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Mother Earth Day 2012

To fully understand Earth, we must see her as fully human and capable of feelings; She’s alive, she’s breathing, and she’s beautiful, finite and hurting ~ and many have died for her.

The Day the Water Died: Detoxing after the Gulf Oil Spill,...

The fallout from the Gulf oil spill will affect millions in the region and beyond. Sadly it is just one of many sources of extreme chemical toxicity that contributes to the sea of toxins in which we all now swim. Learning about how to cope and even protect ourselves and our families from the toxic storm is critical in these times. Here Gabriela Segura, M.D. summarizes the cutting-edge research into environmental and chemical stress. Its application is generating sublime results for many. These are things that we can all immediately apply to our lives. It is never too late!

Disappearing Oil and Gulf Seafood: Passing the Sniff Test

Since the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank on April 20 killing 11 workers the NOAA estimates that 206 million gallons of "light sweet crude" spewed from BP's Macondo well field, fouling the waters of the Gulf, shutting down much of the commerce of the surrounding region and creating a giant toxic bouillabaisse in which now swim whatever critters managed to survive poisoning, suffocation, or being roasted alive.

EU Times Reports California Notified of Gulf Evacuation Plans

 The European Times reported Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) of plan to evacuate millions from Gulf Coast states.     Updated July 4th, 2010   (SOMERDALE, N.J.) -  This story...

A Sickening in the Gulf Stream

Sickening? Yes, this oil, this poison brings a sickness of the senses, of sight and touch and smell ... it poisons air and water, killing all it contacts, but it also brings a sickness of the soul, of the heart which many will not survive.

FEMA Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Area In Place?

The Wayne Madsen Report (WMR)  and the Examiner reported that FEMA has plans in place for the evacuation of the Tampa Bay  in the event of...

Get Used to Blackened Seafood, BP’s Spew May Continue For Years

The Guardian reports that according to figures provided by BP 'Weasel in Chief' Tony Hayward, the Macondo field reservoir now emptying into the Gulf of Mexico contains enough oil to continue spewing at the current rate for more than two years.

A Gusher of Light Sweet Terror

"Trees cause more pollution than automobiles," declared Reagan; then, in a classic example of leading from the front, he had the solar panels removed from his roof. It was a clear statement that would set the tone for future energy policy and place control of the game in the hands of the energy moguls.

Cheney’s Push of Deregulators Led to BP Disaster

If it was supervised, if it was overseen, if it was regulated by the federal government, Cheney with his marvellous bureaucratic talent moved in and essentially replaced the people who were in the positions that were central to this regulation, this oversight, with people who were either lobbyists for the industry being regulated or executives from that industry.

Get Guv’ment off our backs … but not yet

It's fashionable to be mad at the government these days, but many folks are unclear about how to join the movement. The first step is to master the idiom of outrage. It's not just government, it's Big Government. Or even better: Big Guv'ment.

Gulf oil spill: ‘Like tracking a serial killer’

VENICE, La. -- A flotilla of shrimp boats skimmed the waters of Brenton Bay at the mouth of the Mississippi Thursday in a desperate attempt to limit the damage to coastal marshes from the long tendrils of oil snaking in from the giant spill.

Gulf Oil Spill: Ties to Cheney and Acoustic Switch Not...

Ground work for Gulf disaster was established with a permissive tone with oil industry set in secret meetings in 2001.  An acoustic switch to automatically shut down oil...

Vast oil spill may alter debate on Gulf drilling

A few days ago, the oil gushing out of the ruins of the Deepwater Horizon was termed "manageable." By Monday, "manageable" had evolved into 42,000 gallons of oil a day gushing unabated from the wellhead beneath the sunken rig off the coast of Louisiana. The sheen on the Gulf of Mexico had spread across 1,800 square miles of water. Seven skimming boats attempting to mop up the oil began to look overwhelmed.