The Pentagon’s Biggest dirty secret

City of London and narcotics trade

by  Preston James

AAA26Over the years some who have retired from working inside the upper levels of Intel and Defense have claimed that the core controllers of the Pentagon are themselves under the control of a secret occult-linked drug trafficking group.

This group is also believed to run the Israeli-American Terror machine and the private central Banking Systems run out of the City of London.

This group controls most of the World’s political systems through private Fiat central banking while waging wars to extend power and generate massive profits not otherwise possible.

But there have also been claims that this powerful group of “World Money-changers” originally gained much of its foreign power from creating and maintaining a large international opium trafficking network or cartel hidden behind a City of London Proprietary Intel operation.

Some historians believe that this large Opium trafficking group operated through a proprietary Intel front known as the British East India Company.

Anyone who wants more information about the World’s largest opium Trafficking Cartel should get a hold of the well respected classic, Dope Inc. and read it. Many secrets are contained in this book which some claimed sent Henry Kissinger into a tizzy fit.

It is now generally recognized that the *RKM is an inter-generational family-based private international central Fiat banking group insiders refer to as the “World Money-changers”, or “the Baby” because it is at the nexus of the revived mystery Babylonian Talmudic Banking system, also known as the “money from nothing” Babylonian Money-magick system.

Once the Rothschild Family took over the City of London after Waterloo, their main goal adopted was to hijack and then revitalize the British Empire which was beginning to fail and shrink. But they intended to do so in a covert way so that each of the captive nations truly believed they were becoming independent.

The exceedingly crafty plan they developed was to set up a secret private central banking network to replace the visible British Colonial governments. But in order to do this they deemed it was necessary to gain secret control over most of the underworld crime groups in these colonies and use this criminal network to build up the strength of their secret empire.

The RKM leaders recognized that in order to this they would have to entice these underworld crime networks with a new extremely lucrative illegal business as partners with themselves. They were able to gain control over the criminal underworld using their new found Opium trade. Once they had gained control over these underworld crime groups with illegal drugs, they thinned them out and consolidated power by “getting rid of” those too independent or who wouldn’t follow their directives exactly to a “T”.

The RKM Opium Cartel was then able to use these underworld crime networks to distribute their newly developed illegal narcotics trade to more and more of the public and increase revenue and power substantially. The RKM soon realized that it could quite quickly  use the opium trade for clandestine purposes to debase societies and easily access their resources. If this was insufficient to get complete control over a nation well then they would use false-flag terror to start wars and conflict whenever necessary to gain cheap access to the natural resources of these nations and further their own agenda of world domination.

The vehicle they chose was Turkish opium which one of their members had discovered. Smoking it had the ability to stop time, take away anxiety and severe physical pain, while producing euphoria and a complete “care not” attitude. But the best part was that it could quickly become addicting in many users, necessitating regular use. Opium trafficking thus could generate huge profits but could also serve as an extremely effective weapons of subversion, debasement of a nation, actually it could be used as a major covert weapon of war.

One of the battles in the first of two Opium Wars between England and China.

Opium was first tested as a weapon of subversion, profit-making and a covert weapon of war against China. The Chinese government quickly caught on to this and went to war twice to stop this which is now known as the Opium Wars. China lost due to a powerful British Naval Task force but a sort of checkmate was reached where Chinese Opium sales were limited.

England had been spending massive amounts of their gold and Silver in China importing large amounts of silk, and and wanted to get as much of it back as possible. This was one of their main motivations for trafficking opium to China.

Through this experience trafficking Opium in China much was learned and it was found that the best way to maximize such trafficking to nations unlike China which had governments which could be more easily corrupted.

And it was decided that in order to maximize profits government officials would have to be bribed to make Opiates illegal, while paying off the government agency heads and key police to look the other way, with periodic arrests of anyone attempting to compete independently. Sometimes when certain crime kingpins in their drug network became too powerful and started challenging the opium Cartel’s authority these folks would be busted and sacrificed to keep them from challenging the Cartel and also to fool the public that the government was really trying to stop illegal narcotics.

Opiates and even cocaine were legal in the USA before the Opium Cartel bribed officials to make it illegal, while simultaneously bringing their Cartel into major cities through the underworld crime groups they had co-opted. This same strategy was used to outlaw alcohol consumption in America during prohibition and like outlawing Opiates and other narcotics and the far less harmful drug marijuana, it failed miserably. Prohibition permitted the underworld to grow incredibly and provided a huge boost to the power of the RKM which was their secret master controller.

Americans got to the point where they just would no longer put up with prohibition of alcohol anymore and it was repealed. What many do not realize is that the same American RKM anointed bloodline family supported prohibition through front groups like the Women’s Temperance League and also was behind the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Although Women’s Suffrage was a good idea but was done actually to bring more tax revenues into the USG and increase the profits of the RKM Banksters.

We now know for certain that the group that controls this international secret Opiate and Narcotics Trafficking Cartel that works through the Pentagon, the City of London and Israel and control the Israeli-American Terror Machine is an inter-generational “bloodline” group of families families who are actually the nexus of a small Worldwide death-cult based organization, best described as a Luciferian Death Cult.

There are many mysteries surrounding the small group of inter-generational families who run the *RKM World Control grid. Many wonder where they get their power, why are they obsessed with trafficking in illegal narcotics and especially opium as we know they did in the Vietnam War (via the CIA’s airline Air America) or as they are now using the US Army to protect and harvest the Opium crop in Afghanistan and fly it all over the World in remote controlled Global Hawks. Of course no of this could have been done without full Pentagon backing at the highest levels.

We know now for certain that the secret power control group which runs the *RKM is a small but powerful group of inter-generational drug trafficking families who historically started with opium and expanded to traffick in every other drug which they made sure was made illegal by the laws they manipulated and bribed politicians to pass. This group became powerful by being willing to use secret assassins, a wide range of covert murder technologies and large bribes coupled with serious threats to accomplish their goals. They became specializing in forming alliances with the underworld criminal groups in almost every nation of the World, and if no such groups wee present then they worked hard to create corruption to create underworld crime groups.

Sadly, this powerful incredibly powerful wealthy Opiate Cartel has expanded into other narcotics trafficking and even marijuana and many dangerous brain damaging drugs such as crystal meth or “bath salts”, but it has done this using Cutouts by setting up subordinate drug cartels in Mexico and South America, sometimes using alliances with the Fourth Reich. many now realize that the CIA was hijacked by the Bush Crime Cabal (aka BCC or Scherf Crime Cabal) after they ran the Assassination of JFK. The BC was set up and worked in unison with the RKM in America.

The opium Cartel loves to work through Cutouts to avoid visibility. This is their specialty. Then where things get unstable they get the Cutouts fighting and murdering each other or have Law Enforcement take them down.

SUTTON3And we now know about Yale University’s Skull and Bones which has its own private island and meet in the windowless building they call the Tomb at Yale and was built on the vast fortune of the Russel Trust, made by its extensive opium trafficking, especially to China.

We know that the Skull and Bones is an occult linked, Luciferian death Cult and part of the secret opium Cartel because one of their members gave all his secret papers and his special wooden clock to his daughter before he died. This material was secretly shared with Professor Antony Sutton who used the material to publish a book on this incredibly powerful Luciferian death cult.

We now know for certain that the Pentagon and the CIA bring over 95% of all illegal drugs into America through multiple sources. I have been told by good sources who know that the typical payoff made to the authorities totals 10% of the net take for the Cartel.

We also know for certain that the secret RKM Opium Cartel used the Pentagon and the CIA to traffick drugs out of Vietnam using Air America the former CIA Airline and also inside the abdominal body cavities of American Soldiers Killed in Action. Any Soldier who saw this going on and went to superiors was usually thanked and told there would be a complete secret investigation so don’t tell anyone else and then they would be quickly murdered in a mysterious jeep accident.

Colonel James Sabow was allegedly murdered by his next door neighbor for refusing to look the other way on this Pentagon Drug trafficking for the Opium Cartel. His brother, a respected physician and a true American hero like Colonel Sabow believes this and has never stopped his quest to get justice for Colonel Sabow.

Many thousands, probably millions have ended up murdered because of this powerful, wealthy RKM Opium Cartel that has infested Planet earth with incredible evil that is unimaginable to most normal human beings. Every place this Opium Cartel distributes its good, death, perversion and debasement of humanity seems to follow.

Retired honest DEA officials have told their friends and some associates that if the Pentagon and CIA stopped all Trafficking in illegal drugs the Wall Street Banks would collapse in less than a month because all their massive drug money laundering which is sadly their number one business would be cut off.

Heroin is now cheap all over the World. Why is this so? The reason is that the RKM Opium Cartel is using the Army to guard the opium crop in Afghanistan and remote control USAF Global Hawks to transport it all over the World and into the USA. This is the reason heroin is making a big comeback into American cities, with a vast easy to get supply at low prices making its spread and popularity a certainty.

How many working in the Pentagon know that it is controlled by this secret Opium Trafficking Cult run by inter-generational “bloodline” families? Actually most do not know this or that they are dupes locked into their roles by the snare of power, money, status and camaraderie. We do know however that their have been many Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens “tribal members” who have been propelled by the Opium Cartel into the highest Pentagon positions where they can serve as Traitors to America. These Traitors actually know and many are consciously working to undermine America out of a deep and secret Babylonian Talmudic hatred and drive for revenge against American Goyim and American society.

Insiders have claimed that the reason Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Moammar Khadafy’s Libya were destroyed is because they refused to submit to the RKM’s Opium Cartel. same for the Taliban in Afghanistan that the Pentagon attacked because they refused to allow Opium Production despite the fact the USG officials claimed they were the Opium Traffickers which we now know they were not and would never allow it.

Could this be one of the main reasons why Israel and the Pentagon have been so obsessed with destroying and Balkanizing Syria and Iran, in addition to the RKM’s age motive to inflict blood revenge against “Persia” for wiping out Khazaria in 1,000 AD because they wouldn’t stop their massive road warrior behavior?


Is the Pentagon actually the biggest secret cutout for the Opium Cartel of the RKM and the one which does most of its dirty work? If so, this means that only a handful or less top Policy-makers of the RKM call all the shots and actually are in full scale but secret control of the Pentagon, its war-making machinery and its drug trafficking on behalf of the RKM’s Opium Cartel.

And it seems that whatever the Pentagon cannot do for the RKM’s Opium Cartel, the CIA will do, especially when it comes to end-user distribution chains and sub-cartels, as well as staging Gladio-style False-Flag attacks and MK-ultra mass-shooting, some real mixed with virtual only. But the CIA will also fight secret wars for the RKM’s Opium Cartel.

If you think the Pentagon exists to defend America as it claims, you are sadly mistaken. It is there only to further the agenda of the opium Cartel and serve as its big and powerful enforcer when it send its representatives to lay down its law with a “take the silver or get a bullet” choice for its demands.

The Pentagram design was chosen as the design plan for the Pentagon in order to access the “teaming power of Lucifer” for the Opium Cartel and the RKM because they are both occult Luciferian organizations run by the same several top Luciferians who just happen to be head of the Opium Cartel and serve as the RKM’s top policy-makers. How disgusting it truly is that this sinister truth has been kept from the American People by the RKM’s complete control over their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) owned by six media moguls who answer to a large RKM linked investment house.

Some insiders have said that if the small number of kingpins and top Policy-makers that run this international Opium Cartel for the RKM were brought to final justice, the whole RKM system would collapse in short order.

Others have said that if the US Petro dollar was laid to waste by the rest of the World that is ow building major firewalls against it, the RKM would also collapse.

Others have said that if the US Federal reserve System was cancelled and all assets seized and clawed back and all American monetary production and distribution was transferred into the real US Treasury with real Constitutional money issued at no interest, the whole RKM system would collapse.

Others have said that if the the members of Congress who signed AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to place Israel first before the USA were indicted, arrested, and convicted for Treason and Sedition for taking that illegal Oath. that would end the RKM.

And now we have some Intel insiders that believe that the Russian Federations checkmate against the Israeli-American Terror machine in Syria is actually a complete checkmate against the Opium Cartel of the RKM and unless mitigated by the RKM through the Pentagon will become the RKM’s Waterloo.

In any event it seems as if the whole World is now ganging up on the RKM and their days of power are likely limited. When The RKM has already been exposed now to most of the World and fallen from grace except in America, but that is now beginning to change. As the RKM is isolated, exposed and collapses, the Opium Cartel, its crown jewel will become history.

As various states are now legalizing marijuana for medical reasons as well for recreational use, this is starting to seriously cut into the RKM’s Opium Cartel’s profits and the financial shares that go to top Pentagon and “Company” officials and certain elected politicians. it’s only a matter of time and marijuana will be legal in every state and treated like alcohol with dependency recognized as a medical disorder. This alone is going to seriously stress the opium Cartel and that is why the Pentagon attacked Afghanistan and is still there, because the Opium Cartel Kingpins knew this was coming and planned a way to compensate for these losses.

It is quite interesting that Putin’s Russian federation has worked hard to book out the RKM opium Cartel. Could this be one of the reasons he has checkmated the Israeli-American Terror Machine run through the Pentagon in Syria. Perhaps he sees this as a great opportunity to help protect his investments in his loyal Ally Syria and also to deal a major blow to the RKM’s Opium Cartel which is perhaps the core group of the World’s biggest death cult and most deadly parasite and asset-stripper upon the human race that has ever surfaced.

* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris whose VT radio show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. He also discovered the long held hatred that the RKM has harbored since 700 AD for the non-Khazarian Russians that is still a major motive for the RKM today in its quest to encircle and once again destroy Russia, once again steal all its assets like in 1917, and enslave the Russians that remain alive also just like when the Khazarians (aka the Bolsheviks) took over in 1917.

The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican, but has worldwide power through its private central banking system which uses FIAT money issued and placed in circulation (lent out for use at interest/pernicious usury).

The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for Israel and to earn massive profits. The RKM uses UK, Israeli and American Intel factions and especially the Pentagon to traffick in massive quantities of illegal narcotics to generate massive “off the books” money for black ops and payoffs to politicians and government officials they “own”.

And it has now been recently disclosed by former Representative Cynthia McKinney (a true stand up American Hero) that any newly elected member of Congress receives a visit from AIPAC and must sign a Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s security first even before America’s or they will be denied political funding and AIPAC will make a well funded effort to vote them out of office.

Obviously until Members of Congress stop taking and obeying these illegal, unConstitutional, treasonous and seditious oaths to Israel, the USA will remain little more than an Israeli/RKM provincial territory and servant. Former US Congressman Gus Savage went public with how AIPAC manipulates elections. Anyone who studies the actual situation with AIPAC and wealthy RKM moguls controls American elections will quickly learn how AIPAC and its operatives violate numerous election laws and actually function as a foreign based espionage front inside America.

This subject is terribly depressing. For those who have time and interest music can help neutralize the negativity of this subject that must be dealt with and finally is. For those who like the late and incredibly great Gary Moore, here is one of his best songs.

After seeing Gary Moore perform, Joe Bonamassa, the amazing guitar prodigy and the best Blues Guitarist and performer anywhere right now, remarked that watching Gary Moore perform was like a storm descending on your head. The influence of Gary Moore in Joe Bonamassa’s performances is sometimes notable, and it is known that Joe has had very high regard for Gary Moore’s musical ability.


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