A Complete Guide to Using Your Rowing Machine Correctly

Man and woman working out on the rowing machine at the gym

So you are ready to try the latest trend and invest in a rowing machine. This a great decision since a rowing machine will give you a full-body workout and help you to shed calories at the same time. If you are only going to have one piece of equipment in your in-home gym this should be it.

Once you get your new rowing machine home you will find yourself searching online for “how to use rowing machine”. Go ahead and save yourself some time by reading ahead and learning how-to with step-by-step instructions. You may want to go ahead and bookmark this page for later too.

●     The Catch

The catch is the first move of four motions that make up one row. You will want to start out sitting tall with your back perpendicular to the floor. You want to make sure your shins are vertical. Then you want to pull your shoulders down and tighten your abs. Then lean forward at the waist slightly making sure to keep your back strong at straight.

●     The Drive

Now you are ready to do the next move which is called the drive. Your abs should still be tight and then you want to push with your legs. Once your legs are straight you want to lean back till you are at a 45-degree angle with the machine. Keep your back strong and straight the whole time. Then to finish this move pull the handle towards your belly right below your chest. Make sure that this move is done in this order for ultimate effect.

●     The Finish

The 3rd motion in a row is called the finish. This position is a moment of rest. You want to take a beat and hold your position. Remember tall strong back and keep those ab muscles tight. Hold the handle steady at your core with your elbows tucked in.

●     The Recovery

The final motion of the row, also known as the Recovery, is just doing the Drive movements in the opposite order so that you end up back in the catch starting position. Make your arms long, bring your back into the 90-degree angle with the machine, and return your shins to their vertical position.

Avoid Common Rowing Mistakes

1.   Wrong Order

Pulling the handle towards you too soon during the drive is a common mistake. The order of the moves is important for you to get the full impact of the workout.

2.   Not Taking A Beat

Do not rush through the finish. Take a beat and let your body feel the resistance and the tension. That tension you feel is helping to build stamina in your muscles and helping you learn to control them as well.

3.   Slouching

Make sure to keep your back stays strong and tall. You must also engage your core the whole time. Some people will start to hunch over while rowing and this can lead to severe damage and you are not getting an effective workout when you let yourself slouch.

It Is Ok To Be Trendy

Normally a lot of health trends are just hogwash but in this case, you should go ahead and follow this trend. Your rowing machine will supply you with an amazing workout in just 20 min a day. You will watch the fat start to melt away and reveal an amazing toned body that you didn’t even know was possible. So go ahead and be trendy, purchase a rowing machine today so you can get started on your journey to your dream body ASAP!


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