5 Crucial Things that Separate a Veteran-Owned Small Business from the Conglomerates


NEW YORK, New York  – According to the Small Business Administration, there are around 3.7 million veteran-owned businesses in the country, averaging yearly receipts of around $450,000. Compared with the billions that many of the conglomerates earn each year in the pet food industry, it makes many people wonder how a small veteran-owned pet food company can survive. But when it comes to Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation, not only does it survive, but it thrives, by offering an award-winning line of natural pet foods where the focus is on quality, rather than quantity.
“When consumers look at pet foods on the shelf, they may not realize that they are comparing brands from billion-dollar conglomerates with those made by small, independent companies,” explains Will Post, founder and CEO of Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. “It’s important to know the difference between the two and what separates them, because those difference have a huge impact on what your bring home in those cans and bags for your pets.”
A conglomerate is a large corporation that owns more than one company that often have nothing to do with one another. For example, many people may not realize that some of the more popular brands of pet foods are owned by companies that also make everything from chocolate to bottled water to coffee. So just how does a small veteran-owned company compete with a conglomerate that has annual sales in the billions? In short, they do it by standing by what they believe in.
Here are five crucial things that separate a small business from the conglomerates:
1. Focusing on quality. Large conglomerates have sales goals that they must meet, which means they usually turn their focus to quantity, rather than focusing on quality. When you do that, the consumer loses, because they are a getting a pet food product that is often riddled with unhealthy byproducts and fillers.
2. Not compromising on ingredients. When many other, and especially large pet food manufacturers, lower the standard on quality ingredients, it opens the door to recalls and unhealthy pets. Hound & Gatos is known in the industry for never compromising on the ingredients that go into their foods, always offering 100% meat. Their products do not have fillers, preservatives, byproducts, and other unhealthy ingredients that pets shouldn’t be consuming.
3. Spreading the message. Many people have heard of the larger brands because millions are spent on advertising them each year, but it’s important to understand that bigger isn’t always better. One way smaller companies can compete is by educating the public on the importance of choosing quality pet foods, because their pets’ health is at stake. When consumers know the difference, they are often more willing to opt for the healthier, better quality foods.
4. Staying committed. It’s easy to get down and feel defeated, so you have to make a point of staying committed to what you are doing and who you are doing it for. At Hound & Gatos, for example, they believe that those with pets should have access to healthy foods that will help their furry family members live longer, healthier lives. They believe that pets should be eating 100% meat, rather than unhealthy fillers, and that commitment to consumers and their pets keeps them going strong.
5. Filling a niche. By filling a niche or having a specialty, a veteran-owned business can stand out and rise above, even when they are competing with a conglomerate. When conglomerates are focused on offering cheap pet foods filled with unhealthy ingredients, Hound & Gatos focuses on offering superior foods. In human food terms, it would be like dining out at a cheap fast food restaurant versus going to the best steakhouse in the city.
“As a veteran and small business owner, I’m grateful for the success I’ve had with Hound & Gatos,” added Post. “Many people fear going up against the conglomerates but it’s important to focus on quality, and when you do that you will have consumers who are ready to support you. We have an award-winning line of foods for a reason.”
Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation uses only the best sourced ingredients, uses 100% meat, makes their pet food right in South Dakota, at Performance Pet Products, and offers complete DNA disclosure to show the source of the meat used in their foods. They never use things found in other popular pet foods, such as generic livers, carrageenan, chemicals, unidentifiable additives, and preservatives. They have also never had any of their food recalled.
Hound & Gatos Pet Foods strives to help owners obtain the best quality products for their pets, and they deliver with 100 percent animal protein with no fillers. Visit HoundGatos.com and discover the difference of premium quality hypoallergenic pet food. The products are distributed through Pet Food Experts, Animal Supply Co., Maddie’s Natural Pet Products in Canada, and Canada’s Global Pet Foods. The foods are also available in Canada, at PetOnly.CA.
About Hound & Gatos Pet Foods
Hound & Gatos Pet Foods is a result of one pet lover’s vision of providing only the best for his beloved pets. Will Post, CEO and founder, began Hound & Gatos with the mission to deliver the nutrition his four pets (two Savannah cats and two bird dogs) needed and deserved to be healthy. Today, Hound & Gatos Pet Foods provides award winning 100 percent animal protein (DNA tested) dog and cat foods with no fillers for pet lovers and their special pets across the United States and Canada. Customers can ask stores to carry the pet foods, which are supplied through distributors. For more information, visit HoundGatos.com.


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