Jacob Rothschild Guilty of Conspiracy Against Humankind

This article is not proof against the Rothschilds but it provides sufficient information and explanations that beyond a reasonable doubt can and should invite public prosecutors to launch an investigation against the Rothschilds.


By Aleksandar Sarovic for VT

Many people do not believe that conspiracy exists. My interest in conspiracies arose when I found out that they exist in the case of the destruction of my homeland Yugoslavia. World media presented the destruction of Yugoslavia as an internal conflict amongst the Yugoslav people; this depiction was just a facade. The essence of the breakup of Yugoslavia was rooted in the colonization of the country. In 1990, the western republics, Slovenia and Croatia, elected parties that supported capitalism.

Previously ruling communists won the Serbian election. As a result, Serbia impeded on the pro-Western reforms in Yugoslavia. I realized that the Western politicians and media supported the pro-Western republics and accused the Serbs for all of the problems Yugoslavia entered. This bias was the result of a conspiracy that aimed to alienate people and weaken them politically and economically, which is exactly what happened. The conspirators got power over the whole territory of the former Yugoslavia and cheaply took resources that were built by all the people of Yugoslavia.

People realize that injustice happens around the world. Many media accuse the corporations that rule the world and produce injustice but they do not blame the people who rule the corporations. In that way the media accept that nothing can be done against these rulers. Conspirators like such media because they spread general apathy in society. I have recognized that the allegations against corporations are useless and that it is necessary to find people who benefit from the ruling of the corporations in order to be able to stop them.

Ten years ago I wondered, who might have such great power that they could destroy Yugoslavia? Through investigation, I came to the conclusion that all roads lead to the Rothschild family, although they are very unexposed. The Rothschild family secretly governs the Western world, and so no one could hold them responsible for it. No one could remove them from power. Is that not the goal of conspiracy? At that time, I noticed that many religious people believed that doomsday is approaching and speculated on the identity of the Antichrist. They suspected George Soros, Prince Charles, and even the Pope. I tried to take advantage of the interest of Christians and suggested in the article “Has the Antichrist Come?”, written in 2003, that Jacob Rothschild could be the Antichrist.

By the nineteenth century, the Rothschild family had already become the richest family in the world. Lord Byron presented the family in his poem “Don Juan,” canto 12/5, written in the old year of 1823.

Who hold the balance of the World? Who reign
O’er congress, whether royalist or liberal?
Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain?
(That make old Europe’s journals “squeak and gibber” all)
Who keep the World, both old and new, in pain
Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all?
The shade of Buonaparte’s noble daring?–
Jew Rothschild, and his fellow-Christian, Baring.

Then began the industrial revolution and the blossoming of colonialism where the Rothschilds certainly became even richer; but then they withdrew from the public arena. Why did they do this? After conquering the Western world, as expected, they wanted to conquer the whole world. Taking into account that rulers were often unpopular, and for this they could even pay with their heads, the Rothschilds have decided to conquer the world secretly. And they have succeeded. Today, they barely place on the list of the richest men in the world. One could get the impression that they lost wealth in the last two hundred years but there is no supporting evidence. On the contrary, I believe that the Rothschilds have never been richer or more powerful than today.

How can the Rothschilds increase their wealth and influence in the world while decreasing their visibility? The Rothschilds, as the richest people in the world, have cleverly come to idea to make contracts with poor agents who then represent them in the ownership of companies. As a reward, these people usually receive about 15% ownership as a gift, in order to incentivize their work, while the rest belongs to the Rothschilds. These people were immediately able to buy mansions, yachts and planes. They are very grateful for it, loyal to the Rothschilds, and do their best not to disappoint them. Such contracts are mutually very beneficial.

An example: After the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky for tax evasion in the oil company “Yukos” in Russia, there appeared a risk that his stocks would be seized. Control over Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s shares of “Yukos” were transferred to Lord Jacob Rothschild. Source is the article from “The Washington Times”, November 2, 2003: “Arrested oil tycoon passed shares to banker”. Oddly, the article cannot be found in the archives of the publishing house any more but fortunately, a copy of the article is available on the web page Action Report Online”. The significance of this article lies in the fact that it shows Jacob Rothschild as a real majority owner of the company “Yukos”. In this case, greed has forced Jacob Rothschild to act erroneously because for the first time, it was uncovered that he hides his own wealth behind other people and, most interestingly, he uncovered it on his own. It should be added that the value of these shares exceeds the entire wealth of the whole Rothschild family, according to Forbes. This means that the wealth and power of the Rothschild family is presented falsely. Why?

Can we assume that the Rothschild model of hiding their wealth behind Khodorkovsky was applied to the other families throughout history? Of course we can. The Rothschilds were the richest people in the world long before the wealthy families Rockefeller, Morgan, Buffet, and others appeared. The Rothschilds have most likely sponsored the rise of these families in a similar fashion toKhodorkovsky. The Banking Monopoly  states: “During WWI, JP Morgan was thought to be the richest man in the US, but after his death it was discovered that he was only a lieutenant of the Rothschild’s. Once Morgan’s will was made public, it was discovered that he owned only 19% of JP Morgan companies “. David Icke writes in Children of the Matrix, that the Rockefellers and Morgans were just “gofers” for the European Rothschilds. Political Vel Craft argues: “Warren Buffett Is Rothschild’s Front Man In The United States.” None of these articles provides evidence that the Rothschilds contracted Rockefeller, Morgan, Buffet, and others to represent them in the ownership and management of the world’s biggest companies because the contracts that regulate their relationship are secret and as such are inaccessible to the public.

But the articles provide beyond a reasonable doubt that something like that is more than possible. In this way, the Rothschild familymost likely controls the largest banks, the most profitable companies and the most influential media. They are united in a single hierarchical organization that has predominant financial power, which brings them political power and controls all power centers in the Western world. In such a manner, the Rothschilds most likely manage the Western world, although they are not in politics nor on the lists of the world’s richest.

If there were two centers of such power, then they would have fought for dominance and through their strife we would know who they are, but there is no such thing. The absence of such conflicts tells me with complete certainty that the Rothschild family has monopoly power in the Western world. Therefore, we can hold the Rothschilds accountable for almost everything in the western world. This article will do that to a large extent.

Jacob Rothschild hides his power so much that he does not hesitate to use any means to present himself as a humble philanthropist. An insinuation: A photo of Jacob Rothschild taken by mistake in his home, Waddesdon Manor in England, with the “richest” man in the world, Warren Buffett, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has recognized Jacob Rothschild as a very influential man. That is most likely why Jacob Rothschild decided to present Warren Buffett as a great philanthropist and himself as a man surrounded by such people. I think that Jacob Rothschild was behind Warren Buffett’s statement that he intends to donate 85% of his wealth to charity. Of course in this case, this wealth belongs to Jacob Rothschild. The source: Reuters.

Recently, David Rockefeller decided to sell 37% of his Wealth Advisory and Asset Management Group to Jacob Rothschild for an undisclosed sum. Source: Financial Services. It’s no surprise they cooperate well, but this is not the problem here. When people buy something they usually need to pay taxes. According to the law, there are some exceptions and buying corporations is one of them. In this particular case even issuing a bill is not necessary. Why is the law so convenient to those who purchase corporations?

The Rothschilds have such a huge financial power that they could easily redeem all the worth of the stock exchange. In addition, they offer investments to independent companies that the companies could hardly refuse. If the owners of the companies accept the terms of the investment, they may even retain control of their companies. It is critical for the Rothschilds that they are cooperative. If these companies oppose the Rothschilds they run into problems. A huge campaign comes to mind that was supposed to split Microsoft in two because of the allegedly unacceptable monopoly that the company had in the world. The majority owner Bill Gates started playing bridge with Warren Buffet on which occasion Buffet probably explained to Gates the importance of “cooperativeness” in the Western world. I believe that Bill Gates accepted and since then there was no pressure to split Microsoft any more.

The same happens with entire countries. Saudi Arabia has been cooperative with the Rothschilds and therefore nobody touches it. The Rothschilds do not care what oil company exploits oil in the world as long as it belongs to them. If it does not, then the people who control the oil lose their power or even their lives like Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. I do not claim that the Rothschilds have organized the killing of those people. No, their deaths were a side product of the Rothschild’s need to control oil in the world. I do not claim either that the Rothschilds wanted to steal the oil. It will still belong to Iraq and Libya. But the Rothschilds will bring to power obedient people contrary to Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Thus, the Rothschilds will establish control over these countries and then of course over their oil. No one else has such power. The Rothschilds are able to achieve this goal because they are invisible and cannot be held accountable.

One of the most important agents of the Rothschild family is George Soros. By portraying himself as a “great benefactor”, he helped the reforms in Eastern Europe and donated to these countries one billion dollars through his organization “Open Society”. The name he gave his organization is at least shamelessly hypocritical because he is one of the prominent members of the most closed society. He is a pirate who wounded many countries and peoples as a result of his greed. William Engdahl wrote about it in his article: The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros. The article also presents Soros’ connection with the Rothschilds.

Can you who do not believe in conspiracies explain why Soros has donated one billion dollars? Here is my explanation. It was not a gift but a big scam by which the agents of the Rothschild family’s secret organization took the properties of Eastern European countries. I have no evidence. But if you think that the pirate Soros donated one billion dollars to the countries of Eastern Europe to let independent people get rich, then the Rothschild’s conspiracy has successfully formed the way you think. By giving donations to Eastern Europe, Soros promoted capitalism as an ideal systemfinanced parties and media, and corrupted politicians. That allowed other agents of the Rothschild’s to step in in organized manner  and buy the state ownerships in these countries. That is how an investment of one billion dollars returned trillions. This is the only proper way to interpret Soros’ philanthropy. It was organized crime. Some local people in these countries got rich as well, but they are agents who run the Rothschild companies and generally work for commissions.

The governments of East European countries received assistance from representatives of the West, binding them to follow the policy of Western countries. If some government of the East European countries opposes the policies imposed from the West then that country experiences rebellion against the government. The President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich was dismissed by violent revolution because he tried to build a closer relationship with Russia. This was a very complex operation that funded the revolution in Ukraine, which has misguided the world about occurrences in Ukraine by controlled media, which has forced the leaders of the world to support a violent change of government in Ukraine. Who could have an interest and the power to achieve it? Only the Rothschilds.

Russia opposes the aggressive policy of the West and therefore the West  increasingly attacks it. I believe that this is the beginning of the third major aggression against Russia after Napoleon and Hitler. I do not think it would be an armed war between America and Russia because both sides know they cannot win. The battles will be performed by economic and political exhaustion and will last until one of the parties gives up. The Russians defeated Napoleon and Hitler, and I believe they might defeat Rothschild as well, primarily because they are moral contrary to the corrupt West and therefore stronger. It would take years, if not decades, of exhausting struggle, during which the countries will stagnate and people will suffer.

The Rothschild family decides for whom people vote in the elections in the US and in all influenced countries around the world by investing large amounts of money to political parties that are most suitable to them and by promoting them through the media they control. In the end, it does not matter to them who will win because they finance, through their agents, all influential parties that follow their interests around the world. Thus they ensure that the policy that suits them would be accepted wherever liberal democracy exists. In the previous presidential elections in the US in 2012, both the dominant parties have spent around a billion dollars. There were more candidates for the presidential position but the Americans did not even know they exist. Where is the democracy? This is a hidden dictatorship of the Rothschild family.

It very rarely happens that things do not work out as the Rothschilds predict. But it does happen. On the way of conquering the world, the Rothschilds met resistance from the Serbs. Serbs resisted the Rothschild family in the attack on Yugoslavia for ten years. The Rothschilds lost patience and decided to break the resistance by way of military aggression of NATO pact on Yugoslavia. Only the Rothschilds can organize an aggression against a sovereign country without consequences because no one can connect them to this aggression. Only Rothschild can mobilize all the western media to justify this aggression through lies. This has backed the support of the world nations for aggression against Yugoslavia. Only Rothschild can benefit from it.

US President Bill Clinton, as the highest authority of NATO, was supposed to command the aggression against Yugoslavia. He knew that such a command would be criminal because it did not have permission from the UN. Therefore, Clinton persistently refused to issue such a command even though the Rothschilds pressured him for years. Then the Rothschild agents set up the Lewinsky case and blackmailed him with impeachment if he refused the aggression against Yugoslavia. Only the Rothschilds can blackmail the US President in such a manner. President Clinton of course preferred his position more than the lives of thousands of people and  commanded the attack on Yugoslavia. Immediately after his approval, the Lewinsky case was completely forgotten. Please see the chronology at CNN. But it’s not all. Clinton got a 500 million dollar donation to build his library in Little Rock, Arkansas. May it be the reward for the attack on Yugoslavia? I wrote excessively about the war in Yugoslavia in the article “My debt to Yugoslavia.” I am deeply convinced that an investigation against US President Bill Clinton for the criminal aggression on Yugoslavia would lead to Jacob Rothschild. But who can sue President Clinton?

The successful aggression on Yugoslavia encouraged the Rothschilds to go further in conquering the world. Thus, in turn came Iraq and Afghanistan, countries rich with minerals. These states were independent and that is something the Rothschild family certainly wanted to change. To make it easier to accomplish they chose George W. Bush for the US President because he was completely on their side as opposed to President Clinton. For the aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq they needed the support of the people. It was found in the terrorist attack in New York on 9/11/2001. I think the Rothschilds would wait way too long for such an opportunity so that I believe they made it happened much sooner by the help from their Muslim allies which the terrorists did not know about. There is an open suspicion that Saudi Arabia had their fingers in it. President Bush immediately accused Afghanistan and Iraq for the terrorist attack even though he had no proof. He gave the ultimatum toAfghanistan and Iraq which they could not accept and ordered the aggression against these countries.

Practically only the Rothschilds can control the American government, only they could benefit from the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, only they are able to launch the aggression, and only they could establish a puppet government there. Only they could have profited from these wars. In order to hide their responsibility if something went wrong, they cunningly sought reserve culprits for the wars. They could not find anyone else but the US government itself. Therefore they formed the conspiracy theory that claims the Bush administration carried out the attack on the twin towers in New York 9/11/2001 in order to obtain a pretext for attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. This is nonsense. President Bush did not have the operational ability to derive a significant personal benefit from theaggression on Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sure President Bush did not know about that because he was surprised and reacted very awkwardly when he heard that the planes hit the World Trade Center.

But numerous experts who claim that building number 7 was demolished with explosives were found and they accused the US government. This conspiracy theory is presented a lot in the media which would not be possible without the support of the Rothschild family that controls the media. I am an architect and I know that the steel structure is very sensitive to high temperatures and rapidly loses its loading weight capacity when it is exposed to fire, as opposed to concrete structures. Building number seven was burning on low floors almost all day collapsing under the heavy load of the building, which looks like a demolition. The same thing happened to the twin skyscrapers. With such conspiracies the Rothschilds deceive people. The accusation against the US government does not bother the Rothschilds at all, because it serves to carry the burden of all the evil that the Rothschilds commit. Some indication exists which presents the possibility that the Rothschilds bypassed the president, helped the terrorists in the United States achieve their goal, and obstructed the investigation to bring additional suspicion to the US government. Thus they remove any possible doubt from themselves.

The Rothschilds support false conspiracy theories because they invalidate the credibility of real conspiracies. Many people write about the evil Rothschilds even though often they do not have evidence. The Rothschilds have never sued any such writers because such trials would have brought negative attention. Instead of it, they clean themselves from all the evil they cause by beingcrafty. You may not believe it but they alone accuse themselves of the stupid conspiracies. Yes they are doing it. Example: Before it‘s News recently published: “Rothschild Takes Down Malaysian Airliner MH370 to gain rights to the Semiconductor Patent – Getting Rid of Those Who Stood In His Way!” What a stupidity! It is equally absurd as if they are accused of stealing food from a grocery store. The authors of such texts should be afraid the Rothschilds might sue them for slander. Of course unless the Rothschild’s agents hired them to write such articles.

Such articles can bringbenefits to the Rothschilds because by it’s shallowness devaluate the real accusations. Unconvincing conspiracy theories create the opposite effect, so that people dismiss conspiracy theories as impossible in today’s “democratic society”. And that is a part of the Rothschild’s conspiracy as well. With such articles, the Rothschilds  become innocent people who suffer unjust accusations in the eyes of the world. Therefore the Rothschild themselves help distribute such articles.  Media today deliberately indoctrinate people by imposing misinformation and shallow values, because misinformed and stupid people are obedient and cannot resist.

On the other hand, nobody investigates the real conspiracy. In the TV broadcast, Democracy Now on 3.2.2007, the U.S. General Wesley Clark said that immediately after 9/11, the Pentagon planned attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Is not that enough proof that there is a conspiracy? Clark is a true whistleblower because he unadvisedly betrayed the criminal action by the U.S. authorities. The U.S. Army General’s statement has not awakened any interest in the U.S. judiciary or the media.

On the other hand I am not sure if whistleblowers Assange and Snowden have said anything that is not known, but still they are persecuted by the American justice system. Why? Because the U.S. justice and the media are controlled by the Rothschild family. The media have a purpose to remove public interest from the real issues by imposing endless useless public discussions. Assange and Snowden are victims created exactly for that purpose. If what they have revealed did not fit to big capital, you would not know that they exist.

To return to the US aggression on Iraq and Afghanistan; if you physically attack a man you will most likely end up in jail; if you attack Iraq and Afghanistan, kill hundreds of thousands of people to steal their resources, nothing will happen. It cannot be like this. Given that I am very well versed with the aggression against Yugoslavia, I recognized in the criminal aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan the handwriting of the Rothschild family.  Have you ever asked yourself why the President of the US may be impeached for cheating on his wife but cannot be impeached for the criminal aggression against Iraq? I am deeply convinced that the investigation against US President George W Bush for the criminal aggression on Iraq would lead to Jacob Rothschild. But who can suePresident George W Bush?

In order to decrease the dissatisfaction of the people in the United States due to bad policies of George W. Bush, the Rothschild family, aided by their agent David Rockefeller, chose the young and intelligent Barack Obama for the US presidential position. I read somewhere that David Rockefeller, agent of the Rothschild family, first congratulated Barack Obama on his victory long before the election. Barack Obama as a humane man, attracted the American left and tried to remove the problems that the right wing Bush administration built in America. But he is not strong enough to succeed in doing so. Just before the nomination for the presidency, Obama graduated Harvard law. People who complete university must be obedient followers of authority otherwise they would not be able to complete their studies. The Rothschilds knew that they could relatively easily manipulate young Obama and that is why they chose him.

The Rothschilds made from an exemplary law student who believes that everyone is innocent until a court proves him guilty, a criminal and murderer. Obama signed an order for the predatory arrest of Osama Bin Laden that resulted in his cruel murder. He spat on his own diploma. Why has he done this? He felt pressure from the media and the U.S. government officials that surrounded him. They are all controlled by the Rothschilds because otherwise they could not be in the position they hold. No one has convinced me that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with the terrorist actions that are attributed to him. If you noticed, all the media’s gravest charges have been proved only by putting his picture on the television screen. It is possible that the death was the silencing of a man who was wrongly accused and who could tell an uncomfortable truth in court.

America, pressured by the Rothschilds, kills people around the world with the excuse that in this way they fight terrorism, spread democracy and human rights. That is a lie; this is only about the discipline of disobedient countries. Obama sends drones that kill people in Afghanistan daily under the pretext that it prevents terrorism and spreads democracy. This is terrorism. Could you imagine Afghan drones flying over the United States and killing people because America is an undemocratic and terrorist state? The biggest crime of President Barack Obama was the aggression against Libya. I am deeply convinced that the investigation against US President Barack Obama for the criminal aggression on Libya, would lead to Jacob Rothschild. But who can sue President Barack Obama?

On the way to conquering the world, the Rothschilds certainly want to conquer Russia. The newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump, in his election campaign, promised reconciliation with Russia, because cooperation is the best solution for both countries. With such statements he could not gain the support of the Rothschilds. The victory of President Trump shows that the Rothschilds are still not omnipotent.

President Trump during the election campaign announced the crackdown on lobbying by “global elite,” which is synonymous with the Rothschilds. He should launch an investigation against Rothschild based on facts which beyond a reasonable doubt accuse Rothschild for the conspiracy against America and humankind. But the Rothschilds leave no traces behind their covert operations, so that it would be difficult to prove the accusation against them. In addition, it would require President Trump to clash with the corrupt US administration and powerful people who draw benefits from the existing system. It suggests to me that President Trump will not take the risk of opening an investigation against the Rothschilds. This means that nothing significant can be changed.

It can be expected with great certainty that the Rothschilds will pressure President Trump to follow their policies. They will try to bribe him, and if they fail, they will look for Trumps flaws, such as theyfound with Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky case. It will not be difficult to achieve knowing Trump’s peculiar character. Trump has already showed weakness in keeping election promises before entering the White House. So a variant of continuing conflict between Russia and America is more likely than cooperation.

Sometimes leaders lose their lives through violence. Knowing what kind of power the Rothschild family possess, if I were in the position of public attorney I would ask the Rothschild family if theyknow something about the unsolved murders of Presidents John Kennedy, Salvador Allende, Olof Palme, Slobodan Milosevic, and others. For this, of course, there has to exist political will. If it appears, I believe that the Rothschilds would get scared of such an investigation and would stop creating the criminal policies of society. I believe that this would immediately reduce the problems in the world.

Other heads of “developed” Western countries are also either corrupted or incompetent because other people have no access to such positions. The Rothschilds founded the Bilderberg group. It is a private organization that openly recruits and ideologically directs leaders of the Western world. No wonder that the presidents of Great Britain, France, Italy, and Turkey have recently adopted rebels in Syria as legal representatives of the government. This is a crime. These rebels were secretly created and financed by the Rothschild family with the goal to take control over Syria. That is how the Rothschild family replaces disobedient governments of independent countries. Thus gaining control of all the resources of this world that they do not have yet under control. And since they are fully invisible no one can stop them in that.

A few years ago I saw on a YouTube video, which could not be found anymore, that the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “Do not worry we control the U.S. government.” An intelligent man cannot afford such an arrogant statement if the process of the enslavement of American society is not completed. However, Netanyahu did not tell the truth because Israel does not control the U.S. government, but rather the Rothschild family does. The Rothschilds control the US parliament as well through the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee). If any senator or representative of the people opposes the Rothschilds, they will not be politicians anymore because AIPAC has the power to dismiss disobedient politicians and they know it.

The American laws have been created in a way that suits the rich for centuries. No wonder why those who purchase corporations are not required to pay taxes. America is a colony of the Rothschilds. This is indirectlyconfirmed by the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski. He recently said, “I do not think there is an implicit obligation for the United States to follow like a stupid mule whatever the Israelis do. I think that the United States has the right to have its own national security policy. ” This sentence shows all the weakness of the US administration to the power the Rothschilds possess.

The Rothschilds control the judicial departments of Western countries as well. They have established the International court in Hague to judge the nations that oppose them. So that is why the Serbs are punished. Just recently, the judgments were made by which the Croatian generals Gotovina and Markač and Kosovar politician Hardinaj were declared innocent in the war in Yugoslavia while the Serbian general Tolimir received a life sentence of imprisonment. The civil war in Yugoslavia produced equal evil on all sides. General Tolimir is no more guilty than the other three people. The judgments are crimes of the corrupted court. Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was killed in Hague. As the court had no evidence against him, the tension of the four-year stressful trial and most likely inadequate medical treatment for his ailing heart killed him.

Vojislav Šešelj, president of the Serbian Radical Party, was in jail in the Hague tribunal for ten years without the judgment. That court is a crime itself and a shame for today’s society. Judges from all over the world judge at this court and that means that judges all over the world are corrupt and that there is no justice anywhere.James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia claimed that George Soros, the agent of the Rothschild family, funded the International Court in Hague. This means that the Serbs were tried by the same man who attacked them. It says to me that the family Rothschild has an impact not only on governments around the world but also on the judiciary. The family Rothschild should be charged for the evil they produces but this, of course, is not possible with a corrupt judiciary. Besides, no one knows that he is responsible for it and therefore he produce the evil in the world uninterruptedly.

In short, power corrupts, and as long as there is power over people, there will be corruption. In my book, Humanism, I have proposed the elimination of power of man over a man. This is the only way to build a good future for humankind, but powerful and corrupted people do not accept such a system. Others are so indoctrinated by the system of education and the media that they could not recognize the benefits of the system I have proposed.

The conspiracy has absorbed science as well. Sometime early this year, I watched the video from the conference of “The Institute for New Economic Thinking.” In this video, George Soros has called upon all economic schools, including Marxist, to contribute to finding a way out of the economic crisis. The call is not sincere because if it were, they would analyze the economic ideas I offered to them, but they had no such intention. They do not want to solve the economic crisis because it suits them better than the release from the economy crisis. What’s that all about? The crisis of capitalism is not based on a lack of production, but on the lack of purchasing power of people. If the big businesses cared about bringing the economy out of the crisis, they need only  to find a way for people to earn more.

For this reason I wrote the article Let’s Remove Unemployment where I offered shortening working hours proportionally to the unemployment rate. In this way, the ratio of jobs to workers would be equal. That would establish a fair market of work where the salaries of workers and profits of employers would be justly regulated. In such an economy, the owners of companies would have to attract workers by increasing wages. The increased purchasing power of workers would increase the trade of goods and services and that would bring businesses higher profits and would pull capitalism out of the crisis.

But it would also reduce the economic dependence of workers on businesses. That would free workers from fear of their economic future. Workers would no longer be interested in fighting wars for the interests of big business around the world, for example. Big business is not interested in making money because it already has all the money; it has an interest in controlling the people and its best bet is during a crisis. And that is the main reason the economics crises exist. All economic crises, including the U.S. Great Depression, are incurred through financial interest rate manipulation of the Rothschild family. Webster Griffin Tarpley wrote about that.

Through economic crisis, the Rothschilds force independent entrepreneurs to bankruptcy and cheaply take their wealth. So Rothschilds wider circle of people depend on their power. Then workers, because of fear for their own future, silently accept unfairly low wages and their own powerlessness. And if they rebel against the injustice that is happening to them, they at best can oust government but that can change nothing. The policy controlled by the big business remains the same

The shortening of working hours proportionally to the unemployment rate should be the first idea to come to the mind of an independent thinker in order to reduce the suffering of workers and improve the economy and society. But such an idea is nowhere to be seen. Why? Because it is forbidden by the conspiracy of the Rothschild family. Such an idea would start a transformation of societytowards a better socio-economic system. That is why such an idea cannot be heard at universities or in media. None of the media, including those on the left, wanted to publish my article “Let’sRemove Unemployment”. Why? Because most of them are controlled by big business and the rest are indoctrinated by imposed knowledge.

The indoctrinated people do not believe that such asimple measure can fix society and economy in the first place because they’ve never heard for it. An idea that does not have access to the public cannot be accepted by political parties either. So thecycle of powerlessness never ends.

But why did Soros call the Marxists when he knew that they were the greatest enemies of capitalism? Then I realized that they are not afraid of Marxists. Probably half the professors of sociology in the Western world are Marxists. They openly teach Marxist philosophy in universities, which would not have been possible if Marxism could undermine capitalism in any way. I am deeply convinced that the Rothschilds consciously manipulate the Marxist-oriented professors by putting them on the wrong path. This way, they reduce the possibility of an appearance of a good left-social system that could defeat capitalism. I wrote about it in the article The Failures of Marxism and the Right Path to Socialism and Communism.

This conspiracy has been established a long time ago. Apparently Lenin returned to Russia from exile with suitcases full of money. The reason? Russian Czar Nicholas Romanov angered the Rothschilds with his support of the American government in a conflict with the Bank of England. Besides, the Russian Czar allegedly repaid the debt to the international bankers and did not want to continue to borrow money from them. That was enough for the Rothschilds to finance the revolution. Exactly the same thing is happening to Syria right now. This is possible only because no one can imagine that the Rothschild family is behind all of it. They realize their interests through financing of crimes because no one can connect the crimes with them.

The Rothschilds have imposed a system of education that makes people stupid. I am not exaggerating. Such an education helps them to stay in power and rule over society. How did they do it? They have been supporting mistaken scientists for centuries who develop wrong or insufficiently right knowledge, and by the help from politics which they also control, they have imposed such knowledge to the system of education. Almost all social scientists may belong to such a group including Karl Marx. Sigmund Freud is a supported carrier of unsuccessful theory of psychoanalysis, which is largely rejected. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was supported in developing a wrong philosophy from the standpoint of creating a good society. Less well-known Bell, Weinberg, and Hammersmith are supported in the development of the theory of homosexuality registered in genetic code. I’ve shown that this theory is wrong in the article “Homosexuality.”

These scientists have become authorities mostly by the help of the Rothschilds. University students have been forced to accept the incorrect or not enough correct knowledge of such authorities if they want to pass exams. Intellectuals who have accepted such knowledge became incompetent and could not find an escape from the problems of society. The best students of the wrong or insufficiently correct sciences became the most influential people in society and then spread false knowledge. In this way the Rothschilds have produced helpless and useless sciences. I wrote more about it in the article My Clash with Sciences. Scientists who are deeply indoctrinated with false knowledge cannot improve the world; nor understand or accept progressive ideas. That is the reason the world cannot move forward.

Conspiracy has affected food production as well. In my article “Epilogue“, I wrote that indications exist that the Rothschild family deliberately poisons people with food in order to produce food cheaply and make more profits. Thus also hire medical and pharmaceutical industries more, over which they have control too. Furthermore, health care and pharmaceutical industry are not keen enough to treat people honestly, because healthy people are not spending money on medical treatment. There are indications that the Rothschilds deliberately poison people with food to reduce the Earth’s population. William Engdahl in his book “Seeds of Destruction” states that the expansion of genetically modified crops and food all over the world today, have reached that scope that can and must be proclaimed as “genocide, crimes against humanity.”

The conspiracy of the Rothschild family has reached every pore of today’s society. Only cooperative people, those who follow the interests of big business have access to the media and are in influential positions in society. They are obedient because they are corrupted by their positions in society and by the markedly high living standards that the system gives to them. People believe that these corrupted individuals deserve everything because of their hard work and skills, but this is not true. They are only pawns of the people who actually run society. But that is not all, the Rothschilds control their opposition as well. They corrupt fighters for justice who publicly confront the existing system but do nothing to change it. They took control over the “Occupy” movement.

Also they like to support indoctrinated fighters for justice who are unable to make progress. Noam Chomsky, for example,  is an honest fighter for justice, but has his fight helped humankind? Has he offered a solution that might improve the situation around the world? He has not. And so the Rothschilds must love his contribution to the betterment of humankind. While people who might improve society, like me for example, do not have financial support, do not have access to universities, media, or politics, and cannot help. Every day you can see all kinds of published nonsense but my philosophy, that defines the bright future of humanity, has no access anywhere. Everything is based on a deep conspiracy. People who believe media and follow fighters for “justice,” actually work in favor of their own powerlessness.

The conspiracy is completely hidden so that public does not know anything about it. It is possible that only Jacob Rothschild has access to the entire conspiracy. He has far more power than any emperor in the history of humankind, but nobody knows it. I believe that his wife thinks he is just a successful businessman. Even his son Nathaniel until recently did not know how powerful his father was.

When he learned that he would inherit his power, he suddenly transformed from an irresponsible adventurer to a very successful “independent” businessman. Of course, a narrow circle of his family were acquainted with the conspiracy, as well as several other family members, including of course, David Rockefeller, who rules in the name of Rothschild over the United States. In the hierarchy below them no one, I repeat no one, I believe not even Soros, knows how powerful Jacob Rothschild really is. That is why the conspiracy remains undiscovered.

So then how have I discovered how powerful Jacob Rothschild is? Around the turn of the millennium I became convinced that the Rothschilds rule the Western world by studying various documents over the Internet. Many documents and the genealogy of the Rothschild family suggests that the London branch manages the whole family. A variety of statements, articles, and documents indicate that Jacob is the head of the London branch. That is how I realized that Jacob Rothschild is the secret ruler of the western world. He suits the role perfectly as a quiet man mostly known for his love of arts and flowers. This image is of course built up so that no one would have thought that he could be the leader of a global conspiracy. I have no solid evidence against Jacob Rothschild because it is impossible to collect it without the help of governments. State governments are corrupted, incompetent, or afraid of the power of corporations so that they have no intention to search for the evidence and accuse Jacob Rothschild. Anyway, by finishing my research, I concluded that there might be only a 0.1% chance that he is not at the head of the conspiracy hierarchy, and a 0% chance that he is not among the top five. He is certainly guilty for the conspiracy against humankind.

The situation in the world is only getting worse and so I have decided to act. It makes no sense to attack presidents, governments and corporations under media accusations of evil in the world because they are only highlighted puppets Jacob Rothschild has managed and protected.

This article is not proof against the Rothschilds but it provides sufficient information and explanations that beyond a reasonable doubt can and should invite public prosecutors to launch an investigation against the Rothschilds.

But this requires political will which corrupted governments do not have. Therefore, the bad situation in the world does not change. This article has a task to inform people about what is happening in the world and I expect the unsatisfied people to exert political pressure on their governments to launch an investigation against the Rothschilds. Or to choose new governments that will show the courage to initiate such an investigation. Once the Rothschild family is accused of crime it will be stopped. Then the evil in the world will be stopped as well.


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