VT Custom Shop July 27, 2015 Pre 4th of July Sale


Most weapons here are custom designed and built by us. Others are “standards” or interest items. Included is the most extensive catalog of modern assault type weapons (almost exclusively AR based) in the world. Among these are things the US military only dreams of having.

Custom built weapons are usually range tested and, where needed, custom tuned and lubricated. There is always a break-in period for all semi-automatic weapons.

For further information or to purchase any of these guns, please contact Mike Chester at Chet’s Firearms of Howell, Michigan. [email protected] or phone 517-548-9558. Ask for Mike. Prices do not include shipping to your local FFL.

The “Franken Pistol” .223 Monster

fff_410 fff_411 fff_412 fff_413

This is the lightest and most compact “truck gun” in history.  The polycarbonate lower receiver with brass reinforcements is proven stronger than its aluminum counterparts. We have created the smallest platform possible to humble in famous MP5, beating it with 4x the range, 3x the energy, with no recoil, less weight and a perfect optics platform.


Super premium 8.5 inch .223 barrel with A2 flash hider

Full auto rated bolt carrier group

Forged aluminum upper receiver

Tennesee Arms “Ghost” Lower Receiver with brass fittings and DPMS trigger

Odin Works 7 inch Keymod quad rail ($200 value)

Troy Industries QD Swivel Assembly ($60 value)

Ergo soft rubber custom pistol grip ($45 value)

1-4.5 power AR illuminated 26mm tactical scope ($220 value)

Quick Release scope mount with accessory platform ($80 value)


AK Pistol on AR Platform, Devastator

fff_415 fff_416 fff_417 fff_418 fff_419

This thing is an incredible shooter, much lighter than an AK Pap, no recoil and it pounds out fire.  Key, of course, is that it uses inexpensive and plentiful 7.62×39 Ammunition.
7.5 inch Phosphate coated barrel
A-2 style muzzle brake
10 inch tube handguard
Magpul MOE pistol grip
Full auto rated bolt carrier group
Special extended buffer tube for arm brace
Shockwave Blade arm brace
UAG Holographic Red Dot
20 round magazine

Sig P 226 DAK


fff_199Used Police Trade In

In DAK, Double Action Kellerman. This is the weapon the feds use, as good a combat weapons as exists. This is an alloy frame designed by the US military and carried by Navy SEALS. You should get one anyway.

Grips: Black Polymer Factory Grips

Slide FinishNitron®

Features: Accessory Rail, DAK Trigger

MSRP$1,108.00 Price $499 SALE

AR10 Carbine .308 16 inch 11q_32511q_324Delivering a premium AR10 for under $1000 is a challenge without cutting corners. We use a premium barrel and fully finished full-auto bolt carrier. With scope in place, match iron sights are totally usable. Furniture is top rate including a custom front rail. Modular design allows this to strip down to super-light field gun, SWAT sniper or gun-safe queen. This is the only 800 meter buffered action semi-automatic carbine in the world.

  • Premium 16 inch .308 barrel
  • Forged aluminum upper and lower receiver with door and forward assist ($100 value)
  • Full auto rated bolt carrier group
  • Custom pistol grip ($45 value)
  • Carry handle with dual aperture match grade sight(works with adjustable front sight post) ($40 value)
  • Carry handle pic rail mount ($30 value)
  • Barksa 3-9X40mm variable power scope ($80 value)
  • Aluminum lower pic rail for handguard ($30 value)
  • UTG Harris style bipod ($70 value)
  • Blackhawk stock (ACS stock shown in picture) ($100 value)
  • A-2 style muzzle brake
  • 20 round magazine
  • $1299
  • $999 

Sig P250 Compact 9mm (suppressor ready)

1 2 3 getPart

Sig Sauer P-250 compact 9 mm with suppressor ready threaded barrel and extra grip

2 grip modules included (medium and large accommodate different hand sizes)

  • Item Number 250C-9-BSS-TB
  • Caliber 9mm Action TypeDAO
  • Barrel Length 3.9 in
  • Sight Radius 5.8 in
  • Weight w/Mag26.5 oz. Mag
  • Capacity15 rounds
  • Sights SIGLITE® Night Sights
  • Grips Interchangeable Polymer Frame
  • Finish Black Polymer
  • Slide Finish Nitron® Accessory

Rail Yes

Threaded barrel with cap.

MSRP $608.00 ( CA Compliant No MA Compliant No) $479 – Brand New

Star Super B 9mm 1911 Pistolfff_192fff_191These are police pistols from Spain in 9mm “single stack.” These are virtually identical to a 1911 .45. The barrels are perfect, finish excellent and are exceedingly accurate. These are very solid, dependable weapons that can handle tremendous abuse.


Walter PPX 9mm Two Tone


These are German made Walther’s. This is a full size 9mm and an excellent weapon.



Finish:Brushed Stainless
Trigger Pull:6.5 lbs
Barrel Length:4″
Capacity:16 rnds
Overall Length:7.3″
Weight (empty mag):1.7 lbs.
2 Magazines included

$389 – Brand new

Zastava M88 9mm Pistolfff_195fff_189

Includes 2 magazines

$259 – Brand new

Glock 21 .45ACP
fff_196 fff_197

  • Barrel: 117 mm / 4.60 in.

Magazine Capacity: Standard: 13

  • 2 Magazines



Dan Wesson .357 Model 15 8″ Revolver




Rare Dan Wesson .357 with excellent trigger


300 Blackout M4 Carbine

11q_228 11q_227 11q_226Loadout:

  • 16 inch premium Melonite barrel
  • Blackhawk stock
  • Custom pistol grip
  • Custom Flash Suppressor
  • 15 inch Custom Free Float handguard with rails
  • Forged Aluminum upper and lower receiver
  • Full automatic rated bolt carrier group
  • 3-9x 40mm Bushnell illuminated red/green scope
  • 30 round magazine

Price: 839.00

This rifle has been sold, but we have the parts in stock to build another like it.

Limited Edition Ghost Pistol .223

1 2 3 getPartLoadout:

  • 7.5 inch .223/5.56mm Wylde barrel
  • 10 inch custom ultralight handguard
  • KAK industries Flash Can (within a can, a VT exclusive)
  • “Ghost” Tennessee Arms Polycarbonate/Brass Reinforced Lower Receiver
  • Aluminum Forged upper receiver
  • DPMS trigger group
  • Full auto rated bolt carrier group
  • Ergo custom pistol grip
  • Padded pistol buffer system “upgrade to Sigtac/Blade available)
  • Mini-Red/Green CQB Holographic sight with riser

Price: $729 – Memorial Day Sale $599 through June 30

VT Custom M4 Carbine in .223

1 2 getPartLoadout:

  • 16 inch M4 barrel
  • Forged aluminum upper Bushmaster upper with built-in carry handle (not a flat top) Also available without a handle
  • Forged aluminum lower receiverlower receiver
  • Full auto rated bolt carrier group
  • 10 inch aluminum free float quad rail w/end cap
  • Foregrip with pop-out bipod
  • Custom pistol grip
  • (0ptional iron sight capability)

$669 with optic ($749 with match iron sights)

.308 24 inch Sniper Rifle (Limited Production)


As with most of our products, we can redress this as a field gun with adjustable stock, premium iron sights and red dot. As it sits, this will do the job.
24 in. stainless barrel by DPMS
Matrix Aerospace upper and lower
Nickel boron bolt carrier
6-24X50 scope mounted on cantilever mount
13 in. quad rail, low profile super-premium
UTG Harris style bipod with quick disconnect
Articulating sniper stock
custom pistol grip
20 round magazine



AR10 18 inch Sniper Platform .308 Limited Production

(a “G” favorite)

With sniper grip
With sniper grip



We go as light as possible on this weapon to support a match grade 18 inch sniper barrel. Optic is a super-premium Eterna, very bright, utterly clear. I would call this one of the best combat weapons in the world but, truth be told, it is more of a hunter. This is a personal design and picking this up is like “comin’ home to mama.”


  • Upper and Lower receiver: Matrix Aerospace matched set ($465 value)
  • Barrel: DPMS 18 inch fluted bull sniper system ($600 value)
  • Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group ($275 value)
  • Keymod ultra-slim 13 inch rail ($275 value)
  • Brunton Eterna 1.5-5 26mm scope ($600 value)
  • Forged Aluminum 1 inch riser ($30 value)
  • Custom grip ($45 value)
  • UTG A2 .308 Stock and Buffer System


Tactical Cat

M1919 Semi Automatic Shotgun 12 Bore/3 inch Magnum 5 plus 1


Video (unknown person) makes it clear why we like these. Magnum ammo, unless you are big like the dude in the video, is an experience. This thing is for either blowing cars apart or for someone facing really serious personal security issues or both, as is often the case.

Type: gas operated, semi-automatic
Gauge: 12, 3″ / 76mm chamber
Length: 964 mm
Barrel length: 470 mm
Weight 3.25 kg empty
Capacity: 5 rounds in detachable box magazine

11q_094 11q_093

$579 (magazine shown below is “aftermarket”)

An “Old School” AR Pistol

5.56mm/.223 Wylde

gg_085 gg_083 gg_080 gg_083Exactly like a MAC 10 but a thousand times better. Perfect ergonomics, perhaps the scariest “business end” view in town and light as a feather…

Additional rail space is on the scope, 6 inches of it, room for a mini red dot, light and laser, all where the balance needs to be.


7.5 inch chrome lined 5.56mm/.223 Wylde super premium barrel $250 value
Full Automatic rated bolt carrier group
Aluminum Free Float Tube ($155 value)
KAK Industries Flash can ($70 value)
Ergo rubberized lower grip ($65 value)
SigTac Stabilization Brace ($149 value)
8.45 inch Custom Pistol Buffer Assembly ($85 value)
End Cap/Swivel ($65 value)
Brunton Eterna 1-5x AR Scope ($499 value)
Cantilevered 6 rail/12 screw riser mount ($100 value)
Magpul 30 round magazine ($20 value)


SigTac Custom “Can within a Can” .223 Pistol

All Business

gg_065gg_066 gg_068 gg_067

“Imagine staring down a barrel big enough for a rat to crawl out”

By “all business,” we really mean it. This is absolutely perfect ergonomics and top components in a unique custom design. Can anyone say this isn’t a “bad boy?” Moving us back in time to when the grease gun and MAC 10/Ingram were hottest things around. We built on this tradition, cutting the weight in half, doubling the range and accuracy and, oddly enough, not violating any laws either.


7.5 inch chrome lined 5.56mm/.223 Wylde super premium barrel $250 value
Full Automatic rated bolt carrier group
9 Inch Aluminum Free Float Tube ($155 value)
KAK Industries Flash can ($70 value)
Ergo rubberized lower grip ($65 value)
SigTac Generation 2 Stabilization Brace ($149 value)
8.45 inch Custom Pistol Buffer Assembly ($85 value)
End Cap/Swivel ($65 value)
BSA Red Dot ($79 value)
Magpul 30 round magazine ($20 value)

$749 Complete



CZ-70 Pistol 7.65 Browning (Mil Surp)


This is a used CZ-70 pistol chambered in the 7.65 Browning (32ACP) It is the civilian model of the famous VZ-70 used by the Czech military and is based on the world famous Walther PP design. We have gone through this gun completely and replaced all of the internal springs and the sear. The exterior has been touched up, but it has not been totally restored to new condition. It is all black, but the photos show reflections from the slide that make it appear as a two tone. It comes with 2 7 round magazines and a hard plastic case. It is fully capable of shooting modern .32ACP ammo, both full metal jacket and hollow point. We are offering it for $249.00.


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. Gordon’s Latest Posts
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