all preparing for “something” huge… they have been preparing but those preparations are now reaching a fevered pitch while everyday Americans are being told the “recovery” is going better than ever!
The bottom line here is billionaires and millionaires did not get that way by being stupid, they know the signs of financial collapse when they see them and their actions tell us the end is closer than we think.


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