Kiev Missile Nuked Donetsk


By Jeff Smith and Gordon Duff

The video was supplied by Glen Canady.  The analysis done by Jeff Smith, nuclear physicist and nuclear weapons expert, former investigator for the IAEA. (Update: The video was formerly at this site, )

The date is August 2014, location Donetsk.  The evidence indicates a nuclear missile attack, ground to ground, launched by the Kiev government.  No conventional, thermobaric or otherwise, weapon could have done this.

There is clear evidence of a missile.  We waited for someone to act, do something, say something meaningful, then we acted.  We clearly have a nuclear war ongoing in the Ukraine.  From Jeff Smith:

35 to 40 seconds in on the right hand side of the video is the nuke going off. The Yellow Orange flash is from alpha and beta radiation being generated in the atmosphere by the warhead detonation. The Radar proximity fuse detonated the warhead between 1,000 to 3,000 feet in altitude.

The primary then completed full detonation when it hit the ground. The nuke took about three seconds to completely implode. It was probably intended to be detonated at a much higher altitude. Based on the blast size it was 5k or less in size. The time delay in the shock wave velocity will also determine the blast size.

There were two detonations the first produced sounds of a conventional ammo dump being blown up. (The cover for the nuke) The second was a ground launched mini nuke. (A lance missile probably; or a similar type; this is how they are designed to work)

The angle of the yellow streamer will show the direction of launch. The Ukraine has no such weapons so somebody else provided it or sold it to them. These things are not cheap so what was the real targets value and to whom? Someone paid several million dollars to use that weapon. So what or who was the intended high target?

Geiger counters on the ground and chemical soil tests are the only way to prove it. Again this is where the IAEA weapons of mass destruction unit should step in.

If it leaves a crater bigger than 5 feet deep then it was over 2 thousand pounds in size, thus it was not
conventional. Look at old WW2 and Vietnam 1,000 lb bomb blast crater photos for reference.

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You need to get a freeze frame of the video from 35 to 40 seconds in. (below)

“If a man reads or hears a criticism of anything in which he has an interest, watch … if he shows concern with any question except ‘is it true?’ he thereby reveals that his own attitude is unscientific. Likewise if … he judges an idea not on its merits but with reference to the author of it; if he criticizes it as ‘heresy’; if he argues that authority must be right because it is authority … The path of truth is paved with critical doubt, and lighted by the spirit of objective inquiry… the majority of people have resented what seems in retrospect to have been purely matter of fact … nothing has aided the persistence of falsehood, and the evils resulting from it, more than the unwillingness of good people to admit the truth … the tendency continues to be shocked by natural comment, and to hold certain things too ‘sacred’ to think about. … How rarely does one meet anyone whose first reaction to anything is to ask: ‘is it true?’ Yet, unless that is a man’s natural reaction, it shows that truth is not uppermost in his mind, and unless it is, true progress is unlikely.”  Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, Why Don’t We Learn from History?, PEN Books, 1944; revised edition, Allen and Unwin, 1972



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