Roof Collapses on Republican Party

Dylan Roof, GOP, Republicans

Dylan Roof, GOP, Republicans

By Johnny Punish

This past week Dylann Roof, the 20-year-old domestic terrorist who massacred 9 African Americans in a Charleston Church, has destroyed 7 years of Republican Party platforms that were foolishly centered on the mantra “Take Our Country Back”; a veiled reference to white supremacy giving them the trophy for making the biggest strategic mistake in modern political history.

And when I write their trademark phrase “Take Our Country Back”, I am talking about that most secret of codes that a very SMALL yet scrappy segment of the “white” population only share with one another masking that very real feeling that they are, sincerely and with amazing passion,  under attack by people that are not in “their” tribe.

At first the Republican Party was NOT all in but as soon as that black guy was elected U.S. President, they were in deep trouble because that SMALL segment quickly reacted from a deep seated tribal place so down into their soul that 99% of them can’t even articulate why they react with such vitriol towards the black guy.  Even the mention of his name gets a vomit-esque reaction from this highly emotional and passionate segment.

It’s real and NOT funny!

  • But why so strong?
  • Is Obama really that bad?
Former U.S. President and GOP Icon Ronald Reagan
Former U.S. President and GOP Icon Ronald Reagan

No of course not!


In fact, if Obama was “white” and named Reagan, he’d be their man taking the U.S. from 9% unemployment to 5% and turning the US from the depths of recession to the glory of being the number one producer of oil and gas in the whole world.

But he’s not white and his last name is not Reagan. He’s a black guy and that is all it takes.  And you thought tribal warfare was only happening in Iraq and Yemen?

Anyway, what does this have to do with Dylann Roof and the Republican Party?

Well, here me out……

You see this whole thing is very simple to understand. It’s really NOT that complex. It simply has to do with a SMALL group of people who identify with the white settlers that once dominated the culture of our country.  They sincerely and truly feel it is slipping away from them.  It is very real to them.

I know! I know! But really, that’s it.


FYI, I am considered “white” even though my ancestry is Arab and Southern Italian.  Funny thing, in early 1900s America, Italian immigrants were considered dirty darkies who practice voodoo Catholicism. Yeah, the calls for deportation back to un-white land were strong. Italian immigrants were treated like some today treat undocumented workers from our largest neighbor in Mexico.

Oh, and the Irish before the Italians were considered disgusting dirty people by the British Americans who disingenuously called themselves “Native Americans” as if they were better than the Irish immigrants.  I mean, who cares about facts when one is determined to be superior right?  But that’s how it is…..people are like that!


I mean, over the last 7 years, the SMALL segment of “white” Americans who feel under attack simply hate to their very core that black guy leading them.  They just don’t believe he is in their tribe.  They freakin’ hate it beyond belief!  That’s it! It’s that simple.

A 20th Century Relic Destined for the Museum of the Delusional

I know, I know…he’s not even “black”. His mom is white! I know! Crazy right?

Anyways the rest of it is simply varying manifestations of the same basic tenant that is deeply rooted.  It is a tribal conflict that is struggling but losing the battle.

I mean I can’t believe how confused people get on this very simple tribal aspect of what’s going on here.

U.S President Obama can find the cure to cancer, give every white tribal persona $ 50 Million, and back Jeb Bush for President and still, there would be no path for acceptance by this segment. It is that powerful of an emotion.

I am NOT making fun of it. No way!  This is way too serious to make fun of…

Instead, I empathize and feel bad for them. It really is a painful experience. So painful in fact that the best they could do is passive-aggressively express their anger by inventing indirect ways to get rid of him and return their tribe back to the Alpha species they truly believe themselves to be.


They tried to destroy him saying he was born in Kenya implying he’s NOT an American. They tried to brand him a Muslim as if that was a crime in of itself.  And they drew images of him and his wife as monkeys and so much more.  The list is too long for this article but all of you get the picture.

I mean groups on Facebook i.e. “1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama” are still trying even though it’s already over. There is no reason to “defeat him”.  I mean he’s not up for election. But still, each day, they post their vitriol in hopes that somehow, someway, they can remove him from office and return it to a person that is from “their tribe”. They are begging, pleading, hoping; for anything to save them from this sincerely felt indignity.

But alas it is not going to happen. And it never will!

Why because here came Dylann Roof; a product of the Republican Party’s embrace of the “take our country back” from the “person of color” and return it back to “our tribe”.



For 7 years, they spent their marketing time and energy on the vulnerable.  They pretended they were talking about policy on their GOP propaganda channel at Fox News when, in fact, they were just venting and hoping this embarrassing nightmare would all go away.

They had Hannity, Huckabee, O’Reilly, Megan Kelly, and more as their skilled talking heads always talking about more guns and taking back their country.

Taking it back from who?  We already have our country!

It was so bizarre because they speak like we are not in the same room with them.  It was really weird!


And then there he was …poor young Roof;  just a kid who grew up in this extremist irresponsible atmosphere under the Confederate Flag that was always destined to blow up in the antiquated delusional nostalgic yearning for yesteryear.

And last week the gunshots went off!

9 dead and the Republican platform was left massacred under the political rubble as it earned and deserved.

Civil War Soldier 155 years too late

In short, they bet on the white supremacy cause from the past century and they lost it all as the tsunami of national demographics and the global flat world crashed on them.

The final blow taking them out was poor lost soul Dylann Roof, the butcher of Charleston and the man who took the legs out from under every right-wing Republican racist vendor and white phony exceptionalist who thought they were so special, so important, so better than that “other species” that they could condescend to everyone who they judged to be not in “their tribe”.

I am talking about Hispanic Americans, Undocumented Workers who pick “their” tomatoes, American Muslims who are law-abiding citizens, Arab Americans who have been in America for over 100 years, and African Americans who have always been fine to keep around as long as they kept their mouths shut and did their slave jobs as Mazza told.

It’s that simple; not complex at all.  And now it is all over!

I mean since the white British conquered the indigenous peoples of the Americas, they were the dominant species of humans in the Northern part of North America.  They had the guns and the ambition.   And for over 200 years, they were the Indominus Rex.

It’s that deep folks. Really! I am not kidding.


Simply said, that small segment really believes with all their heart and being that they are superior based on 200 years of domination. They were holding on by a thread and Dylann Roof cut it for them! It is over now!

I mean here comes the 21st century. China now has the upper hand. Our politicians went global and our national demographic is full of hundreds of millions that do NOT belong to “their” tribe. Nothing is working out for them here anymore!  They are on the wrong side of history.

They are fighting to return to the past and every time they make that push, the leverage of time, demographics, global connections, and a world that has gone global hits them right in the face and pushes back with unbelievable power and indignation.

And that’s where we are now! But don’t fret! Its a much better for America now!  And Republicans too!  So keep reading…..


The families of the Charleston Massacre, with their forgiveness of Dylann Roof, have exposed the charade that is “Take Our Country Back” and exposed it as just another way of expressing their extreme frustration with the 21st century and their inability to cope and adjust to the reality of our times whereby there is no need for taking back our country. It is already our country.

They messed up!

The challenge for this small segment of the white population now is to take a step back, and reassess who they are and where they fit into the United States of America in our new 21st century. In short, they need to assimilate back into our American society.

And we welcome them!


In fact, the Republican Party already has gotten the message.

Yesterday Mister One Percenter Republican Mitt Romney called for the Confederate Flag to be taken down from the State Capitol in South Carolina. Wow right! He never would have said that in 2008! Are you kidding?

We have GOP-er Mike Huckabee empathizing with the families of the victims of Charleston and forced to end his take our country back mantra because it can no longer sell.


Because the next Republican that utters that phrase, well he will be labeled a racist extremist who hates America; as he or she should!


Now, the GOP has to make a decision. Do they want to continue to ignite a Civil War 2.0 or come back to mainstream America in our 21st century? DECISION TIME!

I believe they will make a good salient decision and come back to America!  I mean, they have a great opportunity to return back to the mainstream of 21st Century America.

By dropping their racist platforms, they can actually focus on the real challenges facing our country and actually discuss the issues with all of us now; every color, every religion, every gender…everyone!


So after we truly mourn the Americans who were massacred by this very sad soul named Roof, over time, I believe the American people will be 1000 times better off from top to bottom.

I believe we will look back at this flashpoint as the day America truly joined the 21st century and put the 20th century into the history books.


Here are some great things that I think will happen very soon;

  1. The Confederate Flag will be removed from all state capitols and sent to the museums where they belong. It will represent a true end of “White Supremacy Pride” and a true beginning of honoring our United States of America flag where we are all united.
  2. I predict that in the next 20 years, we will see an end to our government and our society classifying us as white, Hispanic, African American, Native American etc… and just call us U.S. Citizens. This will finally change our culture from looking at them vs. us and allow everyone to just be us; all of us.  In short, they will stop asking us what race with are on government forms!  We can just put down “Human Being”
  3. The Republican Party will return to become a party of the people as they genuinely drop their racist wings and all those politicians who refuse to embrace the future.
  4. South Carolina will erect 9 statues of the victims and put them in front of the state capitol as a reminder to all generations that we were once a racist bigoted angry country but overcame it and now work together for the best interests of the United States for all of our families.

What do you think?

I am interested to hear your comments below.

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