Meet Madame Guillotine!


by Speer-Williams – [email protected]


With the thunderous fall of the guillotine blade, a head is violently hurled off a set of shoulders. Blood gushes in an instantaneous torrent, and one less human being inhabits our material world.

Madame Guillotine claimed the lives of thousands of innocent citizens who were guilty of nothing more than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Was this the work of radical Muslims beheading innocent Christians?

No. It was Christians beheading Christians. It was Frenchmen beheading Frenchmen. It was France from 1789 to 1799 – The French Revolution!

The French Revolution, like the Russian and Spanish Revolutions to follow, were all slyly and secretly brought about by the principals and agents of the Rothschild clan, their banking cartel, and the furtive Illuminati network. They all were and are of the Synagogue of Satan, those who do not merely pollute whatever they touch, they poison it unto death.

And, this cohesive tribe of psychopaths have controlled the whole narrative of the hidden causes and events of those terrible revolutions ever since. Let us listen in on some of that long-lasting and effective propaganda concerning the French Revolution.

If you were a peasant, you broke your back slaving so your noble landlord could wear splendid clothes and dance at glittering palace balls. Yet when you were through paying your taxes, you did not have enough to feed your family.

If you were a city worker, you were probably out of a job. If you were a carpenter, a weaver, a wagoner, your costs were too high for profit. If you were a baker, you had no flour for bread. If you were hungry, you had no bread.

Then came the revolution.

The words above were true enough, but it was a case of the truth being used for an ignoble reason.

For the people of France, bread was the essence of life itself. Each citizen of the common masses of France ate an average of two pounds of bread a day. But without bread, hunger set in over France. And soon, that hunger turned to rage.

Who was there to tell the people of France your hunger, and resulting rage, comes not from your king, Louis XVI, nor from your nobles or churchmen, but from the covert agents of the Rothschilds, who are demonic adherents of the Illuminati and the Masonic Grand Orient Lodge.

It was these fiends who bought up all the grain available and then sold most of it abroad (or secretly withheld grain from the French people and their government).

On the verge of bankruptcy, the French government was in no position to in any way ameliorate the hunger and rage of its citizens. Again, the Rothschild tribe was responsible, with its high-usury-based financing of France’s Seven Years War and the French contributions to America in her fight for independence.

Yes, the French government was broke, as is the American government today. The difference was and is the cabal of bankers controlled by the Rothschild brothers and their international bankers flatly refused to loan any more money to France, while today, they are still lending their funny money to America in order to fund her illegal wars in the Middle East

Thanks to the odious Rothschilds, and their associates from the Synagogue of Satan, the French economy of 1789 was in a terrible shambles. If you are having any trouble seeing a correlation between the US of today and France of the past, please keep reading.

All of these financial complications were well beyond anything the French mass of peasants had the ability to understand. They were hungry and they were angry. And there were Rothschild and Illuminati agents in France telling them who was to blame.

  • First, it was the King – Louis XVI.
  • Secondly, it was France’s First Estate – the clergy.
  • Thirdly, it was France’s Second Estate – the nobles.

The only victims were France’s Third Estate – the common and uninformed masses.

Throughout Paris, and its media of bulletins and newspapers, were agents of the Rothschild tribe who were rabid supporters of death and revolution. They whipped the ignorant of France into a frenzy.

Let us listen in to more of what these mad revolutionists of the media were telling the collective hive mind of France prior to her revolution.

While you starve, the nobles hunt on the lands you are forced to farm for them but on which you are not permitted to hunt.

While you and your children starve, the nobles eat at great banquets and drink wine at fabulous balls at Versailles.

The food and drink at just one of these affairs could feed the starving city of Paris for a month.

While you are forced to wear rags, the nobles and their ladies spend vast amounts of money on clothes and jewelry. They are nothing but dandies. Take them down.

While there was much fault with the feudal system of France, one did not have to be erudite to know that any solution to the French problem promoted by the Rothschilds, and their minions, could only end in a far worse disaster.

Rising up from the Middle Ages was a massive fort in Paris – it was the Bastille, a fortress. The Illuminati agents told the masses that the Bastille housed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of political prisoners – people just like themselves.

On July 14, 1789, a large angry mob stormed into the Bastille. They murdered its six guards and the governor. Then they set free all seven of the Bastille* prisoners.

*Sadly and inexplicably, the French 4th of July is called Bastille Day.

But the Bastille was such a hated symbol of France’s depression, the people, by hand, tore the old building apart, brick by brick.

Ten miles away, in the Palace of Versailles, the king of France was awakened from a sound sleep by one of his ministers.

“Sire, the Paris mob has taken down the Bastille.”

“Why … why this is … this is … ah … a revolt,” mumbled the startled king.

“No, sire. It is a revolution.”

The Rothschild’s banking network, masters at creating poverty, suffering, and death, were at it again. They got their French Revolution, and the deaths of the very best, most educated, and patriotic people in France.

The collective mind of the French masses was then directed to murder widely and indiscriminately throughout Paris and France by the likes of the chief Illuminati agents, Maximilien Robespierre, Jean-Paul Marat, and Georges Danton.

On August the 4th,1789, exactly one month after the takedown of the Bastille, the king, clergymen, and nobles were wise to propose fundamental and vital changes in the social and political fabric of France.

In a special late-night meeting of the French National Assembly, a nobleman spoke.

We of the nobility must recognize the justice of the people’s claims. We will make amends. We forever renounce our hunting rights! Our manorial dues! Privileges! Serfdom!

Then a clergyman spoke.

The Church may no longer collect from each peasant more than one-tenth of what his land produces. Such extra church tithes are now renounced!

Another patriotic nobleman spoke and was followed with general applause.

All the special privileges of the church and the nobility are ended. Feudalism is hereby abolished.

Three weeks later, on August the 26th, 1789, the National Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. It was based on the American Declaration of Independence and the British Bill of Rights. It said …

Men are born and remain free and equal, with natural, inalienable, and sacred rights. These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.

It guaranteed …

Freedom of speech, press, and religion.

It also said …

No one could be arrested or punished except by process of law.

Moreover it said …

Law must fall equally upon all persons. Law was the expression of the general will, to be made by all citizens or their representatives.

This marvelous declaration was printed in thousands of books and leaflets. It was read aloud in public places, and hung on walls. It soon became the handbook of all who were rational. It was translated into other languages, carrying its message of freedom to all of Europe and the world.

Legally, the nation of France had become what is perhaps the best of all forms of government, a constitutional monarchy, with a benign king at that. With little of the cares of state, Louis XVI retreated to his favorite hobby, that of making locks.

The Revolution had been won by the people in less than two months with little to no suffering, bloodshed, or death.

Monsieur Rothschild must have been furious with this turn of events. Freedom, prosperity, peace, and security for the masses was not his game. He and his fellow Illuminists cared not a whit for any low-born proletariat. The common ill-bred workingman was to be used to bring down governments and eliminate religions, and then discarded.

For the citizens of France, the Illuminists wanted the suffering, chaos, destruction, and death as is current in the Middle East today – and they got it.

Immediately France was filled with anti-establishment propaganda, all meant to radicalize the French masses, all sparked by about twenty Illuminati zealots known as the Jacobins – the neocons of their day.

Incapable of critical thought, the hive mind of the benighted French bought the Jacobin lies and distortions. France was turned into a lunatic asylum for a decade, in spite of the nation’s new Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens.

Quickly, the king and his young wife, Marie Antoinette, and their children became virtual prisoners in the Tuileries, the royal Parisian palace that stood on the right bank of the river Seine.

On August the 10th, of 1792, a large mob of revolutionaries attacked the Tuileries.

Awaiting them were eight hundred Swiss guards and twelve hundred nobles with loaded cannon.

But, King Louis XVI, whom the Rothschild propaganda machine had so long vilified to the French masses, refused to give the order to the troops to fire on his people.

Instead, he proposed to talk with them.

The king was given no chance to talk as the mob fell upon his inactive guards, killing most of them. The king and his family were taken as real prisoners, not virtual ones.

There is an animal baseness in many men of every class, race, and nation. It is this lack of moral character – this lack of kind nobility – that forms the propaganda that drives people to war and revolution and justifies man’s cruelty to man.

King Louis XVI was not a bad man, but he was a naïve one. His innocent lack of guile was no match for the inhuman, satanic cunning of the supreme Rothschild of that day.

On Monday, the 21st of January, 1793, King Louis XVI bravely met his fate with the Mistress of Death – Madame Guillotine.

In October of the same year, Marie Antoinette was also beheaded.

Without a royal court, the Paris mobs grew ever more insane. They even broke into various prisons and killed those who supported the government’s Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens. Many of those innocent victims were painfully beheaded with knives and their heads stuck on spars to be proudly and boastfully paraded around the city.

Every Parisian came under suspicion if they did not irrationally and loudly voice support for the killing mad dogs of the revolution.

After impromptu to show trials, devoid of justice, nobles and priests, women and men were beheaded.

In the provinces of France, women were raped and often mutilated. Priests and other men of God and Church were disemboweled. Aristocrats and nobles were hacked to pieces.

The clan of Rothschilds and their agents of terrorism were particularly careful to make sure that those responsible for France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens were given specially brutal treatment.

No one crosses a Rothschild and gets away with it.

In several days, more than one thousand Christians were slaughtered by Christians gone mad.

This insanity roared into what we call today the Reign of Terror, which in one year killed 40,000 French people, in a national population of only about twenty- five million people.

The Illuminati Revolution (called the French Revolution) devoured those best fit to lead. As it is currently in the Middle East, terror had become the order of the day. Gossips denounced neighbors and children denounced parents, with few knowing the real causes of the insanity.

In cities like Lyons, those who were suspected of opposing all the massive killings were tied up and marched into open fields where they were shot at point blank range.

In the west of France, citizens and priests were tied together and drown in rivers. Some were shot in the rivers, until the water turned red. It was commonly called throughout France the National Baths, as the Parisian guillotines were called the National Razors.

For years, French Christians killed thousands upon thousands of French Christians.

In Paris, the guillotine fell at an ever more frenetic pace.

Across the channel, the London Times gave voice to the general revulsion felt across Europe.

Are these the rights of man?

Is this the liberty of human nature?

The most savage four-footed tyrants that range unexplored Africa rise superior to these two-legged Parisian animals.

As the revolution spiraled into more mayhem for ten long tortuous years, surely on the Illuminati wish list was an end to Christianity in France.

Street signs with the word Saint in them were renamed. Religious icons were destroyed and replaced with busts of Jean-Paul Marat, the Jacobin who was assassinated by a French maiden, who herself was later beheaded. Her last words are said to be … I only want peace.

Cathedrals were stripped of their altars. Stained glass and religious statues were smashed, church wealth stolen, with priests and Christians butchered.

Not even the Christian calendar was spared. Years were no longer numbered from the birth of Christ, but from 1789 – the year of infamy.

Throughout the revolution, French soldiers were fighting foreign enemies on their borders. Rothschild had arranged an all time first – a great nation killing itself internally, while fighting external wars.

But these border wars might have defeated Monsieur Rothschild’s plans in the long run. And that defeat might have come in the person of a general named Napoleon Bonaparte. General Napoleon put a final end to the practice of French Christians killing French Christians. It is better to kill Christians from Austria, Russia, and England, Napoleon must have thought.

In any case, from the long years of domestic terror, Napoleon took France into foreign wars of terror known as the Napoleonic Wars.

From these twin horrors of revolution and war, France has never fully recovered. Even the average height of Frenchmen fell by two inches. But their national prestige has fallen far more than that, thanks to the Illuminati and the Rothschild tribe of psychopaths.

Will the Rothschild international banking and monetary cartel stop lending America their funny money, widely known as fiat currency?

They have made up so much of the stuff out of thin air on their computers it is blowing around the cyber world. Will the value of that Rothschild bogus currency turn worthless?

Will the Neocons (Rothschild Bolsheviks) who control our federal government (and all current presidential candidates) succeed in causing a nuclear war with Russia?

Why not, as these Illuminists have caused every major war in our history, while they claim their One-World Order will bring peace by eliminating all wars. In truth, however, the Rothschild warmongers will always bring war, because wars bring chaos, destruction, death, and exhaustion to the winners as well as the losers.

War brings economic ruin to all parties to war, yet enriches the Rothschilds and their sycophants.

One may reasonably ask, however, has the long chain of Rothschilds been the prime movers of the Illuminati or has the family obeyed secret masterminds who are above the Illuminati?

There are not many who know or knew the answer to the above question, except perhaps for an old lady, Gutle Schnaper, who was Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife. In 1849, at her death bed, she said,

If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.

But most important to the demonic beings of the Illuminati is the spiritual degradation of young men, either through death, injury, or the blackening of their souls by their killings of others in war.

Can any human being kill another human and not suffer karmically for it?

And surely with all the crimes against humanity committed by America, we will eventually draw heavy fire upon ourselves.

Will the United States of America then be seized internally by radicalized Hispanics, Blacks, feminists, or gays? Or maybe by herds of demons and Luciferians?

With their control of the media, the Illuminati has turned many people in these groups into nihilists for reasons other than advancing civil rights.

Blacks do not only make up a single thread in the tapestry of American urban life. Their numbers now approach twenty percent of the US population. So America will rise or fall as do our Blacks.

And Black success can only be achieved with education and not more civil rights laws, or government schooling that only makes a pretense at education.

Meanwhile, expect ever more gratuitous police shootings of Blacks and Hispanics, as that is one of the ways minorities are being radicalized by the Illuminati.

There can be no rational denial that the Illuminati is purposely polarizing the US along racial lines, while pretending a concern for minorities.

While Blacks make up less than twenty percent of the American population, they commit eight times more crimes against Whites than Whites do against Blacks.

And a Black male is forty times more likely to assault a White person as the reverse. The Illuminati media does not tell us of these facts as they do not help to radicalize Blacks.

There is little reporting of a Black killing a White; however, White on Black violent crimes become news for days, maybe weeks – at least long enough for secret agents of the Illuminati (like George Soros) to finance and organize race riots.

The US media is weighted less by their overt propaganda than by what they do not report. For instance, if we are to believe the run-of-the-mill cyber rags, such as CNN or Fox News, the doings of a single White on Black crime is much more news-worthy than US governmentally executed Christian and Muslim genocide in the Middle East.

Like the French Revolution of long ago, the Blacks won their peaceful revolution decades ago, with little chaos, destruction, or bloodshed. The Blacks got civil rights legislation, equal rights, hundreds of thousands of city, state, and federal jobs, affirmative action, college tuitions, and multimillion-dollar athletes. The Blacks got what they asked for – an end to segregation.

What the Blacks did not ask for was the Illuminati subversion of their families, communities, and race with street drugs* imported by the CIA. Drugs have cost the Blacks all the advances they made with the new civil rights advancements. The drugs made America, per capita, the most imprisoned nation on earth – just as it was planned.

*For some time now there has also been a drug abuse epidemic in White communities, even in rural states like New Hampshire. The Illuminists are intent on bringing Ms. America to her knees, begging for mercy.

This has been accomplished by making the once expensive heroin cheap and abundant. The US Marines don’t guard the poppy fields of Afghanistan for the reasons stated by the US media.

And, as our state and federal prisons are a network of crime colleges wherein prison inmates learn the patois and the various trades of crime, Blacks were again being set up to be radicalized.

The Illuminati importation of drugs into Black communities also produced broken families, where government underground operatives financed and organized Black gangs that often became the foster fathers of Black youth.

Just prior to most of our civil rights laws of the early ‘60s, the Blacks had under a twenty percent rate of illegitimate births. Today, that rate exceeds seventy-five percent. Broken homes often produce broken children, and then broken adults – all well known by those of the Illuminati.

And as hard economic times fall on the Blacks, that doom also falls on the Whites. The major difference has been the flood of Illuminati street drugs and constant anti-White propaganda that has engulfed the Black collective mind, which has helped to further radicalize American Blacks.

Will millions of angry Blacks eventually take up the sword against Whites in an incalculably expanded way?

Bolsheviks,* who call themselves Neocons, will certainly be in any revolutionary mix in America; and they will be calling for more White blood, the way they did with the ignorant masses of humanity all over France and Russia.

*The Rothschild scourge imported hundreds of Bolsheviks (from America and Europe) into Russia; these criminally insane psychopaths became the greatest killing machine the world has ever known. Those Bolsheviks are responsible for killing over sixty million Christians during and after the Russian Revolution, which began in 1917.

And as they did in France, Russia, and Spain the Illuminati has long been at their dirty work in America; but today with more and more Black and White people catching on to their deceptions.

Nevertheless, only those of the highest order of the Illuminati know for sure the intermediate future of America; and, it will stay that way until enough people awaken to the activities of the subhumans who control our country, and our world, through their secret societies.

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings.

John F. Kennedy 1917-1963

Our Republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it.

Elmer Davis 1890-1958

But, expect no bonhomie from the Rothschild neocons who control our American government, as they are cowardly, cold-blooded killers.

And as camp lights invite insects, frogs, and eventually snakes, spiritual and worldly darkness invites the Illumined Vipers.

Intend and Plan for the Peace Planet TOGETHER!



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