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Trowbridge Ford (1929 - 2021) was the son of William Wallace Ford, the father of the US Army's Grasshoppers. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy, and Columbia University where he received a Ph.D. in political science after a stint in the Army's Counter Intelligence Corps as a draftee during the Korean War, and after being discharged, worked as the sports editor and a reporter for the now-defunct Raleigh Times. Thought academia was the thing for him.  He was quite satisfied teaching all kinds of courses about European and American politics while writing his dissertation about an under-appreciated British politician, Henry Brougham, who became the Lord Chancellor of the famous Reform Government (1830-34). At the same time, Trowbridge became most interested in the role that A. V. Dicey, a famous Oxford legal professor, played in settling the Irish question - another figure that historians didn't think did much about.   It was while he was doing research on the dissertation at the British Museum in London that President Kennedy was assassinated, and it slowly led him to take a dimmer view of academic life, especially when joined by campus protests over the growing Vietnam War.  He was fired by two institutions of higher learning because of his protests against the war. When the Vietnam War finally ended, he got involved in researching the Dallas assassination, and his first serious efforts about it appeared in Tom Valentine's The National Exchange in 1978 - what Fletcher Prouty thought was quite good, just urging him to go higher in the Agency and the political world for the main culprits. He slowly started doing this, ultimately deciding to retire early in 1986, planning on finishing his Brougham biography while living in Portugal. While he did this, he had made too many enemies with the White House not to be punished - first by attempts to establish that he maliciously tried to destroy Richard Nixon during Watergate by libeling him, and when he died, DCI George Tenet tried to have me killed by poisoning - what would make his death look like a suicide or a natural one. As a result of this, once he had finally determined the cause, he moved to Sweden to not only save his skin but also investigate and write about assassinations, covert operations, 'false flag' deceptions, preventive wars, weapons development, and their use, etc.  He passed away in 2021.

Why Did Pentagon Completely Confuse China?

National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell's inaugural address in June 2007 about cancelling the Misty satellite program.

National Reconnaissance Office Struggled to Keep Up Before Katrina While Facing Serious Cuts

The increasingly restricted view that Naomi Klein provided after Hurricane Katrina about the role of man in the making of disasters - whether they be natural or deliberate of some sort or another - had already experienced unprecedented feedback by Senator Jay Rockefeller and a few other Democratic colleagues on its super secret Intelligence Committee.

Disaster Capitalism, the NRO, and Hurricane Katrina

While Rumsfeld and Myers were running America's wars in Afganistan and Iraq, though, the Air Force Secretary James Roche and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Director Peter Teets had carried it further afield to the "axis of evil" with disasters in Iran and North Korea, caused by its satellite lasers.

Pope John Paul II’s Attempted Assassination

Intended To Help Cover Up Reagan's

Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel A Former Communist Spy?

The Legacy of Post WWII Political Intrigue and Espionage

Why American NSA And British GCHQ Had Gareth Williams Assassinated

Gareth Williams was GCHQ’s whiz kid software man who could encrypt messages to remain secret during any transmission or decode any such message received

CIA Spying Operations Against Russia Result In Continuing Fiascoes

...Mata Hari was Anna Chapman...likely to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine than in any intelligence agency.

Yitzhak Rabin Assassination – A Retrospective

'Do your work. I've done mine'...Rabin Assassin Yigal Amir, to police

John Hinckley, Jr. – Manchurian Candidate For Who?

I've come to realize that I'm the topic of more than a little conversation...Hinckley to Jodie Foster.

The Other Eye of Hurricane Katrina – Disaster Capitalism

...only a great flood, a war, a terrorist attack - can generate the vast, clean canvases they crave

USS Jimmie Carter: “Conspiracy Theory” Cover Up – Stealth Sub Causes Tsunami

"You're just another f__king Boy Scout...You're insufficiently compliant." ...Navy Sec. John Lehman

Unnatural Disasters – Something in the Air

One of the few unifying forces is scientific truthfulness

Answers to Questions Posters Should Be Asking about America’s Man-Made Disasters

While researchers might think that America's ousting by overt and covert means Slobodan Milosevic, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein from power, smashing their regimes, and punishing countries like Iran, Turkey, Russia and North Korea which had tried to help them or exploit their difficulties would be the sum total of what was available to it, they would be wrong.

Sinking of Russian Sub Kursk Kicked Off Renewed US Inter-Service Rivalry

The Air Force agency had long been locked in competition with its closest US Navy rivals.

Why Challenger Disaster Helped Prevent Nuclear Showdown With Soviets

On August 11, 1984, Jane's Defence Weekly, a new magazine printed by the authoritative Jane's Fighting Ships, published high quality photographs of the Nikolaiev 444 shipyard in the Crimea's Sevastopol, one on the weekly's cover and three more on the inside, showing the Soviet aircraft carrier Lenoid Brezhnev under construction.

Secret Operations Led to Downfall of Thatcher Government

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was so alarmed, and furious over Captain Simon Hayward's draft manuscript, Under Fire: My Own Story, scheduled for publication in September 1989, that she went berserk.

Why Alexander Litvinenko Assassination Haunts Anglo-Russian Relations

In explaining or assessing any intelligence operation or series of them, it is most important to determine not only what was being attempted, and also by whom, especially if they are suspected of having dubious reliability.

Background To Norwegian Massacre: Auschwitz Entrance Sign Theft

In today's ongoing world war by subterfuge, misdirection, and stealth, 'false flag' operations are still one of the leading favorites, especially by lesser powers, as they cost little, and carry only slight risks while promising considerable rewards.

Why ‘Iron Lady’s Government Started Collapsing

While the British government thought that its troubles, caused primarily by the assassination of statsminister Olof Palme in Stockholm on February 28, 1986.

Captain Simon Hayward: The Making of Olof Palme’s Assassin and Its Blowback

On the night of October 9, 1987, four loyalist gunmen working for the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) broke into the West Belfast flat of Francisco Notarantonio, long time member of the IRA, and retired taxi driver, and killed him as he lay in bed with his wife.

Derek Bird Went On Rampage For Fear OF Being Made Palme Killing Fallguy

No part of Britain has experienced more change since World War II than Cumbria, that wild, isolated northwestern corner of the kingdom which has surprisingly improved considerably because of government help, especially in the military and energy sectors.

Rex Allen Keller Apparently Murdered Viktor Gunnarsson

In investigating any covert operation - whether it be by one of the operatives, police involved in counterintelligence and law enforcement, or a researcher just trying to find out what really happened - it is always difficult because one does not know where to start, what necessarily to look for as one proceeds, and when to conclude that the process is finally over because operations often change course in midstream, just compounding the problems.

Why Palme Assassination Suspect Viktor Gunnarsson Was Killed

When Viktor Gunnarsson, a leading suspect in the assassination of Sweden's statsminister Olof Palme, was himself assassinated on, its seems, the night of December 3, 1993, only his murderer or murderers, and people working with them knew it had happened, and that his body had been disposed of in a very inaccessible place, Deep Gap, 110 miles away on an access road off U.S. Route 421, outside Boone, North Carolina.

Why Still Only Silence Over The Lockerbie Frame-up

Back in 2005, a former Scottish police chief - who investigated the terrorist downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 22, 1988 - came forward, and confessed that the indictment of two Libyans and the conviction of one of them, Abdel Basset Ali Megrahi.

Why CIA’s Ames And The Bureau’s Hanssen Driven To Spy For Soviets

Since America's national security apparatus silenced the Bureau's Robert Hanssen right before the 9/11 attacks for the rest of his life for spying for 15 years for the Soviets - what it accomplished seventeen years ago with the Agency's Aldrich "Rick" Ames for similar offences at the same time - the public deserves an account now since the crisis has passed of what they did, and why.

William King Harvey: The CIA’s ´Loosest Cannon’

In the annals of the Cold War, no operative is more misunderstood, and marginalized than the CIA's William King Harvey.

Richard Helms: The Most Dangerous CIA Director

No Director of Central Intelligence has a better reputation than Richard McGarrah Helms, "the man who kept the secrets," according to his biographer Thomas Powers, the implication being that despite all the known scandals, failures, and disastrous programs, there was real substance to what the Agency did, especially under his direction - what Helms valiantly fought to maintain the secrecy of.

More Likely Nixon Saw Off LBJ Than He Masterminded The JFK Assassination

The sudden death, perhaps even murder, on January 22, 1973 of LBJ threw a pall over Washington despite the fact that it had just celebrated the inauguratation of the re-elected Richard Nixon as President.

MI5’s Peter Wright: Soviet Spy, Double Agent and Agent Provocateur

Peter Wright of Britain's Security Service aka MI5 has been made the subject of ridicule for so long, especially over the plots he developed to remove Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and former Director General Roger Hollis from power.

Assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme: Most Dangerous Moment of Cold War

During Washington's leadership of the war on socialism, the rollback of the Iron Curtain, and the dismantling of the Soviet Union took center stage, but there were other items on its agenda, both at home and abroad.

Iran-Contra’s Ollie North: From Key Operator To Downsized Scapegoat

When a C-123K supply plane loaded with lethal weapons, allegedly belonging to a Pennsylvania company, Corporate Air Services, was shot down over Nicaragua on October 6, 1986, killing pilots William Cooper and Wallace Sawyer.

JFK Assassination: The Quintessential 'False Flag' Operation

Deceptive aka 'false flag' operations by real or potential combatants are almost as old as spying itself.

How Navy Secretary Lehman’s Maritime Strategy Almost Sank Us

The disappearance of President Reagan's Navy Secretary John F. Lehman, Jr. from the American political scene after he apparently resigned on February 16, 1987, was the greatest mystery until recently.