The Importance of Veterans Day Lessons for Students

A U.S. Army Reserve soldier reads some of the 58,307 names etched into "The Wall" of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. as the sun rises July 22, 2015. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Ken Scar)

World history is extremely rich. No country was made in a day. Every freedom struggle involved tales of bravery. Some lessons that students can learn from Veterans’ Day are as follows:

1.      Significance of sacrifice

This was the time when most men sacrificed not only the best years of their lives but also gave their lives for the freedom of the country. It was the honor of serving the country that drove these sacrifices and ultimately led to the fruition by means of attaining freedom. These sacrifices not only deserve every bit of respect of the future generations but also are instrumental in teaching them the importance of independence. The biggest lesson that it drives home is that the independence that we as citizens enjoy should never be taken for granted. Any goal worth achieving requires some hard work and sacrifices at the end of the day.

2.      Discipline

Undoubtedly, wars and military scenarios require a great deal of discipline. Any goal worth having requires an unwavering discipline. It is of no wonder that discipline is the first skill to be mastered when embarking on a difficult journey like saving the country or saving a life as a surgeon. Hence, discipline is a major virtue for any student to master at an early age. Veterans Day reminds us of the discipline that each one of our soldiers demonstrated when surviving in the most difficult scenarios. It is only through discipline that freedom struggles and all major life accomplishments can be led to fruition.

3.      Integrity

Integrity is yet another virtue that can be learned through Veterans Day. Staying true to oneself is needed at every step of any arduous journey. This is especially true when fighting against tyranny in the most unimaginable circumstances, which was true in the case of the soldiers in whose remembrance Veterans Day is observed. In today’s world, being honest to oneself and upholding one’s principles is extremely important and needs to be safeguarded. In addition to this, integrity is one of the most prime qualities of character buildup, and once gained, it always upholds you in everyone’s regard forever.

4.      Determination

Even the impossible can be achieved with the strongest of determination. It was the determination of the soldiers who fought in the war that the country managed to attain its freedom. The biggest goals often test patience and willpower, and it is only with a resolute determination that the achievers make it. It is only through the means of determination that winners don’t quit before reaching the penultimate peak of their dream. The determination of students is often put to the test when trying to meet deadlines of papers, essays, and other submissions. Along with the tools like the PapersOwl review, a strong sense of determination and unwavering willpower is needed to meet deadlines term by term.

5.      Teamwork

The most herculean tasks can be performed with unity. A team can accomplish the tasks that surpass an individual’s ability. Fighting in a war forms various unions of soldiers of motley temperaments and backgrounds. The more the unified such unions are, the brighter the chances of achieving the impossible. In the current scenario, almost all recruiters in the corporate world skim through thousands of resumes to look for the best team players for their company. This is especially true for first-time graduates. Hence, building essential team spirit and learning the significance of unity is necessary for students right from an early age.

6.      Patriotism

There are times when students deal with identity crisis or conflicts related to their ethnicity as well as nationality. The willpower to stand for the country is fortified by the occasions when students get to celebrate the national heroes. In order to instill the feeling of putting the country first and doing something for its citizens is essential and can be done through occasions of national significance. It is only through this that the future generation of the country can be armed with effective will power to add to the pride of the nation and hone the future of the country.

7.      Courage

The most obvious lesson of Veterans Day is the fact that being courageous always counts. Courage is one quality that helps in every step of life, whether leaving home for the very first time, stepping out into the world and leaving behind student life to enter the workforce. Courage is manifested in different ways and even though not every student will have to exhibit the same level of courage as the soldiers of the war, yet the role of bravery in their lives can never be undermined. It requires a great deal of courage and inner strength to deal with the various pressures of life and come out with flying colors no matter what challenge life throws in.

8.      Voice the change

Change begins at home. If you seek a change in the world, then you can be the changing task force. All it takes is a firm stand and voice to be the voice of the country. Every individual plays an important role in carrying out a reform. Men, women as well as children all played their parts during the war, and this is something that Veterans Day clearly demonstrates. Never underestimate the power of an individual. You can bring about any positive change in the society provided you stay firm to your values. Every bit counts and no contribution ever go wasted.

9.      The importance of being you

Stories and anecdotes of bravery, courage, sacrifice, determination, and integrity lead to an ultimate realization of being proud of who you are. Veterans Day is a great source of inspiration and also brings about a pride of hailing from a country that has such endurance and stands proudly owing to the love of its people. The pride of being a citizen and being you should never be undervalued owing to the fact that your position can never be taken for granted. Many soldiers have sacrificed their lives to allow you to enjoy your rights, privileges, and the rightful stand of being a citizen of a free country. Hence, no matter the circumstances always be proud of your roots.


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