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Veterans Get Boost as Obama Signs Tax Credits Into Law

President Barack Obama delivered a clear message today when he signed two new tax credits into law to increase the hiring of military veterans and wounded warriors.

VA Announces “Badges for Vets” Contest

The Department of Veterans Affairs today announced the Badges for Vets contest for creating digital “badge” systems to help Veterans translate their military skills into civilian jobs.

Obama Says Vets Should NOT have to Fight for Jobs

President Barack Obama announced new executive action to help veterans on Monday, marking the latest step in a White House "can't wait" campaign designed to show him acting on jobs while Congress stalls.

Obama Announces Veteran Workforce Initiatives

President Barack Obama today announced a series of administration initiatives to help military veterans find jobs.

Hiring Vets Makes Positive Investment, General Says

Hiring military reservists and veterans is a positive investment for America, the deputy director of U.S. Army Reserve Command told federal hiring officials yesterday.

Advance Auto Parts is Hiring US Miliatry Veterans Now

We are very proud to announce that Advance Auto Parts has enter into the second year with HireVeterans.com to reach out to our talented Military Veterans.

Veterans Working Together To Create Jobs and Business Ownership

Darryl Gaddis, owner of Noah's Ark Business Group and Jaws Jumbo Burgers, announced that he's making Jaws an veterans-owned-and-operated concept, an idea he will eventually take to gas stations, supermarkets, and food manufacturing.

Hiring Veterans: A Valuable Resource for All Businesses

For servicemen and women, the current economy is anything but hospitable. Prolonged unemployment and spending cuts confront military veterans with a variety of difficult situations. For those veterans seeking to join the civilian workforce, companies remain reluctant to hire and unsure of their hiring plans for the foreseeable future. For veterans who want to dive into the civilian sector as entrepreneurs and business owners, the opportunities are still daunting, as financial lending options continue to be limited at best. This situation, while a problem for all job seekers and entrepreneurs, is especially challenging for veterans who can - and do - make valuable contributions in the private sector. If anything, veterans have considerable technical, leadership and life experiences that only the military can confer, abilities that unite individuals of all incomes and backgrounds, transforming each person into a model of integrity, discipline and resourcefulness. These are key strengths that every business needs, the very ingredients of long-term prosperity and respect.

Some Veterans Get Pink Slips Instead of Tickertape

Despite the laws protecting vets, the prolonged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a struggling economy have combined to create a tough situation for returning soldiers when it comes to civilian reemployment.

Carl Zeiss Looks for Veterans to Help Continue Their 90 Years...

Carl Zeiss is a highly-respected brand name and is recognized throughout the world for its history of producing leading-edge technologies and products. The company became known above all for its top-quality microscopes and lens systems.

More Than 32,800 Veterans Hired During First Half of FY2010

Today, the President’s Interagency Council on Veterans Employment was briefed by U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director John Berry, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Scott Gould, and Department of Labor's Assistant Secretary for Veteran’s Employment and Training, Ray Jefferson, to inform them that thousands more veterans have been hired by federal agencies since last November when President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13518, Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government, and established the Veterans Employment Initiative. Also at the briefing, the council adopted a more aggressive new benchmark for veteran hiring among federal agencies.

W.W. Williams Seeks Veterans To Fulfill Jobs

Founded in 1912 in Columbus, Ohio, The W.W. Williams Company is a family-owned corporation that now has 28 locations in 10 states. We are one of the nation’s largest industrial distribution, repair and service companies and our products and expertise extend across a wide variety of industries and customer categories. We represent, service and remanufacture some of the world’s most advanced and innovative diesel engine, automatic transmission, power generation, transport refrigeration and automotive parts on the market today.

Jobs Offered to Military Veterans at Full-Service Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and...

CH2M HILL was founded in January 1946 in Corvallis, Oregon, as CH2M —a name derived from the initials of the company's four founders: Holly Cornell, James Howland, and T. Burke Hayes, Fred Merryfield. Some 25 years later, the company merged with Clair A. Hill and Associates to form CH2M HILL. Like other successful companies, CH2M HILL is built on the hard work of dedicated employees who want to do the right thing, a bit of luck over the years, and the ability to respond to client needs and values with innovative solutions.

Prepare for the Transition from Military to Civilian Life

The three key ingredients to finding a successful civilian career are a degree, certifications (specific training), and experience. But when you’re transitioning from the military to a civilian career, it will take time and dedicated preparation to gain all three.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Gives Employers Huge Incentives to Hire...

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, enacted in February of 2009, offers $4,800 to an employer for hiring a qualified veteran. That's right, there is now a major tax incentive to hire a veteran. Why wait, get on board.