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Scamsters, Spies and Trolls, an Internet Story

A recent investigation carried out by VT in concert with international agencies tasked with investigating computer crimes has made some startling discoveries.

Press TV: Why Else Did the CIA Spymaster Resign?

The United States is undergoing a political maelstrom that, in many ways, parallels what is currently going on in China.

1984 is NOW: A Cyber Conversation with Roy Tov

Israeli dissident, Roy Tov, is a Scientist and Christian and a former Captain in the IDF with Top Secret Clearance who fled Israel to write. Tov is also a refugee and political prisoner in Bolivia, who raised the question: “Is Zuckerberg Mossad?"

Jane Harman and the Woodrow Wilson Center – A Cruel Betrayal

The Wilson Center...is up to its neck in tainted corporate cash...violating its Congressional mandate

Hackers, Worms and Israel-USA Collusion Versus Gaza-Palestine

While hard working American tax payers face economic hardships, 81 members of Congress neglected listening to their constituents during this summers recess to take a lobbyist-funded trip designed to pressure them into sending even more tax-payer-funded weapons to the Israeli military which will be used to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians.

JIM W. DEAN: Israeli Espionage in America, A National Security Scandal

The biggest national security scandal story of our times is the extent that Israeli espionage has gone on here for decades. There is an aspect of the War on Terror on which our elite leadership refuses to level with the public…how terrified our defense, political, counter intelligence and legal institutions are when it comes to rooting them out and shutting it all down. All other terrors pale into insignificance. They treat this affliction with an age old cure...denial.