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World must Denuclearize Israeli Regime

-"There can never be peace in the Mideast when Israel has chemical, biological and nuclear devices."

NEO – EU Declares War on Russia and Europe

- Is the EU going to force Putin to launch the counter-sanctions on all EU car, truck and bus imports by launching its latest sanctions against Russia?

NEO – Japanese Sanctions against the Russian Federation

- The real threat is who is really running the show in the US and Europe. Is it the elected leaders, or those who are really behind who gets elected?

NEO – China and the Follies of Megatrading

- Ulson Gunnar - Beijing realizes that global trade is both a threat and an opportunity. It has taken steps to maximize that opportunity in the short-term.

NEO – USA in Mid East – Going, Going, Gone

- Orlov - By taking an extremely hostile position against Russia in the Ukrainian crisis Washington has managed to hasten the Eastward reorientation of Moscow

US sanctions against Crimean officials are ‘silly, embarrassing’

- These sanctions seem like nothing more than a jobs program for State Dept. people...But they do contribute to poisoning the settlement climate.

If Sanctions Work Against Iran, Why Not Israel?

UK foreign secretary William Hague was recently halted in his tracks by Parliament when he and Cameron were straining at the leash to assault Syria.

Iran to leave talks if Congress OK’s sanctions

- VT was right - We predicted that this would be the Israeli Lobby's Hail Mary pass

Iran: Threat or Menace? Part 2: Candidates and Issues

The inside scoop on Friday's Iranian presidential elections.

Unintended Consequences – the Double Edged Sword of Sanctions

- Senator Mike Gravel - Sanctions are the best thing that ever happened to Iran

Iran: When drones backfire on Washington

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recently described Iran as the hardest issue she has been dealing with as secretary of state.

Press TV Ban Tantamount to Human Rights Violation

The recent EU move to take Press TV off the air is to be seen as part of a continued process of media violation against this alternative channel.

Ron Paul Stands Against America’s War Machine, for both Syria...

The video below by Texas congressman Ron Paul is clear. He makes his case. America is a nation obsessed. Twice Paul avoids mentioning Israel but we know what he is not allowed to say for his personal safety or the safety of his family. They would be brutally murdered if he spoke what we all saw him allude to. Our obsession with Iran is illegal, it is a war crime, it constitutes an illegal declaration of war through sanctions, which are, as Paul states, an act of war.

EU’s Latest Message to Israel – “Do your worst without fear...

The first question the headline begs is this: What is, or rather what could be, Israel’s worst? In my opinion the short answer is this. In an effort to defuse the demographic time-bomb of occupation and close the Palestine file for ever, Israel resorts to a final round of ethnic cleansing, to drive the Palestinians off the West Bank and into Jordan and other neighbouring Arab states. (What about the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip prison camp? They are left to rot and will suffer the same fate as their West Bank brothers and sisters if they chose to stay and dare to threaten Israel’s security).

Obama to AIPAC – No War, No Way, Just Promises

After hours of the usual AIPAC drivel, a presidential speech in the midst of an AIPAC spying trial, Obama made a plea for as much Jewish support, votes and money as possible, promising everything everything Israel demanded. Then, in the end, he took it all all away, warning that "war talk" was irresponsible and that the US would seek a diplomatic solution

The Attack on the USS Liberty: Lessons for U.S. National Security

It comes down to this: Are Gazans and other Arabs really human? And if so, are they the right kind of human? The Attack on...