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The Tunesmith Chronicles: A Musical History Tour

The lessons and legacy from our war in Indochina are the stuff of contradiction. There are plenty of negatives should one decide to walk down that misbegotten road.

Veteran Fights 11 Years for Disability Claim Approval

Bay Area veterans wait nearly a year on average for their disability claims to get processed at the regional center in Oakland, according to a highly critical federal report released Thursday, leading one East Bay congressman to call the facility a bureaucratic "black hole."

Conflicts of interest in Rel. to Vietnam Vets Exposure to Agent...

Adm. Zumwalt was keenly aware that his efforts were being under minded during the years he was tasked to look into the Agent Orange issue when he was given a job at the VA. His report was classified and later leaked and can be found on the internet.

You’ve Got to Be Tough to Start a Business

USMC Veteran John Cullen, a Vietnam Veteran, received two Purple Hearts during his service but kept his combat experiences to himself.

Medical care and benefits to veterans will cost trillions over the...

The official government figures show that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost $1 trillion. But providing medical care and benefits to disabled...

Updated -Give ’em Hell, General Shinseki!

- Update: See VA defends Agent Orange, heart disease links against Sen Webb.  WATCH LIVE as we hope VA Secretary Shinseki tells the bureaucrats Senators Webb...

Vets Group Says Move Forward Fast on Agent Orange Presumptives

- Veterans for Common Sense thanks VA Secretary Shinseki for moving forward with presumptives for Vietnam War veterans - Via Veterans for Common Sense  Veterans for Common...

VA Senate Comm Hearing Thursday Draws Attention as Cuts in Veterans’...

- Hearing Thursday (September 23) United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Oversight Hearing:  VA Disability Compensation:  Presumptive Disability Decision-Making. VA Secretary Shinseki should publicly blast...

Push-back Against Veteran Initiatives Launched, Anti-Vet Critics: Benefits Are ‘Quite Extreme’

It's not war that is costly, about which lawmakers have no reservations about spending. No, it's those damn veterans who should go away or at least die.

Veterans Administration Needs to Take Charge and Become Advocates for Change

- President Obama: “Whether you left the service in 2009 or 1949, we will fulfill our responsibility to deliver the benefits and care that...

Definition of a Vietnam Era Veteran

By Bob Hanafin A "Vietnam Era" Veteran is defined as any Veteran who served during the official time frame of the Vietnam War anywhere in...