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Grants for Veteran Students

Engaging in military service is a courageous act that does not offer too many financial rewards. Thus, make sure that you find about your benefits before attending college, if you are a veteran.

Monetary benefits available veterans and survivors

Many veterans and their spouses are faced with the challenge of meeting long-term care needs, either in a nursing home, assisted living facility or care at home.

Veteran Benefits You Need to Take Advantage Of

Veterans have a lot more options than just healthcare and the GI Bill.

Senate panel advances $3.4 billion plan to expand benefits for vets’...

For 20 years, Yvonne Riley has cared for her husband, Dave, a medically retired Coast Guard rescue swimmer who became a quadruple amputee after a bacterial infection turned into sepsis two decades ago.

Many free services, benefits available to Plumas County vets and families

Over in a quiet, roomy office upstairs at the Plumas County Veterans Service Office in the courthouse annex near Feather River College...

Labrador introduces bill to change veterans' education benefits

Rep. Raul Labrador, R- Idaho, is pushing legislation that would turn a deep, tragic loss into something positive for military families across the country.

Veterans call on Iowa lawmakers for benefits, bargaining rights

Military veterans conducted maneuvers at the Capitol Wednesday, calling for improved benefits for the 230,000 who call Iowa home and protection for the collective bargaining rights of more than one-fifth of Iowa of veterans who hold public sector jobs.

Working Hard to Improve Veteran’s Funeral and Burial Benefits

The 115th Congress has begun in earnest with a flurry of activity, and your NFDA Advocacy staff are on the Hill working for introduction of legislation of importance to funeral service.

Veterans find unexpected benefits

Many veterans are going years — even decades — with thousands of dollars in benefits waiting for them. All they have to do is walk into the Seneca County Veterans Service Commission.

How President Trump Can Fix Veterans’ Benefits Once And For All

Another Veterans Day brought another round of lamentations about the Department of Veterans Affairs and promises to fix it.

Educational benefits for veterans addressed at veterans advisory meeting

According to U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (AL-03), the biggest hurdle for men and women after serving in the military is finding the education benefits that are available for veterans.

Jackson County helps veterans get benefits they earned

While serving on board an aircraft carrier during World War II, Ernie Gallo survived 17 battle engagements against Japanese forces and a typhoon with 140 mph winds and 70-foot waves.

Transgender S.A. veterans hope for more benefits

The Pentagon has lifted the ban on transgender Americans serving openly in the military and announced that it will pay for current members of the armed forces to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Spectrum Health program connects veterans with benefits

Veterans are entitled to a lot of federal and state benefits, but figuring out how to get and use them can be hard. A new program at Spectrum Health is helping veterans pay their hospital bills and much more with benefits that already exist.

Report Finds Sharp Increase in Veterans Denied V.A. Benefits

Joshua Bunn was a rifleman in one of the bloodiest valleys in Afghanistan, where his infantry unit killed hundreds of enemy fighters and lost more comrades than any other battalion in the Marine Corps in 2009.

UVU students launch project to connect student veterans to benefits

They may no longer be in combat, but for many student veterans, the battle is far from over, whether it’s fighting to find benefits, or adjusting to their new normal of civilian life.

Albright College event helps veterans access benefits

Business and education leaders gathered at Albright College to make sure veterans get ahead in today's competitive job market.

Carlsbad veterans ask questions about benefits

A squat, off-white building away from the bustle of Canal Street, the Carlsbad Veterans of Foreign Wars post is almost indistinguishable from the surrounding trailers, recognized only by three flags and a tiny sign with “VFW” in thin letters.

VA audit: Overworked Seattle office didn’t read mail, told veterans they’d...

Dozens of West Coast military veterans incorrectly received letters indicating they’d lose unemployment benefits after an overworked Department of Veterans Affairs office in Seattle lost track of records the veterans had submitted, according to a VA Inspector General report released this week.

Pennsylvania expands education benefits for veterans

Military personnel can be assigned to serve around the globe, but when veterans come to Pennsylvania, out-of-state tuition and fees in higher education can be a financial burden.

Veterans' benefits are focus of event

Veterans' benefits are the focus of a free event next week at the Salem Convention Center.

Texas House opts not to cut veterans education benefits

Texas lawmakers on Sunday opted to water down a major attempt to reduce the rising costs of a program offering free college tuition to veterans’ children, relenting amid criticism that cutting the benefits too deeply wouldn’t be fair to those who sacrifice so much.

NBAA Urges Congress to Preserve Flight-Training Benefits for Veterans

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is urging congressional lawmakers to reject a bill (H.R. 476) that would limit college flight-training benefits for military veterans.

Veterans Groups File Suit Over New VA Policy on Benefits

Two veterans groups said Thursday that they filed suit against the Department of Veterans Affairs over a new policy requiring veterans to fill out a formal application or speak to a designated VA employee to begin the process of receiving benefits, rather than giving a simple notice.

Law would improve benefits for female veterans

A prospective new law could help Shannon Lyons, a 51-year-old veteran of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, find a job that pays enough to save for a house.

Veterans 'can use the benefits we have but may not know...

With 43 years of military experience, the new head of the Pennsylvania Department of Military Affairs and Veterans came into his job with a plan -- strengthen the state's National Guard and ensure veterans are getting the benefits they've earned.

Without Help, Navigating Benefits Can Be Overwhelming For Veterans

Along with seven public radio stations around the country is chronicling the lives of America's troops where they live.

Online pledge vows support for cutting congressional benefits before veterans’ benefits

A nationwide push to preserve veterans’ benefit packages is gaining attention in the Mid-South.

House Passes Bill That Cuts 14% From Bonuses of Staff of...

VA Paid $400 Million Annually in Bonuses Despite Backlog of Veterans' Disability Claims

Post 9/11, Many Veterans with Disabilities Still Have Chance at "Retiree"...

About 70,000 disabled veterans who served on active duty after 9/11, and were medically discharged with disability ratings of 20 percent or less, still have a shot to gain “retiree” status, with base shopping privileges and lifetime eligibility to TRICARE for them and families.

Committee Updated on VA’s Fully Developed Claims Program

Today, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs’ Subcommittee on Disability Assistance & Memorial Affairs held a hearing today on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) implementation of its Fully Developed Claims process, which is an optional new program that allows veterans to receive claims decisions faster.

VA secretary says department waiting on courts or Congress before expanding...

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki says Congress or the courts still has more work to do before the VA can provide federal benefits to married, same-sex couples.

VA Has Converted Over 30 Percent of Disability Claims into Digital...

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has reached another milestone in its disability claims transformation process – over 30 percent of the current disability claims inventory is now digital and accessible to claim raters in VA’s electronic claims processing system, which has now been fielded ahead of schedule at all 56 Regional Offices across the country.

What America Can Learn from the UK's Asbestos Veterans Debacle

200 Veterans Exposed to Asbestos Before 1987 'Denied Compensation' Under Current Rule

What America Can Learn from the UK’s Asbestos Veterans Debacle

200 Veterans Exposed to Asbestos Before 1987 'Denied Compensation' Under Current Rule

IDF Veterans Received Extra Benefits at Expense of U.S. Veterans

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Billions in Defense for Israel Indirectly Helping IDF Soldiers While U.S. Soldiers Get Jacked at Home!

Bill to Help Victims of Military Sexual Assault Passes House

Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 671, the Ruth Moore Act of 2013. The bill is designed to push the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to update its regulations in order to better serve victims of military sexual trauma (MST).

VA Mandates Overtime to Increase Production of Compensation Claims Decisions

As part of its ongoing effort to accelerate the elimination of the disability compensation claims backlog, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is announcing today that it is mandating overtime for claims processors in its 56 regional benefits offices.

We Stand Together: Veterans and Asbestos

The ACVRC supports and protects the rights of our military veterans.

Sticking it to Vets

We knew the Bush/41 administration hated vets. What government would cut funding for veterans in the middle of a war? Bush and Cheney, themselves notorious draft dodgers during the Vietnam War, led by Senator McCain, kept out of prison by a secret presidential pardon, used their wartime "moral authority" to label vets as "freeloaders."