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NEO – US-backed Regime Change in Georgia

- "Henry Kamens takes us back into the maze of Georgian politics where regime change, corruption and US subversion is the name of the game."

NEO – Georgian EU Darling Goes on Trial

- We supported a gangster regime in Georgia would do anything for money. The foreign policy euphemism for this is "serving American interests".

NEO – Georgia Murder Game-Changer

- "We have another of Henry Kamen's political intrigue articles in the Republic of Georgia, still recovering from America's Murder, Inc., romance with Misha Saakashvili."

NEO – Planet Earth “done in” by False Flags

- Seth Ferris is doing a wonderful job at showing us how some of the nasty things our government does, that they know we would never approve of.

NEO – The Skinny on Ambassadors and American Values

- Seth Ferris - 'When your doctor tells you “this isn’t going to hurt”, he really means “I know very well this is going to hurt”.'

NEO – If You Build It They Will Come

- Henry Kamens - "The international arms market supplies terrorists and insurgents in a dozen African conflicts along with transshipment into stockpiles inside the EU."

NEO: Kiev Snipers Mystery Solved

- America's involvement in Georgia was pitiful for a once great nation, who like an aging heavy weight boxer wants to seek out someone weaker to fight...

NEO – Gang in a Ballot Box – a Safe Haven...

- Kamens..."The threat posed by the Georgian UNM guys is more powerful than the unfulfilled promise the government made to sweep them away. "

NEO – Death of Georgian PM Zurab Zhvania – Was it...

- Few people in Georgia believe the official version of the death of former Georgian Prime Minister Zhvania.

NEO – Birds of a European Feather, Flocking Together

- Henry Kamens takes us into the belly of the beast of Georgia politics - the region that has been targeted for Western puppet governments.

NEO – Georgia Republic’s Beacon of Democracy

- Henry Kamens takes us down into not only the depths of Georgian political corruption, but the part our own American government played

America, Murder, and Assassination in the Georgia Republic

- Georgian people have thrown off America's puppet regime and begun prosecuting the gangsters that tortured, murdered and raped their country

Is Saakashvili better off out?

- Henry Kamens, NEO - "Videos of a broomstick being shoved up the rectum of some poor detainee in a Georgian prison surfaced before the election"

Mikheil Saakashvili and Unsolved Murders

- EU tells Georgia that past leaders should be free from all prosecution, just like in the West