Where Did It All Go? Can we ever get it back?



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At the end of the rainbow there was once a land with no parallel in recorded history. Its skies were blue, its brooks, streams, and rivers were clean, all teeming with life.

Its soils were rich with nutrients. Its wildlife was a wonder to behold. It was a big land, bordered by three massive, roaring, and healthy seas and five great, wondrous lakes.

Its people were godly and industrious, with an unmatched output. Its small family farms fed the world. Its schools, the best in existence. The people were moral, with large family units being the basic building blocks of their glorious society.
For almost a century and a half the people paid few income taxes, and all other kinds of taxes were minimal.

The people were informed on civic affairs, some walking miles to argue politics.

Its central government was so small that every citizen felt they personally had a say in the direction of their country. They believed in what Mark Twain said: “The government’s function is to obey orders not originate them.”

Crime, perversion, and apathy were almost unknown. Families saved money and were shamed by debt and usury.

People were individuals and shunned the degraded hive of collectivism. They gloried in their protected individualism. After all, that was why they had a Constitutional Republican form of government – the best in the world for a free and brave people. Their dream became a reality for millions.

The country?

The United States of America.

Where did it all go?

The big slide was secretly hatched on Jekyll Island, Georgia, in 1910 by enemies of America, enemies of all forms of life.
On December the 23rd of 1913, the sub rosa plan passed Congress and was soon signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. It was the Federal Reserve Act.

On the heels of that abomination, the federal income tax became a fixture, a permanent fixture in the United States of America.

Then in rapid order came World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
War and hard economic times were also to become permanent fixtures in the American landscape.

Since 1913, the US dollar has lost ninety-three percent of its value with one criminal war following another as the principle cause.

Now we have a Congress clamoring for yet another war, while making the US dollar ever more worthless.

But still, with enough decaying dollars, some Americans are super rich. In the US today, we have a concentration of wealth never before seen in history – all because of the fascistic control to which our government has fallen.
The top one percent of super-rich Americans share an aggregate net worth that is greater than the wealth of the bottom ninety percent of US citizens combined.

The majority of Americans earn less than $35,000 a year, which is less than the average mega-corporation CEOs earn for one day of work – on which they pay only token income taxes.

This is fascism at work, all allowed by bought-and-paid-for politicians, judges, and bureaucrats.

Fascism is not a level playing field; it is government following the orders of banking oligarchs and favoring the banker-owned mega-corporations over small businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Unfettered free enterprise levels the playing field. A level playing field is all about fairness and justice. It does not mean each player has an equal chance of succeeding, but that they all play by the same set of rules – something the oligarchs will never allow.

The banking oligarchs must either criminally control governments or else they lose.

This is why their prime talent lies in deceitfully influencing governments with all manner of bribes, blackmail, war, and death.

Business entrepreneurs (including small family farmers) not only level the playing field of doing business, they spread the wealth broadly amongst the population – one of the last things that will be allowed by the oligarchs.

Please understand that these autocrats are so psychotic they go into rages when anyone other than themselves wins in life. This may be difficult to believe, but once you do, you will have taken a giant step in understanding life in our world. In the simplest of words, it would violently upset them to ever hear that you are doing well in life.

With most free-market entrepreneurs, the situation is quite reversed. The better their goods and services and the more money they pay their workers, the better their organizations and the more money entrepreneurs make for themselves.
Sadly, however, I must admit that the foreign banking oligarchs have all but eliminated the American entrepreneur. This was done largely by means of governmental taxes, legislation, and regulations, none of which adversely affect the banking tycoons.

At one time, most of America’s middle class were employed by entrepreneurs and were responsible for our nation’s wealth of production and services; the banker’s corporations only provided about thirty percent of America’s gross national product.

This is another difficult concept for some to understand until they realize that the large corporations, owned by the oligarchs, have always off-shored production and wealth with little or no alliance to America.

In fact, most of the robber barons today in America make their money with keystrokes on their computers.
Yes, I know, it’s far more complicated than that, but did you know that it was purposely made more complicated in order to hide the criminal nature of their means of wealth?

But surely anyone can understand that these foreign and domestic oligarchs provide precious few well-paying jobs to Americans.

Jobs in America really took a dive in 1999 when Congress and President Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. But Clinton was not done. He also signed the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that some said immediately cost the US over a million jobs.

Clinton was so flagrant with his gross irresponsibility some wags referred to him as the Out-Sourcer-in-Chief.
Still there are actually some Americans who want his wife, Hillary, to become President. Is there any wonder why America and her workers are in such sad shape?

But certainly, the Republican Party will not provide us with a viable alternate candidate.

To raise the unemployed up off their dirt floors, our federal government must institute laissez-faire enterprise and cease funding the bankers with taxpayer subsidies, trillion-dollar bailouts, and tax exclusions.

Our working classes are the heart of our country. And they are best led to prosperity by bright, innovative, and energetic entrepreneurs and not by the likes of banking tycoons who make themselves super rich with keystrokes on their computers, at the expense of ninety-nine percent of us.

Inflationary fiat currency is not long-term wealth. Real wealth is the food farmers grow in their fields, what engineers design in their garages, or what some young Ford or Edison discovers, produces, and sells to the American public at prices they can afford.

Fiat currency (backed by no more than a hope and a prayer) created by a slew of unimaginative bankers, whose only skill is controlling governments, will never rescue the poor, or anyone else, besides themselves.

America is crying out for a new birth of freedom and prosperity, and that can only come from a rebirth of the American entrepreneur – with no unnecessary federal governmental interference.

The highly publicized economist Mr. Milton Friedman is associated with his trickle-down theory of economics.
The theory actually claimed that if we allowed the super-rich to become even richer, wealth would trickle down to everyone.

Mr. Friedman, I know that the press has anointed you to be a world-class economist, but your trickle-down theory has been a disaster, except for those who own the major media that has given you such praise.

Friedman’s theory is actually the horse and sparrow theory: Give the horse enough oats and some oats will pass in the horse’s manure onto the street for the sparrows to pick out. And that is exactly what the American public has been getting: lots of horse manure, with damned few oats.

Increased taxes but reductions of public services

Of course, the super-rich bankers love Friedman’s theory. Why else would the corporate press have raised Mr. Friedman to sainthood? In any case, the trickle-down theory has become the basis of every US presidential administration from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama.

Real wealth is produced in the minds of entrepreneurs and in the resulting marketplace, with the government doing no more than enforcing fair play on a level field.

In this fashion our entrepreneurs will become rich, with their not-so-gifted brothers and sisters becoming our new middle class.

Hail to the American entrepreneur, and down with the conniving usurers of the private banking world whose skills start and end with instigating wars, buying off politicians, judges, and bureaucrats, and ruining healthy national and worldwide economies, along with the associated national infrastructures.

Nothing will improve in America until our government refutes our phony and illegal national debt to the foreign banking syndicate and then quickly indicts all banking moguls.

Next, the US Treasury Department should become the source of our currency and credit, the amount of the US dollar in existence commensurate with our gross domestic product.

This balance must be closely and wisely monitored by enlightened and honest public servants in order to prevent either inflation or deflation.

The more we produce in America, in terms of real goods and services, the more money and credit can there be – and should be.

The production of goods and services that people need and want should lead to more money and credit in existence for all working Americans – which can conceivably be ninety-five percent, or more, of the US population.

The production of war materials, so beloved by the banker’s military industrialists, is a dead end, which destroys rather than leads to more production and wealth.

Rather than destroying infrastructures abroad, we should rebuild our own. We need new bridges, better roads, deeper water ports, repairs to our national grid, and the cleaning up of our various water supplies.

All of that, along with a laissez faire national economic policy would lead to more national production, followed by greatly increased domestic and foreign sales.

Such success would allow our US Treasury Department to issue even more money and credit – all without income taxes or usurious interest payments to criminal, private, and foreign bankers.

May our government and citizens cease being debtors to a criminal syndicate.

Where did it all go? To criminal bankers and their lackeys in government.

We can, however, get it all back … and more. But we need the return of the great American entrepreneur, along with an honest and competent government.



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