Odious debt, Odious Debt, Odious Debt!


by Tom Valentine


There is so much information on the Internet, I’m ashamed to admit I missed it back on June 30, when I posted my column about a good video documentary people should watch.

There is even an Odious debt website that’s been up and running for several years.

But there are things that need review now; stand by. Firstly, you VT readers disappointed me, because you are not at all “average” dumbed down subjects of the kingdom of Zion. So why so few readers for the two Odious debt columns?

Of all the issues, the so-called National debt ranks at the top of our list of things that ZOG (Zionist Operated Government) got wrong. Just the term “odious debt” should get all of you salivating like Pavlov’s pups.

Thanks to my net buddy Malcolm Down Under , an Aussie with a bent for truth, all the Googleable data is now in my trusty Mac. (I didn’t think to google odious debt earlier; totally dumb of me.) Some folks yip at me for admitting I do dumb things; hell, don’t we all do dumb stuff? I am smart enough to know I aint smart. Hell Wikipedia even tries to explain the concept historically.

Please note: The Odious debt site re above is limited to Third World Countries ” Do these left-leaning academics think our first world—shitty little country ” combo is immune to Bankster corruption?

Ecuador’s President Raphael Correa has been under severe assault by myrmidons of State since 2008-9, when his government accepted a citizen’s commission report on Odious Debt and refused to keep paying bankster graft. Something Americans should do, likewise.

Correa said at the time: “If we have to confront international lawsuits, we will confront them and, I repeat, I assume all responsibility,” he said. ” I could not permit the continued payment of a debt that, in any light, is immoral and illegitimate .”

The news story (unreported by our media whores) continued:

“Correa is expected to present a restructuring proposal to creditors in due course while simultaneously attempting to have the debt annulled in international courts. In a public statement on Dec. 13, 2008 Correa said he wanted to force “a big discount” on creditors whom he had described the day before as “true monsters” who wouldn’t “hesitate to crush” his country.

“According to the commission, the audit uncovered criminal violations by previous governments that sold debt to pension funds, hedge funds and other overseas investors, and found most of the country’s multilateral loans violated local laws as well as international treaties, lacked transparency and forced Ecuador to apply harmful policies.

Of particular interest is Correa’s alleged insistence that responsibility for debt held in dispute should be paid for by each party at fault with their own assets, whether they be creditor nations, multilateral organizations and/or national authorities.

“Ecuadorian activist Helga Serrano said the country’s audit process had become “an important tool that will assign responsibility to those who perhaps never thought that they would be judged for their actions that threaten the life and dignity of the people.”

Ecuador’s default, the second in 10 years, is still relatively small by comparison to Argentina’s $100 million foreign debt default in 2002 notes the Washington Post, which credited the Ecuadorian move with a more unique distinction: It is rare, said the Post, for a developing nation to cease payments not because it can’t afford to pay but because it has made a political decision not to .

Damned right! It was a populist decision and the minions of the Bankster state don’t like it. The taxpayed CIA and other contractor’s of evil went to work on Correa.

Urged on by Jezebel of State, Hillary Clinton, Our proud nation of Neocon Zionists went to work disrupting Ecuador and Correa; obviously afraid that the Hugo Chavez disease of populism (called communism by the whores) would contaminate the rest of restless-for-good-reason Latin America.

Our covert operatives were hardly covert as they lied Ecuadorian police into mutiny, forcing Correa to bravely confront the mutineers personally. By all legitimate accounts Correa was in great personal danger, but was saved by loyalists much to the chagrin of our myrmidons, who had tried to arrange a coup with the former President Lucio Gutierrez, who earlier had escaped angry citizens in a hasty helicopter exit as the evils of the IMF, began to dawn on the people.

The Jezebel of state Hillary even visited Quito to “assess”the situation and tried to convince Correa and friends not to go Hugo Chavez on them. It is said that USAID put up $40 million for “the cause” of banksters. In the end the “Obama administration” pulled back and at an emergency meeting in Buenos Aires, choosing not to publicly condemn the Ecuador Populism.

Much other chicanery has occurred in Ecuador, unreported by whores, of course; I guess that is why we have Internet.

It is a sad state of affairs that the American Public has neither the brains nor the gumption to see that the Federal Reserve private Banksters have saddled millions of productive taxpaying citizens with Trillions in Odious debt.

Unless you think all the lying wars were valid, you must know the debt today is totally ODIOUS .

If Ron Paul is serious about being President he could go to the people and tell them he will forgive all US debts government and personal, that were accrued by the Odious practices of the banksters. This should include all the mortgage liabilities caused by the “bubble” described many times by Paul.

Using the concept of “Equal protection under the law” this must apply to all citizens.

Thanks to the audits of the Fed, recently exposed, we can see that more than $16 trillion in alleged US dollars just floated into the world. Surely the interest on that alone has more than a little odor.


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