This is the capability to get paid over and over for the work that you do once. In the entertainment, writing, and music industries they call them “royalty checks”.

There are few companies or markets today that pay residual revenue.  Musicians, authors, and also insurance sales just to name a few careers that traditionally do earn residual revenue.

If you were to compose a pop music song that becomes famous then each time that track is played, a video played on Youtube or mp3 sold on iTunes, etc. you would certainly be paid a pre-agreed upon a percentage of each of those as a royalty payment.


Residual earnings in multi-level marketing or network marketing are income you continue to earn based upon activities you only did once or at the beginning when you first joined the program. This income is based on the sale of solutions and products. The residual income comes from these products or services being consumed or used on a continuing basis (repeat sales every week/month).

This is one reason “consumable” products are one of the most effective in multi-level marketing. Think of it as items that are bought, used up, and then need to be ordered or purchased again. If you are marketing a product that is a one time purchase you will have a more challenging if not impossible time creating recurring monthly earnings.

The recurring income opportunity offered by network marketing programs is very attractive to people because this is just what allows you to work at the beginning to build your business then once your business and residual income is in place you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by slowing down and working way less while at the same time your residual income grows. If you choose the correct MLM company your recurring monthly income could go on for years and even be passed down to your children as part of their inheritance when you pass on.

One of the best parts of doing this type of business is that you are creating an organization of individuals pursuing a common objective. You can guarantee a solid recurring income that will certainly last for many years. This is why it is essential that you recognize the advantages and leverage that residual or passive income offers. Moreover, it helps you to focus your efforts, energy, and time on other like-minded individuals.

Earning recurring income requires some things

  • First that you take action to have momentum entering your organization.
  • Second, you build on that momentum and also educate others to do the exact same.
  • Lastly, you establish yourself as a leader, learning leadership skills that will certainly give the foundation that promotes your business to the next level.

People are attracted to people, as well as leadership abilities are developed. Leaders are not born they are developed.

In the beginning, you will be working tons of hours for a little or NO pay.  But in the end, you have the joy of knowing that years from now you will still be getting paid for the efforts you put in at the very beginning.  If anyone ever asks you, “how much did you make in the beginning?” you can honestly say, “I don’t know as I’m still getting paid now for the work I did at the very beginning.”

Some tips to help you grow your business…

Remember your home-based business will certainly not grow quickly if you merely talk about and sell the products. Your business will take off way faster if you focus on discussing people’s monetary dreams. Keep in mind simply selling the products can be a one time sale meaning you aren’t positioning yourself to earn true long term residual income. When you build a team then you are being paid on their sales and efforts as well as anyone in THEIR team. This is the only way you can really start to see the long term residual income that gives you financial freedom.

Think about it, your company’s real “product” is its sales training, marketing system, and compensation plan. The better your company’s training and marketing system are able to assist you to develop your sales team, the far better as well as faster you will be able to enjoy the financial benefits of your company.

To extend this factor further, ultimately you’ll have your downline (people you have brought into the program placed under you in the compensation plan) to do most of the “heavy lifting” and prospecting now so you don’t have to. this is the time when you have put yourself in a position to earn but you are no longer actively prospecting new people yourself. You could be possibly helping someone else to sign people up or conducting meetings on their behalf. All of this is where you get leveraged or passive earnings. The product is never the most important thing however if you have a top-notch product or a product that fills a need no other does? It can make the whole process of building your business much faster and easier.

What you are actually selling if you completely understand this concept is how well the system duplicates. You can have the best product(s) in the world but if you do not have a duplicatable system that anyone can follow as well as an attractive compensation plan then you are spinning your wheels. If you discover a system that is easy to duplicate that also has top-notch consumable products then it’s possible sometimes your prospects can “sell themselves” on their financial dreams. That will certainly translate into a very bright future earning residual income.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is simple …

Locate people you like that are looking to attain financial freedom via passive residual income. Then show them how to do that through a streamlined marketing system and compensation plan. Minimize their learning curve to make sure that they can get out there and start duplicating your success so they see some successes and earnings of their own right away. The “masters” of building network marketing businesses with residual earnings will tell you that it takes a minimum of 1-2 years but no one ever makes it that far unless they have at least a small taste of success at the beginning when they first sign up.

If you are interested in a true residual income opportunity with a reputable company and great compensations plan click here


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