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www.yourmilitaryvoter.us: Your Vote…Make it Count

For more than 12 months now we have been working on a new website which will help voters get a handle on the candidates running for national office.

Criminal Fed Inflation Clearly Explained 50 Years Ago (Part one and...

There is a theory known as the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, which holds that the mind involuntarily rejects information not in line with previous thoughts and/or actions.

Odious debt, Odious Debt, Odious Debt!

There is so much information on the Internet, I'm ashamed to admit I missed it back on June 30, when I posted my column about a good video documentary people should watch.

Another Economic Collapse/Great Depression is Coming! Here’s Why

It really is hard to find the words to describe the true horror of the national debt of the U.S. The U.S. government has been on the greatest debt binge in all of human history, and a day of reckoning is coming that is going to be so painful that it is going to shock America to the core.

America’s Future: Growing Deficit, Shrinking Economy, Imploding Dollar and Exploding Inflation

The new debt ceiling deal legislation will add $2.4 trillion to the $14.3 trillion national debt in a little over a year – and we don’t even start saving money until after the debt reaches $16.7 trillion!

GOP’s Unbalanced Budget Haircut

It’s grand Kabuki theater in Washington, DC these days with both parties politically posturing, our Appeaser in Chief President straddling the middle and everyone ignoring the two elephants in the room ~ tax cuts for the rich and out of control defense expenditures

Fiscal Hawks Not Serious, Says Expert in Testimony to Senate Budget...

 - The argument “just cut entitlements” cannot be taken seriously. - By Simon Johnson in the Baseline Scenario Most of the discussion of federal budget issues...

The GOP Plot to Screw the Economy and the Middle Class

- What the GOP and Tea Party allies are doing is not just reckless, it's sociopathic - By Bob Cesca at Huffington Post We're only three months...