Oathkeeping for Organized Crime in Ferguson



… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Last week, Oathkeepers, a group founded by Stewart Rhodes, really not a bad guy, were arrested for planning to kill American military (read Americans, our kids, VT people).  Rhodes had nothing to do with it.  These were people who were duped by internet trolls based on rumors spread around by InfoWars, Jim Fetzer and a pack of bible thumping “end times” clowns scraping out a living selling quack medicines and peddling fear porn.

This is a sad crew but don’t say they don’t have a master.  Behind it all is the Bronfman crime family out of Canada, the Mexican drug cartels, AIPAC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL and the Bush neocon parade.

This is simply divide and conquer right wing, read “Zionist” politics, spreading lies, disinformation, bizarre conspiracy theories and working very much against the people of the United States.

If anything the Oathkeepers, not the brightest bulbs in the pack, are the victims here.  You see, running around with assault rifles is perfectly legal in the US and the Oathkeepers are totally correct to show force.  Problem is that they are poorly lead, poorly informed and find themselves as with the Brady Bunch Ranch, invariably on the wrong side…with the “bad guys.”

You see, you can’t support the constitution and run around playing thug for Wall Street which is exactly what they are doing.  Everyone involved here that talks about the constitution wouldn’t recognize it if it was stuck up their asses.  Here are the real problems, which aren’t so dramatic:

  1. The Israel lobby and gambling boss Shelly Adelson bribing American politicians.
  2. Controlled news, which InfoWars is a prime example of.
  3. Gerrymandering (look it up) which makes America a dictatorship.  Stewart Rhodes needs to do some studying.
  4. The Supreme Court and “Citizens United.”  Stewart Rhodes needs to look this up too and understand how this is what is really responsible for the dictatorship he so rightly is recognizing but so “accidentally” on the wrong side of.

These 4 items are the primary threats to American independence and force of law under the real and quite forgotten constitution.  The problem is that our armed group, nice people though they are, are on the wrong side of each of these vital issues. In doing so, they are if anything as “anti-constitution” as possible.

Where there to be an group that valued an oath, there are some guidelines I would recommend.

  1. Don’t get into bed with dogs, you will wake up with fleas.
  2. Armed people who oppose the rights of working people, things like health insurance, minimum wage protection, schools and environment are “Nazis” not “oath keepers.”
  3. When backing those who sent us into illegal wars, set up the DHS, pushed through the Patriot Acts and set up gulags around the world and then try to tell us they are protecting our rights, don’t be surprised if we push back just a little bit.

Quite officially, VT (a rather large organization, not just armed to the teeth but at least somewhat educated as well) will continue to distance itself from the Zionst/Neocon circus run by Alex Jones and the Bronfmans.








We also totally “get it” that running from one staged event to another, protecting a chiseling nut case farmer, helping the “evil negros” that the right really and the “armed white folk” really despise and standing up against what democracy we have left is not for us no matter how much fun it might be.

However, we support Oathkeeper’s right to be in Ferguson and armed to the teeth.  That they are there, or so they tell us, to “defend” paid internet disinformationists working with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group we recognize as anti-American and genuinely dangerous, is a problem.

There are real issues out there, real people dying every day defending our freedoms, such as they are.  They are defending themselves and us from the brutal militarists of Kiev, of Ankara, of Tel Aviv, from ISIS, from Boko Haram, from Al Shebab, from Saudi and Israeli planes, from tactical nuclear weapons.  

There are millions today hiding in their homes, being shelled in Damascus and across Syria, Kurdish families being bombed by Turkey with US complicity, the Yemeni people under attack by Saudi Arabia and Israel and across Africa tens of millions live in fear because they have been targeted by “the right.”

You think this all isn’t organized?  You think these aren’t Wall Street-Tel Aviv wars of imperialism, with willing complicity on behalf of extremist Arab monarchies?

When you pick up the paper or browse to the fictional news and read of Syrian, Chinese or Russian “crimes against humanity,” read “failing to submit,” are you aware that you are passively complicit in an unimaginable evil? The militas defending us today, cleaning up the messes of the Neocon right in America, are the Shiites and Sunnis advancing on Ramadi in 130 degree heat.

America, the America built and poisoned by the right, the controlled press, the money in politics, the foreign lobby’s, Israel, Turkey, others, has made America the enemy of freedom to much of the real world.  Russia and Iran are more respected and rightly so.  You see, they haven’t killed anyone.

Worse still, Americans are doing everything they can, every day of their lives, to make it all worse, to cause more suffering, more killing and to spread police state dictatorship around the world the way it was done during the Cold War.  Today, the only wars we have are, as any educated person knows, the wars America, or whoever rules America, invented to replace “Communism.”

Those pandering fear porn here inside America are simply part of the process, hardly protecting freedoms and certainly not protecting a “constitution.” Idiocy is no excuse.

Where America’s freedoms are being defended is in Lebanon and Syria, Hezbollah fighters are dying for American freedoms.  YPG, PKK and Pergmersha fighters, all the Kurds are dying for America, fighting the enemies of American freedoms, enemies financed, armed and supported by the American right our “militia types” are supporting.

Our rights are being defended in Yemen, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and maybe even in Afghanistan by people few are aware have never been our enemies.  Over 17,000 Iranians have died at the hands of terrorists, almost all CIA financed.

Maybe this is why we are seeing endless “distractions.”

Let’s get this very straight, this is nothing but a political circus to promote a right wing agenda totally against the rights of working Americans.  You can’t serve the Israeli lobby, which is what these organizations are doing, without supporting their narrative of total control of American society by the select families of inbred morons.

These are the folks that took over the US in the 2000 coup d etat and sent us into a decade of war crimes, false flag terrorism and police state dictatorship.  We have been slowly cleaning the mess up for 7 years and will resist attempts to move us back under Bush/Netanyahu control.

We have had “rule by the stupid” before.  Smart people have guns too. Stupid is as stupid does.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.