Big Lies About Vladimir Putin And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them


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"Hey, Bro. Here we are again. Have you seen what some thinkers are saying about me now? I was the "new Hitler." But now they cannot do a thing without me. They all want to make a deal."
“Hey, Bro. Here we are again. Have you seen what some thinkers are saying about me now? I was the ‘new Hitler’ in 2014. I am now the ‘new sheriff in town’ at the end of 2015. Ask the Neocons at Commentary and they will verify that claim. People are now begging me to strike a deal with regard to Syria. What is your assessment? Do you now believe me? Hey, the door is still opened. What say you, my man?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

In his book Why Leaders Lie, John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago makes the claim that lying is an acceptable conduct in international politics. Leaders lie because they want to give the impression that they are doing something great and wonderful. They don’t want the masses to know about their covert activity.

Those leaders obviously know that no one will follow their Mephistophelian plan if the whole truth is made available to the general public, therefore they invent sophisticated ways to lie to the masses. As a case study, Mearsheimer examines the invasion of Iraq,[1] which turned out to be a complete disaster.[2]

So, it is no surprise that NWO agents would use sophisticated lies to demonize perceived enemies and people they do not like. They do not have to produce arguments or counter-arguments. Since they are metaphysically against reason and ultimate Logos, they have to resort to logical fallacies that are well-known to a freshman in philosophy or any disciple that requires sober thought and reflection.

Put simply, NWO agents have to resort to things like ad hominem, name calling, the genetic fallacy, begging the question, circular reasoning, straw man, non sequitur, equivocation, etc. For example, throughout 2014, we perpetually heard that Vladimir Putin was just another Hitler on the block. This sentiment was echoed by people like Paul Johnson, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, Zbigniew Brzezisnki, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, etc.[3]

Why was Putin the new Hitler? Well, because he invaded Crimea, the argument went. And Putin did so because he wanted to resurrect the old Soviet regime.[4] Sober thought and sound argument? Hardly.

First of all, it is pretty silly to say that Putin wanted to resuscitate the old Soviet regime when he made it very clear that the Soviet regime was driven by “faulty ideological perceptions.”[5]

Second, to say that “Russia invaded Crimea” is, according to M. S. King, “mendacious media manure” because “Crimea had always been majority-Russian,” and “no objective rational person would have blamed Putin for sending his troops into Crimea and securing the important warm water naval base at Sevastopol.”[6] King moves on to say:

“Crimea is a peninsula (almost an actual island) attached to Ukraine only by a very thin strip of land. Crimea’s easternmost point is more than 3 miles across the water from Russia. Russia does not border Crimea! Unless Putin’s troops walked across the water of the bridgeless Strait of Kerch, how could there have been an ‘invasion’?

“The only means of ‘invasion’ would have been naval or airborne. But not even the most fanatical Putin-haters have even suggested that such operations took place….So, what really happened?

“What happened was exactly what Putin said had happened. After the bloody coup in Kiev, and the NGO ‘soft-power’ rent-a-mob demo in Crimea; Crimea’s own version of US State ‘National Guard’ units took to the streets to protect their own brothers and sisters.

“The local ‘Self-Defense Units’ of the Crimeans themselves were already there. The NGO Tartars quickly dispersed and that was the end of it.

“You may ask: what about those ’16,000 Russian troops’ in Crimea that the press kept screaming about (another 150,000 google results for that mantra). Again, those 16,000 were already stationed in Crimea according to the terms of a Treat which allows up to 25,000 Russian troops to be based there.”[7]

Even USA Today admitted that “the disputed referendum in the Crimea showed an overwhelming majority [are] in favor of joining the Russian Federation.”[8]

Now here is the rub:

“Weeks after the ‘immaculate invasion,’ the happy people of Crimea voted to return to Mother Russia with a 97% majority. Even the majority of Tatars supported the referendum. Crimea’s election committee said that 97% of voters backed a union between the largely ethnic-Russian peninsula and the huge neighboring country.”[9]

CNN, of all places, admitted the same thing.[10]

"Roger that. We cannot use the same lie now. Putin is getting better. We have to make a deal with this 'devil.'"
“Roger that. We cannot use the same lie now. Putin is getting better strategically and logically. We have to make a deal with this ‘devil.'”

So, the lie that Putin invaded Crimea certainly did not really help NWO agents at all. One can safely say that it strengthened Putin’s political power precisely because Putin kept making reference to the moral law and practical reason.

But at the beginning of this year inventors of evil things, namely NWO agents, summoned a new lie. Loren Thompson of Forbes magazine said last January that Vladimir Putin is “the biggest threat to America in 2015.”[11]

Thompson could have saved himself some trouble by just waiting to see what 2015 would bring. We are now at the end of the year. So what can we conclude about Russia and President Putin? We can say that Putin in particular out-smarted Thomson and other NWO agents.

Thanks to him, Assad is winning in Syria and NWO agents and their lackeys are obviously in retreat.[12] ISIS and other terrorist groups are also on the run.[13] Putin has been so successful that Foreign Policy has put him on the list of top global thinkers.[14]

Moreover, thanks to Putin, it is almost impossible to forcibly remove Assad from power now. Saudi Arabia thought that it could bribe Putin in dumping Assad for oil,[15] but Putin stood firm. “Mr. Putin,” declared the New York Times, “has frequently demonstrated that he would rather accept economic hardship than buckle to outside pressures to change his policies.”[16]

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has recently said that removing Assad from power is no longer an option.[17] Retired General of the United States Army and former head of NATO Allied Powers in Europe Wesley Clark is now saying that the United States will have to join forces with Assad and Russia.[18]

Popular historian and journalist Boris Johnson—who is no friend of Putin,[19] who believes that “Putin’s proxy army was almost certainly guilty of killing the passengers on the Malaysia Airlines jet that came down in eastern Ukraine,” and who believes that Putin is a “Putin is a ruthless and manipulative tyrant”—is now saying that the West needs to make a “deal with the devil,” namely, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad.[20]

As has been reported, much of the world is now on Putin’s side. The New York Times has produced a letter to the editor which goes like this:

“Is the further expansion of NATO, which you report has “prompted fury and threats” from Russia, worth alienating a potential ally in the war on terror at a time when the threat of ISIS looms ever larger in the West?

“Certainly, Russia has been a bad actor in many respects, but perhaps the challenge to Russia’s interests in its own backyard by the initial expansion of NATO is responsible for this renewed Cold War mentality and belligerence from Russia.

“Pushing NATO as far east as geopolitically possible is reminiscent of the neocon fever dream that brought us the invasion of Iraq and the resulting chaos that followed.”[21]

Former U.S. Army officer and counterterrorism analyst Scott Bennett has recently argued:

“Everything is in Russia’s favor and against the US. That’s why the US is rushing in its last effort to keep control over its crumbling position, but I don’t think it’s going to end well because the moment US forces start getting killed that’s when the entire US Congress and the people will rise up and say we shouldn’t be there in the first place.”[22]

New lies about Putin are being invented virtually every week or month, but they never persuade serious people because they are so pathetic. During the first week of October, the Washington Post stated:

“Russia is not fighting the Islamic State. According to the Institute for the Study of War, the Russian strikes have been mainly in areas controlled by other Sunni groups that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sees as a threat, including rebel groups trained by and aligned with the United States.”[23]

The author of the article, Mark A. Thiessen, turned out to be a complete idiot during the same month when ISIS shot down the Russian pilot jet, which took the lives of 224 passengers. If Russia is not in the business of fighting ISIS in Syria, why would ISIS attack a passenger jet? And Did Thiessen really believe that Russia appreciated the attack?

In addition, why would members of ISIS explicitly declare that they would fight Putin?[24] Why did countries like France join Russia in fighting ISIS? Why has “Germany’s lower house of parliament” agreed with Putin and has been willing to send at least 1,200 troops to fight ISIS in Syria?[25] Did they think that Russia was bluffing?

Thiessen, like Robert Farley of National Interest,[26] cannot answer those questions because he is lying to his readers. As noted British journalist Robert Fisk puts it, some people are more likely to believe in military fantasies than to embrace reality.[27]

Thiessen he is not alone. Oleksandr Valentynovych, who is a former acting President of Ukraine and a Protestant,[28] hates Putin as well. In an article entitled “Allying with Putin against the Islamic State would be a devil’s bargain,” Valentynovych unequivocally said that Putin is “willing to use violence” in Ukraine to get things done.

Let us suppose that this silly argument is true. Valentynovych’s article was published on the third day of this month, the same day that the New York Times published an article entitled, “Civilian Deaths Raise Questions About C.I.A.-Trained Forces in Afghanistan,” in which it is stated that innocent husbands and wives were killed by C.I.A.-trained forces. We are told that

“The C.I.A. has trained thousands of Afghan forces for such missions — around 3,500 in the Khost Protection Force alone.”[29]

Will Valentynovych write an article denouncing the C.I.A. and indeed the Zionist State of America for mercilessly torturing innocent civilian in Afghanistan? Why hasn’t Valentynovych said a word about this? What makes him so discriminatory? Will he say something about bombing doctors without borders in the same region?[30] Will he apologize to Afghan families who are still mourning for their precious sons?[31]

Valentynovych moves on to say:

“While the Kremlin pretends to be fighting terrorism in Syria, Russia itself merits designation as a state sponsor of terrorism. Its aggression against Ukraine has cost more than 8,000 lives, including the indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas and the murder of political opponents carried out by its special forces and Russian-sponsored terrorists.”[32]

Did you catch the first line? Russia’s intended target in Syria is not really terrorist groups such as ISIS, but complete hegemonic domination of the region. Putin, Valentynovych declared, “sees freedom as a threat to his own hold on power and an indication of advancing Western influence.”[33] We just need to stop here because Valentynovych simply could not finish one simple paragraph in his article without a categorical lie.

Does Putin really see freedom as a threat to Russia? Or does he see the New World Order as a threat to true freedom and democracy? And what kind of democracy is Valentynovych talking about here? Who is imposing that democracy on us? The Dreadful Few? Does democracy mean jailing people like Dieudonne for so-called “hate speech, incitement to hatred and Holocaust denial”?[34]

And if people like Dieudonne have to go to jail, doesn’t the Israeli regime have to go to jail as well for denying the Armenian genocide? Doesn’t the Turkish government have to be sanctioned for denying the same thing? Doesn’t Jewish historian Bernard Lewis deserve to go to jail for the same reason?

If we go by the standard definition of the established regime, we deny “holocausts” all the time.[35] But when a person like Dieudonne openly says what people are thinking about, suddenly he is an anti-Semite.

Obviously Valentynovych does have the moral and intellectual sophistication to see where Putin stands. But he does not understand that freedom and democracy are impossible without the moral law and practical reason.

Moreover, since Valentynovych is living in a system which really poisons his mind and corrupts his intellectual ability, he cannot think straight. He cannot realize that this system was created by the New World Order, which includes members such as Jewish writer Masha Gessen, who astonishingly propounds the preposterous idea that Putin has “created this ideology of traditional values.”[36]

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