Canadians Protest ‘Robocall’ Election Scandal

Editor’s Note: Press TV has hired Veterans Today’s  Joshua Blakeney as their Canadian Correspondent.

Joshua Blakeney has spent the last few years working, along with many hard-working activists, to pressure Canadian law enforcers to uphold Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

Now the official position of Canada’s opposition party, the NDP, is that Bush/Cheney are inadmissible to Canada under Canadian law.

Finally, Cheney has decided not to visit Canada:

Dick Cheney cancels Toronto visit over security concerns


by Joshua Blakeney for Press TV


Dick Cheney Cancels Trip to Canada: Victory for Anti-Impunity Activists


Below is his  first report for Press TV.


Thousands of Canadian’s have taken to street to demand a full public inquiry into the recently revealed ‘Robocalls’ scandal that influenced the 2011 Canadian Elections, Press TV reports.



Thousands of Canadians across the country urged the federal government for a new series of elections following the robocall scandal.

Protesters gathered in cities across Canada on Sunday to demand a full public inquiry into the mysterious automated phone calls directing voters to fictional polling stations during the last year’s election.

Elections Canada has launched an investigation into the suspicious calls after receiving a more than 30,000 complaints. Many have testified that the Robocalls came from companies with ties to the Conservative party that won the election.

The largest turnout seemed to be in Toronto, where up to 1,000 people attended the march, a Press TV corespondent reported.

This is not the first time in Canada, ‘Elections Canada’ a non-partisan agency that monitors and enforces electoral legislation, has been compelled to investigate Canada’s Conservative party.

In February 2011, they pressed charges against four Conservative Party senators who had led Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper electoral campaigns in 2006 and 2008. The Conservatives pleaded guilty in court and paid a fine of USD 52, 000.

Harper and his senior campaign team have denied any involvement in the Robocalls scandal and so far no evidence has emerged publicly to suggest their involvement.

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One Response to "Canadians Protest ‘Robocall’ Election Scandal"

  1. Detlef Reimers  March 13, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    It’s disgraceful to see how american a now also canadian elections are more and more fraudulent by the use of electronic voting machines in conjunction with manipulations. These machines have o be completely banned, not only because they are financially tight to republican/conservative political forces. If the democrats used them the same way, it would be just the same. It’s the same scam as with “privacy in the internet”, it does not exist. Every electronic voting opens the chance of massive fraud, manual voting are much much lesser prone to this criminal activity and frauds there can be easily investigated, “digital votes” are nothing more than “numbers on a screen”.

    The only solution is the complete abolishment of electronic voting. People have to be actively involved in the democratic election process, otherwise we are collectively drifting into modern despotism.

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