Are Zionists Ending Western Civilization and Themselves?


by Speer-Williams – [email protected]



The Zionist control over Germany before Hitler took power was probably as great as the Zionist control over Russia before Putin rose to power.

So, the question arises: how did Hitler attain such power if the Zionists did not bring it about?

Was a young Hitler programmed at the Tavistock Institute in London, England to become Germany’s Fuhrer?

hitlerWas Hitler forced into a war he knew he could not win against the US, UK, and the Soviet Union?

Certainly he was. There are mountains of evidence proving that to be the case.

Would Hitler have kept the peace while cleaning out his government of over-represented Jewish-German traitors?

cleaning_in_progressWould Hitler have maintained his country as the strongest nation in Europe, defeating all Zionist economic sanctions, as Putin has done in Russia?

The Zionists had to have war, as they knew Hitler would accomplish the above.

Moreover, the Zionists, for their own propagandistic reasons, needed WW II, despite all the destruction, misery, and death it caused.

The never-ending genocide in the Middle East is serving two Zionist purposes: forever irradiating and destabilizing all Arabic nations, and bringing about WW III.

It is interesting that leading up to WW III, Putin of Russia is in much the same position that Hitler was prior to WW II.

Putin was brought to power by the Zionists and he is likely to turn on them as Hitler did.

But, unlike WW II, when the Allies had the military edge, in WW III, Russia, China, and Iran would have a decided advantage.

genocideSo expect the next American president (whomever it is) to obey the Zionist’s order to bomb Iran into rubble (which could start WW III).

Today, Russia and China are in a far better condition to withstand an all-out nuclear war than America and Europe.

The Zionist leadership, clearly suicidal and psychopathic, will attempt (in their insanity) to destroy most of the world.

But, will they be able to do it?

Will Russia and China prevail?

It seems that nothing short of near earthly annihilation will eliminate the Zionist scourge from our world.

It is a shame that so many of us will have to pay the ultimate price in order to achieve a Zionist-free world.

May God bless our souls, even if we do not deserve it.


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