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Texas iconoclast Jim Hightower helps us find a way to thank Wall Street, illogical fears are analyzed at TomGram, Chris Kelly on "anti Christian muckrakers," and a vast majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. It figures. Bob Higgins

Four US soldiers cast doubt on Gitmo ’suicides’

Four members of a US military intelligence unit assigned to Guantanamo Bay are questioning the government's official version of the deaths of three detainees in the summer of 2006. There are suspicions here that torture and other maltreatment may have led to their deaths while in US custody.

George W. Obama

Nat Hentoff of the Village Voice makes offers a comparison between GW Bush Constitutional Trampler and Barack Obama Constitutional Lawyer in which Obama doesn't fare well. The similarities in their approach/contempt for the law are compelling.