Western aggression pushes Indian, Russian leaders set to sign defense deals

It looks like Washington’s plans to isolate Russia are not working; a stupid idea to begin with

… from  Press TV, Tehran

Translator, Mike Harris, Gordon Duff, Syrian Justice Minister – Jim Dean video

[ Editor’s Note: We have long editorialized at VT that the Western NeoCon plans to create a new East-West threat competition to divert major expenditures into certain industries under the guise of “defending our interests” was nothing more than an international criminal enterprise.

Gordon Duff shocked the Syrian Counter-Terrorism conference in December of 2014, when he laid this out in plain English to a room full of shocked attendees.

They were challenged to wrap their heads around the concept that the ideological, religious and national competitions were all second fiddle issues.

One can look at the failure to isolate China and Russia as a stupid policy, because it forced them to put long-simmering competitions aside and to work more closely than they would have without the Western military advance on their borders.

But, at a flip of the switch you could look at their reaction to work together in defense, energy and trade as creating the sizable opponent needed for continued US massive defense spending. Maybe that is exactly what the bad guys wanted.

India’s Modi spending billions in Moscow for weapons technology and nuclear plants

I had predicted that air defense, which is crucial to regional defense, requires not only one party to have state of the art technology like Russian air defense has, but to share that with neighbors for mutual defense.

But this also requires being more flexible in allowing in-country manufacturing by the purchasing country to supply the high tech jobs it needs to cushion the defense expenditure costs.

Iran and India have been negotiating licensing arrangements with partners to do this, and, as consumers,  it will help raise the technical level of their engineers and scientists. But that actually has a multiplier effect by spreading out high tech defense industries over a large geographical area — a manufacturing defense in depth, so to speak, to protect it from a decapitation first strike.

This works even better when it can be done over multiple spheres. That allows for comfortable trade offs where country A might come out better on one deal and country B on another, like Russia giving up licensing and expertise in missile defense technology, but in return getting a huge nuclear plant construction deal, which you will see below with India; and where Russia is doing the same with Iran and offering it to Egypt and Iraq.

Mark my words… the failure of the Western bullying effort that has caused an increased defense posture being thrust upon its Eurasian targets will be pitched to the Western public as proof of the original claimed threat. There will be calls right out of the early Cold War playbook to “keep up with the Chinese Reds and the Rooskies”.

Chaos theory is not only alive and well, but has become the weapon of choice for manipulating the public into supporting spending they would have preferred go into other avenues. Fear will be used to exploit us. We can look back now and see how the terrorism tool was used.

We are smarter now, and should be in better shape to challenge the chaos gamers. But if we look at the presidential contender field, incredulity sets in instantly, as it is simply a wasteland… with not a statesmen or populist in the bunch who could pull more than a few percent. The deck is stacked against us, and not by China nor Russia… Jim W. Dean ]


Russia and India will be talking turkey over the holidays

– First published  …  December 24,  2015

Indian Premier Narendra Modi is on a visit to Russia as the two countries plan to sign a number of multi-billion-dollar defense and nuclear deals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday hosted Prime Minister Modi who is on a two-day visit to Moscow in order to attend the 16th India-Russia annual summit talks.

Speaking at the start of the talks at the Kremlin, the Russian president called for “privileged strategic partnership” of the two countries. Premier Modi, for his part, hailed Putin’s leadership, saying he had “elevated the country to a qualitatively new level.”

The two leaders will also oversee the signing of agreements expected to focus on defense, nuclear and space cooperation. Modi earlier said he aims to deepen cooperation between New Delhi and Moscow in economic, energy and security spheres.

Meanwhile, the Reliance Defense, an Indian conglomerate, said on Thursday it had signed a manufacturing and maintenance deal potentially worth USD 6 billion with Russia’s Almaz-Antey, an arms firm.

Earlier this week, India’s top acquisition body said that the New Delhi government had cleared the purchase of five S-400 air defense systems.

“The two sides identified the air defense missile systems…. radars and automated control systems as areas of partnership…. as well as offset policies of the Indian Ministry of Defense,” Reliance said in a statement. 

Reacting to the developments, Dipankar Banerjee, an Indian defense analyst at  Delhi-based think-tank Forum for Strategic Initiatives, said the purchase of defense missile systems could modernize the country’s defenses against any possible attacks from rivals.

India is also expected to offer Russia a site in its southern state of Andhra Pradesh to build six reactors. Administration of Premier Modi plans to build 12 nuclear reactors across India in a bid to meet the country’s rising energy needs.

India serves as an alternative, fast-growing outlet for Russian exports amid US-led sanctions against Moscow over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Russia and India have shared close ties since India gained its independence in 1947.



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