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Congressman's View: Election year or not, Congress has to work for...

Congress has a historically bad habit of not accomplishing much during election years.

Nonprofit works to gets veterans back to work

Much has changed in Chris White's life since the Thanksgiving he spent in eastern Afghanistan six years ago, eating ham and turkey on a crisp fall day at Forward Operating Base Sharana.

Why so few teens work summer jobs these days

It was at Oregon's Timberline Lodge, later known as a setting in the horror movie "The Shining," where Patrick Doyle earned his first real paycheck.

Biloxi 'Blanket Lady' Honored for Work With Veterans

At the Biloxi Veterans Administration, Lillian Thornton is often called the "blanket lady" but that's a term of affection.

Americans at Work: Returning Veterans

This week, our “Americans at Work” photo essay features photographs of military veterans returning to civilian lives in New York, made by photographer Emilie Richardson: “Like many Americans, veterans have experienced obstacles in finding employment since the economic decline in the 2000's.

Design work begins on expanding State Veterans Cemetery

Connecticut officials have begun designing an expansion and improvements to the State Veterans Cemetery in Middletown.

One man's mission is to help Houston-area veterans find work

They met in a corner booth in back of a Panera Bread just off the Tomball Tollway on a breezy Wednesday afternoon.

When Is Veterans Day 2016? Who Gets Off From Work?

Will you get to stay home on Friday? Veterans Day is approaching this Friday, November 11. Though the public holiday is observed each year, and has been since 1919, not everyone gets off from work.

Work begins on $14.3M complex in Minneapolis for chronically homeless vets

Veterans struggling with chronic homelessness will soon have access to new housing as construction got underway on Tuesday on a 100-unit efficiency apartment complex on the campus of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

Work begins on new veterans health clinic in Bremerton

A recent meeting among the National Contracting Office, VA Puget Sound Health Care System engineering staff and building lessor Golden Oyster Bay LLC resulted in a limited notice to proceed, VA spokesman Chad Hutson said Friday.

Clayton officials, vet work to help county veterans in need

Terry Smithson left the army nearly four decades ago but the Clayton County vet is still trying to look out for his fellow soldiers.

Bike drive to help veterans find work

A lack of transportation is one of the hurdles many veterans face when looking for work and it's one of the obstacles Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System wants to remove for its veterans.

Boynton Beach disbanding veterans board, but work, events won’t stop

The Boynton Beach veterans group existed long before becoming a city entity 10 years ago, and it will continue after the commissioners will likely vote in May to dissolve the board.

Male veterans face declining wealth and work prospects

In “Declining Wealth and Work Among Male Veterans in the Health and Retirement Study,” Alan L. Gustman,Thomas L. Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai present new evidence on how the relative financial status of veterans and nonveterans approaching traditional retirement age has varied over the last two decades.

Poyen veterans continue memorial work

The concrete is poured, the walls are up, and hopefully, the roof will be installed later this month on the Poyen Veterans Memorial.

West Haven Veterans Advisory Committee signed into law and members ready...

Members of the new Local Veterans Advisory Committee got together for the first time Monday to watch Mayor Ed O’Brien sign an ordinance creating the new body, with West Haven one of the first municipalities in Connecticut to form a committee that is now required by the state.

Students from St. Augustine, Moorestown help veterans find work

Madeleine Morlino has always had an affinity for the armed forces. Her father served in the U.S. Air Force for 23 years, acclimating her to a military background.

Bids go out for work at West Haven’s Veterans Memorial Field,...

The city Thursday put out to bid the project to improve facilities at Veterans Memorial Field, prompting officials to express hope that the bids fall within the $500,000 budget.

Veterans in state Legislature work to improve conditions for all vets

Sen. David Knezek, D-Dearborn Heights, and Rep. Tom Barrett, R-Potterville, both took their seats in November 2014, and they’re working hard toward a goal of improving veterans’ affairs here in Michigan.

Work starts on new nursing home for veterans in Walla Walla

Seeing work begin on a new $36 million nursing home for veterans was a long-awaited treat for many former service members on Wednesday.

Veterans director quits due to ‘hostile work environment’

Her departure after just 11 months on the job is the latest controversy involving the vet board, and it has at least one county commissioner demanding that something be done to fix the agency that some are calling “dysfunctional.”

VA Choice Program must work better for our veterans

When our men and women in uniform complete their military service, they fulfill their solemn vow and commitment to our nation. It is our duty to honor our commitment to them. Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) too often fails in fulfilling its pledge to provide quality medical care to our nation’s veterans.

vets get help finding work

When Carl Vickers left the Air Force in 2005, he prepared his resume detailing his skills learned as an aerospace ground equipment technician to present to prospective employers.

Getting to work: Non profit helps displaced veterans find jobs

Shan Spencer moved to Helena three years ago, and each year since he’s talked to between 50 and 100 veterans who are homeless or without a permanent residence and tried to find work for them.