Swallow Them All, You Useless Eater!


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No matter what the people of the world want or need there is a collection of negative agendas that are rolling over humanity despite all protests. These oligarchical sponsored governmental actions are seriously detrimental to mankind.

No matter how indigestible these strong doses of poison are, we are expected to swallow them all.

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) wrote, “A constitution defines and limits the powers of the government it creates. It therefore follows, as a natural and also logical result, that the governmental exercise of any power not authorized by the constitution is assumed power and therefore illegal.”

What Mr. Paine wrote was not only logical, but true – meaning it could be legally argued that all of the agendas exercised by the US government since 9/11 are assumed powers, which are illegal.

Unfortunately, the American federal government has attained so much illegal power it can continue to operate illegally with impunity; in other words, our government has become a tyranny.

Perhaps the government’s most serious trespass against its citizens and transgression against God is the official national policy of torturing human life.


The US policy of torturing human beings began in the George Walker Bush administration and has sadly continued throughout the Barack Obama presidency. This begins the long litany of proofs that all the disastrous agendas against mankind have been supported by both political parties (Democrats and Republicans), with torture being the most heinous sin against logos – divine law.

Permanent War

There has certainly been bi-partisan agreement on permanent war ever since our massive Shock and Awe bombing attack on Iraq. Americans betrayed by the western media were repeatedly told there were weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq and the country must be bombed. What Americans did not figure on was the cost in terms of dollars and lives.

Slowly but surely, the US consensus for more war has begun to fall apart, and with good reason: every war invasion has resulted in our having to maintain a war footing in that country forevermore.

But still, strong public opinion against more bombing attacks on innocent and defenseless nations has made no difference to either Republican or Democrat politicos – our senseless wars continue, if only by secretly organizing, funding, equipping, arming, and directing terrorists groups.

So who’s driving these immoral wars? There seems to be a force that dictates terms to the bad actors in Washington who so poorly pretend to represent our interests. That double-dealing, traitorous gaggle of male (and female) prostitutes in Washington are put in place to give us the illusion that our federal government is running the show. They are not.

Senators, representatives, agency heads, judges, and presidents work for a dark force that runs our government through their control of the western intelligence apparatus.

With the unlimited funding from international bankers and illicit drug trafficking, coupled with advanced surveillance techniques, black ops in the US/NATO/Israeli intelligence services control our entire federal government, with few citizens being the wiser.

And that is the reason that these evil agendas keep suppressing us, all but crushing us, the American people, and the people of the world.

Nuclear Power Plants

Extreme-Dangers-of-Fukushima-Radiation-GloballyNear and far, electricity produced from nuclear power plants is touted as clean energy. The electricity may be clean, but the nuclear energy used to produce it is deadly to animal and plant life. The carbon spread from coal-powered plants is far safer than the leaking radiation from 443 nuclear reactors from 30 countries around the world.

The radiation leakage from the operation of these nuclear plants is, however, not our only problem.

Scientific American magazine tells us that in America, alone, nuclear power plants have produced about 64,000 metric tons of radioactive waste, with no safe place to store any of it.

But instead of protecting the public and closing down all nuclear power plants, some negative force is ensuring that there are 66 more nuclear power plants being built.

This is insanity. Have we learned nothing from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, or Fukushima?

So why does the worldwide nuclear power industry exist in spite of all the obvious and serious reasons it should not?

One of the reasons is that atomic power plants have been, and are, Trojan Horses for the production of a massively large number of nuclear weapons.

These so-called “peaceful” nuclear reactors inevitably provide the necessary building materials for atomic bombs, missiles, rockets, and depleting* uranium (DU) weaponry. DU is a byproduct of the enriched uranium used in nuclear reactors.

*Please note how the media controllers call DU “depleted” uranium instead of the far more accurate term “depleting” uranium. DU has a half-life of billions of years, with no known way of cleaning it up once it has been dispersed in war or testing.

Those who support the worldwide nuclear power industry work for Satan, whether they know it or not.

Depleting Uranium (DU)

depleted uraniumThe US/NATO/Israeli militaries have expended thousands of tons of DU from the Balkans to all over the Middle East, causing untold cases of disease and cancer – crimes that are little reported by the controlled corporate media.

In the First Gulf War, 320 to 800 tons of DU were used, scattering 14,000 to 36,000 times more radiation than did the atomic bomb America dropped on Hiroshima.

Considering the fact that DU radiates our own troops and is only effective against tanks, armored personnel carriers, and hardened installations, what gives?

In fact, there has never been a tactical or strategic justification for the use of DU in the Balkans or the Middle East.

As our world has been driven into insanity, and beyond, it is almost as if Earth is being prepared for a strange life species that thrives within heavy, deadly radioactivity.

Police State

Is a global police state being set up to quell the coming financial/economic riots and enforce a world government?

It seems so.

The halcyon days of relative freedom and tranquility of the fabulous ‘50s were abruptly ended with the cruel assassination of President John F. Kennedy on the 22nd of November, 1963, by intelligence agents.

Then the coup de grace was leveled on the American people with the grossly mislabeled Patriot Acts after the 9/11 false flag. Ever since then, a police state has been engulfing the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has told us much about our forming police state in his monograph entitled America’s Police Brutality Pandemic.

The endless US “war on terrorism” quickly turned into widespread campaigns to torture innocents in the Middle East, while rendering millions homeless amid universal ruin, disease, and radiation. Then terrorists, wearing police uniforms and carrying Tasers and automatic weapons, began to overrun our own country.

Dr. Roberts wrote, “Ironically, Bush’s ‘war on terror’ has made America less safe at home by diminishing US civil liberty and turning an epidemic of US police brutality into a pandemic … we are not safe anywhere from police.”

Gratuitous brutality by police invariably ends with an arrest, often based on bogus charges; and even when the truth is videoed, few officers are imprisoned, fired, or disciplined.

From our local city fathers to the US Congress to the White House, no one seems to have the power to even slow this roaring tide of savagery.

Exacerbating the growing specter of police inhumanity has been the huge militarization of the 17,000 police organizations in America. Inexplicably, even our small departments have been equipped with machine guns, millions of hollow-point bullets, heavy grenade launchers, armored personnel carriers, tanks, and aircraft.

Worse yet, US intelligence agents have been force-feeding US cops anabolic steroids, which greatly increase a male’s testosterone and can make him irrational. Irrationality, uncommon strength, and a low IQ* does not a wise police officer make.

*Google: Lower IQ requirements for police.

And if you have not noticed, there have been no Congressional investigations about cops on the juice, while every so often some phony representative of the people (senator or congressperson) will make a big fuss over some major league baseball player using steroids.

To Serve and Protect is no longer the role of Peace Officers; indeed, today such officers are even labeled as “Law Enforcers,” and there are hundreds of thousands of pages of laws to enforce.

What sinister force is driving the home of the free into a police state?



There is a great mystery afoot across our country – Chemtrails.

Chemtrail is short for the trails visible in the sky as high-flying jumbo jets dump toxic chemicals and metals into the atmosphere.

Chemicals? Metals? Into the air we breathe? Yes, toxins such as barium, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, and nickel. And from time to time perhaps some desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, radioactive thorium, influenza strains, and various nano particles.

Could there be a bizarre synergistic connection between these hundreds of thousands of chemtrails and all the leaking nuclear power plants, atomic testing, and the tens of thousands of tons of DU released into our world?

Who knows, as no one in officialdom is talking. They all pretend that all the chemtrails we see daily do not exist.

And the mainstream media? When have you ever heard any mention of chemtrails in the corporate media?

When were chemtrails discussed in any of the presidential debates?

When has the New York Times (All the news that’s fit to print) used the word “chemtrail” except to belittle those who have tried to sound the chemtrail alarm?

And why is Greenpeace ignoring this constant, critical bombardment of poisons across our country? Are they part of the Controllers’ controlled opposition?

These fiendish aerosol weapons being used against us have largely gone unnoticed by the general public and all but unreported by the major media. What good is a democracy if we are saddled with a tightly controlled media that limits our national news and discourse?

This obvious blackout has gone on for decades in spite of the fact that daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tangible proof has been poured onto our heads telling us we have been and are being controlled by a sinister force.

One of the secondary reasons for chemtrails, suspected by some, is to warm our environment. In this way, the global warming alarmists can finally have actual proof that the earth is warming.

The Anthropogenic (Man-Made) Global Warming/Climate Change Religion

global climate scamThe man-made climate change hoax has become so widely and fervently believed that some are calling for the actual arrest of anthropogenic global warming or climate change deniers.

Of course these climate change/global warming faithfuls are afraid – afraid that the denying apostates might just prevent all the new laws, regulations, restrictions, taxes, and drastic changes in lifestyles planned by the force that is behind the global warming/climate change scare.

These global warming loyalists need not worry, however, as the real power on earth will have their way; but the global warming enthusiasts (and the quasi-enthused) will become badly disappointed with the fate they have so long asked for – with the United Nation’s Agenda 21 perhaps being the lightest of their new burdens.

This fraudulent religion began simply as man-made global warming, with CO2 (carbon dioxide) being the main culprit.

Then when it became obvious to most everyone that the seasons seemed to be getting colder, the great switch began in the controlled, corporate media: Global Warming became Climate Change.

The words “climate change” were perfect for the international fraudsters as any abnormal weather could then be attributed to man and his CO2.

So now when we have abnormally cold weather (even in the summer), it is said to be caused by climate change, caused by global warming, caused by man and his CO2 emissions.

But whatever it is called, it must be caused by man for the scheme to work.

What the mainstream corporate media purposely overlooks is CO2 does not cause higher temperatures; warmer weather produces more CO2 in the atmosphere, which is wonderful news.

You see, plant life feeds on CO2. Plant life needs CO2. More CO2 means more food for animals and humans.

And most importantly, plants give us the oxygen necessary for human and animal life.

No CO2 in our world means no life on earth, which may be exactly what the clandestine controllers of our world are working toward.

Mass Illegal Immigration

Despite wide public disapproval, there seems to be no way to stop the United States of America from taking on a decisive south of the border flavor.

But that is not the whole story.

Many of the thousands of immigrants flooding across our southern border are bringing with them contagious diseases that includes scabies, MRSA, staph, chickenpox, foot & mouth, TB, hepatitis, leprosy, influenza, and dengue.

Most of these immigrants are unskilled, and uneducated. Some are criminals or gang members.

A sane approach to the hunger, disease, and ignorance in the world is to first not become influenced by it by not allowing it into our own country. As a strong viable nation, we can then best improve those foreign conditions. As a weak nation we are helpless to help others or even ourselves.

The covert goal of the Controllers is to bring Europe and all English-speaking countries down to third-world status.

The United States has more foreign-born residents than any nation on earth with forty-five million people.

Clearly there is an undeclared plan to destroy America’s national identity, and thereby weaken it.

One in every five people in the world living outside their country of birth live in the United States.

9/11 False Flag

All of these disturbing agendas largely began after two watershed events: the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag.

Was the 9/11 disaster an inside job? With no equivocation, the answer is yes.

For those of you who want accurate details of the 9/11 cover-up, watch Christopher Bollyn’s YouTube video entitled NEW 2015! Solving 9/11.

In the preface of the video it is stated that …

Mr. Bollyn demonstrates the concept of “State Craft” which is the involvement of one or more nations in the crime.

It begins with state level planning by well funded and organized planners.

Then the act is carried out by former or current special forces or mercenaries for hire.

While Mr. Bollyn exposes the active participators in bringing about the atrocity on the 11th of September, 2001, he falls well short (as we all do) in the actual identification of the alarming but unknown coterie behind 9/11 and all the other evil agendas now being perpetrated on earth.

Of course, the Rothschild’s banking oligarchy controls the governments on earth, but who or what manipulates those criminal moguls?

Other Agendas

It would take a thick book to list and describe all the covert operations in play against Americans and the human race. A partial listing of those subjects would include fluoride, aspartame, vaccines, GMO foods, major media propaganda, enforced substandard education, and a degradation of our moral and ethical standards.

The net result of these covert attacks on Americans has been nothing less than disastrous.

They have brought about a loss of our collective conscience, accompanied by a permanently dependent underclass, a swollen prison population, crushing debt, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling compulsions, crime, a preoccupation with sexual fetishes, and infidelity.

The awareness level of some US citizens has fallen so low that they would salute a new national flag (given enough media support) made up of a pyramid, with rainbow-colored stripes, topped with Lucifer’s all-seeing eye with long false eyelashes and heavy mascara.

Underneath the New World Order pyramid could be the words –

In Usury, War, and the Media We Trust.

Increasingly it seems that our country is closing in on a systemic failure of its institutions, due not so much to the above agendas, as to public apathy and ignorance of the existence of those agendas.

The banking oligarchs who control us think we are are a country made up of useless eaters, blindly swallowing all the agendas imposed upon us – that, however, is changing.

Never before in recorded history have these alien sub-humans tried to force so much negativity upon mankind.

Why is this?

The very ferocity of their attacks since 9/11 have woken up so many people to the truth of the alien crimes that the vibrational frequency of America and country after country is speeding up, making earth more inhospitable to the actions that cause pain and suffering.

But as psychotics are wont to do, they ignorantly continue to impose more negative agendas upon us (thus, then waking up more people), hoping they can overwhelm the growing speed up of mankind’s collective vibrational frequency – exactly the losing strategy.

Everything in the universe vibrates at some speed or another, and the faster your vibration is the more alive you are; dead bodies vibrate slowly.

The recognition of truth speeds one’s vibrational frequency.

Conditions on earth will worsen, but adverse epochs eventually improve. And with more wonderful people like you continuing to awaken to truth, we will prevail.



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