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In today’s Washington Post there is an article by Ann Tyson about the new rules of engagement for American war fighters in Afghanistan under the direction of General McChrystal and how the rules place  them in harm’s way.  This is a must read for any veteran.  This is insane.  The article is here.

I won’t comment on the article.  It speaks for itself. 

In another article, writer Carrie Johnson outlines the new Obama Administration policy on state secrets. The article is here. 

In an apparent attempt by the administratin to halt the abuses of the Bushites in classifying just about anything that could embarrass the President, the Obamites are attempting to set the bar very high for any legal manuevering to classify things that the Executive Branch does. 

This is a nice idea but something tells me that there is going to be a lot of resistance to this from the GOP in Congress.  Too many of these people want the old days to stay hidden and do not want disclosure.  There is way too much to hide from the American people here. This ought to be interesting.


In what has to be a most bizarre twist to the upcoming race for the Presidency in 2012, Sarah Palin is in Asia giving advice on foreign investment.  The story is here. That is kind of like me being invited to Stockholm to speak to the world’s leading scientist on nuclear physics isn’t it? Wow!  The world of politics sure is strange!

In today’s New York Times there is an article outlining a new strategy for Afghanistan as laid out by the Obama Administration.  The article is here.  A small quote from the article tells the story.  Here it is:

"The options under review are part of what administration officials described as a wholesale reconsideration of a strategy the president announced with fanfare just six months ago. Two new intelligence reports are being conducted to evaluate Afghanistan and Pakistan, officials said."

The Associated Press has released the results of a poll taken on all American voters that shows that the American people are mad at government and do not trust either political party to solve the country’s problems.  The story is here.

Now I have to tell you; this was the most underwhelming news story I have read in a decade.  The American people are having problems believing that their government operates in their best interest?  I will tell you what! Do not wake anyone up to tell them this is what pollsters have found.  Let your friends sleep on this one!  This is not really news, wouldn’t you say?

Now here is a story you are really going to want to read.  It seems that the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now urging President Obama to see Iran as a friend, and not an enemy. 

I need to catch my breath here.  This is the same guy who denies the Holocaust, baits Israel at every opportunity, just yesterday held a military parade with all sorts of threats aimed at the West in his speech, just stole a national election from his own people, beat them in the streets with para military police troops and is looking for two former Presidents of his country so that he can arrest them for "treason" for speaking out about his abuses to his own people. 

With friends like this we do not need enemies!

Yeah, just another day for American veterans to get involved with their world! 

We can all use all the help we can get!


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