World War III Started the Day The Berlin Wall Came Down


worldwar3berlinwallDedicated to Those  in Denial

World War III Started the Day The Berlin Wall Came Down

by E Paul Newell

World War III started without you. You didn’t notice. Why?  Because your head was up you’re a**. Let’s get down to brass tacks. WWIII started the day the Berlin Wall came down.

Why then because up to that point the wall acted as a check and balance. It gave good reasons not to fight. We didn’t need to because we had a fence. A line in the sand if you will. You do what you do on your side of the fence and we’ll do what we do on our side. So it was a safety net. With each side peering in on the others business, using rhetoric, and saber rattling as communication to tell the rest of the world what was happening. All along building coalition on both sides.


Of course there were always two sides to the story. We will likely never know the real story. None the less we made it through.  When the wall came down there was 30 years of a type of solidarity on each side that literately shattered. This created a huge vacuum that was taped world wide. With many bursting out ahead and others somewhat fading and being absorbed.

No need for solidarity, no threat. How did this vacuum work. Like this, every man woman and child for themselves. ”Sad but True” And each country now would have to stand on its own merits. Resources GDP ect: Or melt into the vast global markets.

This is when the real power struggle started pitting nation against nation desperately seeking a stable and prosperous future. As we saw with the pitiful events that took place in Kosovo there was also a lot of hidden hatred that exploded. Now things are too fragmented. We don’t have effective coalitions. There are more rogue elements than ever. A spiral of disarray if you will.

So if you want to talk about WWIII well were in it. Trenched in it now to the very end. We are trying to fix it with some nice diplomacy but you know nice guys finish last.

So the need for greed has been winning that war since it started hell greed started it. And  yes there is a they we just can’t identify they. Because they hide in the wood work so well. So here we are in the now. It’s pretty sad that the so called “united Nations” couldn’t unite poor fools. So only the ones with the “equipment” have stepped up to the plate. And well what can I say we all know who that is. Why does it always seem that it’s always the same class stepping up? Well that’s because it is. The brave and the strong are always paying the price. But what are we getting in return? That’s a question that I’ll bet a lot of Veterans would like answered. The trophy it seams would be driver’s seat. The drivers seat on a global scale.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. What I do know is that there dos not seam to be any leaders out there who really have the mental equipment to drive us in the correct direction. So that leaves it up to the public. God help us Opra is now driving the bus!!. However trenched in as we are we can not let our guards down for any reason? This is a real war in spite of what some may believe and try to make others believe. And real wars call for real measures. Some of those measures should be to curtail the false impressions that this is some kind of private or fake war.

Some believe the false impressionalists create a grave disservice and lack of respect to all those lost to indiscriminant acts of terror perpetrated from all sides. The war is so blatantly out in front of us.  There are so many guilty parties at this point that the International Law System could create its own economic powerhouse for the next 100 years. Regardless of what you or I think feel or believe, there is a battle field much larger than one country in the mid east. A battle field that is not traditional because the targets are untraditional. So now it seems as if we all have to be on guard ready for any kind of crazy tactic that the enemies may use.

I definitely understand the need for security. But it seems to me that the enemies have the inside workings of truth and freedom working against the people. Is that a tactic, or is that just what happened. America must at all costs remain steadfast on all fronts. There just is no other option but to move forward. And there is no moving forward with out a properly maintained and fully equipped Military machine. If you could, just ask Generals Montgomery and Rommel.

A personal wish to all Soldiers past, present, and future

Merry Christmas and I wish you and your families all the best in the New Year.

You are blessed by all

You are loved by all

Any Man who goes’ to War Shall enter first unto Gods gate.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: E Paul Newell managers and operates Green Recovery at


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