Why Is My Vape Hitting Harsh


E-cigarette or vape are almost a new thing for us. So we are still knowing about it and exploring it in many ways. As it is new to us, so many of us do not know how to use them properly. Sometimes we do not experience the way we had expected. You may have a smooth experience, or you may have a harrowing experience with your vape device. Because of having a harrowing experience, we may have a cough or have some throat and breathing problems. Actually most of the time it depends on your usage. The way you will use your e-cigarette you will experience it in that way. First of all, you need to know about its proper usage so that you will be able to get the most satisfaction. 

The reason behind it and the solutions:

Your vape can hit you harshly because of many reasons. We are trying to show you some reasons for this problem. Hopefully, you will be benefited through these: 

It is very common to have a harsh experience when you are a new user of vape. Because you still do not know the technique of inhaling vape. There can be many problems with your usage or your decision. If you choose any flavor that is actually strong or harsh like menthol and sour, then it is possible to give you a short experience. So if you find them offensive then choose other flavors which are sweet or light. The propylene glycerine or PG can also be the reason for your harsh experience. If you are using high propylene glycerin, then change your e-liquid with low PG or switch to VG or vegetable glycerin. 

We all know e liquid contains nicotine. Sometimes you can find nicotine harsh for you. Then it would help if you avoided nicotine or choose a low nicotine flavor. You can also choose the nicotine-free flavor. You can see e-liquid or e-juice have a very important impact on your vaping experience. So be careful about choosing your e-liquid. If you are new, then you are suggested to use sweet and light flavor for your starting. 

Sometimes, some technical issues are like – using an old coil, hitting your vape more than a normal level. Using an old coil can also be a reason for your harsh experience. Be careful about your coil and try to change it when needed and try to adjust your coil according to your vape juice. Another one is heating your vape more than usual because the more you heat or increase the power, the more it is possible to hit you harsh So try to keep it at a normal level and do not make it high if you are experiencing harsh vaping.

You should also take a look at your airflow system. Because by controlling this, you can less or high the vapor quality. It would be best if you found out which level is suitable for your inhaling. It is suggested to use high airflow to avoid harsh vape experience. 


Vaping is a new trend for us and we all want to go with the latest trends. If you are experiencing hitting harsh, then do not get panicked or get annoyed. All you need is to have patience and decide what is suitable for you. Especially you need to choose a suitable flavor for you. Because if you select a harsh taste, then it is normal to experience harsh vaping. Try to maintain your vape device because maintenance is essential for every device.


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