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As humans, we find different parts of the body sexually attractive. For some, it’s breasts, and for others, it’s the abs, butts, and legs. The options are limitless. Some people find their feet sexy, and this sexual interest is known as a foot fetish.

Most people don’t look at their feet and go, “my feet are hot.” Most of us don’t even think much about our feet until we meet someone who thinks about feet, especially sexually. However, a foot fetish and realistic butts are more common than most people think.

Foot fetishism is otherwise known as foot partialism or podophilia. It is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. Compared to other forms of sexual fetishism, it is the most common type of fetish.

Studies show that our erogenous zones are the neck, and yeah, the feet. The feet respond sexually because of the genital cortex in our brain. Our bodies and brains have many interconnected nerve endings that allow signals to move back and forth throughout the spine.

Signals are sent to the brain when the feet are stimulated to let your brain know that it feels good, and the brain registers this feeling as sexual, sending a signal to your genitals hence allowing for sexual arousal.

Are foot fetishes normal?

Yes, foot fetishes are normal. All fetishes are normal, given that the people involved in the action are sober adults who gave consent. People enjoy sex but don’t want to talk about it. Every fetish is normal as long as it is practiced with safety and consent from every legally sound participant.

Another reason foot fetishes are normal and very common is the accessibility of the feet. Almost every human has them, so much so that everywhere you turn, there is afoot. There is also a pleasure to be experienced when your feet are touched. There are many nerve endings in your feet, which is why most people feel ticklish when their feet are touched. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people are aroused by seeing other people’s feet so much that they want to touch and worship them.

We need to put an end to sexual shame and be more sex-positive. We need to embrace sexualities as normal and a part of us instead of pathologizing something that a lot of us enjoy because others enjoy it differently.

Biggest misconceptions about foot fetishes

The biggest misconception about foot fetish is that people with the fetish have a mental disorder.

Yes, fetishes can be an issue, especially if they are feeling put off by their fetish or committing crimes in the name of satisfying their desire. Other than this, there’s nothing wrong with having a foot fetish.

A foot fetish is not equivalent to a mental health issue, and it does not affect your ability to enjoy healthy romantic or sexual relationships. You just need to find someone who shares your fetish or is a willing participant, and there are many people out there.

Things to do when exploring your foot fetish

If you find feet attractive and want to explore it or your partner is into foot worship, and you want to incorporate it into your sexual life.

Here are a few things you can do to enjoy it.

  • Try licking, smelling, and sucking the feet and toes.
  • Give foot massages.
  • Send your partner a picture of your feet.
  • Trampling – walking on your partner.
  • Use your feet to tease them, their nipples, or genitals. You can even give them a foot job.
  • Penetrating with your toes or your foot.
  • Getting a pedicure or a foot wash will satisfy your foot fetish while also providing you with well-maintained toes.
  • If you enjoy your feet, chances are you will enjoy your shoes as well. Begin by kissing the toes and ankles of your partner’s shoes. You can lick any threads or even swipe the sole with your tongue.

Of course, you have to study yourself and determine what turns you on or what your partner is cool with.

Risks that come with foot fetish

Every form of sexual act comes with accompanying risks, or we’d all go wild. If proper care isn’t taken foot play can be quite risky. If you enjoy feet play, you should consider the following –

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs): There are different types of STIs, and there are different ways of contacting them. While some are gotten through genital contact, some are gotten through skin contact.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV), and oral and genital herpes can be spread through contact with the skin. Syphilis can also be spread through oral contact with sores. Get tested regularly and develop a healthy sexual habits.
  • Skin infections: Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection that forms lumps or sores. It can be passed from person to person via skin-to-skin contact. Impetigo is an extremely infectious skin condition. Athletes’ feet and other fungal illnesses can be spread by contact with diseased skin or even shoes worn by an affected individual.
  • Cuts: Toenails can be sharp and cut through delicate skin in areas like the penis, anus, or vagina. Ensure your toenails are always clean and neatly trimmed.


It’s perfectly natural and healthy to have a foot fetish as long as it doesn’t become an obsession that interferes with your daily life and as long as your partner consents to foot play. If you or your spouse has a sexual urge for feet, don’t be scared to discuss it and, if you want to, explore it.

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Why do people have foot fetishes?

Several explanations have been proposed to explain why people have foot fetishes. However, it’s improbable that a single hypothesis can account for its existence. A variety of elements, including behavioral, social, and cultural aspects, are likely to play a role.

What is a footjob?

Foot jobs are similar to hand jobs but involve using feet rather than hands to rub and stimulate a man’s penis.

Do women have foot fetishes?

Foot fetishes can and do exist in women; they are not exclusive to men. Despite this, surveys and research show that men are more likely than women to have a foot fetish.

How many people have a foot fetish?

A survey was made recently, and it showed that one in seven people have fantasized about feet. This means that men who don’t identify as heterosexual are more likely to have a foot fetish.


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