10 Reasons Why Lumbar Support Matters 

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Do you experience a numbing pain after you travel for long hours in your car? Do you have to constantly stretch your spine after a prolonged meeting in one position? Are you constantly looking for cushion support that does not prick your back? 

If the answer to the above questions is a YES, then there’s little doubt that you’re experiencing uncomfortable seating – a problem that can compound over a lifetime to cause chronic pain issues. It’s high time your sore neck and back get an upgrade and you switch to lumbar cushions.   

These cushions will provide you with innumerable benefits and change your sitting experience. Here is why lumbar support matters:  

1.  Provides Relief To Your Neck And Back 

Current work requirements force many individuals to be confined to one seating position. With substandard cushions, our posture gets affected over time. Studies say that nearly 65 million Americans complain of back issues – one of the easiest ways to fix this statistic is to encourage better posture through supportive cushions. 

This is why you need lumbar support to make you sit erect and provide considerable support. They relieve the built-up pressure, distribute the weight equally and provide relief.  

For people suffering from problems like sciatic nerve pain, lumbar cushions are a great pick.  

2. Maintains Posture 

It is easier to lose posture than maintain one. While slouching is an easy way to sit, it can have health implications. Your posture is also an important highlight of your personality – falling into bad posture habits can directly influence the way others perceive you, and in response, can affect your mental health and self-confidence. 

Lumbar support cushions break this regressive habit of slouching. They adapt to the shape of your spine, provide support and fix your posture. Your neck, back, and shoulders are no longer strained – and you don’t have to do all the work yourself!  

3. A Comfortable Sitting Experience 

Lumbar support cushions revolutionize the way you sit. You can bid goodbye to the seats that make you feel like your back is slammed against a rock. Made with memory foam, lumbar support cushions make you feel comfortable and cozy.  

They take care of your pressure points, and the soft velvety material feels soothing on your skin.   

4. Blood Circulation Is Boosted 

Stiff muscles and sore back can impact your blood circulation. When you are in a fixed posture there is a lot of pressure accumulated in one area. This prevents the blood from moving freely through the spine and to the lower body. 

A lumbar cushion solves this problem as it distributes your body weight evenly. The blood circulation gets back on track. You no longer experience painful cramps or muscle spasms – and safeguard yourself against potential circulatory complications in the future.  

5. Affordable 

Most lumbar cushions are reasonably priced for the benefits they provide. It is a valuable investment to provide you comfortable sitting. Further, a lumbar support cushion is durable and will not wear out easily.  

It is much better than constantly spending money to change your entire seat or chair, after all!  

6. Easy Maintenance And Safe 

It might be a tiresome task to clean traditional pillows. With lumbar cushions, all you need to do is dust the interior and take out the cover to wash it. Most of these covers can be taken care of with a quick machine wash.  

Further, these products are hypoallergenic and devoid of any toxic materials. They are proven to be safe for your body and skin.   

7. Assured Sleep  

A night of comfortable sleep makes you feel energetic and rejuvenated the entire day. A good resting pillow is necessary for your spine and head to relax. With lumbar pillows, you no longer have to constantly move to find a good sleeping position.  

These pillows align your spine and put almost zero pressure on your neck and back. You thus enjoy a cozy sleep to wake up with absolutely no fatigue. It can be also used when you lie down and read, recline on a chair or rest on a sofa.  

8. Productivity Is Boosted 

An ideal sitting position and lack of stiffness let you focus your entire mind on the task at hand. You work more productively as your energy levels are high, and you don’t get distracted by pain or numbness.  

9. Travel With Ease 

Do you hate long-distance flights because those seats get irritating and uncomfortable long before you land? Don’t worry, a lumbar support pillow can be your new, handy travel partner. They can adapt to your body type, and you no longer have to frantically move on the seat to find a backrest. 

Most of these cushions are lightweight and portable – most can fit into or be clipped onto travel bags and backpacks. Certain types of lumbar support pillows can be deflated after use and reinflated when in need.  

10. Medically Approved 

Instead of consuming high effect pills and medicines for back pain, a lumbar support cushion is a cheaper and medically approved option. For special conditions, your doctor will recommend pillows meant to treat that ailment.  

Lumbar support pillows are recommended and approved by the FDA. Many doctors prescribe them as an alternative to medicines or surgery. They effectively prevent the aggravation of your back or neck disorders, without forcing doctors to resort to invasive treatments.  

Final Thoughts 

There never is a positive outcome from ignoring your health concerns and compromising on support to your body. Any kind of discomfort small or big deserves attention and has to be treated. 

You can bid goodbye to all the uneasiness, fatigue, and cramps when you get home with a lumbar support cushion – so don’t keep your spine waiting! 


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