Baby-busters, the New Underclass


by  Preston James and Mike Harris


As America passed into the 21st century, baby-boomers were on top of the World, most able to live well and enjoy the many fruits of their lifetime of hard work.

Great opportunities for good educations and jobs after WW2 and shared the ability to acquire and accrue wealth propelled many to become the epitome of the upper middle class in America.

Most Baby-boomers became able to acquire nice homes and even had the money to buy new cars every several years if they desired. Most had built up considerable bank savings and retirement accounts that were paying good interest rates even surpassing the always continuing but then muted effects of inflation.

It is not an exaggeration to conclude that most Baby-boomers were able to thus attain the true “American Dream” in almost every way imaginable.

Many were even able to afford second vacation homes and regular vacations, some able to travel to exotic foreign locations via various expensive tour packages. Most of those who were already retired before the massive economic reset occurred in late 2007, were living very comfortable lives with plenty of retirement earnings to spend on consumer goods and great hope for the future. Many set well thought out will and planned to leave substantial estates to their children.

Of course along the way some lost their economic prowess and standing through the various plagues of modern man, the massive legal costs of an unexpected divorce, or the rare but still significant devastation of a runaway alcohol or drug addiction, or unexpected health problems and serious illnesses. But in general when the major economic set occurred back in 2007 (also known as the Great Recession or as some now call it the muted depression), Baby-boomers were living “the good life” and were seemingly quite economically secure with large savings, large retirement accounts and large dividends and interest payments provided.

But then when the housing bubble began to burst in 2007 as it was engineered to do by criminal acts of financial fraud by the real but secret owners and controllers of the private Federal Reserve System and their lackeys and cutouts, Baby-boomers found themselves in a situation where their assets accrued through a lifetime of hard work and saving began to suddenly and progressively shrink and even disappear forever.

This economic setback for the Baby-boomers was so severe that in many cases it began to transform them into what is best described by use of the new term “Baby-busters”, a term coined by VT’s own Mike Harris who will probably be having a lot to say on this subject during the month of October on his VT Radio Program, “The Short End of the Stick”.

Yes, as many of these well-off Baby-boomers who were beneficiaries of post WW2 prosperity became devastated by the recession beginning in 2007 that truly blindsided them. Thus increasing numbers of these Baby-boomers became “busted” financially, a term signifying major economic/financial setback and loss. Thus the use of the term Baby-busters to describe this unexpected reversal of fortune and extreme downward mobility of this formerly quite successful group of hard working Americans.

The term Baby-boomer was coined by economists after WW2 to describe the huge population increase (boom) after WW2 when victorious American Soldiers came home and after a tough start, shared in what was to become regarded as the Golden Age of America.

Many Baby-boomers became unemployed, unemployable and lost most or all of their assets after 2007.

During Congressional hearings about their claimed “much needed bailout” they were strongly recommending lest we sink to Martial Law overnight, these Banksters didn’t seem to be too concerned about the losses being imposed on the American taxpayer by their proposed Bailout. In fact they had a good laugh over all of it. These men seem to have taken kinky pleasure in watching the American economic system sink financially, bringing loss and ruin to so many good Americans.

Since 2007, many Baby-boomers who were at the peak of well paying professional careers, some CEO’s of major companies, experienced engineers or highly educated professionals with advanced degrees, suddenly found themselves unemployed as their companies either shrunk, were bought by foreigners or even went out of business forever.

Many of these hard working top professionals became suddenly unemployed and completely unemployable since there were few employers left would hire folks they considered so overqualified.

How tragic it is for these folks who worked hard all their lives, and saved and scrimped in the early years to be so blatantly asset stripped of all their assets. Certainly this is rally not much different than being held up by an armed robber. Sad when the USG serves as the Bankster’s hired enforcer but that’s the way it will remain until the masses rise up and stop this experienced kinky enjoyment

An epidemic of poverty and desperate measures to survive became a new way of life for many of these formerly top achieving, formerly highly successful Baby-boomers, now best described as Baby-busters hanging on for dear life.

Here is how the mega Wall Street banks fleece the American public. This video can be found on Jonas Alexis’s excellent new VT article here.

Why the new label baby-buster?

Why this new label Baby-buster? Because they are busted financially with little hope of any recovery since the American economy just seems to continue worsening. What else could we expect with all the so-called “Free Trade” Agreements have exported almost every single good job opportunities out of America.

And for those Baby-boomers who have been able to survive this serious recession unscathed with their incomes intact or their business still thriving, do not think that this dire economic situation will not eventually significantly erode your income and wealth unless drastic action is now taken to reverse it.

Many baby-boomers who have become baby-busters are spending down any principals left just to survive since Social Security doesn’t go very far, thanks to the continuing debasement of the US Dollar’s value caused by the illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve System which is neither Federal or a Reserve. It is a private corporation like its collection agency the IRS and no more Federal or governmental than Federal Express, the large highly successful private shipping company.

The after effects of all these massive so-called Free-Trade Agreements have doomed America to third World economic and social status unless they are completely cancelled and replaced with a Fair Trade System designed to create an upsurge of new American heavy manufacturing and a great reduction in foreign imports of everything.

It’s almost impossible to earn any real income greater than inflation with investments right now.

image001Consider this dire fact of current American life. Savings accounts and CDs pay less than 1% interest in most cases, far less than the inflation rate which is likely at 7-9% per year or even more based on the increases in prices at the grocery store and other retail stores. What this means in practical terms is that few retirees can live of of their hard earned frugally saved for many years investments and savings accounts and CD’s. Their only solution to survive now in many cases is to spend down their principals, soon to leave them destitute, homeless and in dire straits.

Many retirees have already gone back to work with minimum wage part-time jobs despite their age and health issues, thus depriving younger aged folks of much needed jobs. there just aren’t a lot of new good paying job openings thanks to the so-called free trade Agreements which have exported so many jobs out of America.

And despite the coming collapse and end of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s reserve Currency, the Banksters infamous Plunge Protection team just keeps propping up the Stock Market and thus postpones the ultimate crash it must eventually face as the US Petro Dollar becomes rejected by most of the World.

Most Baby-busters that have crashed financially and lost their good jobs or retirement income usually just go away in quiet desperation. The CMMM ignores them and most others want to avoid hearing such disparaging stories and prefer to stay in a Mind-kontrolled state of near complete denial.

Anyone who is completely honest about what is really going on with this unabated serious recession that many are starting to call a depression, it seems certain that the American economy is never going to improve until the systemic corruption and rampant evil of the private Federal Reserve System is routed out. This will only happen when America returns to an honest, real money backed by Gold and Silver that is owned and run by Americans not some foreign group of Luciferian Banksters who want to asset strip hard working Americans and then destroy America when little is left to steal anymore. And the saddest part of all this is their continued humor and mocking of their American victims while they commit these crimes against We The People.

It certainly looks like America is now on a complete death spiral economically thanks to the FRS criminal Fraud and their “manipulated” Free Trade Agreements. Obviously at least 90% of all sitting members of the US Congress must be removed from office or un-elected, preferably indicted, impeached and prosecuted for signing the secret Treasonous AIPAC Oath to be loyal to Israel first even before America. This is about the clearest evidence for willful Traeson against America one could ever imagine.

Most current Generation X’ers are economically screwed right out of the starting gate.

But now it is becoming more evident as everyday passes that the new Generation X’ers are going to share in the same economic/financial devastation that has asset stripped the Baby-boomers so deeply. Approximately 40% of new College graduates cannot find a job based on their degree, and estimates are that 28% are now living back home with their parents, unable to afford their own place to live.

Most new college grads are coming out with massive college loans that will doom many if not most to a life of debt-slavery to the Banksters. With little chance of ever getting a good paying job, most will live at a poverty or near poverty level just getting by as they struggle to keep making their college loan payments on time. Right now over 30% are reported to be in default.

Anyone who studies the massive increases in college tuition costs will find that the loan programs were set up and engineered as part of a massive plot to entrap students in a lifetime of debt-slavery to the Banksters, the same way that the massive fraud based MERS mortgage bubble/bustout was engineered. It is obvious that the Banksters love to enslave the masses into life long debt-slavery, but to enslave the young folks as early as possible.

The public university systems are significantly funded by the State and Federal Governments, receiving massive government grants. In exchange for all this money the government entities expect complete adherence to their Big Lies, false-narratives and propaganda. That’s why you will find no real academic freedom on any campus, no matter what is claimed. If any top University officials ever allowed any real academic freedom these well paid and connected puppets would be immediately forced out, black-listed, and the vast government contracts provided to the university would be cancelled.

Those University Professors who discuss controversial subjects even on the outside of the University only are typically fired from their jobs and find it impossible to get any court to defend their rights under law. Doubt this? Then just consider that this is exactly what happened to VT’s own Dr. Kevin Barrett, a well known columnist at VT and radio host who is highly respected. He has recently edited a very well done quite popular Book, We Are Not Charlie Hebdo.

Hank PaulsonAs the recession beginning in 2007 occurred (unexpected by the American Masses) and then progressed to unimaginable levels, many Baby-boomers ended up losing 40% of their assets or more. Some who had remortgaged their homes to reinvest in stocks or bought other homes for investments and mortgaged them too at the “advice” of self-serving professional investment advisers lost both. And yet the Banksters that set this up and criminally bilked the federally insured mortgage programs not only received two massive bailouts from two different Presidents (both Bush2 and Obama), they completely averted being prosecuted, convicted and jailed for massive financial fraud and money structuring.

This massive RICO Financial Fraud could have all been prosecuted as RICO crime and also as numerous major felonies, but because the US Department of Justice was completely compromised, bribed and controlled, no one was ever brought to justice.

And secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson had the hubris to blackmail the US Congress on behalf of the Banksters he represented by threatening that Martial Law would be imposed in the streets of America if the massive bailouts were not immediately made to the Banksters.

FEDERALRESERVE7So not only did the Banksters skate free and avoid life imprisonment for their serious multiple RICO felonies, all their losses from international money structuring and careless foreign financial gambling using the American depositors funds were reimbursed by extracting the funds from the American Taxpayers.

Thus the US Congress was blackmailed by the use of terroristic threats against America of imposition of complete breakdown and Martial law.

What less could be expected from Banksters who are Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and who run the Israeli as well as the American International War and Terror machine. Remember, these are the same folks that set up Homeland Security (DHS) in America as their own private internal Police State Army and Security Force and are the same folks responsible for the aggressive “shoot-first ask questions later” training most large American police departments.

They are also the same folks that set up the FBI and many of the alphabets and the illegal, unConstitutional TSA which violates the Constitutional rights of Americans on a daily basis and has been stripping their DNA with cancer-causing, unlicensed Xray machines. Cancer clusters have already shown up in TSA employees because these Xray machines have no real shielding and operators or agents standing nearby do not wear Xray dosage badges.

End_the_FedNot only has the private Federal Reserve System never been audited by an official USG Agency, none of its secret internal records or communications and investments with foreign central banks have been shared with the US Congress. In fact the Federal Reserve System is so secretive that the American People nor even Members of Congress even know who actually owns it or really controls it.

The facts about who actually owns the Federal Reserve System have been leaked by insiders and we now know that this privately owned “for profit” central psuedo Bank called the Federal Reserve System which is neither really a Bank or a Reserve is actually foreign owned by the RKM Banksters from the City of London who are connected to the Old Black European Nobility and who are also connected to the Swiss Bankers and the German Banksters, folks called “the World Money-changers” by insiders.

Some insiders have reported that the RKM City of London Banksters who run the Federal Reserve System (FRS) and the private FIAT central banking scam all over much of the World actually report to the German and Austrian Money-changers who are believed to come from the true bloodline families aka the Old Black European Nobility, the folks that are believed to have infiltrated the Vatican and run the Jesuits too.

Not only has the great recession of 2007-2008 not been reversed but the overall economic situation of America is continuing to degrade as the full effects of all the unConstitutional, Treasonous so-called Free Trade Agreements take their final toll on American jobs.

The Federal Reserve System have taken strong actions to mask the effects of this ongoing major recession (perhaps best described as a serious but “masked” depression). They have printed and issued increasing amounts of FIAT US Dollars un-backed by anything real such as Gold, Silver as required by the US Constitution, and placed  them into circulation. They call this desperate issuing of vast sums of US Dollars, Quantitative Easing which is a phenomena not well understood by the American Public or even Members of Congress.

Many economists have now claimed that this mass issuing of new US Dollars will only be a temporary fix and will in the long run debase the US Dollars and set off massive inflation. Some believe that these Quantitative Easings will eventually collapse the whole American economic system

Quotation of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. Numerous RKM Zio linked sockpuppet stooges are now claiming Jefferson never stated this. Gee, I wonder why they would all  be surfacing lately? Could it be related to the fact that much of the World is now building firewalls against the hegemony of the US Petro Dollar?

Where the money actually goes in shrouded in Bankster secrecy but is believed by alternative media experts to be part of a  long term plan to completely debase the American Dollar. Certainly that is the long term effects of what has occurred as the Federal reserve System continued to create money from nothing, provide it to Congress and direct to secret beneficiaries, all the while charging illegal, unConstitutional interest to the American taxpayer to use these FDR issued Federal Reserve Notes which constitute most of our money minus coinage.

This Federal Reserve System (FRS) run by the foreign City of London Banksters has resulted in the continuing reduction of the actual value of the US Dollar by 99.12%, making it now only worth o.78% of its value in 1913.

This is less than 1% of what is was worth when the Federal Reserve Act was illegally and unConstitutionally passed by a compromised, bribed, and blackmailed Congress.

After a crooked Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, it was then signed into law by a completely compromised and manipulated US President. Right now the value of what a penny was worth in 1913 then the Federal Reserve System (FRS) came into being would buy a dollar’s worth of goods at today’s prices. this phenomena is called by economists as debasement of a currency and always results in the destruction of any nation that allows it.

The charter of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) states their purpose is to preserve the US Dollar. They have failed miserably in preserving its full initial value, being responsible for a continuing steady system of devaluation through excessive issuing of dollars, resulting in inflation of all US prices. What they have been able to due is manipulate the US Congress and two US Presidents to give them more money fro nothing with zero accountability for their malfeasance that created the Recession in the first place. And they have been able to use this vast amount of money (over two Trillion Dollars) to prop up the Rothschild Central banking System in many foreign nations, not just America, thus protecting the fraudulent investments of the City of London Banksters.

Many economic experts believe that the FRS has issued and printed so many US Dollars that when the gets tired of buying this massive US debt and dumps the US debt they hold in mass (which has already started) the US Dollar will collapse and transform America into a Third World nation like Mexico.

This crooked private FRS private corporation (faux-bank) has provided the US Congress with an elastic checkbook, allowing them to spend all they want and dare to just added to the phony total debt owed to the Federal Reserve System. This results of course in the USG forcing the American taxpayers to illegally and unConstitutionally pay it all back with interest to the FRS. Like the counterfeit phony debt-notes it issues and has manipulated Congress to illegal force Americans to use a legal tender, the FRS itself is phony, it is neither a real bank or a monetary reserve at all.

Now ponder the actual effects of the USG illegally and unConstitutionally requiring the US Taxpayer to pay interest of this phony so-called “national debt” to the Federal Reserve System Banksters with full interest and principal payments. These illegal unConstitutional payments on this phony so-called “national debt” has raised most American prices 38-40% for nothing but severe RICO criminal financial fraud on all Americans.

So the next time you go to the grocery store, imagine how nice it would be if the Federal Reserve System was cancelled and the Banksters fully prosecuted, convicted and jailed under RICO for all their major felonies and all their assets, including personally gained assets were “clawed back” and returned to all Americans. You would then be paying 38040% less for your groceries as well as everything else.

Of course just shutting down the Federal Reserve System (FRS) would not be enough. A new American Bank would have to be set up as a real bank owned by all Americans and one that would issue real money backed by Gold and Silver and perhaps commodities with that issued money placed in circulation without charging any interest for its use.

But that would be just a start. Without cancelling all the illegal, unConstitutional so-called Free trade deal and replacing them with protective Tariffs and a new fair trade deal designed to evoke new American heavy manufacturing and plenty of new good job opportunities, the true source of the lack of good jobs in America would not be resolved.

Our Founding Fathers warned about the dangers of the City of London Corporations and only allowed them to be licensed for one years at a time and watched them closely. they did not provide them with the legal rights of person-hood such that has happened after Washington DC was illegally and unConstitutionally incorporated in 1871 as the United States of America, Inc. After this the British BAR system was brought in and became the franchiser and licensor of American Attorneys and also brought in UCC law, often referred to as the Law of the Seas, or Maritime or Merchant law.


In order to transform Baby-busters back into their rightful place as Baby-boomers and to really fix what has caused the demise of Middle Class America and the American Dream, we must shut down the Federal Reserve System (FRS) and claw back every asset, corporate and personally gained through this massive RICO Crime Syndicate.

We must then dis-incorporate DC, cancel the BAR, stop providing corporations the rights of person-hood, cancel or modify the UCC, and restore common law courts. All so-called Free Trade Agreements must be immediately cancelled and strong protective tariffs and a modified Fair Trade System must be set up.

We must bring all US Soldiers home, disband all foreign bases and cancel the CIA (aka known as the Bush Crime cabal or the Fourth Reich or DVD in America). This would stop most of the illegal drug trafficking into America, but to stop all of it we would have to seal the US borders and start seriously going after the drug cartels in America, while legalizing Marijuana and treating drug addiction as a medical illness and disability, not a crime unless violent acts have been committed.

We must shut off all illegal immigrants and create a humane means to deal with those already here. Anchor babies must not receive automatic US Citizenship when their parents have been illegals. We must stop using private prisons and must release all non-violent drug offenders.

Any entity flying a gold-fringed flags is announcing publicly that it willingly submits to Maritime, City of London Law, not the Common Law our Founding Fathers set up for us, a situation where anyone could represent themselves in a Common Law Court with no licensing by the City of London Legal System. By the way the US Supreme Court is not the top court of America the Republic. The very top court is the US District Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court is an illegal unConstitutional construct of the US Congress and has no final legal standing. It is merely a political tool staffed by political appointees.

All gold-fringed US Flags must be removed and regular un-fringed American flags must be substituted.When you see this happening you know that the days of hegemony of the RKM and the City of London private Banksters control over America and much of the World are ending.

As a final note, it is important to realize that this massive an continuing asset stripping of Middle-class America has been custom engineered by the City of London private central FIAT Banksters who specialize in using Babylonian Talmudic Money-Magick, the Black Art of “making money from nothing” by charging pernicious usury for people to use what should have been their own money in the first place, used at no interest.

These folks are believed to be hard core Luciferians and basically hate all humans outside of their “bloodline” group. That is why they have engineered this private Fiat debt-note based faux banking system of extreme asset stripping and debt-slavery which is always accompanied by numerous, illegal, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual wars accompanied by mass death in the millions and massive crimes against humanity.

The American Skull and Bones (aka the Russell Trust funded on prior Chinese opium money) is also part of the RKM’s Worldwide Death Cult and one which meets at Yale’s windowless building known as the Tomb” and on their own special island. The RKM is a powerful Worldwide Death Cult that now runs the World and specializes in “the ministering death to humanity supposedly in order to purify and preserve the human race”.

How’s that for a criminally psychotic rationalization for all their self-center psychopathic behaviors that generate mass death and suffering, making them the World largest parasites and death promoters. Thus these “bloodline psychopaths” feel completely justified in massive trafficking of illegal narcotics, inflicting mass-death through war and pestilence and various high tech eugenic programs of soft-kill and hard-kill designed to cull the World’s masses by 90%.

Until the World’s masses rise up and use whatever means necessary to stop these ultimate psychopaths from their parasitical asset stripping and attempts to create Hell on Earth, they will continue to spread poverty, starvation, destitution, misery and mass-death all over the World. Their ultimate goal? Bring in their single World Government NWO by generating Worldwide massive Chaos. This is reflected in their secret Luciferian motto, “Order ab Chaos”, translated as “Order from Chaos”.


Mike Harris is the VT Financial Editor, VT radio host,  and was the former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. He is now a Senior Vice President at Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.

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