Gulf War Veterans Issues SPECIAL



by Denise Nichols, Staff Writer

Part 1 of a multi series of articles to mark the 19th Anniversary of the Gulf War and Resulting impact on health and well being on Gulf War Veterans of 1990-91.

The Gulf War started with the invasion of Kuwait on August 1, 1990 now after 19 years we are still dealing with the aftermath of this the most Toxic Hazardous Soup Exposure in a War.  Compounding the picture is the ongoing OIF/OEF that started after 911.  Now we have the Economic Bailout, Recession, Housing Market, Auto Bailout, Banking Failures, and not THE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL.


We haven’t solved the VA Health care and Claims issues so how do we expect the government to better for all its citizens for Health Care.  In the background we have Swine Flu epidemic and the experimental Vaccines with adjuvants in it that may trigger more health problems for all citizens not just Gulf War Veterans that got Round 1 of their exposures with massive vaccines and then the Anthrax vaccine shots in theater much less the BOTULINUM shot.   

Round 2 was insult two with pesticides OPs used in route re planes and theater useage. 

Round 3 was PB pills that were used even if they were suppose to be used only for SOMAN NOT SARIN. 

Round 4 insult was the exposures to Nerve Agents due to Aerial Bombing during the 30 day bombing campaign and the release of even low level nerve agents one of which Sarin does not burn up but vaporized and the unfortunate situation of a stalled weather front right where all the ground troops were massing for forward movement along the border and into Iraq and Kuwait.  Therefore starting the consequences of low level nerve agent exposure to occur over many many days.  The Chemical alarms were sounding all over and they were not false if you reference the chemical alarm specifications in the original Senator Reigle report you will see they dont even alarm until a low level exposure is already occurring!  The second reason for those alarms being triggered is ie nuclear.

Round 5 Insult was the sand and leischmanasis and other indigenous parsitic illnesses.  The sand has a Silica content so think Silicosis.  The Sand also combined with nerve agent becomes a dirty dusty agent!  Add to that our protective equipment was found later in a GAO report not to protect the troops! 

 Round 6 Add to that the Biological issue again refer to Senator Reiges landmark report of the Banking And Commerce Senate Committee on May 24,1994 of all the lists and pages of Biological agents sent from ATCC to Iraq Atomic Energy!  Oh what could they have done?

Round 7 Add that to the oil fire smoke Reference the National Geographic Reports on Operation Plume and see that it went all the way down the Peninsular of Saudi.  Oil well particulates and the area was worse than LA SMOG on its worse days….think oil refinery explosion and fires and evacuations.  We could not evacuate we were conducting a war!  Think of DU that is used in oil well equipment and that burning added in to the mixture

Round 8 would be the DU weapontry so effectively used tactically but with a devistating half life in the billions of years and mix that with the sand and other chemicals and SAND STORM that disbursed the war zone all over Support troops at least as far back as KKMC.

Round 9 Insult continued exposure to Nerve Agents after the air and ground war in destruction of 100s of bunker sites not just Kamishea Bunker Complex.

Round 10 Insult Electromagnetic shielding not done in war zone in a desert environment which EMF could serve as gas pedal effect more fuel to the fire.

Round 11 insult was the exposure of returning equipment to port facility personnel, maintenance personnel that were not sent into theater, and to military personnel that were at home base dealing with cleaning gas masks, chemical protective suits, trucks, tanks, tentage, planes and all the supplies brought back.  Non Deployed personnel ie gulf war era and Reserve and Guard personnel (serving on Mandays flying into and out of theater) who are ill have not even been consider in legislation for Gulf War illlness or included in research studies

Round 12 exposure on aircraft and tanks/vehicles to bleed air fuel exposures with OP components.  And the use of pesticides on aircraft travel in Dept of Agriculuture requirements.

This is the most massive complex hazardous toxic soup ever to occur in this nation’s history.  The synergistic effects are just mind boggling.  The symptoms reported in Gulf war illness includes every body system most of all the neurologic and AutoImmune system.  Yet they started from the beginning pushing the veterans of the Gulf War to PTSD in order to muddy the waters and delay and deny the actual truth.  The VSO pushed the veterans to apply for PTSD because it was only way to get them compensated quickly when they were ill and needed help financially.  The research was a boon to PTSD and psychology researchers but ill served the gulf war veterans that had massive toxic exposures that translates to physical damage to the body.  It was not until 2006 that the research got directed to the appropriate problems.  It was not until 1998 that the gulf war legislation appropriately listed all the symptoms to include IBS, CFS, MCS that are still considered less than important in the medical field or research.  Those conditions have also fought the psychosomatic labelling and many civilians also have sufferred greatly with them and affected employment and health.

The health problems are complex and physicians have not been trained well in medical school, post graduate education or specilaity boards to deal with Hazardous exposures singularly much less in multiples.  The DOD and VA physicians as well as civilian doctors have not had sufficient training and it goes beyond a cultural sensitivity.  In Medicine when you dont have clear answers, time, resources, no clear protocol, no clear testing to order, lack of information flow, lack of the truth, and lack of communication the patient is typicaly turfed out to Psychiatry.  What a massive disservice to the Gulf War Veterans of 1990-91.

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