Can You Transport a B-52 Bomber on an Aircraft Carrier?


While this may look like a gag shot, it is actually a “transport of a transport” necessity. The B-52 was in Beirut, Lebanon undergoing routine fuel tank cleaning. Workmen accidentally damaged the bladder system and had to install the bladders from smaller C-130s temporarily.

The plane was flown to nearby McCollough Air Base where it was lifted upon a barge bound for Tyre on the Mediterranean. Once there it was off-loaded onto the carrier deck for transport to Crete where the appropriate tank bladders were installed. It was then flown back to Beirut. Military cooperation in action.

This photo says you can. It came in over the transom. We can’t vouch for its authenticity but here it is anyway.



  1. No, it’s a complete fake. Here’s the original used to Photoshop:

    http://www.navsourc 02/026813. jpg

    BTW, the flight deck of a Nimitz class carrier (and the one in the picture IS the Nimitz) is 252 feet wide. The wingspan of a B-52 is 185 feet. There would be 67 feet to spare on the deck and this picture shows it completely spanning the deck.

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