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America At War – Home and Abroad.

Though the government (prosecution and defense) rested its case and the judge ruled on the evidence, the public jury remained unconvinced that the September 11, 2011 attack was not an inside job, a false flag Coup d’ Etate to justify America’s declaration of war on the world and on its own citizens.

Report Redefines How Care and Services Are Provided to Gulf War...

Today, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced that the Department’s Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Task Force will publish a comprehensive draft report in the Federal Register for public feedback and comment.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – December 15, 2012

A new study published in the journal Neuroepidemiology presents evidence that nerve agents released by the bombing of Iraqi chemical weapons depots just before the ground war began could have carried downwind and fallen on American troops staged in Saudi Arabia.

VA Seeks to Expand TBI Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs is publishing a proposed regulation in the Federal Register that would change its rules to add five diagnosable illnesses which are secondary to service-connected Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Veteran Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall

On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Veteran unemployment data for the month of August. The unemployment rate for all Veterans continues to fall, now at 6.6 percent, the lowest rate in more than three years, and below the national unemployment rate of 8.1 percent.

Press TV: US Veterans Treated Like Garbage (video)

The video below is less than three minutes. It was a short interview on a news program from Press TV, the Iranian network that I have found to be the best overall news available.

VA Supports Gulf War Veterans on Multiple Fronts

It has now been 22 years since the start of the 1990-1991 Gulf War which comprises the deployment and combat operations known as Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Former Navy Doctor spearheading “Remote Medicine Initiative” to Pakistan

Let me introduce you to Dr. Gary Levin. Dr. Levin was in the US Navy from 1969 to 1971 serving as a general medical officer. He was in an amphibious group, and served on the USS Jeneau, LPD 10.

Google+ Plus and the L-Shaped Ambush (Part two)

In my earlier writings about the Google+ platform I suggested to my readers that this Google product was perhaps the most significant leap in social media technology since the invention of the telephone.

US Veterans Deported After They Served

Keeping tabs on his U.S. citizenship application wasn't much of a priority for Marine Cpl. Rohan Coombs when he served in the Persian Gulf War.

Google+ Plus and the “L-Shaped” Ambush

I was invited to attend a symposium at the US Naval War College in Newport, RI last summer to learn something about how our Navy deals with terrorist threats to our fleets worldwide.

Connecting the Military Dots

She walked onto the campus of the West LA Veterans Hospital in her Anne Taylor outfit and instantly could feel her throat tighten. "You OK Ma'am?" said one of the VA tour guides, a young male half her age.

CIA – DOD – Panetta and the Hidden Truth

Former CIA Director Panetta condemns Marines peeing on dead Taliban with "utterly deplorable" comment. Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black? .

Sons of the Fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan

I seldom get moved about a movie, or a cause, beyond the confines of my own home, where I take time for my own kids every day, day after day, week after week.

Charity? You kidding me?

The season of giving has come and gone, and like a lot of you, I walked by the bell ringers of the Salvation Army every day during my shopping and the requests for my charity dollars came pouring in from the United Way, the American Red Cross and even UNICEF.

Homeless Veterans, Cable TV and the FBI

Once upon a time, I ran the largest shelter for Homeless Veterans in the USA, located in Boston Massachusetts. Here is a story that I remember with a smile:

Syrian Dissidents Reach Out. Yes, Assad is Killing Children

"Yes, Children are being Killed the dissidents say"   NOTICE:  GRAPHIC VIDEOS ARE EMBEDDED IN THIS STORY.    by Ken Smith   I admitted upfront in an earlier post that I know even less than...

Prosthetic’s for Peace. The costs of Land Mines and War.

A friend of mine called and said: We should try to find ways to advance ourselves with our allies and even our perceived enemies by sharing our knowledge of prosthetics.

Israel and the Blame Game

I admit upfront that I know even less than you do (the reader), about the twisted and fragmented history of Israel and it's interactions with Arab and non-Arab neighbors in the middle east.

Veterans Support Organization

I was searching the internet the other day and came across a story online about a group collecting money for homeless Veterans outside a shopping center.

“Occupy HUD” Movement Gains Traction

Forget about Occupy Wall Street. My readers and other Veteran Advocates nationwide say "Occupy HUD" and ask How many Iraqi or Afghanistan Combat Wounded Veterans Live in HUD Subsidized or Disability Housing?

Hundreds Sign Up 4 Veterans Hotline

As my readers already know, I volunteer once a month for the Veterans Hotline. This is a two-hour commitment and I will be "On Station" from 5am to 7am, the third Monday of each month.

HUD Secretary Donovan : Veterans Don’t Count

Last week we asked the Honorable Shawn L.S. Donovan, Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development of HUD, the following question "Where has the HUD Veteran Resource Center (HUDVET) been hiding during our nations housing crisis?"

2011 Marine Corps 236th Birthday Message

The Continental Marines were the Marine Force of the American Colonies during the American Revolutionary War.

Veterans First – Not Veterans Last

The Department of Labor (DOL) has a "Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project" that is operated out of the office of the Assistant Secretary of Veterans Employment and Training.

HUD Secretary Donovan – Shame on You.

I know people who work at HUD, one of the largest federal agencies in the country. HUD of course deals in housing, but also in homelessness.

Veterans Suicide – Ken Smith on Iran’s Press TV

Military suicides have increased since the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a study conducted by the Center for a New American Security.

American Prosthetic Sharing Program

"Used Prosthesis should be brought to foreign military veterans."

“When Jane & Johnny Come Marching Homeless”

There are hidden wounds soldiers have always experienced upon returning home from every war- this documentary will shed Light and Healing on these many issues through the Voices of Veterans and their Families.

Veterans Notice! No Date Cut-off for Compensation Claims

There has been misinformation spread by the media that all files for compensation for Agent Orange related presumptive illnesses must be filed by August 30th, 2011. UNTRUE and FALSE!

Good news for Gulf War Vets Distributee widest way possible

This is excellent news and should be distributed to all gulf war and current troops and family members as soon as possible and widely. I want all veterans to know that the IOM and their chair actively have changed their position and are now on the side of the veterans! This took a while to break them from just following DOD and VA directions and to function on the side of getting real answers to a real health problem! They are now advocating for us! It may not be all you want but it is definitely a step in right direction!

James A. Bunker: Desert Storm Vets Still Fightin

Twenty years ago this country’s best men and women were engaged in combat with the forces of Saddam Hussein after his August 2nd, 1990 invasion of Kuwait. In February 1991, my men and I knew we had what it would take to liberate the people of Kuwait. We had years of training and good leaders in our chain of command, as did many of the other units in the U.S. Army. We were confident in our combat capabilities, yet we had great concern about the prospect of having to face the chemical weaponry that we knew Iraq possessed. For weeks before the ground phase of Operation Desert Storm began, the prevailing winds had been blowing out of Iraq. We prayed that on G-day the winds would turn in our favor and blow back in the direction of Saddam’s forces. This we hoped would minimize the chances that the Iraqi Army would use their massive chemical stockpiles against us.

Veterans of the first Gulf War can’t get treatment; Army admits...

Operation Desert Storm, which pushed Iraqi troops out of Kuwait but kept Saddam Hussein in power, took a huge toll on American servicemen and women. 159,705 veterans were injured or became ill, and 10,617 veterans have died of combat related injuries or illnesses since the initiation of the Gulf War during August 1990. Since the second Gulf War began, there have been another 5,884 casualties.

DoD Starts Implementing Pre-Deployment Health Exams—14 Years Late

After 14 Years, Pentagon Finally Complies with Law Passed as "Lesson Learned" from Military's Failure to Care for Gulf War Veterans By Bob Brewin in...

Vets for Common Sense: Shocking New Mental Health Stats Obtained Under...

- Costs of wars are huge and tragic. Will GOP and Tea Party refuse our veterans and families? - By Jamie Reno San Diego, CA (Home Post)...

38 HIROSHIMAS HIDDEN: How’d The Army Do That?

Hmm, 38 Times more Cancer than after the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing in 1945! How did the Army pull that off? What weapons did you guys use? Nukes? 4th Gen nukes? How did ya do it?


"THE SUICIDE BLUES ARE BREAKIN' UP THAT OLE GAME O' MINE" By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor They always march off to war, fanfare, flags, speeches,...

NYT: Veterans Sound Alarm Over Burn-Pit Exposure

The Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs are proceeding cautiously in linking soldiers’ symptoms to the burn pits. While dealing with disability claims on a case-by-case basis, like Ms. Clifford’s, they have not developed a broad policy on the issue.

Time to End American Occupation of Middle East

For the last decade, America has been shuffling its entire military, including hundreds of thousands of private contractors, in and out of the Middle East on little more than a "snipe hunt." Time for a reality check. Iraq never attacked the US. Reports say Al Qaeda may have fewer than 30 men in Afghanistan.

Information: Stand Down in California Features Gulf War Veterans

. Annual event offers homeless, destitute veterans services, respite By Michelle Knight [email protected] Jacob and Rex Belisle MICHELLE KNIGHT/Acorn Newspapers Five years ago, Rex Belisle and his wife, April,...

Gulf War Veterans Continue To Fight VA For Help With Illnesses

The gulf war veterans have been fighting for help with their illnesses due to their service since Operation Desert Storm, and still today with Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Southwest Asia was and still is one of the most toxic places for a service member on deployment. We have been coming home from the gulf sick, and not getting any real help from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

We Remember Gulf War Desert Storm Veterans Who Died Too Young

Part 1(follow the posts to see other Deaths of Gulf War 1 and Desert Storm Veterans): We Remember that these veterans died too young.  Many...