Don’t Boil Water … In a microwave!


by Speer-Williams – (

Inside the reactor of an atomic energy plant, a chain reaction begins. The immense energy released turns water into steam. The steam turns a turbine that turns a generator, thus producing an absurdly expensive form of electricity.

“A hell of a way to boil water.” Albert Einstein

“It’s a peculiar way to heat water, considering its outrageous costs and severe public dangers.” Anonymous

Genocide? Ecocide?

Those who support the worldwide nuclear power industry work for Satan, whether they know it or not.

The foreign International Bankers, with their legions of petty minions in the nuclear power industry and in governments, are not just failing us, they are the driving force that is sweeping our world to the brink.

These kingpins seem to be willfully ignoring the consequences of their actions (and inactions), thereby committing huge intergenerational crimes of magnitude.

The imperious corporatists of atomic power have subjugated our nation and world with a corps d’elite of technical experts who lie to the general public about the safety of nuclear power plants.

Consequently, there is an enormous multifaceted but secret war being waged upon mankind.

So, who are the innocent people who support the nuclear power industry? It has to be those who have no idea of the cost to them in terms of health, life, taxes, and utility bills.

The 104 American nuclear power plants, and the 435 such plants around the world, all leak serious levels of radiation and have been doing so since the first one was built.

The radiation leakage from the operation of these plants is not our only problem. Each nuclear power plant creates tons of radioactive waste, without a safe place to put any of it.

Plus decades of widespread atomic bomb testing has endangered our world with radiation that does not just disappear; it will continue to bioaccumulate, until most of the people you know have some kind of terminal disease.

A white paper written by Albert K. Bates in the State of the Nation tells us “… there are 943 dominant and 783 recessive diseases now known to be caused by radiation.”

Moreover, every nuclear power plant in the world runs the serious risk of becoming a major disaster, perhaps worse than Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.

For unknown reasons the world’s nuclear plants were built close to major fault lines, many of which are subject to earthquakes. Was that a simple mistake? An accident? Mere stupidity? I think not.

And in spite of the Fukushima tragedy being a 24/7 catastrophe that could last thousands of years, dark forces are building 176 more nuclear plants of death.

Scientific American magazine tells us that in America, alone, nuclear power plants have produced about 64,000 metric tons of radioactive waste, with no safe place to keep any of it.

Our non-safe disposal of nuclear waste cannot be justified by any ethical standard, as such residue is causing much sickness and death amongst people all over the world.

Also, low-dose radiation causes DNA damage that may not show up for years but will increase with each generation and cause a wide range of syndromes and diseases.

The insanity of building even more nuclear power plants when we have no safe storage solution for spent fuel rods is difficult to fathom.

The foreign international bankers who ultimately control the major media and the industry of nuclear power have long run propaganda campaigns telling consumers how much cheaper our utility costs are when they are generated by nuclear power.

The truth is that nuclear power is not a cheaper alternative to coal or gas – not by a long shot. Producing nuclear energy has always been a very costly business.

In a clear form of fascism, taxpayer subsidies pay nearly fifty percent of nuclear power’s operating costs.

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reports that nuclear powered electricity costs fourteen percent more than gas powered electricity and thirty percent more than coal.

Not only are we taxed to keep these nuclear power plants operational, we are also hit with high electrical bills every month.

The mainstream media has long ignored the fact that America can economically and safely produce electricity with abundant supplies of cheap, domestic, and unsullied coal. Instead their media demonizes coal-powered plants that produce electricity, without a word of how such facilities can cleanly produce power by using scrubbers.

The power structure’s war on coal is killing thousands of jobs and is skyrocketing our electricity rates.

Why does the nuclear power industry exist in spite of all the obvious and serious reasons it should not?

Because atomic power plants have been, and are, Trojan Horses for the production of a massively large number of nuclear weapons.

The so-called “peaceful” nuclear reactors inevitably provide the necessary building materials for atomic bombs, missiles, rockets, and depleting* uranium weaponry. DU is a byproduct of the enriched uranium used in nuclear reactors.

*Please note how the media controllers call DU depletED uranium instead of the far more accurate term depletING uranium. DU has a half-life of billions of years, with no known way of cleaning it up.

Nevertheless, the US/UN militaries have expended thousands of tons of DU from the Balkans to all over the Middle East, causing untold cases of diseases and cancers – crimes that are wretchedly little reported by the controlled corporate media.

Obviously, this is exactly what the controlling dark forces planned, as there has never been a tactical or strategic justification for the use of DU in the Balkans or the Middle East.

DU weaponry is efficient against hardened installations, armored personal carriers or large well-equipped armies. But its use is self-defeating when it is employed against rag-tag militants who are without tanks or armored vehicles.

Our greatest casualties from DU weaponry have been from our own soldiers and Marines breathing the super-fine DU particles generated from the discharge of their weapons.

What do you think a government would do to its civilians if they so wantonly endanger and kill their own servicemen?

This is not a junta of Mouseketeers we are up against. It is a maniacal leviathan of serial killers, despite their flimsy excuses for continuing warfare, atomic testing, and nuclear energy.

Already, there are enough nuclear weapons on earth to destroy all of humanity many times over. And yet, the proliferation of nuclear power plants and atomic weapons persists at a feverish rate.

Why? Why this grotesque insanity?

After all, it is insane to use atomic energy to merely boil water.

The only plausible answer is that the well-planned killing of large masses of people is to continue unabated. In addition to genocide, however, the ecocide practiced by the controlling nuclear forces has become all too obvious to deny.

Their GMO crops (genetically modified) are destroying our genetic diversity.

Their chemtrails (toxic overhead aerosols) are poisoning our air, land, and water.

Their clear-cutting of our rain forests is eliminating our oxygen.

And their irradiation of our soils, oceans, and atmosphere is killing our animal, marine, and plant life.

But objecting to such crimes can be dangerous.

According to a report by Global Witness, during the last decade 908 environmental activists have been slain, with practically no word from the corporate media concerning it.

We can now see that a covert but broad-spectrum form of warfare has commenced upon the family of man.

Speaking for my own country, America is being used to destroy America, with few Americans even realizing it.

This brutal attack can only proceed successfully on an ignorant and apathetic silent majority.

So, let the enlightenment of man begin.


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