How to cope with stress while quitting smoking


People who smoke sometimes say that cigarettes help to cope with stress or calm down. However, it is essential to understand that this effect is also due to slow inhalation and exhalation. And it can be achieved without using a cigarette.  The nicotine ingestion and the ritual aspect of smoking are said to be the most powerful aspect of smoking addiction. Especially the nicotine. New e-cigarette technology allows smokers to access nicotine in a vapor form as well as mimic the ritual aspects of smoking. According to the website, e-cigarettes can be made to look like cigarettes. As a result, the slow inhalation and exhalation, nicotine, and coping ritual can be mimicked with an alternative to cigarettes.

Smoking and stress are things one of which is a consequence of the other. Smoking itself is a powerful source of stress for the body. It is created by exposure to the following components of smoking:

Nicotine, which enters the body during smoking, is addictive, and over time, the lack of a dose of nicotine becomes a stress in itself. Therefore, a smoked cigarette brings calm.
The intoxication of the body. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body as a result of smoking leads to a lack of oxygen, which causes a decrease in inefficiency.

A person may mistakenly attribute these manifestations to a property of his own character. But if he quits smoking and gives the body clear of harmful substances, these manifestations will be much less disturbing.

Emotional factor. For many people, the habit of smoking is psychological, so stress in the absence of cigarettes is caused not by nicotine addiction, but by a violation of the usual way of life. Awareness of addiction can also cause emotional discomfort.

Smoking not only adversely affects human health but also violates its psycho-emotional sphere. Quitting smoking and overcoming addiction will help remove one of the stress factors in life, as well as significantly reduce the level of anxiety of a person.

You can first replace regular cigarettes with the e-cigarette. Thus, you will not have much stress when quitting smoking, because you will continue to do it, but with less harm to the body.

How to overcome stress when giving up cigarettes

Smoking and the stress of giving up cigarettes worry many smokers. The realization and acceptance of the fact that quitting smoking bear your only advantages can help you to overcome this emotional stress. If you are supported by relatives and friends, this will become an additional factor that reduces the level of stress.

But people who will push and further spoil the state of health with cigarettes, it is better to avoid or learn to ignore. When you quit smoking, try to get another good habit instead that will distract you from thinking about cigarettes.

You should not give up other components of your lifestyle: if you used to start your morning with a cup of tasty coffee and a cigarette, why not just drink a cup of coffee? And in any case, do not regret that you quit smoking because regret can make you go back to the old habit.

Among the advantages of using a wide range of e-cigarettes ( offers some) are the following: dyspnea and cough disappear; the lungs are cleaned since no resin will flow into them; improves complexion and metabolism; teeth become; taste buds and sense of smell are restored.

But before you start using such electronic devices, you will have to face the problem of choosing the right kit. The modern range of electronic cigarettes is diverse, and all of them differ in characteristics, equipment, appearance, size, and price.

E cig is 95% less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes, which means that British doctors will be able to prescribe them in the future to patients who want to get rid of their bad habit, experts say.

A report prepared for the ministry of health in Britain states that the electronic version of conventional cigarettes can play a crucial role in persuading the masses to quit smoking.
According to scientists, the allegations that, having tried e-cig, children switch to ordinary ones, they have no evidence.

The findings of the report were met with the approval of some activists of a healthy lifestyle, but the British Medical Association believes that they should be treated with caution.

According to the authors of the report, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes can induce children and non-smokers to switch to tobacco products later. Mostly inhalers are used by those who have smoked before, experts say. This helps smokers to experience less stress, as they do not drop sharply. In their opinion, best e-cig is rapidly turning in England into one of the most common means of combating smoking.

In fact, stress at first creates a struggle with the temptation to smoke a cigarette, which is now banned. It is this struggle that causes emotional stress. Only this has nothing to do with nicotine or physical withdrawal from it. This is a kind of mental process: I want, I can’t, I want, I can’t … And the longer this happens, the more stress a person experiences.

And so, first, you need to realize that cigarettes are the cause of constant stress. The assertion that cigarettes relieve stress is a myth, they only generate it. In order to feel better mentally when you quit smoking, you can:

  1. begin to play sports (walk more outdoors, sign up for fitness, go hiking, start exercising in the morning);
  2. Find for yourself a new hobby, a hobby that will take a lot of your time and attention;
  3. plunge headlong into work, start a new project, do something that hands have not reached for a long time;
  4. Change the situation around, go on vacation to a new city or even a country;
  5. Sign up for yoga or other courses for self-knowledge, learn to meditate, listen to yourself and your body, realize that without smoking, he feels much better and healthier.

Very often, people quit smoking not only because of their health but also for the sake of their loved ones, a boyfriend, a girl, children who make a smoking person fight his addiction. Of course, this is important. But please, stop smoking not for the sake of other people, but for your own sake, so that first of all it is your life that becomes brighter and freer! Only, in this case, your loved ones will be happy, and you will be satisfied.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.


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