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Son of William Wallace Ford, the father of the US Army's Grasshoppers. Attended Phillips Exeter Academy, and Columbia University where I received a Ph.D in political science after a stint in the Army's Counter Intelligence Corps as a draftee during the Korean War, and after being discharged, worked as the sports editor and a reporter for the now defunct Raleigh Times. Learned a lot about the service, and the media, good and bad, enough to know that it wasn't for an independent spirit like me. Thought academia was the thing for me, and I was quite satisfied teaching all kinds of coures about European and American politics while writing my dissertation about an under-appreciated British politician, Henry Brougham, who became the Lord Chancellor of the famous Reform Government (1830-34). When he fell out with his political colleagues, the Whigs, thanks largely because of his indulgence in opium, they would have nothing more to do with him, and historians followed suit, thinking that only an elected politician could play a significant role in Britain's mixed constutional system - what I hoped that my two-volume biography, published by Barry Rose Legal Publishers of Chichester, would remedy. At the same time I became most interested in the role that A. V. Dicey, a famous Oxford legal professor, played in settling the Irish question - another figure that historians didn't think did much about. It was while I was doing research on the dissertation at the British Museum in London that President Kennedy was assassinated, and it slowly led me to take a dimmer view of the academic life, especially when joined by campus protests over the growing Vietnam War. I was fired by two institutions of higher learning because of my protests against it. When it finally ended, I got involved in researching the Dallas assassination, and my first serious efforts about it appeared in Tom Valentine's The National Exchange in 1978 - what Fletcher Prouty thought was quite good, just urging me to go higher in the Agency and the political world for the main culprits. I slowly started doing this, ultimately deciding to retire early in 1986, planning on finishing my Brougham biography while living in Portugal. While I did this, I had made too many enemies with the White House not to be punished - first by attempts to establish that I maliciously tried to destroy Richard Nixon during Watergate by libeling him, and when he died, DCI George Tenet tried to have me killed by poisoning - what would make my death look like suicide or a natural one. As a result of this, once I had finally determined the cause, I moved to Sweden to not only save my skin but also investigate and write about assassinations, covert operations, 'false flag' deceptions, preventive wars, weapons development and their use, etc. - the results of which will become evident to posters in due course.