Darkness Ends When Light Begins


darknessby Speer-Williams[email protected]


Today, one percent of the people in the world (including the 0.001 % elite) are dedicated to creating as much chaos, misery, and death as is possible.

Numerically balancing those crazed and certifiable psychopaths there is another one percent who daily find proofs of crimes in high places and hotly disagree with them.

In between that rigid dichotomy sleeps the bulk of humanity – the ninety-eight percent. Apathetic and ignorant, these poor souls do not know what to think; their sadly remarkable indifference adds much weight to the order of the day – a severe general oppression of the ninety-nine percent of us.

The destructive and parasitic one-percenters have other advantages: their universal control of money and credit, their ubiquitous media, their schools, churches, medicine, and science, and, of course, their control of national governments.

How large a cohesive force do you think our enlightened and brave one-percenters would have to be to mount a serious challenge to the controlling one-percenters?

Historians tell us that the Colonies of America had a population of two and a half million people, with only about a third of them actually supporting our revolution against the International Bankers and their vassal state of Great Britain.

A sudden increase of the informed freedom fighters leaping from one percent to thirty-three percent seems unrealistic … until one takes into account the World Wide Web, something our freedom-fighting colonists did not have.

Perhaps the Internet carries more potential for freedom, justice, and equality than most of us realize – a potentiality that has not escaped the notice of the evil one-percenters who control or heavily influence the governments of the world.

Why else has our government been proclaiming that the Internet is broken and must be corrected with something they have deviously entitled Net Neutrality?

Why else have we seen the quick and vast militarization of our local police departments with advanced and sophisticated weaponry: like Laser Blinding Dazzlers, Tasers on Steroids, and Microwaves (that pierce our skulls). Or how about MRAPs – armored personnel carriers that transport armored police with automatic weapons loaded with hollow-point bullets?

Hollow-pointed bullets don’t just go through organs; they tear human organs into pieces.

The foreign bankers who control our federal government are in fear of our stalwart one-percenters swiftly expanding to thirty-three percent. Why else would they have launched such a media campaign against qualified Americans owning firearms?

Why else would the powers to be (the International Bankers) enforce fluoride into our drinking water, soft drinks, and processed foods?

Both the German Nazi and Soviet governments used fluoride as a light lobotomy on their war and political prisoners to reduce their power to resist domination.

The foreign bankers have also destroyed what was once the grandest economy in recorded history. Now most Americans are too stressed over their mounting bills to give much attention to their lost freedoms or their country’s hideous crimes against humanity.

Why do American Marines guard the opium crops in Afghanistan if not to addict millions of Americans to heroine and to thus populate the US prisons with slave labor?

US intelligence agencies create, fund, equip, and direct Middle Eastern terrorist groups to justify the endless US War on Terror and to unite a benighted public behind a criminal American government.

Why else are we given a never- ending stream of sports coverage, along with the latest happenings in Hollywood?

Why else are we made sick with nuclear power plants, chemtrails, vaccines, prescription drugs, and chemical-laden foods?

With staggering speed, America has been transformed into a Soviet or Stasi-styled police state, wherein its citizens are spied upon around the clock, with what looks to be camps for future internment scattered around the country.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America, we are being ground into scraps to be disposed of by our government, no matter if you recognize it or not.

But perhaps we can say that the most serious assault on us yet is the attempt to eliminate our computer freedoms, thus cutting off our ability to wage an info-war against those who seek to impoverish, enslave, and kill us.

In the meantime, people in our government and media claim there is something called digital terrorism that must be combated. I say the US government has already committed too many crimes in their alleged attempt to prevent terrorism.

Others say the Internet is broken.

The Internet is only broken for those who intend to eliminate most of us while enslaving the rest.

Any person in the government or the media who professes that the Internet is broken and is in need of governmental repair is our enemy and a traitor to mankind.

In one’s discernment of truth, they should take note of what is being well publicized, as that is likely to be propaganda – such is life with a controlled mainstream media.

Some informed people will claim that America’s freedom fighters number more than one percent – I hope they are right.

In any case, our main battle is for the hearts and minds of Middle America – if indeed those people have any hearts, minds, morals, or ethics left.

We are in for some hard times; there is probably no way to escape that. But we can pass on to our younger generations what freedom, justice, and prosperity was like, thus keeping alive the American dream.

Remember the immortal lyrics of Janis Joplin …

Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose.



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