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Veterans Conference Examines Military Sexual Trauma

It's a topic that is usually at the end of the day, pushed back at the bottom of the agenda during conferences for veterans, said Jo Moncher, bureau chief of community based military programs with the state's Department of Health and Human Services.

Army Officer Suspended for Allegedly Ignoring Affairs

The head of an Army unit operating the primary U.S. missile-defense system has been suspended after an investigation into allegations that he overlooked sexual affairs and promoted a pinup calendar featuring scantily clad female soldiers.

MHN: Nuke Unit Busted, Sex Assaults Soar, Best Online Schools

Sexual assaults in the military has grabbed the attention of White House -- big time.

MHN: Base Closures Loom, Generals Punished

An unsettling number of admirals and generals have been fired in recent years for misconduct.

The Invisible War – A Look into Military Sexual Trauma

Early in 2011 the Dr. Oz Show did a special show that highlighted women Veterans that were homeless. Some had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and had been raped or experienced a military sexual trauma (MST).

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – December 29, 2011

VA's GI Bill page can help you apply for education benefits, answer frequently asked questions, and even help you decide on the best school that suits your needs. Also, keep up to date with the Post-9/11 GI Bill Facebook page.

Fort Hood Soldiers Face Enemy in Ranks

According to Fort Hood officials, during the week of April 10th-16th there were 11 cases of domestic violence and two reported cases of sexual assault. From May 8th-14th, there were 10 reported cases of domestic violence and three cases of sexual assault.

Vet Centers: Here to Help

Special counseling services are available to combat Veterans from every era. Watch this informative video below about Vet Centers, then find out more about...

Rape Rampant in US Military

Drill Instructors Indoctrinate New Recruits by Routinely Referring to Women as “Girl,” “Pussy,” “Bitch,” and “Dyke” Statistics and soldiers' testimonies reveal a harrowing epidemic of...

Servicewomen and ACLU: Release Military Rape Data; Smash Pentagon Stonewalling

Sexual abuse is the primary causes of post-traumatic stress disorder among female service members In a story run by at least 31 publications, the AP...

Women Veterans: A Year Can Change it All

I am on a road trip back home to where I spent most of my life. This trip back home was to drive my daughter back so that she can start a new job and her new life as an adult on her own. She is not alone and will be back with what is left of my family, which got me thinking about how much can change in a year.

Sign the Petition for Operation Recovery – STOP deploying injured troops!

Iraq Veterans Against the War is launching their first strategic campaign to stop the deployment of troops suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries,...

Military sexual trauma not addressed fully

For some veterans, however, the struggle to secure compensation for service-induced trauma continues unabated